SaiMoe 2010 Picks

Ehhh…I wanted a better picture of Hanyuu and Rika but this is pretty cute, too, I guess. Even though they’re not in my main list of the girls I’m supporting this year, can’t help but just want to huggle them two into pieces! I love them! *death HUGGLE* x33

Yea, so the main tournament of SaiMoe just started. Lucky for me, I already got my voting code ahead of time and should have used it for the prelims but that new rule about leaving at least a one-line comment in your vote kinda held me back. *shrug* Whatever, I never voted during the prelims anyway so I’ll just stick to the main tournament rounds.

K, then, uh… All that is listed here is subject to my opinion and I would appreciate it if you didn’t tell me what should or should not be on MY list. You can go make your own instead, thanks.

I’m going to go about this by series instead of by individual girls. From the ones I think that are least likely to win to the ones I want most to win. It’s easier for me that way since I’m not really fond of rankings, even loosely ones, and I can organize this better.

There’s also quite a couple of girls who I thought were very cute but are not on this list. That’s probably because while I liked them, I didn’t quite enjoy the anime/OVA/movie they were in so there. It has to be a series I really liked along with the girls. /P

Bungaku Shoujo: Amano Touko

*cries* Touko was eliminated so that’s why she’s on the bottom! Otherwise, she would have been my first choice! Waah! Dx

I don’t know which second prelim round she lost in but BOOO!!! anyways. >x(

*sigh* Ah well, nothing I can do about it. Bungaku Shoujo was a big hit as a novel over there and the movie seemed to have done well in reception (judging by how much it earned) but it didn’t have anything else to back it up except the OVA that was just recently released, so I guess it’s reasonable. NO IT’S NOT! >3<

And everyone knows how the shows that center more around moe characters (and fanservice) than anything else have an easier chance of dominating than others do.

*sigh* Yea, yea, fine. I’ll live with it.

Other than that, Touko’s the only one on my list for Bungaku Shoujo that qualifies as moe cuz…well, every other girl in there is crazy. o.O;
Aside from Nanase, who is your natural, everyday tsunderekko, but her attitude problem doesn’t appeal to me at all (in fact, it annoys me a lot at the beginning) so that’s why she’s not on this list.

*still sad that her Touko-chan didn’t make it* :'(

Heartcatch Precure: Hanasaki Tsubomi, Kurumi Erika

lol, don’t give me such a look. I know this won’t even get that many votes but I’m still happy they survived the second prelims. *so happy for Tsubomi* <3

Like I said in the first part of my spring wrap-up post, I find Heartcatch to be a great improvement on the Precure franchise and it’s not just because of Nana Mizuki as the seiyuu for Tsubomi. The story, character development, etc, are better. As far as in comparison to what synopsis I’ve read for the previous seasons go. It also earned fourth place in this spring’s season top 10 best shows so there’s your proof. ^^

Anyways, kyaa~! I just love Tsubomi! She’s so shy, cute, and bit hesitant at everything she does but she’s a huge sweetheart, very brave and very pure. Really, she’s the next mahou shoujo heroine I’ve been dying to dote on now that SC! is over. So how can I not want to support her when she’s just as moe? <333

I like Erika, too, but it feels that the majority of the fandom prefers her a lot more over Tsubomi (maybe cuz they like her outgoing personality or color scheme more, I dunno). I don't mind that but I tend to want to give more love to the characters who don't get as much attention. And poor Tsubomi is always getting pushed aside because of it. *showers affections on her*

I would have also included Itsuki in this as well, since she's just as cute when you see her girly side, but she's only been in the spotlight for a few episodes so it'll take a little more time before I see her as moe enough. Though she'll definitely be around my SoMT next year. Hehe. ^^

Shugo Chara!: Hinamori Amu, Mashiro Rima

I’m a little surprised that this is still doing well, considering that Party! was such a failure. But when it comes to moe, it’s all about the character, not much the show, imo. So yay for my Amu-chan (placing 6th, even, and that’s no easy job) and Rima being able to make it! <33

Utau made it, too, with better results than last year I think but she already won in SoMT 2009 so that's why I didn't include her. *shrug*

Woot, almost got scared for Rima, though. I almost thought she wasn't going to get pass the second prelims. ^^;

Yea, mind as well give them my support this year as well since it'll be their last time showing up. Haha…

Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Ushiromiya Ange

This only tops SC! because it’s Umineko’s debut year. And what a sucky debut it was, DEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNN!!!!! D8<

But even so, I don't really love a lot of the characters in Umineko as much as I did for Higurashi. Ange is an exception, even though she's more rebellious badass than moe. Then again, she also qualifies as a kuudere so there, it works.

And she was very cute as a kid. Andand the way she looks up to Battler a lot is very adorable. It's the imouto charm~ <3

*sigh* Wish the Stakes could have made it, even though they were really minor supporting characters at best.

Beatrice I kinda grew less fond of, Maria is up there cuz she's a loli, not a huge fan of Shannon or Jessica and the moms…well, age does matter, I guess. <P

Taishou Yakyuu Musume: Suzukawa Koume

I never finished watching this cuz sports-related shows just bore me but it was a decent anime and I found Koume really endearing as a heroine (plus Kanae Itou~ <3). I also liked how normal she was. I dunno, I guess I’m just craving for normalcy more than I am with something gone to an extreme.

Was really surprised when I found out she’s placed fourth in one of the groups of the first prelims. o.O

Kimi ni Todoke: Kuronuma Sawako, Kurumizawa “Kurumi” Ume

Why is there no decent official image for Kurumi? :(

Ahhh, I’m not really worried for them since they’re already doing fine in SoMT. And KnT is shoujo so…yea, very tiny chance of making it to the big rounds.

Urm, that’s all I have to say. ^^;

Hanamaru Kindergarten: Hinagiku, Hiiragi, Koume

GAH, is there REALLY no picture of Hinagiku-chama?! *RAEG*

… -.-

Well, I don’t have high hopes for this anyways, except for maybe Yamamoto-sensei but I’ll vote for her only if she does get that far.

And of course, Hii-chan has to be here! <3 Btw, her round is up so gotta remember to vote for her after this.

Koume is just irresistibly cute so how can I not vote for her as well? x3

Didn't include Anzu, even though she grew on me a lot but in the end, I guess she just didn't appeal to me as much as the others did.

Katanagatari: Togame, Yasuri Nanami, Itezora Konayuki

Katanagatari should actually be lower on the list since there aren’t as many viewers for this anime but…I just love this series too much! x3

Hmm, not much to say. Togame’s always been moe since the first episode. I just haven’t warmed up to it until she started being nicer to Shichika.

Nanami would more likely win a contest of yangire but every time she questions “Huh?” and makes a clueless face, it just gets me. lol

And Konayuki for…being Konayuki. xD;

Hitei got eliminated early on. No surprise. Not enough screentime and I find her more sexy than moe. :P

Kobato: Hanato Kobato

Ok~♪ Now things are going to get serious. *marks the line of good-chance winners right here*

Kobato is an obvious choice. The anime wasn’t really great at all, imo, and it seemed like they were trying to force out Kobato’s personality and enthusiasm too much to the brink of annoyance but I still like her a lot. Maybe it’s because I’m a CLAMP fan so I can’t really go against it or maybe Kobato makes me nostalgic for my CCS days. Whatever it is, it’s just some weird CLAMP fan function when it comes to CLAMP girls.

And I so wish they would write me another shoujo series already. ;_;

Working!!: Taneshima Poplar, Inami Mahiru

Good show, really cute girls. Ignore Yamada, I liked her more for humor. I wanted to include Yachiyo but she’s just too much of a (funny) idiot. And I found Jun to be more cute than she was so that’s kind of a loss. …I don’t know, ok?! I’m just weird like that! xD;

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun: Misaka Mikoto, Uiharu Kazuri, Saten Ruiko

I’m not really so into tsunderekkos anymore but Misaka is one that stands out and makes AWESOME, BADASS, and MOE mix together nicely. Only saying this after I watched Railgun, though. Unlike in Index, her character really expanded in the spinoff (well, duh, it’s focused on her anyway) and I just couldn’t help but like her a lot after that. Also, her love for Gekota is just so cute! x)

Uiharu because of her reactions to Saten always flipping her skirt. God, where’s that gif where she just cries after one of those times? That was so MOE! xDD

And Saten cuz she’s the one who really stole my heart in this series. <3

Guess I'll include Kuroko, too, even though I liked her more for laughs and awesomeness than anything.

Angel Beats!: Tachibana Kanade, Nakamura “Yurripe” Yuri, Otonashi Hatsune, Yusa, Yui, Shiina

Really, Key girls are in a league of their own. They should have their own exclusive tournament or something…OMG, SOMEBODY DO THAT!! 8DDD

lol, this one could be seen from months away, even before the promo came out. To be honest, I really thought that Kanade wasn’t going to be at my top for this one since she seemed like the type most people would immediately go for but she took me by surprise. I didn’t expect her to be the slightly clumsy kind (at least that’s what Yuzuru called her once) and though she’s one type of a kuudere I’m still iffy on, she’s not slow on the “defrosting” phase. In fact, was there even one? She just seemed lonely before she became friends with Yuzuru and the others. The bullying episode made it more apparent which was what probably got me loving her in the first place.

Anyways, she’s just very sweet and awesome in her own way and I just want to hug her. <3

(Oh yea, if you didn't notice, I love kuuderekkos <– Is this even an approved word? xD; )

Yuri was a sudden surprise at the end but still cute all the same. Haha, we should have had more flustered Yuri scenes. And more points to her when she's being an Onee-chan. That was just d'aww~ <3

Wish I had a picture of Hatsune but I don't. Still, she's Yuzuru's adorable lil' sis (voiced by Mai Nakahara aka Nagisa~) so…yea. I don't know what is up with me and imouto characters lately. I think I just want to hug one real bad. lol xD;

YUSA! OMG, YUSAAAAA~!!! (Plz give Yui Makino more roles with this voice, Idemandit! *spaz*) x3333 Srsly, this is why AB! should have gone on longer. I wanted more Yusa. ;_;

Finally, I like Yui but would sometimes prefer her when she’s not exploding hyper energy everywhere. And Shiina’s obsession with cute things is moe. That’s all. Heh. ^^

Bakemonogatari: Senjougahara Hitagi, Sengoku Nadeko, Shinobu, Hachikuji Mayoi, Araragi Karen, Araragi Tsukihi, Hanekawa Tsubasa, Kanbaru Suruga

YEAAAA~ It’s either all my Bakemono girls or nothin’. Ya hear me? Nothin’! XP

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. I don’t find all of them exactly moe but I like each one’s individual charm.

Hitagi comes out as the strongest, obviously, since she is a mix of many -deres. Lesse, she calls herself a tsundere but hmm, she’s more kuu- than anything. And when it concerns Araragi, she’s totally yandere but awesomely so. On top of all that, she’s hot, fierce and incredibly intriguing to watch. Someone should make a new term just for her. x3

Nadeko is self-explanatory, Shinobu for being a badass loli-vamp who loves doughnuts (XD), Mayoi for being a devious brat and making “Ararararararagi” contagious, Araragi’s sisters as his abusive wake-up call (and he has such pretty sisters), Tsubasa cuz she’s slightly woobie I guess (but I like her intellectual side more…maybe), and Suruga… well, Suruga I don’t find moe at all but I love her personality. In fact, anybody who messes up Araragi up instantly goes into my “like” book. Poor Araragi, though. xD;


Ah, that was fun post. Hmm.

Guess I’ll end it off with my top 8 off of this list only so here it is:

Wasn’t expecting Yuri to be among them but I was have trouble with the last half and this list is really loose anyways. Shifted some people around a lot. Hell, I didn’t think I would want Togame up there at all but it somehow became that way. Haha.

So yep, that’s all. I’m only paying half a mind to the tournament this year since there weren’t that many shows I liked and Saki seems to be mowing every down in its path again. Just keeping up with SaiMoe cuz it keeps me entertained. I’ll be happy as long as the winner is someone I can recognize and approve of.



K, off to get that next SoMT post ready.


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    She got voted out? *sigh* I remember why I didn’t follow Saimoe this year or last year that much.

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