Shugo Chara! Encore ~ Ch. 4 [Final]

Scanlations credit to FwPA Scanlations.

As I sit here wondering how I should write my last thoughts for this series (god, this may sound silly but it’s so difficult, it hurts), I first want to say that… I simply can’t find the right words for a lot of things. And now I’m just really being confusingly redundant. Oh man, I’m already derailing into a sentimental mess before this post even started. lol

*sigh* But if I have to start with anything, it’ll have to be the general ones I want to leave behind. You can say it’s somewhat like a short deep confession for everything I’ve kept to myself up to this point. It’s hardly pretty and very personal but I feel that I should say it anyway. Otherwise, I won’t be able to live with it always nagging me forever for not saying it.

Yea, yea, what the heck am I talking about? Are we up for another sappish tl;dr? Probably, yes. If you want, you can skip it. But my blog is as close to a diary as it can get for me so I’m going to treat it as such before I really go into the brighter aspects of this chapter.

*breathe* So, here we go…

After scanlations came out, I sat around my house reflecting and rethinking stuff over and over until it felt like I almost became sick because of it. Then again, it’s not like that’s rare for me. Call it a bad habit, I suppose. However, this time, I think I really pushed it to my limits. What I loved about Shugo Chara!, hated about it, respected about it, despised, adored, downright loathed to the very core about it. Needless to say, I was in no safe mood for typing up a post if all I could think about was screaming my lungs out while I let my mind be taken over by emotional storm.

So I had to sleep it off, distract myself and not look at the final chapter for a while. Then when I started this post, I decided to edit a lot of content out simply cuz it was getting to be too much of a hysterical mess.

I think… I loved this series more than my caution should have allowed me to and because of that, I hated everything else just as much. That’s right. I hated everything. Fandom, some of my fellow fans I grew to respect a lot, myself, all of them in a collected group of huge dislike.

*sigh* Though it’s really my fault for bringing this on myself in the first place. I had expected things to get worse when SC!’s popularity gradually sky-rocketed shortly after I joined in so the warning sirens should have been blaring at me in the face, telling me to get out if I want to save what appreciation I have for it. But I was too curious and too passionate and became much too arrogant. Then it reached the point where I completely snapped and had enough.

Do I regret not leaving the fandom earlier on? Yes. Not all of it but very much so.

So there, that’s all I need to say. I don’t want to go into anything more because it might sour this post further. I don’t need or want replies of “understanding” either. If anything, I’d find those insulting. I just want to be honest with myself and finally be able to cut off all the bad attachments before leaving things entirely behind.

With that… I’m officially free now. I know there will be some consequences to all of what I said here but nothing matters outside my last enjoyments of this chapter. I still have to express gratitude for many things SC! has given me and one special “thank you” at the end but that will be for the end. Other than that, so long, fandom and all the fans I’ve interacted within it. You changed me a lot, no doubt about that and I’m grateful for some of it but nothing you say is worth anything anymore. So don’t haunt or bother me again. It’s only me and the Shugo Chara! I loved.



So graduation is over and Amu has been told by Tadase that Ikuto might be coming back for Nikaidou and Sanjou’s wedding. The happiness is clearly evident on her face and it’s a little surprising how she goes out to look for him afterward. Because she’s never done that before so it could only mean one thing. She really wants to see him.

*sigh* I still have not gotten over how much Amu has grown. Even though she is still a girl, there’s something about her now that’s…I dunno. More radiant, perhaps? Heh, then again, it might be because she’s found (or rather, rediscovered) her one and only. It’s a really cheesy quote but “a maiden in love is even more beautiful” or something like that…wasn’t it, Nokoru? <– CLAMP's first shouta Tamaki.

Haha, well, I think these are just signs of a beginning like some idiot who arrives later says. *rolls eyes*

And what an idiot he is, getting lost in town or doing whatever while his special girl is feeling lonesome.

*clicks tongue* Mataku… such a troublesome guy. If it was anyone else but Ikuto, I would never forgive him for making Amu sad. Ever! >:/

But that aside for now, Amu~ *huggles her* <3
Crap, I think I really am crying cuz she's sad. Haha. *tear* <'D;

And oh, she may have changed and matured considerably but she is still the same worrywart as always. "Maybe Ikuto's really not coming back". Silly girl, Xiao would teach him a painful lesson before that happens. *continues to huggle her* x3

Talking seriously now, though, I am quite pleased with how Peach-Pit has handled Amu's feelings over the course of these chapters. Amu started out just faintly curious about Ikuto and likewise, both more focused on their own goals than about each other. It wasn't until after Amu found Ikuto playing his violin that one night and she sang along to the music that things started to head somewhere. Amu constantly got involved against Easter's plans and whatever reasons that he might have had at the time, Ikuto's always shown some concern for her and goes the extra length to make sure she does not get hurt despite that they were on opposing sides. Was it because he thought it would be better not to get another person like Tadase involved with his family issues with Easter? Yea. No one should go through the same thing they did.

But of course, he couldn't tell her that outright. They still didn't know each other well enough for him to want to open up to her. Besides, she was probably doing him a favor which is possibly why he never bothered to stop her from interfering in the first place. Easter lost two useful henchmen because she brought them back to the good side, and Utau was freed from the past tying her down as well. With that settled, all he had to do was get a hold of the Embryo and leave Easter for good.

Hahaha, he didn't count on falling for her in the middle of all that, though. Wasn’t she the first one to convince him he can always create a new beginning for himself (the tea-cup scene) if he wanted to, which is why he’s able to return those words back to her now? Wasn’t she the first one to realize some of his true feelings through his music, cared for him and believed he wasn’t a bad guy when no one else would? Most importantly, wasn’t she the one who cried for him not out of pity but because she sympathized with all the burdens he put on himself and literally gave him back everything he thought he had lost? His freedom, his friendship with Tadase, his love for music and his father, his sense of self-value that he kept disregarding throughout the story.

Y’know, there’s the common saying that a person who can accept all of you is the one who truly loves you. And Amu, going through thick and thin in her relationship with Ikuto, was able to do just that and even more. It would be silly to say that Ikuto wouldn’t feel some gratitude for everything she’s done for him and a downright lie to say she didn’t earn the right to be loved by him because of it. But if we just stopped there, then his affections for her would sound as if he’s more indebted to her than anything, which is not the case. There’s more to it.

Amu was the first girl he’s ever taken interest in. Because she was different and alike to him in many ways. She’s had a more fortunate life than he did and therefore she is naive, steadfast and stubborn in her own morals. However, she is also the most accepting among all the other characters as well as very unwilling to leave anyone in trouble alone. Ikuto, who’s always been enshrouded by the despair of his situation, must have been attracted to that pure quality of hers, even though he knows the world isn’t as kind to you as you want it to be. It’s not like this feeling is unfounded and limited to this alone. Even a poor, orphaned child will still be desperate to continue on living and always yearn for the better. In the general aspect, Ikuto is no different. Basically, everything he saw in Amu was what he wanted to have. Someone who knew right from wrong, wouldn’t give into their own weaknesses like he and Utau did and someone who wouldn’t abandon him. That’s what really had him drawn to her.

At the same time, he was able to learn that Amu was not all the strong and reliable heroine she was designated to be. He’s seen her cry, he’s seen her become angry and frustrated, he’s seen her been pushed over many times and be discouraged, he’s seen her hurt (especially by him), and what’s more, he’s the only one who’s seen her vulnerable side. Or should I say, the side she shows when she doesn’t have to put up a front at all and tells what she’s truly feeling, something her friends don’t even have a full account of. Since he’s…well, an older guy and a big brother, on top of that, I’m sure his protective instincts shot out every time Amu got herself into trouble but it’s that last one that really brings it nicely home.
A girl/woman would only show the most inner part of herself in front of someone she knows she can trust. Ikuto has betrayed that trust one time, true, but only to keep her safe (to be honest, I wonder if that even counts since he was lying anyways and it had nothing to do with just the two of them). He has never, however, forfeited that part of their relationship to anyone and this chapter confirms that. By the time he already realized his own feelings for Amu, he should have also known what lines he shouldn’t cross. Because Amu didn’t only save him, she gave him a part of herself that she hasn’t given to anyone else. And if Ikuto is the decent guy he is, he should be honored to receive it and treasure it as much as he does with the things he considers most important to him.

Ikuto’s feelings for Amu are a blended mixture of all these and perhaps even more than I can ever write down. If there is one firm fact to encompass all of them, though, it’s that his love is the real deal, deep and true. It wasn’t formed on the simple cliche basis of “girl saves boy, yada yada” that kind of thing. It’s much more complex and something that is still growing by the day. That’s just how much he feels for her. And of course, only a person who is really in love with Amu and watched her progress along the way from all sides (like myself) would understand this (told you my love for her was real).

Then there’s Amu’s side of the story for some reason, I ended up talking from Ikuto’s side and got sidetracked, urk. At the beginning, she was like any ordinary girl with an ordinary crush on this really nice, cute kid at her school. She joined the Guardians at first because she wanted to get closer to Tadase. But when her task as the Joker finally latched on to her, it inevitably open a lot of doors to many different people. So it wasn’t just about Tadase anymore. Amu’s own closed up world prior to becoming a Guardian has expanded with everyone she befriended and interacted with. The most prominent one being Ikuto.

Initially, he was the enemy because he just worked for them and wanted the Embryo, too. Yea, we got that part. Then follows the spilt pie incident and whoa, backup, did he just come to her balcony to apologize for that? We can see where her intrigue and questions started to form about him there and how it increased with every encounter she had with him. Just like how he was attracted to her innocence, Amu obviously found the mystery behind Ikuto something she’s never come across before and her curiosity grew to a point where she voices to herself that she wanted to know more about him. Including the reasons why he wanted the Embryo, what was his wish, what he was really like, etc. The more she came to know about him, the smaller that gap that separated them became and soon, he wasn’t just an enemy anymore. It’s only reasonable since the more knowledge you gain about something, the more thought you give into your decisions and actions rather than going head-on without thinking. Through that, Amu had a few glimpses of the real, kinder side of him which forced her to take back her first impressions and to look at him at a closer angle instead of a biased one.

While that happened, Ikuto kept on relentlessly teasing her for various reasons and this always infuriated her more than anything else. She claimed many times that she couldn’t stand him but if so, her interest would have ceased earlier on. This just goes to show on how Amu didn’t really understand herself as much in the beginning as she does now. Like all naive kids, I think she set a pretext for herself. Like “this is the type of person I like” and “I’m supposed to do this and act that since I’m so and so” and so on. Which is why I think her interactions with Ikuto did her good. When he’s picking on her, she doesn’t have to worry about keeping up her “Cool & Spicy” persona and can be outright honest with all her emotions in front of him. Mostly the angry ones but that’s more than enough to change the former introverted her from bottling up everything inside and restricting herself.

In short, she’s changed a lot from being around him (her friends, too, yes I haven’t forgotten), learned from her experience on how to trust others, the Easter arc being one her biggest obstacles, and she’s finally aware of all of those changes she underwent and new things she discovered about herself. It’s not that it wouldn’t have happened without Ikuto being there but it’s because he was that is such a major reason for her growth as a person.

Then comes the part where her interest started turning into something more. Amu may not be the sharpest crayon in the box but she wasn’t blind during all the times he helped her and she was able to notice how sad and lonely Ikuto always seemed to be. That caused her to start caring for him. It wasn’t intended but it’s not like she can control what she feels. And when he landed in her bed (oh ho ho ho) sick and helpless, it’s not like she can just lift him up and dump him outside. Well, she did want him to leave for fear of being found out by her parents but that’s beside the point.

At that time, Ikuto’s shown a side of him to her more than he would normally be comfortable with but it doesn’t seem to bother him as much since it’s Amu, though she failed to notice that at first since she’s not as perceptive as he is. In any case, they’ve reached the point in their relationship where they can let enough of their guard down in each other’s presence. It is also probably the first time Amu’s shown some reaction of her own to him leaving, in contrast to all the times she became so flustered because he came too close to her. She looked sad. More accurately, her expression indicated that she didn’t want him to go.

Now, despite all that I said above, Amu hasn’t fallen for him yet even though he confessed that he liked her. Firstly, they were still in the phase where they kept a distance from each other, him on purpose and her subconsciously. Infatuation and admiration doesn’t stop at a few details, leave it at that and then turn into love. No, it doesn’t work that way or it’d be just shallow. Secondly, she knows Ikuto is trickster like what? 90% of the time. It’s not because this is one of those “too good to be true” cases (pfft, people who believe that don’t know their romance right), it’s because she can’t tell if he’s telling the truth or not and doesn’t want to be hurt by him. Aha, she doesn’t want to be hurt by him. We’re getting somewhere now.

Liking someone, loving someone involves taking a risk so of course, somewhere alone the way, you will be hurt by it. And most likely, you would want to know why you’ve been hurt. When Amu found out about Ikuto’s past, all her misunderstandings about him washed away. She realized how much he was suffering and how much he cared for those important to him to the extent where he would willing sacrifice himself for them. Amu has probably always regarded Ikuto as someone dear to her the more they got to know each other but it wasn’t until after she understood everything that it cemented itself in her thinking. Which was why she knew she had to save him. Not because Utau asked her to, not because he and Tadase should clear the conflict between them, but because Ikuto was important to her.

And when she did save him, he smiled at her in a way that she’s never seen him or anyone smile before. It was a completely genuine, heartfelt smile of gratitude. And it was for her.
All the dokidoki! moments she had with him could not even compare. Because this was the real Ikuto in front of her. From that point, she couldn’t look away from him. She began to fall for him because whenever she saw him happy, it made her incredibly happy, too. Just like how they’ve made a connection through their sadness about his childhood.

It later extends into what I call their “second date” at the amusement park, where Amu’s feelings became more apparent on the surface. They have been growing slowly and steadily and also at a faster rate ever since the Easter problem was solved. Look at how content she was to be with him then and how she had a lot of hope for the future if she could always hold onto Ikuto’s hand.

All soon bombed by Ikuto giving her the news that he was leaving to go and find his father and that he “will never see her again” (omg, I wanted to kill him at this part! D8<). She was clearly very saddened by that and so distraught that she couldn't bring herself to face him. Alone with her Charas, she began wondering if she really has fallen in love with Ikuto that got her acting that way. …Obviously. She even acknowledges that he was the one who always understood her. But like all people in love, she continues to learn and accept after the frustration. Seeing how serious Ikuto was about his music and his father, she set her own selfish feelings aside and gave him her full support when she went to see him off at the airport.

Amu's love has only begun to sprout but it's definitely there and this and everything relating to them in this final chapter is proof. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have sat here, gone through the story again several times and produced some sort of sloppy manifesto out of it.

And there’s more, haha, more to go on about that it’s already driving me crazy so moving on…

But breaking away from development for a bit, as much as I am sad to see the amusement park, where so many memorable moments have been made, being torn down, I am more for this than Easter buying the property so it can be kept there. This is of course, is every ounce of me denying the existence of the third season, which I believe sent more poorly executed, frothy-covered messages out than it did good ones.

That aside, there’s a bit of symbolism and parallelism here in regards to Amu. Like how the amusement park won’t be there anymore, she knows she has to accept the hard parts of change, growing up, and maturing. It’s sad as much as it is scary but it goes to show how far she’s come as an individual, making her one of the strongest examples of the mahou shoujo genre I’ve seen. It also helps that SC! focuses a lot on its characters’ development, so yea.

And right when Amu-chan can get more depressed (aww, *huggles* <3)…

…what better way to get her mind off of it than to have the person she’s been thinking of surprise her with a hug from behind.

But…NAAAAANNNN DESU KA SORE?! This…this cliche line?!


…well, I’ll forgive him since Amu finally got a comforting hug from someone when she really needed it. Even if it is this jerk…who I am insanely jealous of. GRRRR! *huggles Amu to herself* >8(

“Is he see-through?” LOL, oh Amu, you~ x3

Judging by how she still can’t seem to believe he’s right there and how he doesn’t want to stop holding her *fuming*, I’d say it must have been a long time since they last saw each other. What? About a couple of months? :/?

Well, whatever. This was very sweet and irresistibly cute. Now please unhand Amu, Ikuto. *halfway to my limit* >8/

Hahahahahaha haaa…. aww man, I do hope these two will never change. Especially Ikuto’s teasing and Amu’s easily flustered personality. I can even imagine them in the same adorable predicament 60 years from now. Haha.

Anyways, I find this “you haven’t changed at all” banter rather humorous if it’s only been a few months since he left. She’s just acting angry on the outside because she’s so happy on the inside. Ohh~, how cute~! <3

And yes, Amu dearest, if you need anymore confirmation that it really is Ikuto, I'm gonna poke you. *pokes* x3

Then we have some heart-to-heart talk about Yoru returning into Ikuto’s heart (I miss you, Yoru~) and the situation with Amu’s own Charas.

I know Amu is sure that she’ll see them again (of course!) but it’s nice to know she can share a little of her darker, insecure feelings with Ikuto. Since she’s seen him on the “road of stars” so that probably makes it easier for her to confide in him over anyone else.

Sure enough, he gives her the response she wanted and needed to hear and in a very “sweet” manner as well. Which is why she can’t resist blushing when she sees him that way.

Ahh~, Amu is so easy to read when she’s like this. Being honest…because Ikuto’s with her and being honest himself. I’m pretty sure this is the side of him that Amu likes the most. Well, duh, haven’t we learned with these two that it’s all about the special smiles when it comes to stealing their hearts? lol After all, it’s rare for Ikuto to show a face like this so openly for someone and she, knowing it or not, has exclusive privilege to that.

*sigh* As I thought, these types of couples are the ones that make up the strongest OTP. And I’m right. I’ve been shipping since my grade school days, after all. There’s no way I wouldn’t recognize the signs of a good OTP. Hehe. ^^

Well, Ikuto’s quick to revert back to his old smirking self when she mentions it though it helps that they’re not avoiding the topic this time. There’s no point in denying it anyways. They bring out the best in each other while maintaining their normal selves that they’ve already become very familiar with already.

Heh~, they know each other that well? Pretty much so. ^^

Then suddenly the mood gets serious and I kinda want to fall over giggling at this point cuz I’m sure he was the one who started it just so he can snuggle up to her. Why else would Amu be so “?” and blushy over the change in atmosphere. Oi… xD;

But he’s not playing sneaky this time since he asks her first if he can sit closer to her. Which is another trait I approve so strongly of him. Ikuto knows how to respect someone’s space. It’s just half the time, he pretends not to but only around Amu cuz it’s fun making her embarrassed.
Still, like I said earlier, he knows what lines he should not cross and Amu is still a kid compared to him. But he still wants to be close to her because it’s natural for someone to do that with the person they like. It’s not because “it’s too physical” which means that means you’re only looking at it from a limited scope. Liking someone comes in different forms. Hand-holding is one of them, hugging is another, etc. What’s crucial is that the person you like give you his/her consent before doing so. Isn’t that what he’s doing here? And didn’t she say it was okay?

I can definitely tell you that unless you know the “do”s and “don’t”s of the relationship you’re in, then it doesn’t qualify as love.

I should be a little jealous here but I won’t be cuz Amu is just way too cute like this and vice-versa. Silly Amu, you should know that cats don’t comprehend measurements such as “just a little” when it comes to snuggling. Ne, Ikkun? God, this is so cute I can die. x3

This really explains for itself and pretty much reinforces everything I’ve said (over and over enough to redefine “annoyingly repetitive”).

Knowing how Ikuto is, this is a real intimate moment between them. There are no lies, no teases, nothing. It’s really him pouring out everything he is because he wants to share it with her and only her.


Well, there’s your answer and the foremost reason why I support Amuto with such a burning passion. It’s because these two need someone to open themselves to and it can’t just be anyone. It has to be someone who can take all of what they are. Amu has already proven it through those trials she had with Ikuto throughout the story and likewise with Ikuto being able to understand Amu the most because he has observed her and gotten to know her the best from the start.

This is the reason why shipping wars have now become completely pointless and void, completely non-existent, FOREVER to me. This is why I was not bothered at all by Tadase’s declaration that he wouldn’t give up on his feelings or the way he ran up to help Amu on that second-to-last page. As a person who loves Amu, I can understand Tadase’s feelings best (like Tomoyo’s feelings for Sakura). Because it’s obvious that Ikuto is the only one who is capable of making Amu happy and he and I is not Ikuto and that is fine. Amu does not need a gentleman or a guy who will be polite to her everyday. What she needs is someone to understand the entirety of her.
Loving someone and wanting them to be happy doesn’t mean you have to be with them but wanting the best for them. Amu has found that someone to love her just as much as she will return those affections and that is enough to leave things satisfied.

Also, I can acknowledge what he said on not giving up as true but at the same time, to hell whether I’m real and this is fiction, I don’t have to value his feelings either. I am a rival after all and there is only one person that I have willingly given up this special girl of mines to.
Besides, nothing personal or anything, Tadase, but you are. A. Million. Years. Too. Far. Behind. ME. Nevermind Ikuto, ME! to say that with such confidence yet! *SLAMS HAND ON TABLE*
If things made it able and I was very serious about her, Tadase, anyone one else and even Ikuto would all lose with their hands down.

So it won’t be long before Tadase will move on. He’s only maintaining his rivalry with Ikuto for now because boys are just stubborn about winning. I know so because I’ve already bowed out graciously, that much I can say because I have the right. CARVE IT INTO YOUR BRAINS AND DON’T FORGET IT! *FLAMES OF GAR*



Now that that’s settled, heh, so it’s turned from “I-It’s n-not like I’m interested in seeing what faces you’ll make!” to an indignant “That isn’t fair since you’re leaving soon so I won’t be able to see what faces you’ll make!”, eh, Amu-chan~? Kuhuhu! x3

Which in turn makes Ikuto very seriously and sincerely (add “manly” in there, too, cuz if you’re going to promise something to the girl you love, you have to be MAN about keeping it, y’hear?!) make a promise to her that he’ll return to her no matter what.

Yes, Ikuto, that is exactly what I wanted to hear. Otherwise, I would never forgive you because you should have said this to her before you left. In fact, I was intending not to forgive you at all after that “I’ll never see you again” followed by a “I’ll make you fall in love with me”. What the heck’s that?! You don’t go and nearly break a girl’s heart (and on top of that, MAKE AMU CRY, dammit! D8<) to say "Oh hey, just so you know, you're going to fall in love with me" afterward. Omg, you got me so mad I can strangle you! *claws throat Higurashi-style*

So if you don't keep your promise and make Amu cry again, I swear I will hunt you down and make you regret everything! Y'hear?! Everything! I would only do this because I love you both and I like and want you two together. So you better be happy together and fulfill that promise!

And what's up with this "I'll definitely come find you when you're an adult"?! You can't keep in touch with her now cuz she's a kid?! WAT?! Answer your phone for once, dammit! And another th-*naggy Xiao gets dragged away by some random person*

*tired sigh* …… *content sigh* These two idiots. <3

Hehe, "nose kiss", that's a first. She totally made that up. You made that up, didn't you, Amu? xD;

Well, I can tell there will be more kisses where that came from because who knows what happened after this one? Ohoho~ *fic-wrting time*

So yes, I am satisfied with this cute, little one Ikuto sealed his promise with.

…wait a sec, what do you mean "I'll always keep liking you like this". Shouldn't it be "I'll keep loving you more and more with each passing minute"? Cuz that's how it's supposed to be, dammit! *raging for nothing* God, why can't you do your lines, right, Ikuto? Is it because you're too caught up in the moment? Mataku, I won’t give you Amu if you’re only that half-baked. Do it again! Say it right! Hey! *gets dragged away AGAIN*

And so, we end it with Nikaidou and Yukari’s wedding. Honestly, who did not see this one coming? Haha. xD;

My, Yukari really does look so pretty in that dress. Congrats to them both! ^^ In another corner, I shall always be shipping my Suukaidou. LOL xD;

It makes me feel a little sad that Peach-Pit will probably have little chance to draw Amu in a wedding dress and let me see her wedding day but after all this confirmation in this chapter, I’ll let it go and leave things to my imagination. Regardless of what it’ll look like, I’m more than positive she’ll be the most beautiful thing in the world and…oh god, I think I’m crying. Am I crying? A little. Of joy. *sniffs* <')

And I don’t need to question who the groom will be when she said “As long as I keep holding tight to that hand” to herself cuz there’s only one person that comes to mind when it concerns holding hands with Amu. *rolls eyes knowingly*

And OHH!! Aruto! It’s about time you came back! This is all good now! Ikuto doesn’t have to waste so much money on plane tickets to random nowheres anymore and can come back to see Amu as much as he likes. ‘Course he’s going to come back to her. Often. A lot. Frequently. ALL the time. Right, Ikkun? *death smile*


Finally, Tsukasa is all just vague sparkly shits and giggles. It took him five thousand pages to explain something so simple and still make no sense in the end Tsukasa is a CLAMP bitch, it’s so obvious while it took Amu only two sentences to make absolute sense of the universal theme of this series.

It’s just like Amu says, with “am” being the very base that Peach-Pit drew her name from (and what a meaningful and fitting name it is). Your dreams, wishes, ambitions all make up what you are and what you will be but whatever comes and goes, you’ll still have the same unique you.

With that, I’ll now go into my final conclusions.


This review was, haha, yes, very, very difficult for me to write. No matter how many times I go back and edit, add, and take out stuff to make it sound better, it’s still only a fraction of all the things I wanted to say because Shugo Chara! has had such an impact on me that it’s just impossible to fit it all into words.

So I won’t attempt it. I think I conveyed enough of what I wanted to. Haha, I’m already so emotionally tired after having spent over a week on this post and it’s still such a messy one that needs proper organizing but I think it’s best as it is.

As for thanks, biggest one goes to Peach-Pit, of course, for giving me such a memorable story that had such an influence on the ways I looked at things, and helped me learn a lot about myself as well as shaped me into the fan I am now. I’ll probably remember SC! everyday of my life because of that (oh boy…lol).
Next, it’s all the fellow fans I’ve made good acquaintances with over the course of following Shugo Chara!. It is probably the first and last time I will ever be this closely-knit to a community ever and just wanted to say it’s been loads of fun chatting and discussing with you all and loving this series together.

Third, to my Amu soulmate, Chibi-san, the only RL person I was able to find who loved all aspects of Amu as fiercely and as loyally as I do. I don’t think I’ll ever come across another person who can truly claim to accept Amu for everything she is and it just makes me very happy knowing that there’s at least on person out there who does. Thank you so much for loving her, Chibi-san! *teary hug* <')

Last but not least, to my one true love, Amu. It's been one very long, tough ride that I didn't think would end me here but surprisingly, it did. I am nonetheless, so happy that I was able to get to know her and fall in love with her and let that love change me a lot. I swear to hold her dear to me to my grave and even into my death. Most of all, I will definitely never, ever forget her. I love you, Amu!

*finally completely breaks down* >A<

*sniff*…Alright then, that's it. I have nothing more to say (for now) and I won't come back to this post until a much, much, MUCH later time. Perhaps in a year or half. Either way, I've already made my decision to not engage in anything with any SC! fans anymore so even if you hear from me, I probably won't respond to you directly. It's nothing personal. It's just the choice I made.

Goodbye then. Thanks for everything. See you in the other fandoms. (^ ^)/


7 thoughts on “Shugo Chara! Encore ~ Ch. 4 [Final]

  1. ::Hugs:: That was a huge load off your chest, huh. ^^ I’m glad that you wrote out all of your feelings, both good and bad. And I’m glad that I was able to meet you through this fandom. Along with that, I hope we can continue to have such great discussions about other fandoms or just any other events or happenings that you decide to blog about.

    So, I’ll just leave my comment at this: I agreed with basically everything you had to say. I think you summarized Ikuto and Amu’s relationship wonderfully, and the over all message of the series as well. And I also want to say thank you, since there were times when you were basically the only sane one that was keeping me from completely blocking myself, not only from the fandom, but from the series in general. So, thank you! <3

    We've had a lot of good times, ne. ^-^

  2. I’m touched you mentioned me in your final SC post. I do adore Amu for everything she is and will become, and seeing her so happy and grown up in the final chapter both broke my heart and made me so happy at the same time. It’s unfortunate the fandom got so out crazy out of control (I wouldn’t know, because except for you and Fuyu I kept myself away from it), but I’m glad you were able to at least kind of organize your thoughts into one final post. Hopefully you’ve now found some form of closure. Ultimately SC was a wonderful journey to go through. I look forward to the next new series/whatever you decide to blog about!

  3. It’s really over isn’t it.

    “*sigh* I still have not gotten over how much Amu has grown. Even though she is still a girl, there’s something about her now that’s…I dunno. More radiant, perhaps? Heh, then again, it might be because she’s found (or rather, rediscovered) her one and only”

    Well, she is at that stage of life.

    “Was it because he thought it would be better not to get another person like Tadase involved with his family issues with Easter? Yea. No one should go through the same thing they did.”

    I think so. Especially given how much Easter was probably targeting Amu in particular.

    I pretty much agree with you on the Amuto thing as a whole. Especially in regards to Amu’s feelings not being love quite yet.

    “That aside, there’s a bit of symbolism and parallelism here in regards to Amu. Like how the amusement park won’t be there anymore, she knows she has to accept the hard parts of change, growing up, and maturing. It’s sad as much as it is scary but it goes to show how far she’s come as an individual, making her one of the strongest examples of the mahou shoujo genre I’ve seen. It also helps that SC! focuses a lot on its characters’ development, so yea.”

    OMG the symbolism yes! That makes so much sense. The early scenes too with the amusement park support it too. Heh. I always loved that SC focused more on self-discovery instead of love/friendship/family the way other Mahou Shoujo series do. I mean the other aspects were important, but not as much as a main theme as they usually are.

    “what better way to get her mind off of it than to have the person she’s been thinking of surprise her with a hug from behind.”

    I kind of figured that’s what would happen. Not actually as how I predicted it, but I was still a bit inwardly gloatly.*shot*

    They’d be the world’s cutest old couple. Always bickering in the supermarket, being awesome grandparents etc. Why isn’t someone writing a fan fic about it already?

    “If things made it able and I was very serious about her, Tadase, anyone one else and even Ikuto would all lose with their hands down.”


    I love the nose kiss. It’s so in character, for him whatever anyone else says.

    “It makes me feel a little sad that Peach-Pit will probably have little chance to draw Amu in a wedding dress and let me see her wedding day but after all this confirmation in this chapter, I’ll let it go and leave things to my imagination. ”

    *patsshoulder* At least there’s her awesome whatever she’s wearing for NikadouYukari’s wedding outfit.

    It’s been awesome. I haven’t said this before, but your study of the seires has been completely awesome. You always know the perfect thing to say about it.

    Also, no one can come close to Xiao when it comes to Amu love~

  4. I feel kind of out-of-line commenting on this post as we really don’t know each other at all XD
    I have to say that I agree with you on pretty much everything.
    I think I started feeling…angsty, I guess, when Doki!! was nearing an end and everyone was all, “ZOMG IT’S ENDING WHATEVER SHALL WE DO?” because I realized that, as fantastic and different and uniquely beautiful Shugo Chara! was (oh goodness, using the past-tense now is going to kill me, I’m already tearing up XD), it had to come to an end like every other story.
    But I think I can find solace in the fact that I really think Peach-Pit meant it to end this way. I heard that a lot of people were upset with the ending because it didn’t feel like an ending, but I am honestly okay with that, because I think if Peach-Pit had given us a solid, “THIS IS THE END. FINAL CHAPTER. DEAL WITH WHAT HAPPENS.” I wouldn’t have accepted it. Because SC! is such a special story and has touched so many people (ah yep, here come those darn tears again) it wouldn’t have fit to give it a definite ending, a definite pairing, a definite who Amu is.
    This was a really good ending post (and I apologize for going all off-topic and commenting generally) and I think it’ll be equally difficult for anyone blogging the final SC! chapter. (There goes my general-ness again)
    I’ve been reading this blog since…um…a while XD, and I found it through SC!. I’m really glad I got to (hypothetically speaking) meet you through that, and I’m glad I read every SC! post up till this one, and a lot of others in between.
    So before I get even more mushy, I’m gonna say that I’m glad I got to “meet” you through SC! and that your life changed as well. (so much more not any more mush…)
    And I agree with warriorhope, you win when it comes to Amu love. No one else can compare :3

  5. There is no such thing as tl;dr on your blog

    SC! made a huge impact on me too, I found your blog because of it, like, when Shugo Chara Doki had just started

    And it made me learn new things, I’m afraid of changing as well, I don’t want to let go of whatr I have right now, and I remember I felt depressed when Nadeshiko and Kuukai had to leave.

    And Amuto… Just… I… I shipped these two so much. Especially after the pie incident when Suu first hatched.

    ;-; Oh and this manga, a gem among others, it made me cry and laugh and love its characters

    I think that when I first started watching SC and when I finished it, I definitely changed, I didn’t see things the same way

    And I think it’s wonderful that Peach Pit was actually able to do that to their fans

    Oh the hope of seeing Amu in a wedding dress :)
    Really Xiao, your rants and opinions fuel my week, really, thank you, your reviews for SC! Doki made the fillers so bearable, really.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you,

  6. Wow, after that, I don’t think I have much to say. I pretty much agree with everything you said. I loved what you said about the whole Amuto relationship. *sigh* It makes me sad that it’s finally over. It was my very first anime/manga that I really followed.

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