News Blurbs: Gosick due out Spring 2011!

If you’re curious about what this is, check out my previous post on it. ^^

Moving along, I can’t believe that BONES is taking up this project! That makes me happy like…KYAAA~!!! XDDDD

I can relax a little now cuz I know BONES has always done a great job with a lot of their productions. Most notable ones are Darker than Black, Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, and the Full Metal Alchemist series. So yea, I screamed bloody delicious murder again when I just found out and even if they do a less-than-average job on it, I’ll still love it to bits anyway. x333

The anime is coming out next year, spring season. Damn, it’s not like that’s a bad time for me but I’ll be back in school and who knows what my schedule will be like. I also have to manage my tournament. Plus I don’t want people competing for blogging this cuz I’m such a selfish little piggie who wants to keep it all to herself. xD;

Well, whatever. I’ll manage somehow. I always do. Hehe. (So I hope this airs closer to the weekend. >.>; )

My guess is that it’ll probably last for 24 episodes since there are 9 novels and the series is supposedly done. I don’t know anything about the ending so I’m searching for spoilers now but they shouldn’t delve too much from the plot if that’s the case. I hope so. I don’t want a crappy anime-original ending, kthx.

So all that’s left is to hear who’s going to be the seiyuus. BONES, this is the only request I have for you.


Chiwa Saitou as Victorique de Blois
Miyu Irino as Kazuya Kujo
Yui Horie as Cecil Lafitte
Takehito Koyasu as Grevil de Blois
Satsuki Yukino as Avril Bradley

That is all if you don’t want me to go into BERSERK! mode. \3

In other news, the third volume of Gosick is going to be released in English next March so I have a little about a week before the anime starts airing to see what the third mystery is, if the anime plans to go in that order or not.

Hmm, yep, I guess I’ll just use this post to update any more news. I might even upload the Gosick drama CD for you all to sample around Christmas if I have time.

So yep, can’t wait! ;D


5 thoughts on “News Blurbs: Gosick due out Spring 2011!

  1. Oh~ I remember you talking about this! I’ll definitely check it out, especially since BONES has picked it up. They also worked on “Wolf’s Rain,” which is an anime that I love to pieces and worked on the “Cowboy Bebop” movie, so I only see a bright future for this anime! XD

    Also, if an anime original ending is given, it probably won’t be a crappy one, since the first “Full Metal Alchemist” anime (IMO) was still a-maz-ing, even though it stopped following the manga very early on.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to this one! <3

  2. Oh this should be good. Bones rarely makes crap it helps that he’s Studio Deen’s studious older brother

    I’ll be watching this for sure. lol I think most people will be sane enough to stay away from blogging it though.

  3. Woooo~! If you are excited about this. I’ll be too. Bones and some of the good seiyuus I follow? I sign up NAO to follow it! xD

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