Brief Impressions: Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 40, 41

Erza no baka! Don’t do that ever again! *glomps Erza* >A<

Yesh, it's another sloppy post ahead. :P

Picking up for where we left off last time, Gerard Jellal gets mad about his own slip-up and tries to beat Natsu down but it doesn’t work cuz Natsu is much too awesome when he’s breaking stuff. Cue more destroyin’ the TOWAAAA!!


Then Simon jumps in to save Erza and dies. Which is NOT awesome. NOOOO!!!!!!! SIMOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!!! *was a Simon fan* ;_____________________________;


This completely enrages Natsu because HE MADE ERZA CRY, THAT SON OF A BITCH!! D8<

So he chomps down a chunk of Etherion/lacrima, powers up like painful hell and then beats Jellal up good.

Ok, now we're back to AWESOME.

OMG. *passes out from all the BADASS*


Make that F*CKIN’ AWESOME cuz hot-blooded dragon-scaled Natsu is everything that made episode 40 just that.

I should stop saying “awesome” now. >.>;

Then Etherion is about go crazy and blow up so Erza, being the not-so-smart noble idiot she is, decides to sacrifice herself to stabilize it. Inside, she somehow gets a change of clothes, pervert lacrima enters some sort of after-death dream sequence and sees everyone mourning for her which was not what she wanted.

Of course, it’s not, dammit! Did you not learn anything from the previous arc?! Your death will only make everyone sad, Erza! *cries* T____T

Must be the reason why she’s the most popular character among the fans. Pre-Paradise arc, she was cool and awesome and then after this, it just took everything to a new level.

Really, it’s kinda predictable which is why I’m not that madly crazy about Erza but I still love her anyway cuz she is simply admirable as a character. ^^

Yay! Erza is saved! Whether by Natsu or Jellal after he was released from Zeref’s control, it’s not known. Though the anime seems to confirm the Jellal speculation which would make sense since he has more magical knowledge and power than Natsu. And then there was that moment where she thought she heard his voice so yeaaa~… canon so ships ErzaxJellal, you know it. <P

lawl~ Somehow, I doubt this will be the last time Natsu will chuck more lacrima down his throat if the situation calls for it again. He’s just as crazy awesome as he is stupid awesome. xD;

Well, Erza’s old nakama decides to turn down the offer to join Fairy Tail (wat? No~ Stay with Erza! T_T) and instead go out to start anew themselves. Erza respects their choice and tearfully but happily sends them off with a firework ceremony.

It was quite emotional. *sniff* I hope they come back later on in the story.

So our four heroes arrive back home and the new guild is complete. Natsu ain’t so happy with it cuz “It’s totally different from before”. lol He’s almost like a cat moving into a new house or something. xD;

And Juvia has officially joined Fairy Tail! Kyaa~! Her new look is so cute~! Juviaaaaaa~~~!! x3333333

Still sees Lucy as a love rival, though. Poor Lucy. lol xD;

Oh, speaking of newcomers, Gajeel join as well.

Expected reaction is expected since Gajeel was the one responsible for destroying the guild in the first place. I mean, even I was a little “WTF?!” at Makarov for letting him in when I read this in the manga and thought wow, Fairy Tail probably didn’t think that much about grudges and would take just about anyone in or something. But Gajeel redeems himself as shown later on (er, no after that stage scene) so it kinda cancels things out.


Mira sings a song to welcome Natsu and co. back and she’s got a really nice voice, I must say. ^^

THIS. Made my day. So hard.

I demand more Gajeel solo performances. Shooby doo bop! LMAO XDDDD;;;;

And~ because of his “I’m shooby doo bopping, you jerk!” (uhhh…), the whole place gets messed up again. Kahahaha. xD;

Mental note to never, ever get between Erza and her strawberry cake. xDD;;;

Anyways, Levy’s team, or rather just Jet and Droy I hope I got their names right still have to a score to settle with Gajeel from last time. Because “this is how we men do things”.

Yea, I get that and I’m all for Gajeel getting what he deserves for back then but I couldn’t help but flinch every time he took a hit from those two. *flinch* >.<

To make things worse, Laxus shows up, is still incredibly pissed off about everything going in Fairy Tail and what people have been saying about “his” guild and takes it out on Gajeel who won’t fight back because he wants to prove to them he’s serious about being nakama.

Ok, now you can feel bad for Gajeel cuz Laxus isn’t being a jerk. He’s being a grade A jerkass and probably the worst one in the entire series.

Laxus hating time commence.

Don’t pick on Gajeel, you asshole! D8<

But when they tell him to stop, he goes violent on them, too. WTF, YOU SON OF A BITCH?! How can you aim at your own comrades?! *RAEG* D8<

That aside for a moment, I was very happy inside to see Gajeel protect Levy from Laxus’s lightening. And this is where a new shipping pops up for anime viewers. ^^;

Yea, Gajeel! You >>>>> Laxus big time! xD

So yea, Laxus walks off without so much of an apology for nearly barbecuing Levy and is still having his time of the month so bad that he decides he’s going to do mutiny on the entire guild.

And next week shall begin our new arc. Wow, that was fast. o.O;



Next week looks like fun. They’re having a Fairy Tail beauty contest and uwah~ Erza looks so pretty.

Then Laxus and his cronies come in and, well, you’ll see. It’s not going to be good. o_O

Still looking forward to seeing the following, though, so I might blog them if I feel like it:

Erza vs. Evergreen (WOOT! Erza is the only Titania, bitch! xP)
Juvia, Cana and definitely, more Mira screentime.
Lucy and Loki team up! Yay!
Natsu and Gajeel doing some duo-Dragonslayer butt-kicking.

That is all.

Don’t let me down like you did with Erza’s arc, Satelight and A-1 Pictures. /P


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  1. awesome review.
    btw, i also had a happy feeling inside when Gajeel protected Levy, tho Levy and her team suck. Alzack alone defeated Jet and Troy in ep. 42!

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