Katanagatari ~ Ep. 8 ~ Kiki lived in the wrong era.

No doubt he hasn’t just gone ridiculously beyond the limits and conventions of his profession but he also had to dabble in technology way ahead of his time. And no, not the clockwork brilliance since similar mechanisms of that existed exactly in the Edo period that they are in now (minus the life sensors/alarms which had me going “Uhh…what?” ).
Naw, I’m talking about this hybrid of a tea-serving doll and a solar-powered humanoid helicopter, whichever way you want to mix those around first. And…besides the gears, it’s supposedly made out of wood, I’m assuming. Pretty tough wood that can endure two centuries but wood all the same. What does that say?



Ok, joking aside, it was a nice breather episode just like I wanted so maybe I can shorten this post a little lol, what does that mean?. I loved all of it like I always do but I don’t think I need to go into the details of a robot. Even though it was a very cool robot…that I want to use as the security system for my house. Phahaha!


OP: “Katana to Saya (刀と鞘)” by ALI PROJECT


I swear, I was expecting the worst when I heard that they were going to be doing the second OP but I didn’t want it to be this bad. UGH! Bring back the old OP, PLZ!

I used to like them for the gothic Rozen Maiden-like genres since it matched the mood and themes of their music perfectly but that is ALL I’ll ever like them for now. Every time they venture out of my comfort zone for them, it just ruins my appreciation for what would have been a good animation sequence, this one being no exception.

Their lyrics are practically dripping with nonsensical “forbidden, sinful” prettiness that makes me want to vomit every time I see them. I mean, “This cauldron called “dream” you have fallen screaming in your misery”. WTF IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN OR EVEN RELATE TO THE STORY?! D8<

F*ck this, whatever, I'm putting them on mute forever now (and they better not sing for Gosick or I'll fling a desk at someone).

*sigh* Anyways, the visuals themselves were very nice and an improvement on the last one with all the purdy petals falling everywhere. Even though I was more than satisfied with the first one, new OP was bound to happen since Hitei-hime is a major antagonist in the plot now so of course, her presence had to be felt at the beginning of each episode. :P
Houou and Mon-kun, too, though I'm still kinda iffy on the remainder of the Maniwani (lol, just 3 of them), Zanki and Rinne being in there. Especially the last two since they won't last for more than a little over one episode and it's weird cuz significance or not, why didn't the other sword holders get the same treatment, eh? /P

Yea, that's all. Good job on leaving no spoilers in the OP, though, White Fox. And it seems Shichika and Mon-kun's fight will be an epic one. I hope.



So Shichika and Togame finally arrive in Owari, the headquarters of the Shogunate. Unlike the capital, Kyou, Owari is a “town of warriors” so the atmosphere is more strict and dignified over here.

Yea, yea, this ain’t Beverly Hills, that’s nice. :P

Anyways, Shichika spots a very gawdy-looking mansion among all the others in a neighborhood and laughs at how bad it looks only to discover that it’s Togame’s. lol
But seriously, who can blame him? Everything he said about it is true. Purple roofs and all those golden fishwhalefishwhalefish whale decorations on top. I mean, Togame does like attention alright (don’t you deny it!) but it didn’t have to extend to her housing tastes as well. xD;

I don’t care what anybody else says. That is one ugly mansion.

Dropping their things off, Togame tells Shichika to stay put in said-gawdy mansion while she goes to the castle to make her report. Shichika can’t go because a new no-weapons policy has been enforced.

LOL, look at her face! And what was she wearing when she left? As if her outfits cannot get anymore flamboyant! Pffthaha. xD;

Well, the insides, in stark comparison to the outsides, are more reserved and modest and…well, empty of practically anything so like Shichika said, Togame must have prepared herself for this journey quite a while before setting foot on it. Leave no attachments behind, that sort of thing.

Makes sense…but now I have a sudden urge to flip that mansion inside out. xD;

While training in the garden to kill time, Mon-kun drops by and tells Shichika his master wanted to pass on some information about Shikizaki Kiki and the swords to them.

Mon-kun, you seriously have no manners. Nevermind sneaking up behind Shichika or whatnot, at least knock on the door before you “walk in”. xD;

Togame is more than NOT pleased with how Shichika so easily took the bait cuz now they’ll have to pay Hitei-hime a visit aka the one thing she wanted to avoid the most in this city. lawl~

I think this is why I love Hitei so much. I like Togame just fine but she can be quite the bitch sometimes so it needs to be balanced out with another bitch. “Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fun~” so says much logic, lol. xD;

And Shichika’s apologetic face is soooo CUTE! It has “I am incompetent, sorry, Togame” written all over it. Gah, I’d totally forgive you in an instant. x3

For a good few minutes, with shameless Gainaxing, White Fox Hitei-hime got a good laugh at Togame’s bobbed haircut and very un-princess-like threw out humorous insults at her one after the other. Comparing her to an Okiku doll and joking around if Togame is a fraud since she looks much younger with the new do (possibly meaning “you were an old bag with your hair long”, ohhh, buuurrrnnn).

Wow, what a bitch. And one of the few rare times I’ll ever admit to liking one. Haha. xD;

Of all things, Togame had to ask her, it’s about “Cheerio”. Omg, woman, why won’t you just let it go?!

Hitei is all like “Oh, you found out? There goes my fun~”


And then the face-to-face sniping begins. My god, this was probably the best verbal catfight greetings I’ve ever come across. And then there were the strings playing the music throughout, building up so much tension, it was enough to make me hurt myself while laughing. xD;

On another note, we have reason to ship yuri Foe Yay for these two now has anyone been wondering how long this rivalry between Togame and Hitei-hime is? Seems like it dates pretty far back (possibly their first meeting) since they hate each other so much to want to get rid of the other in the worst possible manner.
Just to remind you that Togame kinda confirms it herself she’s no heroine out to save the country. She’s after the Kiki’s swords to gain power and through that, get revenge for her father. So while she’s the protagonist, that doesn’t necessarily make her good. Which may or may not explain for all the “evilness” in her Hitei-hime wants to expose to the world.

I don’t know how Hitei-hime might have picked this up takes a bitch to know one, of course but at the very least, she seems to not know anything about Togame’s real identity as Hida Takahito’s daughter. Otherwise, she would have revealed it to the Shogunate earlier on and this would have led to Togame’s instant execution. OR maybe she does know and she’s just buying her time by letting Togame collect all the swords before doing so. It will be the greatest downfall in history. A general, who has successfully collected all Deviant Blades known only through legend that her predecessors weren’t able to, about to claim her rightful reward only to have that ripped away from her because of her association with a huge traitor. Maybe that’s her plan. I’m kinda for the latter theory, too. *shrug*

Whatever the case, whether Hitei-hime is faking ignorance or not, and whatever the reason she has for holding a grudge against Togame, it’s clear that Hitei-hime will not accept our Strategian as the right-hand man, er, woman of the Shogunate. Who knows, maybe Hitei is after that position herself. *shrug*

We still don’t know much about Hitei to make any theories to set in stone but her interactions with Togame can tell much. It seems as if Togame was the one responsible for always bringing Hitei down in power, probably through Hitei’s less than successful attempts to publicly degrade Togame. But that doesn’t seem to have affected Hitei’s status as a noble (or royal) in the slightest. Just her credibility. Maybe.
This makes me wonder whose side Hitei is actually on if she’s so determined to defeat Togame using whatever means (she knows about her country and the swords a lot more than Togame does). If she were with the Shogunate, you’d think she’d be the good guy and Togame is the villain for tricking them right under their nose. However, Hitei seems to operate her plans individually from that might be indicating she’s after something else as well.

In conclusion so far, THERE ARE NO HEROES. It’s all a power struggle between 3 conflicting parties. Hitei-hime, Togame, and the Maniwani. That last one being sorta meh-some since all they want is money, not recognition from the officials.
Still, that can make sense. Ancient times like this are never without power struggles so it fits. *nodnod*

Well, now that their greetings are done (lol, Shichika was so confused, xD), Shichika asks where Mon-kun is and Hitei-hime points to the attic. He keeps out of her sight because she doesn’t want to see his gloomy face that makes her just as depressed by looking at it. I doubt the mask she gave him was for only that, though. Something must have happened to his face though it has yet to be revealed.

Togame responds that she had never made Shichika do something so dumb which leads to that priceless expression from Shichika. “EH?! Are you kidding me?!”

And Hitei had to point it out, too, making Shichika’s reaction change fast enough to get whiplashed. lol xD;

Anyways, Togame has good reason to be wary of what Hitei’s possibly scheming for wanting to help her out in the first place. Hitei’s confirmation at the idea she might be doing it to steal the credit brings me a step closer in that theory I previously mentioned.

It also sounds as if Hitei just lied about Mon-kun not being able to collect swords, judging by Mon-kun smirking above them. So maybe Hitei is just trying to drive too much of Togame’s suspicion away for now. It’s hard to tell since she does a rather loose job of it but at the same time, is able to edge Togame towards the trap she has. Very interesting.

As for the information she gave, apparently Kiki had a workshop at Lake Fuyou in Edo. Togame immediately recalls that Lake Fuyou is also one of the three locations Houou had disclosed to her on where the swords possibly are.

However, Lake Fuyou is also a first class disaster region like Mt. Odori in Ezo. It’s uninhabitable, basically a junk yard, and Biyorigou resides there as well. There’s this rumor Biyorigou might be protecting something at Lake Fuyou and that it might be Kiki’s workshop.

With that, Togame sets off to check things out and Hitei even tells her that Mon-kun will escort them there. Ara~, how awfully nice of her. Not. /P

Before leaving, Togame asks what Hitei has on her shelf and if anybody has been paying attention to the first episode, they’d recognize it as the one that came last on the list. Jyu.

Though Togame only knows the name of the swords and I doubt she knows what they look like. At least for the swords she had no intel on before this episode. Remember? Six of them were still under investigation when we started it off and Jyu was probably one of them.

I also doubt she’s ever seen a gun before since right now, swords still seem to be the weapons that are preferred. Plus, I’m thinking too much cuz the Owari Shogunate is fictional and I have no idea what place on the timeline it falls for the Edo period. Guns were widely used around the later half of the 16th century so…grgh, I dunno.

Anyways, Hitei brushes it off as a simple decoration but Togame is unconvinced since it clashes with her usual tastes (yea, I mean, all the roses and then that…you should know, Togame, lol) and offers to throw it into the junk pile for her. Hitei politely refuses in a shallow way but you can tell by that sinister look that she’s up to no good.

On Togame, I don’t know if she already has a hunch if that is Jyu or not but am thinking she’s starting to consider the possibilities that it is and leaving it alone for now. Then again, it’s not that strange for Togame to be glancing around Hitei’s room perhaps looking for something to throw her off. It’s all about observing every little detail when it comes to your enemies.

But whatever, that’s not today’s main concern.

Hmm, Shichika’s sixth sword sense appears to be tingling, though.

That’s more than enough yes-ness I need to know Jyu’s the real thing sitting there.

Too bad he probably won’t have the chance to tell Togame about it. He probably forgot already. Oi. <D;

Meanwhile, the Maniwani decides that Umigame will be the one to retrieve the sword that is supposed to be located in Shinano, despite not knowing which one it is or who’s in current possession of it.

Then of course, Umigame will fail in his mission since the Maniwa ninjas don’t learn that they’re much more formidable as a group than when each is acting separately. What else is new? :P

Back to the others, Togame gets tired on the way to Lake Fuyou and Shichika offers to carry her but she refuses since Mon-kun is with them. Shichika manages to reassure her he won’t see them, though, and princess-style carry it is! lol

Omg, I couldn’t help but think how gentlemanly Shichika was. I mean, this probably occurs regularly since Togame’s stamina isn’t the greatest but still~ He’s so sweet! Such a nice, thoughtful boyfriend! <3

And Togame's tsun face is just adorable! lol XD

Hahaha, just as he picks her up, Mon-kun decides to look back and smirk. “Aww, aren’t you two just cute?”

So cute~

Shichika, why is even your hair dejected? You really wanted to hold her that much, huh? *giggle* x3

Then we get some questioning time for Mon-kun and it turns out he was a former ninja, which explains how he can move about in the shadows and track them down unnoticed. Uh, right, as if that wasn’t obvious from the start.

Equally so, Togame seemed to either want to get rid of him right there by pointing out that he has to go and protect Hitei-hime since it is his duty as her servant or find out about what Hitei might have been planning for them. Failed, of course. Mon-kun states Togame is Hitei-hime’s sole enemy, all the more reason for him to stay close to them and watch their movements.

It’s very odd that despite them being archenemies, they can converse like this. “Keep your enemies closer”, I guess? Hmm.

They arrive at Lake Fuyou and it is indeed, an uninhabitable junkyard. Mon-kun takes his leave since he has other duties to perform and just vanishes.

That’s so cool! I want to learn how to do that! 8D

Hmm, anyways, Togame is all happy now since they’re finally alone together and Shichika, not knowing anything, had to go “Eh? What?”

Classic follow-up. Just classic.

Totally love how he always addresses her as “Togame-san” when he knows he’s made her mad and is being cautious. Haha! xDD;;

Amidst all the junk, they spot Biyorigou walking through it but thanks to the distance, they’re safe for now.

I would have freaked and ran back home right here. Walking in a garbage dump is one thing but I can’t stand seeing things move in a place where there should be no one at all. o.O;

Biyorigou is not only a walking guard, it can also detect things at the slightest sound and movement. Furthermore, there’s this system inside it that tells it if certain things are a threat or not.

Once again, FOR SHAME, MODERN ENGINEERS! *gets bricked* \D;

Ok, so here’s the plan: disable the guard first, then go and find Kiki’s workshop and see if there’s any clues about the sword.

Shichika attacks from behind but Biyorigou pulls a 180 degree turn on its head and goes into attack-defense mood.

Nevermind so much that it just swung a sword at him, but if I really didn’t run away before, I’d do it now. I can’t stand robots. They freak me out. Especially the ones that talk, too. >A<

Btw, Aya Endo was the seiyuu for Biyorigou.

Shichika: “Uh, Togame, not so sure about any clues but I think we found our next sword.”

Biyorigou = Bitou Kanzashi. Interestingly enough, “Kanzashi” (釵) means “sai” if you’re only looking at the kanji character and when I typed looked it up in kana, it means “ornate hairpin”. Biyorigou’s holding swords, alright, but none of which are sais and it’s hardly just a hairpin.

But keeping this as a clue for later anyways. The naming is always crucial in some ways.

Elsewhere, Umigame is stopped on his way to Shinano by Mon-kun and as soon as that happened, he breaks out into a case of saikou Maniwanism (bragbragbrag, oh, and bragbragbrag some more). Ugh, I was honestly expecting better of Umigame since he seemed more serious than the previous ones we’ve gone over. But nooo… despite being probably one of the oldest among the head, he acts like an arrogant brat who just so happen to have 100+ years of being conceited.

This is why I view the Maniwani as fail villains, if you even consider them ones (some see them as anti-villains but that doesn’t really fit them either). They don’t live up to their category. Not like Hitei-hime does, anyway.

Anyways, Mon-kun informs him that the sword he came to look for, Entou Jyu (ohhh), is no longer in Shinano and that he was going to be killed right here. He also comments something on the “historical truth” about ninjas. As if it weren’t a hint already that he called the Maniwa ninjas the underdogs but to also view them as ninjas that don’t operate like ninjas (well, they kinda don’t, tbh)…ooo, somebody’s in trouble.

Then Umigame starts to chicken out and come up with excuses and it just looks…really bad. You call yourself a ninja? -_-;

But it was all a farce. Umigame whips out his sword at lightning speed and manages to break Mon-kun’s in half. He looked formidable for just a moment when he reintroduced himself properly but then he had to ruin it by being arrogant again. Saikou uzai. D/

Cutting off from that a while, I don’t know what was really the point of showing Togame chatting with the innkeeper. I mean, it’s sorta related to the whole “valuables and/or junk” thing and I guess you can take it as another chance to see her scheming skills in smaller context but come on. Anybody could have thought of that if they were clever enough. Hiding your china by disguising it as a simple milk bowl. /P

Eh, whatever. I totally approved this little scene cuz I get to see Shichika while he’s stuffing his face. OMG, he has the cutest expressions ever! Especially that last one! GAH! x333

Umigame’s own ninja skills prove pretty much useless against Mon-kun and he finally realizes that Mon-kun is a (former) ninja himself. Mon-kun explains that he was part of the Aioi Corps, another ninja clan that was destroyed by the Maniwa ninjas 170 years ago.

Ohhh, so that explains everything…well, almost. Now I’m curious to know how the survivors, however few of them, managed to live up to this point.

Because there obviously had to be some survivors if Mon-kun is the only sole inheritor of the Aioi Kenpo, Hairouken (Rear Trickery Fist). Unless Mon-kun has been alive for 170 years (since the Sengoku Period, when Kiki was alive), which may or may not be possible. This is Katanagatari, after all, so anything can happen. o.O;

Anyways, Umigame is simply no match for Mon-kun’s technique, which is the most ninja-est technique I’ve seen in the entire series so far. I think the Maniwani left themselves too open with their skills and therefore, got cocky about how no one can stand up to them because of that. Well, uh, that’s not very ninja-like of them if they don’t stay in the shadows and I guess that’s what brought about their downfall? Hmm…

Houou still seems to be a contender as a worthy opponent, though, but that comes as no surprise since he didn’t earn that position as leader for nothing, y’know. It’s really sad to think that everyone together, with maybe the exception of Oshidori and Kamakiri (Pengin doesn’t fight, I don’t think), in the Maniwani can’t even compare to Houou. Goes to show you how incompetent they are. :P

Anyways, Umigame over and done with, Togame and Shichika chat over about Biyorigou. Looks like Shichika was expecting Kanzashi to be some sort of hair ornament, too. Not some mechanical doll. Then again, Togame reminds him that he himself is a human and a sword so it’s only fair (:P). Plus, the fact that they’re called the “Deviant Blades” is more because Kiki’s swords deviates from the norms of a sword, especially notable in shape for a few.

“deviant” also has another definition: “pervert”. So now you can see why we’re always hearing “hentai” when she talks about the swords. Two meanings under one word. There’s also the fact that Togame calls Shichika a “pervert” a lot and he’s her sword.

Ah, I see what you did there, Nisioisin. lol xD;

The topic then switches the matter of Hitei-hime. You can see the extent of Shichika’s growth through his curiosity and perceptiveness on things he wouldn’t have cared about in the beginning. Like reading the atmosphere, asking why Hitei-hime had peculiar eyes and hair color and such.

Togame replies that Hitei-hime is like herself in that her origins are unknown.

*gasp!* Bing bing bing! Theory-brainstorming time! First question: if her origins are unknown, how the hell did she become a princess? Maybe it’s not that important yet but I feel like throwing that out there for somewhere to start. You can’t just waltz into the castle and say “Yo, listen up! I’m going to be a Japanese medieval princess now so CROWN me!” or something.
Also, maybe I’m thinking too much on it but her name sure is strange for a person to have. She has a habit of saying “hitei suru” (I deny that), right? Well, the kanji for negation or denial is “否定”, the same kanji as her name. Don’t know if that’s another play on words by Nisioisin but yea, if I look at it in this order, Hitei-hime, maybe it’s indicating that she’s not a princess. o.O? I dunno, food for thought.

Second, I’ve mentioned this several times before, but she sure does know a lot about Kiki’s swords more than she lets on in front of anyone else but Mon-kun. And I’ve read somewhere before that she has some possible relation to Kiki’s bloodline so that may be the reason why one of his swords, Jyu, is in her possession in the first place though I’m still unsure since Mon-kun states it has been retrieved from Shinano. Still in murky ends of the pond for this theory.

And I guess that’s all for now. Not much else I can expand on until they reveal more about Hitei later.

In any case, personality-wise, she’s quite persistent like Togame as Shichika pointed out. Guess they’re quite alike in that respect that they end up rubbing off badly on each other because of it. Ah, or should I say, jarring against each other badly? lol
Togame, of course, is not pleased to hear Shichika grouping them together which leads to…

“Hey, just why are you so interested in that broad so much?”

Aww man, Togame’s jealousy switch ON!

Shichika denies it and says he just expects to clash later on down the road and that he’ll have to fight Mon-kun in battle.

But even with normal reasoning like that doesn’t convince her so she dumps the whole bucket of fresh cucumbers (they’re cucumbers, right?) on his head.

lol, oh Togame~ <D;

I suppose I'm not so miffed about her acting this way since I always saw her as the jealous type and it's quite cute when she is (hee~). But I think it also stems from how she's been betrayed so many times so she has the right to be worried if Shichika, the person who stayed with her the longest and has been loyal to her longest, shows signs of straying towards someone else. Which is really only her paranoia. If Shichika has never shown any interest in any other woman before (if you know what I mean), let alone little to no hormonal reaction while she's butt naked in front of him, then it seems almost silly to be worried. Plus, how many times has Shichika repeated and reassured her that she was the one who he's fallen for?

Yea…girls…pfft! *rolls eyes*

lol xD;

Anyways, all Togame’s worries were really for nothing since Shichika is only interested in Hitei-hime because she’s Togame’s enemy so it’s natural for him to question about her.

Cue embarrassed aversion of the eyes and very cute blush. Aha~ Now who’s the little kid between them? xD

Omg, this was just WAY too cute! Getting his lil’ revenge on Togame. Shichika is WAY too cute in this episode! Too cute, I say! TOO CYUUUUTEEE~!!! *huggles him* x33333

So Mon-kun returns and reports he’s completed his mission. Hitei-hime comments on how calm he seems pretty calm after exacting vengeance on the ones responsible for killing his clan off. Mon-kun is nonchalant about it and says he puts his duties to her first before anything else, to which she replies is annoyingly boring of him. Heh, I now have a better picture of what their relationship is like.

But anyways, Hitei has known all along that Biyorigou was Bitou Kanzashi and that it really was a trap she set for Togame. She also doubts on Shichika’s sixth sense since he didn’t voice out anything while Jyu was in the same room with them.

At the same time, Togame shares with Shichika her thoughts on Hitei probably being aware about Biyorigou beforehand and using it as method to make her fail in her mission. Aha! So my thoughts on that were correct! *happy*

These two really are all about scheming to throw the other into the pits of hell and take great pleasure in doing it. You need no other evidence other than the look of pure evil on Togame’s face right there. lol, Shichika’s expression is just as hilarious.

While everyone’s saying how not-so-reliable Shichika’s sixth sense is when it’s exactly the opposite, it seems that even if they do succeed in getting Kanzashi, Hitei has a lot more traps hidden up her sleeve for Togame and Shichika so we definitely won’t be getting bored anytime soon. Or at least, she wouldn’t. o.O;

This just speaks for itself. So friggin’ cute! Kyaa! xD

Shichika really has grown on as a person if he can mess around and tease Togame like he did for this episode.


The Maniwani gets the bad news on Umigame and Houou suspects, no, he’s sure that it’s Hitei-hime’s doing.

…and then they just continue to sit around. Cozy cave, huh?

So! The map of Lake Fuyou, or what Togame interprets it to look like from above, is complete. Hmm, I gotta give her credit. She really is handy for these types of things.

Shichika then asks her what’s the red squiggly line and she tells him to think about himself for once which leads to…

Tickling time~!

Seriously, I am this close to gargling out a large mad fit of giggles from all the cuteness and the fluff. Kehehehe~ x3

It turns out to be a set path Biyorigou goes on while patrolling its little junk haven. Togame thinks that Kiki’s workshop might be in the center of that circle, which they’ll dig around for later after defeating Biyorigou.

lol, I love how Shichika suddenly gets excited when she mentions she’s got a scheme for that and readily asks her if there’s anything he can do. And then Togame telling him to just hug her for now. Aww, so sweet~! <33

And said scheme was just to dig a hole for Biyorigou to fall in to.

Raise your hand if you knew that wasn’t going to work. *raises hand*

Come on, Togame. I’ll forgive you for trying this boring trap just for to see if it’ll actually fall through or not but a strategian of your caliber doesn’t need to revert to such simple schemes. Then again, I shouldn’t say that cuz its the simple ones like that deal with the expensive bowl as a milk bowl that actually work cuz they’re so overlooked for clicheness.

Also, it pays since nobody would have guessed Biyorigou had such useful limbs!

I still don’t know how it can walk, though. With…those 4 legs, I mean. =~=?

Well, plan A didn’t work but hey~, it’s sunbathing! Do robots do that? Togame thinking cap on!

*brainstorms 400 years into the future* >m<

Much like his fight against Konayuki who just attacked at random for fun, Shichika’s having trouble reading Biyorigou’s movements because it’s just not human or something like that. Togame then proposes that they’ll need one of her schemes to settle this one then but Shichika isn’t as enthused as she is since the hole one totally failed.

lol, I loved how he made this face when Togame was just playing around with him by being angry at that last comment. Payback is sweet. Haha.

Well, Togame is pretty confident that her schemes can defeat anything and that she’ll “educate” Shichika. Pfft, this series and its sexual innuendos. I think at this point, no one would actually believe that anything’s going to actually happen. lololol xD;

Next morning, Shichika faces off Biyorigou again and is pretty riled up and having his fun while doing so.

“By that point…well, I guess I can’t tear you into pieces…”

Togame’s flat look at his dorkiness justified. Ahaha, Shichika, you silly bum~. |D;

So the scheme was to force Biyorigou into defense mode since attacks won’t work on it and Biyorigou itself won’t be able to attack if it’s on its guard all the time.

Er, yea, it’s simple enough to understand but this is not even half the plan so it doesn’t come off sounding impressive at all now that I think about it. -.-

And so much for keeping it on the defense. Also, what the hell?! It can change it’s headdress going into counterattack. Wait a minute, that is taking things just a little too far, author-san. ^^;

Btw, has anyone counted how many spins were made in this episode? I couldn’t help but notice there was a LOT of spinning going on. Woo~ @.@;

On a side note, you may notice that a lot of Biyorigou’s attack calls are all weather-based (squall, spring storm, etc). Well, the characters for Biyorigou’s name is “日和号” and “日和” means “weather” (reminder, it’s also solar-powered). “Gou” (号) is more loose in interpretation, I guess. I think “model” suits it best since a doll is a model of a human figure so there you go. One possible translation of Kanzashi’s other name.

This was a bit freaky but pretty cool at the same time. Hehe.

I sure wouldn’t want to be in Shichika’s position, though. ^^;

Expanding on the scheme, Togame has already figured out how Biyorigou’s movements would go since unlike a human, a doll is more predictable. Then she wrote it all on paper and told Shichika to memorize so that’s why he’s able to fend off against it now. It’s starting to make a little more sense now. Togame’s an expert at analysis on these things while Shichika’s forte is in his fighting techniques.

All that’s left is to see who will hold out till the end. Cue somewhat narmy “I believe in you!” lines to follow.

Before that, Shichika remembers his father lecturing him of what it meant to be a sword, that only if the sword cuts can it really be called one, and comes to the realization that not long ago, he and Biyorigou were pretty much the same thing. Emotionless, thoughtless, only moving on orders.

Despite all the opponents he slew, he wasn’t able to defeat Nanami as just a sword. It wasn’t until after she had gotten him angry that he finally succeeded in killing her. Though that was more due to the fast rate of her already weakening body so if the situation was otherwise, it’d still be debatable if he would have come out the victor or not. Nevertheless, it’s not that he became softer as a sword as his skills are as honed as ever with all the battle experience he’s gained over the course of this sword hunt. It’s because he became stronger as a person that I think he’s a more formidable fighter now.

I really don’t know how I can put this in better words because I first thought he was regretting on becoming more human but it turns out he wasn’t. He’s finally aware that he has a will of his own and that changes his perspective on many things. He can feel both the positive and the negative. Whether that’s a new strength or a fatal weakness compared to the old him, I’m still wondering about that.

But it seems he’s pretty satisfied with how he is now judging from how he reacts to Biyorigou recognizing him as a human.

I guess only he can fully comprehend what his own feelings are since there aren’t a lot of people who had a set mentality on being a weapon from a very early adolescence to adulthood. But, I suppose you can still try to relate. *shrug*

Then some close-up of some epic exchange of blows. I know I said in the previous episodes that “Oh! The fighting in this episode is the best yet!” but I keep on having to change that with every new one. ^^;

Like Kittymaverick predicted in her comment on my last post, the good points of this battle is that you can actually see what’s going on instead of it going by too fast or ending too quickly and she’s I hope you’re a she, dear; if not, I’m sorry! ^^; right.

So yea, there was some pretty damn good animation here. Especially since I felt that there were some parts of the entire ep that didn’t look so great. Like how Shichika’s arms appear normal in some scenes but then suddenly changes to looking very muscular during others. Plus, his head looked too small when that happened, too. Urgh, inconsistency.

Anyways, whether this is the best fight out of all the others yet or not, it’s still the longest Shichika’s ever had against an opponent. I don’t recall there ever being a time that he broke out into sweat so it’s quite an improvement on the action quality of the show. Here’s to hoping future battles will only get better from here on. ;)

K, just as Shichika was about to go into some speech, Biyorigou switches to helicopter mode.

Alright…maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see how this will carry out its “immediate termination” if all it does is causes its target to fall flat on the ground to avoid impact. Then again, it still has its hands and that sword in its mouth so you’d do well to avoid getting caught by it, maybe get stabbed and then dropped down some 20 feet from the sky. Or getting hit by its legs turning at that velocity. Ouch, that will be painful. >.<

And what the hell? Togame predicted this, too? How? "You can tell by just looking" my ass. I want more proof on how she thought all this out! D/

Biyorigou aims at Togame (dude, why didn’t you run or move out of the way?) and Shichika saves her. Then he goes into his narm charm speech about how he believes in her and that he obeyed her not because she ordered him to but on his own free will.

Hmm, I dunno, my feelings are kinda mixed on the execution of this. On one hand, I thought it was very sweet to hear this more developed confession from him but at the same time, it was kind of an odd (yet sorta appropriately so) moment to be saying that to her, don’t ya think? ^^;

Well, whatever, it was still absolutely cute in my eyes on how knight-like Shichika was towards Togame. Kyaa~! You wouldn’t find a loyal guy like him these days. x3

Whup-whup, Biyorigou ran out of solar fuel. Time to call it day.

Btw, did Togame know it was going to rain that day, too?

So that was the whole plan. Fortunately, Shichika was able to hold out long enough for Biyorigou to run out of battery first so they were able to obtain Kanzashi without scathing it. Hmm, good scheme.

And she didn’t leave it up to chance or fate either on whether or not Shichika will be able to last that long. She knew he could and that’s why she believed in him. Wah~, how much more narmy can you get? lol xD;
But seriously, that’s very nice to know she has so much faith in Shichika. Now if only she could do that when it comes to her insecurities about him and other women. |D;

Shichika expresses some sympathy for Biyorigou and Togame at first doesn’t understand why since it’s only a doll but takes back those words since it’s protected its master’s house for so long so it at least deserves some thanks for that.

Yea, it’s a bit sad if you let the mood get to you. Hmm. :(

Haha, not for long, though. They’re back to arguing again.

Togame: “Say “I believe in you, Togame!” again!”

Shichika: “ARGH! No!”

Kahahaha! xD;

And so Kanzashi is sent back to Owari and was somehow later transferred over to Hitei’s quarters. Whether she requested it to be moved there or they allowed her permission to keep it or not is unknown. Hmm, but looking at how it is, her influence and authority must be pretty great for them to let her keep Kanzashi.

Moving along, she’s also aware of the knowledge that Kanzashi might have been made in the image of the woman Kiki loved when he was young (oh, so Kiki’s a guy, huh?). I guess that can explain why it references to a hairpin in its, since you’d think of a woman’s accessory.

Onto the next state of business, Mon-kun says that Togame and Shichika will probably head towards Tendou in search of the next sword, Outou, Nokogiri (King Sword, Saw), according to the information that Houou gave them. How he came to know this is no probably no surprise but not one I can figure out either. If he sees Houou as a worthy adversary, I think he would have kept a distance away if he was listening in on their conversation back in Satsuma.

Meh, it’s not so much me wanting to stress the details as me being curious but just wanted to ponder over it.

So then, Hitei-hime decides that the Maniwani are in the way and orders Mon-kun to go assassinate Houou. Reason? Who can guess how many. If she’s also after the swords through her own methods, then of course Houou has to be eliminated. She might also be suspicious of Houou possibly allying with Togame. Even though they betrayed her, they still worked together in the past so her suspicions aren’t unfounded if you look at it that way.

OR…she just wants to have some fun by getting rid of an unnecessary third party in their little sword hunt war and with that 170-year old grudge between the Aioi and the Maniwa, it makes it all the more interesting to send Mon-kun to kill him. Knowing what kind of fight that will turn out, or what relationship Mon-kun and Houou might possibly have, it’ll be interesting alright.

Yea, and that’s it for this episode. I don’t know how long they’re going to spend in that junk pile but ARGH! You should’ve kept that box! All the gold! Dx


“Karakuri Nemuridan” (からくり眠り談) by nomico

The vocals made me wince so much that I didn’t bother looking at the lyrics.

I also don’t like how the flowers were placed where they are. It just looks weird. What is Shichika looking at? URGH. -_-;



HAH! No preview! Which could only mean one thing. They can’t show it because it would be too much of a spoiler. Not surprised since there is going to be some dorama so I can see why they can’t have Togame narrating it. lol

No worries, though. You can still see a good amount of snippets of ep 9 on the third PV they have on the main sight. I’m going to keep checking back often to see if they have new trailers up or not. Usually, they’d show a new one on the day that it’s airing which in next month’s case will be 9/10, another Friday.

So yea, no more to say. Very good episode, looking forward to Zanki and Shichika training with a sword next episode and of course, that. *giggle*

And omg, I finished this exactly within a week?! Usooooo… 8D;

K, till next month then when hopefully, I’ll be able to somehow manage school with blogging! Bai~! (^ ^)/


4 thoughts on “Katanagatari ~ Ep. 8 ~ Kiki lived in the wrong era.

  1. Yesh, I’m a she…so no worries there…
    And epic fight scene was epic this episode! 8Db
    But I still want to see the ep 4 fight scene….*shot*

    Yes, we all want that doll for our security…but I don’t think we will be able to leave the house too since it attacks all humans 0_0;;;
    And the helicopter thing was a little bit too much for my brain…I had to pause the anime and think for a while…
    But considering that Kiki was dabbling in the occult stuff, it’s justified… Though most people on a forum I follow were like “Oh, since this doll runs on solar power, it means that we’re really watching a post apocalyptic world or something…”
    As much as I want to tell them it’s NOT, at this point, even I can’t really deny the possibility XD…
    Morale of the story: Nisio sensai has too much writing freedom…

    Aw…you don’t have the screen cap where it looked like Biyorigou was crying? That was a massive Q_Q moment for me…though it did turn out to be rainwater, it was still rather bittersweet…

    And why do I think Hitei-hime just want to assassinate Houou for the sake of causing trouble for Togame? ==U Even though I’m pretty sure Houou knows that Togame and Hitei-hime are not allies…
    Wait….if Oshidori and Houou dies, then Penguin can take over the Maniwa Ninja Corps TOTALLY SUPPORT I WANT SHOTA PENGUIN AS HEAD OF WANIWANI!

    Oh, and there is a preview: http://www.fujitv.co.jp/GPplayer/e/GPplayerJMe.html?anime/katanagatari/100910katanagatari&type=flv
    I still don’t know why they didn’t include it…My theories are 1. They ran out of time for this episode because they needed to add fight scenes in 2. It’s too drama inducing 3. Too suggestive…
    And for good measure 4. Any combination of the above XD

    Though next week will be an episode of DRAMA for our OTP, and maybe less action (except for Mon-kun and the Maniwani ninjas.)

    And reading wikipedia page was mistake because I spoiled myself on so many things *eyes burning with spoilers*

    • Yay~ xD
      Yes~ 8Db
      DOUBLE YES!!!! *shotshot*

      It would be worst if you suck at mechanics. lawl~

      lol, rly? It’s interesting but I don’t think it has to be taken that seriously. Unless you really believe that Kiki = Nisioisin or something…which is definitely plausible so hell, why not?! *equally crazy* lol
      But it’s because he violates that freedom that makes his series so great! x3

      I wanted to. I really did. It was one that I first considered taking a screencap of but I thought the part where they were packing Biyorigou into the box sufficed so I didn’t.
      It did make me go a little Q_Q, too. Poor dolly. T.T

      Hmmm…I thought that would be helping Togame more than causing trouble since the Maniwa are officially stamped as traitors to the Shogunate so anyone wouldn’t care if they were killed or not. I dunno, it’s hard to read what Hitei’s thinking at this point. :/
      lol, so we are definitely sure that Penguin is not going to get killed? Good, cuz that will just make me too sad. Don’t hurt the penguin shota! >A<

      Ah, thanks so much for the link! *watches it now*
      …hmm, I already know I'm going to like this episode a lot but I think there'll be some I don't like either. ^^;
      But yea, I think they did run out of time because when I look at the video file, it's usually at least 50 minutes long and ep 8 was like 49:59 without the preview.
      And I chose 4, too, cuz that makes all sense. xD

      No complaints. I want to be surprised and squealing and banging my head when I watch it. lol

      I'm SO looking forward to the showdown between Mon-kun and Oshidori. Oshidori actually looks like she can put up a good fight. And it's so damn purdy, too. *A*

      Haha, welcome to the club! *hands ya a plate of cookies* XD

      • Just saw the 2nd Preview…
        *dies of laughter*
        Now I understand by the anime plays so late in the night! XD

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