Spring Wrap-up Pt. 2: Angel Beats!, Bakemonogatari, DtB Gaiden OVA 4

F*ck, this is late enough for someone to get arrested for being late. >:/

*sigh* Well, I decided to cram the last OVA for DtB Gaiden in here, too, since I just want to go over things really briefly and there isn’t much else I can really say from that other than how sad I am that nobody in that stupid universe of theirs would just mind their own smelly business and let Hei and Yin stay together in peace. ASDLFKJASLKF Dx<

*cough* Hrm, yea, since I don't attach tags to wrap-up posts, there is much BAWWW-ing and AWWW-ing and both that combined which just makes it "BA-AWWWWWW"-ing or something ahead.

Or it's just me being emotional. Take it either way. ;_;

Angel Beats!

I…honestly don’t know where to start with this one. Um… well, of course, I loved it. Given that it’s a Key/Jun Maeda work, I know there is no way that I wouldn’t love it. Except that I ended up liking Angel Beats! more than I intended to. Not by a huge degree or anything but enough for there to let an attachment grow for this series.

Strangely enough, Angel Beats! could not have aired at a more worse time since after its fourth episode, I lost someone very dear to me which was why I ended up on that semi-hiatus during May. While I took time away to get myself together, I continued watching this regularly. Sitting through all the ridiculousness of the excessive butt humor that was so un-Key-like for a Key work but nonetheless still made me laugh and all the tear-inducing moments that moved me inside but not enough to bring the water works out (I said this many times but that rarely happens when I’m watching anime). It was far from the loss I’ve experienced but watching this and reflecting on it week by week made me think a lot of things about regret, fulfillment, life and death.

At the same time, I learned two things. Or rather, learned one and was reminded of the other. One, I learned that Jun Maeda is the “God”…at least in all the Key titles he was responsible for (which is all of them). How else can you explain all the savior-like male leads (the “Jesus”s as I jokingly call them), the suffering he makes all the characters go through (that makes SSS want to give God a punch in the face), the way he just wants to drag every tear out of you when you look at his works and make you love them all the same, the miracles, the resurrection, revival, unexplainable cures, whatever, of whoever was doomed for death and alwaysalwaysalways

Having the habit of tearing apart a couple while they’re hugging? EH?! <– This bit gets me really mad every time but I forgive him since they usually end up back together anyway. lol

Just a thought I like to entertain myself on. If it’s true, I’d probably slap a hippo or something. :

Two, Angel Beats! simply reminded me of how I wanted to live after I found the reason to while I was in high school. And that was two things: to contribute something to this world while I’m alive while doing my best to not leave any regrets behind. It wasn’t originally what I had planned, but I think I’m going to take up teaching when I finally graduate college. I’m not qualified yet to say I want to nurture and guide children like how Yuzuru wants to dedicate himself to others by becoming a doctor but I think that’s my calling.
At the same time, after the death of my relative, I forgave my parents after having bad blood with them for almost two and a half years and I shouldn’t have to explain why under these circumstances. It’s just not worth it holding a trivial grudge towards family in a time like that and I’m glad I did cuz I’m getting along with them better now and I’m at least reassured that my loved one passed on peacefully knowing we’ve reconciled.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit that I didn’t notice it before, even though I’ve been a fan of so many of Key’s works, but I think in order for you to create a really good story and make something more out of it, you have to have full appreciation of life, which was the main theme for Angel Beats!. Though AB! hardly comes close to defining it, as there is no such thing as a single definition of such a broad term, it seems pretty obvious that Jun Maeda are one of the few who does understand what it means to live and as Kanade said “How living is a wonderful thing.”

That’s what I think and aim for at least. Cuz I love my life, however difficult or easy it may be. And that’s the reason why I forgave my parents. I want to lead a fulfilling one that I’ll be satisfied with when I’m gone.

Yea, this is probably, exactly why Angel Beats! has grown so much on me when I thought it was just another ordinary season run. It probably still is, in my view, but it had a lot of effect on me.

So there is no way I can’t call it one of my top 10 of this year. It really earned its place up there.

Moving along, I’ll just echo everyone’s thoughts on how this should have ran longer than it did. There’s no reason I could think of that would say otherwise. Unless it was something related to production, or the studio chickening out at the last minute, or TV broadcast stations or something that can’t be helped. It would have smoothed out everything much nicer. Especially regarding Yuri’s softer, more shy and girlish side.

I don’t find it so OOC like many did. I just thought it was too rushed that it didn’t look as good. But it’s not unbelievable for Yuri to be embarrassed when someone compliments on how cute she acts when she’s flustered since she is a girl and that’s a natural reaction. It’s just that for majority of the time, she had to act serious as a leader and her hatred against god prevented her from showing her more normal side. Kinda like how Kanade’s emotions were repressed until she interacted with Yuzuru more. Trust me on this one. When you’ve gotten over some issues, it’s not so hard for your personality to change for the better.

Her fondness of Kanade isn’t so out of the ball park either since she was a big sister who doted on her siblings and caused some bug to go off in that “world” because she cared for all her fellow SSS members so much…and if it didn’t suddenly happen in just one episode instead of a reasonable span of two or three.

Yea, other than those glitches and the need to space out the development of her character more, I’d say it would’ve been one of the most notable changes that occurred in the entire cast and therefore, would’ve made it easier to sympathize with Yuri.

But eh, what’s done is done.

I still really liked this scene between her and Kanade, though. It was very sweet and sad that they had to part right when they became friends. Note that Yuri’s always wondered what it would’ve been like if she had befriended Kanade earlier on instead of treating her like an enemy. I would’ve liked to see that. Maybe they’ll include it in the extra episode on the last DVD they mentioned, only this time, they’ll all be alive but if not, I think I might write a fic for it.

Yuri being an Onee-chan figure to Kanade is just too cute. x3

But the true gold for me, even more than graduation ceremony which touched my heart so very much, was Yuzuru’s confession to Kanade and how utterly unfair it felt that she was going to disappear right after she thanked him for giving her life.

I swear, I was totally for this pairing the moment Kanade gave Yuzuru her name in that exam/bully episode but I really didn’t think it would happen. Or at least I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Should have known it was coming, though. Anything I say that will or won’t happen, the counter does. Really weird.

And since it has, yes, I stamp this as my OTP for this series. With HinataxYui following close behind.

I won’t say that I didn’t think this was rushed as well, because it was. But unlike the case with Yuri which almost came drastically out of nowhere, Yuzuru’s been showing interest in Kanade for quite some time. Feeling sorry for her when they took her position away using mean methods (and taking her lunch ticket), eating mapo tofu with her, holding hands several times, inviting her to go fishing with them, worrying for her when she was kidnapped by the evil Angels, HUGGING, *goes on and on and on* . The hints are all there. It was just forced to halt when there were bigger issues at hand. P.A. Works became lazy afterward and thought this last scene would be sufficient. Uh, no, it’s not. :P

Nevertheless, I’m still really happy they are official. And needless to say, I cried BUCKETS of storms inside seeing Yuzuru so heartbroken over losing her right after he told her he loved her and she agreed to be with him always. *BAAAAAAAAWWWWWWSSSSSSSS* …God, I love these two so much. I just do. ;______;

Playing the original version of “Ichiban no Takaramono” during this moment didn’t help. Damn you, Maeda! Why’d you have to be such a great composer, too?!

*sigh* But in the end, I understood why Kanade had to disappear after she thanked him. Or more importantly, why Yuzuru ended up on the afterlife battle front in the first place. Not just to help everyone move on. He was there so Kanade’s regret can be lifted so it’s really a good thing.

…well, no…cuz that made Yuzuru sad… so this warrants a fic! Yea! I’m going to do it! …Right after I finished this damn post first!

That being said, yay~, Kanade is included now!

If everyone else looked a little different instead of their usual digital cardboard selves, I think it would have been better but whatever. The middle group is just fine for me. Haha. xD;

Hehe, why is Kanade’s hair shorter and Yuzuru’s longer? xD;

Alright, Maeda. I can forgive you, I guess. But why didn’t you show us more?! Dx I just hope that extra DVD episode won’t be some pointless crap or… *glares* >8(

Hell yea, I’m definitely writing a fic for this. Nobody steal my idea. Or I will bite you. *bares teeth* Nyanyanyagh. <– What the hell's that? xD;


Bakemonogatari ~ Ep. 15

Well, I’ve dragged this out for so long, I almost don’t know what I have left to say about it. Except it was still an AWESOME final episode and finally~ has ended! *very singsong mood right now*

Heh. It wasn’t any surprise to me when we learned the cause behind Tsubasa’s stress. In fact, it seemed pretty predictable. I’m just glad that it wasn’t boringly so because of what Tsubasa put herself through in ordered to be saved and noticed by her abnormal “prince” (lol, Araragi, crowns do not suit you xD). But I can’t help but think how dumb she was when it came to do that. Sure, she might have been extremely desperate for help under the pressures of her family issues but to resort to taking in a bakeneko?

Maybe it wasn’t her fault. Maybe she wished it, some spirit happen to be passing by to hear it and took advantage of it. It’s never specified but what remains true is that she gave into her own weakness rather than confronting her feelings head on like Araragi said.

So in that way, I can’t feel bad for her. I think it’s unlucky that Hitagi beat her to Araragi before she could ask him out but that didn’t mean she had to force herself to lie, even though it was out of good intentions for Araragi.

Ugh, love. Such a bothersome thing. *rolls eyes*

Butbut, was I so thrilled when Araragi said he couldn’t be lovers with Tsubasa, even if he was indebted to her, because he already had Hitagi.

Aww man, especially, especially THESE lines:

“I can’t deny my feelings for Senjougahara.”

“Even with how she acts, I still love Senjougahara.”

“I love everything about her. There isn’t a single part I hate.”

“She’s the first woman I’ve ever really loved.”

All this was almost enough to make me fall for him…almost. I just really love guys who are loyal and that devoted to their rightful partners.

Which is why I think if you’re just hanging around for the shipping on this series, you’re missing a great deal of the entirety of what Nisioisin has given through his novels.

Yes, this is a harem show. But harem is only a genre, it doesn’t decide if it’s going to be good or not. The content does. Time and time again, Araragi encounters all these abnormalities he has to solve for his female acquaintances, three out of five who are in love with him. Each time, his relationship with Hitagi has been tested in one way or another but even that was not enough to threaten it to an edge. That could only mean one thing: this is the pairing, and it’s going to stay that way.

First point of being a good harem: the lead has one romantic interest, and she/he is the only one.

Second point, a good harem is an incomplete one. Meaning not every single person the lead helps will fall unconditionally in love with him. In this case, Mayoi and Kanbaru.

Third, a good harem may have its fanservice or ship teases but not so much that it will overtake the whole purpose of the plot. The main focus for Bakemonogatari is the girls overcoming their inner demons turned outward by the monstrosities that possessed them through their dark emotions.

If a harem satisfies all these points, then it’s enough for me to overlook the harem aspect of it to the point where I forget it is even there. That’s why I wasn’t so bothered by the other girls and was able to like all of them. And why can’t you? They each stand out on their own rather nicely and served a significant role in their respective arcs. Moreover, I had complete confidence and faith in my main pairing and everything that was shown supports and made it a sealed deal as well. So there was no need for me to get worked up about it and the rest was just enjoyable.

Mind you, these are really just my standards of looking at things. But I believe I have watched enough good and a lot of bad harems to justify it when I say “You need to expand your mind” if Bakemonogatari’s level of a harem bothers you. I highly recommend Key works since they do a really good job on those. That’s where it all started for me, too. Hehe.

So that settles that. Option “become my lover” is out but Araragi is still more than MAN enough to acknowledge Tsubasa’s feelings and call it honor to be loved by her.

Ahh, Araragi, you better stop or I’d probably really fall for you. ^^;

Neko over there seems pretty impressed by him but that doesn’t stop her (it?)…

From trying to kill him anyways. I gotta say that I like how they kept evil neko…well, evil. Since that’s practically what it is. A cursed spirit.

Gah, and here is where Araragi had to be all stupidly noble about paying back his debt. I swear, what’s up with the good, caring-to-a-fault guys always being like this? Is that why they’re so popular with the girls? Is that why they’re always taken?

…Sadly yes. *pout* =3=

Haha, but he came back into my good graces quickly enough when he remembered how Hitagi will react if he just let himself be killed. It’s not “Oh, Senjougahara will be sad”. It’s “Holy shit! I can’t die here or Senjougahara will surely kill Hanekawa! That’s the WORST situation possible!” Ahhh, now you see why this is my OTP. lolol xDD;;

Hmm, well, all that talk on “helping others” (as Bakeneko strangled him *chokes*) confused me a bit. I get that it’s related to Araragi always coming to people’s aid when it’s best that he avoid them altogether and that he’d hurt them anyway since he’d help anyone which means nobody is exactly special but there’s something more to it that I haven’t reached yet so I’ll have to think into it more deeply later on.

In any case, I’m glad he realized that him dying will do no one any good. For one thing, those who care for him will be sad. For another, putting your debt towards someone over your friendship, which should be more important, with them is just not right.

Yesh, Araragi, I was a little concerned you’d never reach that point, you lovable idiot. *frowns* >x/

Then the whole sequence with Shinobu rising out of the ground like a loli petit angel of hell, knocking away Neko and then taking a nice chomp was leik…AWESOME!!! x333

Hmm, well, that took me by surprise alright. Never expected her to be hiding in his shadow (or be it, for that matter). That was cool.

I also wondered what kind of wordless understanding passed through them in that last shot. I mean, Shinobu can’t survive without Araragi around and he has no intention of abandoning her so yea. Interesting. Hmm.

Well, problem solved for now. Araragi’s more or less back to his normal life or what normalcy of it there is.

Haha, I totally love his sisters. Since SHAFT plans on animating Kizumonogatari, the prequel to Bakemonogatari, that centers on him and Shinobu, I hope they take up the Karen Bee and Tsukihi Pheonix arcs, too. That’d be awesome! x3

And… looks like he’s still on good terms with Tsubasa, whether she remembered all that or not. I hope she did so she can slowly get over her crush cuz if Neko pops up again, that’d be just annoying to deal with.

That aside…

Moment of gold (yes, this is my phrase now and no, you are NOT allowed to use it!). God, I just loved everything about this down to the very last pixel.

The sun shining down on Hitagi makes her look so beautiful. The “Okaeri nasai” and “Tadaima”. The “I’ll flay you if you take me somewhere weird” about their next date. Hell, I think even the endless rows of bicycles were totally necessary!


Please give us an episode for their second date, plzplzplzzzz? <333

Huu~, there’s one thing that’s different, though.

Oshino’s gone.

I’m going to miss him cuz I loved him a lot, too. Meme, why’d you and your Hawaiian shirt go? ;___;

And that’s that. Ah~, nice way to end it off with my OTP going out for a bicycle ride. Really loved the music playing during this moment, too. It’s on my iPod and I haven’t stopped listening to the latest OST since it came out. lol xD;

K, looking forward to Kizumonogatari and more Nisioisin adaptations in the future, hopefully. :D


Darker than Black Gaiden ~ OVA 4


Why did the worst of the worst have to happen?! I mean, I mean, I knew it was going to happen but I didn't want Hei nearly killing her off like that! URGH! CLAUDE, YOU SON OF A BITCH! You should have stayed in that garbage heap and lived off of it and then die a miserable existence!

I can't even give him credit for being so cruel as a villain because it was just…too cruel after seeing that and his goal was ambitiously crappy for an antagonist that he deserved an evil more painful death! Scum! Horrible trash of a Contractor! *throws desks* Dx<

*sniff* Well, Hei really doesn't have any options left other than to kill Yin like she begs him to but he still refuses and Izanami begins to awaken, taking all the souls within the vicinity of that area and opening the Gate.

Aka "Aww crap, look what you've done!". ;__;

With that, a good part of Yin’s consciousness still remains and she tries to use the last of it to force Hei to kill her but Izanami overpowers her in the end.

Despite the fact that Yin continually gets weaker as Izanami starts to emerge, I’m so moved by her determination to protect Hei, even if that meant separating from him cuz being with her will only bring him harm. Ya gotta give it to this girl for having such a strong will that can resist this apocalypse just waiting to set off from inside her. o.O;

Aww god, the hug and then Yin pushing him away. Then the “I like you, Hei” (or “love”, either way works *sniffs*) andand gah, I feel my insides breaking. ;________;

And Hei could only helplessly look on as Yin bids him farewell, asking him to kill her if they are able to meet again. Provided that she, or rather, her body as Izanami’s vessel is still alive. We don’t hear it but it’s clear that’s what she wants.

Or am I just interpreting this the wrong way and she meant something totally different?! I dunno… T_______T

The next part where all those agents were stuck in a room discussing on how to deal with Izanami confused me. All I heard was “Izanami is awakening. We fired a missile at it but it didn’t work. YOU FIRED A MISSILE AT MY YIN, YOU BASTARDS?! Oh wait, Izanami is acting weird and the Gate particles are going down. Someone get a box out there!”. Something like that. I’m not good with the sci-fi stuff so I won’t bother going into it too much. Until that last part where Yin and Shion are having their conversation at least.

So yea, time skip and I’m happy to see Qin with his two new “children”, lol. xD;

I don’t know why. I just really liked Qin as a side character for these OVAs.

And the freeloader of the house does nothing but drinks and be miserable all day.

Oh Hei, I can’t stand seeing you like this. *plays “Jesus Cloud” for the heck of the mood* ;_______;

Then Madame Oreille comes along and goes “Hey, your girl is still alive” and that causes Hei to look up at her and make a face that says “Woman, you better not be just saying that.” xDDD

Thank you, Madame Oreille~

I can stand Hei being a drunk, unshaven hobo but not an inactive one. lol

K, k, let’s get down to some quick srs bznz talk. Sinamon has left me a nice, long comment about her interpretations on the prophecy and aftermath of Izanami and Izanagi’s meeting so I’m going to reference off of that, if you don’t mind.

According to the actual myth, Izanami is the “goddess of death” and Izanagi is the “god of creation” so it’s more than appropriate to call these other, much more powerful sides of Yin and Shion as such, isn’t it? In the myth, Izanagi also closed Izanami off from the living world after he saw what death has done to her which can slightly parallel for all the panic and attempt to prevent Izanami and Izanagi from meeting in this world. It’s simply a big NO-NO. They can’t meet, or rather “merge” together as Sinamon pointed out to me cuz doing so will cause the Gate to open and kill millions of people like how it was in Africa.

But as you can see, Yin and Shion’s souls are still present inside somewhere and season two already showed us that they are capable of appearing. As far as Yin is concerned anyway. I don’t know if there’s an Izanagi personality in Shion or not. But Shion was able to hold out to till the end to copy and make a new world for Suou to reside in and Yin was able to tell Hei one final time that it isn’t too late to “kill” her. At that time, Hei finally agrees with a smile on his face but there’s still debate on whether he really “killed” her or not.

I’m for the theory that he’s always been after killing Izanami rather than Yin and in the last episode, succeeded in doing so by changing “Izanami on a molecular level via Yin’s projection thus preventing the Iza/Iza binding” (with some help from that meteor core in Suou’s pendant). He’s done it before relating to the Gate opening. Last episode of the first season. Two options, and he chose a third: to save both humans and Contractors. This time, it’s not any different. Two options: Kill or don’t kill Yin. He chose a third: Separate Izanami from her and prevent the Gate from opening that way.

Ahh~, now I see.

If we assume that Yin-lookalike boy we saw at the end of season two was the next Izanami or whatever phenomenon that will cause the next Gate to open, then Yin’s body is basically free of anything possessing her or tying her down. I would also like to believe that her soul returned to her body after Hei separated her from Izanami because the OVA seemed to imply that it had always been there, contrary to what those agents say about the body being empty.

Well, whatever the case, much thanks to Sinamon for sharing that theory. Now I can go on being hopeful instead of lamenting. Yin will eventually recover somehow and she and Hei can live the quiet, peaceful life they deserve. Yes, that’s it. Nuff said, no more, no need for a third season. Official or not, I’m sticking to it! *sits there completely satisfied* >x)

And so this is done. Haha, it’s been fun. I should do more review for OVAs. |D


Woot! Spring over with! Finally.

Now I’m going to work on two more posts I plan to publish today. Really short so it shouldn’t take me that long.

Then I have that SaiMoe post to work on, a book review, a chapter review and then next week, Katanagatari. Ack, I’m so busy but I’m motivated so yea. Post spam ahead! xDD


7 thoughts on “Spring Wrap-up Pt. 2: Angel Beats!, Bakemonogatari, DtB Gaiden OVA 4

  1. I’ll comment briefly on “Bakemonogatari.” I actually completely agree with you that this is a good harem. If it hadn’t been, I wouldn’t have gotten this far, and it certainly doesn’t make me not like the series, I just thought here and there the harem aspect overshadowed the other parts, but never by too much. : ) I liked all of the girls (though I was confused on why they had a lesbian character hitting on him, and it was those moments that I thought they were working the harem a bit too much, either that or I fail at being able to tell actual flirting from fake flirting…OTL) And like I said before, the fanservice was well done. It wasn’t shameless.

    Like you said, Key anime have a way of presenting a harem anime that doesn’t just become this mindless show to “get him!!!1!” or something. The stories and deep meanings always stay in tact and the guys in them are always faithful to the girl they truly love. Which is a weakness for me as well. They also leave the relationship the main male has with the other females rather open and interpretive, which I really like. ^^

    Anyway, I also agree with your assessment of Tsubasa and her character. Perhaps I am heartless, but just giving yourself over like that…I don’t know. The thing is, Araragi-kun wasn’t a guy who hated her. She could have confessed and he probably would have given a relationship between them a shot. He wasn’t some cold, heartless person. Then again, working up the courage to confess to someone *is* hard, but I don’t think it is something *that* consuming. To me, dealing with the family issue would have been more stressful. But everyone is different, I guess.

    Shinobu is a loli, admit it! XDD Naw, just kidding. But really. She was amazing in this episode! I also wasn’t expecting the shadow thing, though I thought it was extremely interesting and cool (I am also wondering what that silent look between them was meant to represent).

    …I’ll miss Oshino too! T-T

    “Angel Beats!” the humor in this series was my kind of humor. Though, I have many kinds of humor, so that probably doesn’t mean a thing! XD And though this series as whole, not only with the humor, but with the large cast of *males,* was different from the usual Key animation, I really loved it! It’s actually tied for my favorite along with “Clannad.”

    I didn’t really have an issue with Yuri and her sudden change in character, though I can see why and how some people did. And it wasn’t the best character development move ever, but I saw it coming. I think, little by little Yuri was realizing that what she was doing wasn’t necessarily wrong, but that it wasn’t right either. Who she was targeting wasn’t right. Right after she saw Kanade order food at the concert she started doubting her own actions, but she had to continue to put up the front in order to reassure both herself and the guys and gals following her. And plus, she seems the type that doesn’t want to acknowledge when she is wrong, but eventually yields. So I don’t see her change in character as being completely drastic or out of no where. It was just a very slow and hidden progression that then suddenly popped up when she no longer had to be a big sister and lead everyone.

    Though I’m with you on seeing some big sister action from Yuri towards Kanade, I think it would be beyond cute! X3 And their moment together was really touching, though it didn’t have me bawling like Kanade’s and Yuzuru’s moment did. My heart was breaking even though I knew they would show something that would then give me hope (which they did, thankfully).

    But yeah, I was rooting for Yuzuru and Kanade from the first episode. I wanted him to end up with the adorable Kuudere rather than with the rather typical (as of then) Tsundere. It wasn’t so much me not liking Yuri’s character, because I did, it was more of me going, “Please, don’t go with the atypical pairing here…Please!” So I was ecstatic when I watched each episode and saw Kanade and Yuzuru get closer and closer and help each other (though mostly Yuzuru helping Kanade). But yeah, they are my OTP for this series as well. Though I still kinda feel bad for Naoi and kinda like him with Yuzuru, though that is purely on a fanon level for me.

    I was also very happy with the Hinata/Yui moments and that scene was so beautiful between them! <3

    The one thing that I was disappointed in when it came to this series is how the side characters slowly started to fade away, and for most of the SSS we have no idea about their back stories or who they really are. I would have liked more in that area.

    I haven't watched Darker than Black yet, but it has been on my (extremely long) To Watch List. And I hope to one day actually get around to watching it…^^; So I have nothing to add there.

    Now I'm off to comment on your manga post. I want to get that in before the new episode of "Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc." comes on. Yes, I am that much of a dork! XDD

  2. Lol calling Maeda god might be upping it a bit too much, but he certainly has a fascination with Miracle-working xD but then of course, writers are the gods of their characters and settings~ and I totally agree with the part about Yuri, a bit seemingly OOC but, it also adds realistic portrayal in that her entire personality isn’t just defined by a single mask.

    mmmh, contribution and fulfillment always makes a nice life goal; good luck on your path to becoming an educator ;D

  3. LGB: I think Suruga flirted with him just cuz she knows it’ll mess him up and it’s fun. That, or there’s probably some ulterior motive. For him to break up with Hitagi since she’s in love with her (remember how she offered to “replace” Hitagi for him before) but that hatred seems to have gone down once they sorted all the problems out in her arc and the monkey arm was removed. So yea, I think it’s just to mess him up since he’s not good at handling things like that. And of course, Hitagi would never blame her “cute little underclassmen” if she reported that her boyfriend did something to her. It’s just too fun to pick on Araragi. xD;

    Hehe, that’s probably why Key is so successful but that doesn’t stop the immature fans from starting ship wars when instead they can just go and buy the game and play it their way however they want to. It really defeats the whole point of Key’s plots being the main point. :P
    I consider Bakemonogatari a step up from Key in creating a successful harem, though. And just talking in regards to liking the girls, not the actual backstories. It’s the first time I think I’ve ever liked all of them. I mean, I like all the girls in every Key VN all the same but some I often don’t…care for as much? Don’t know how to put it another way. There are just some I find myself slightly indifferent to, individually that is. Ack, I’m getting sidetracked. @.@;
    But yes, that’s probably why it’s big step up for me after watching this show. Now I always try to like everyone as much as I can cuz they should all contribute something to the story (unless he/she is just plain “do not like”) so they should all be regarded as equally and fairly. If one girl doesn’t get the guy because there are good reasons to back him liking someone else, then hey, it’s sad but you’ll move on, right? That story doesn’t stop there. It’s not always about the shipping. I kinda wish everyone can view the good harems this way. :/

    Regarding Tsubasa, I don’t think it was the fear of confessing but the fear of damaging any relationship between them. At first, it kinda sounds silly since she and we all know Araragi isn’t that sort of person but when you take into account of how her life has been growing up, she never had someone to confide in. Araragi, being the first, was almost something heaven-sent for her and therefore, very precious. When he and Hitagi hooked up, some part of her probably did try accept it and while she didn’t try to force them off of each other like Suruga did, she tried to remain close to Araragi as much as she can as a friend by always giving him advice on how he should be a boyfriend. If she can’t have him as a lover, she still has her friendship with him. She might have thought it was better for Araragi not to know instead of him distancing away from her if she did confess. Araragi’s not the problem. It’s the fear of being alone, built up by all those years of abuse from her family, that causes her to doubt. And that’s reasonable. If Araragi left, she’d have nothing. However, the stress of not being able to get over Araragi being taken away by someone else came into conflict with her trying to push down her feelings and resulted in the neko spirit coming out. That’s how I think it is.

    I was *trying* to be elegant and “lolita” made it too long, dear! xD; Haha, joking around aside, maybe we’ll know how to interpret it after Kizumonogatari comes out.

    Meme~! Dx

    For a Key work, it seemed too excessive to me. I’m fine if you make one guy or the other a butt monkey every once in a while but a lot of that wasn’t terribly necessary. :/
    But yea! I really liked how they included more guys in this as well. Even though most of them have very small roles, it just makes the cast feel more balanced. It can’t be helped about their VNs since those are made to be harems but it seems that they’re improving on including more males, looking at how Little Busters! is.

    You’re probably right. Still, Yuri’s inner change over Kanade was perhaps too well hidden to notice. It’ll require a rewatching of the entire show to pick up on what we missed cuz that’s how it’s always like with anime and manga. You can’t get everything through just one time, it has to be several.
    Still, I think a lot of people expected this to be longer. Key’s such a famous name and AB! Was doing very good, it seemed a little odd that it would be ending at 13 episodes instead of 24. That alone is enough to make anyone think “Hey, what’s up with this?!” at Yuri’s side beneath the charismatic leader. The number isn’t consistent with the feeling or pace of the story, is what I’m trying to say.

    When I started watching this, I was kinda hoping it wouldn’t center on pairings too much cuz I know the fandom will do it for them anyways. But knowing Key, there’s bound to be one anyway so I just resigned myself to the fact and let it go. How awesome was it when they surprised me with Kanade! Lol XD
    I actually don’t think of Yuri as a tsundere or anything. She might not be honest but it’s not like she outright denies things. She’s just shy about them and admits them in a very loud way. Haha. Which is why I also knew she wouldn’t end up with Yuzuru. She’s much too focused on being the leader to be interested in love. Plus, there’s been several people before Yuzuru who got to know Yuri well enough so it kinda cancels out anything “special” that could have happened, unlike Yuzuru approaching Kanade first.

    Haha, Naoi…I kinda wanted to like him more cuz he was so funny but sometimes it’s always either his vile, conceited speech or his extreme fanboy puppy mode for Yuzuru that turns me severely off. But I don’t think I’d have him any other way, either. ^^; As long as I get to smack him if he’s too rude sometimes. xD;

    Yesh, HinataxYui was just, just…AWWWW. <333

    That’s exactly why this show shouldn’t have ended at 13 episodes. *crazed look* O_o

    Take your time. DtB will probably confuse you, especially if sci-fi is not up your alley of interests but I highly recommend it cuz it’s very complex and fascinating and cool all mixed in. ^^

    Aww, Scooby Doo! I remember those days! Now I really miss them. *tear* <’)


    Aorii-san: Haha, that’s what I meant, hun. xD If Maede were God, I’d fight so hard to get out of that universe, it’d be running from the devil itself. Lol It’s intriguing how that description seems to fit him so well, though. Hmm.
    And just goes to show you how effective Yuri was as a leader. She knows how to put up a front. *nodnod*

    Thank you very much! ^^

  4. That makes sense about Suguru, but… I don’t know. Something about how they handled her seemed a bit off to me. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never seen an actual lesbian act like that or even pretend hit on guy, even if it was for those reasons or if they had a very open personality like she does. And quite a few of my friends are actually lesbians (my best friend is actually). So yeah, I found that a bit odd. Though I loved Suguru! <3 How could I not? She was a fellow BL fan after all! XDD

    Oh, and I understand completely about what you mean when it comes to actually liking the girls; some of them, not that I haven’t liked them, have just kinda existed (like you said, just been there) and I’ve been sorta indifferent. But I liked all of the girls in this series, they were either just very cute, awesome, or some combination of both! xD

    And yes, it is sad that most stories, especially harems, get taken over by shipping. But whenever options are presented (and even at times *aren’t* presented) fans get divided over that rather than focusing on the story and message, even when the series only contains a love triangle. Fandoms have actual killed my tolerance for love triangles. I think Shugo Chara’s fandom is really what did it…-.-; I still adore the series, but the fandom…

    Anyway, I luckily skipped out of the fandom aspect for this series, as well as for Angel Beats, since I watched both series after they were completed. I found the experience to be better, in the sense that I didn’t have fandom really influencing my thoughts or opinions on the story that was being told. I think that was what also allowed me to really see the subtle transformation of Yuri’s character in Angel Beats. I watched the episodes one right after the other, everything was fresh in my mind, and I didn’t have fandom or who is going to end up with who to deal with.

    Oh, and the whole “Yuri = tsundere” thing, I didn’t make that clear. That was my thought in the first episode only. Once I got a really good grasp of Yuri’s character I discarded that thought. I think her character is just how you described her, and I think that we can’t properly judge her character (or how she would react to the concept of being in a relationship) because for most of the series we only got to see a very limited portion of her personality: the part that was obsessed with getting rid of the Angel and not being controlled or forced to disappear. It wasn’t until the end that we got a proper look at her character, and she seemed as if she might actually be a bit dandere. Though I’m not sure.

    I was also impressed in how they completely and utterly avoided a love triangle! ^0^ By the second or so episode I realized that they weren’t going to go with a love triangle and they were able to successfully establish a relationship between a boy and girl (Yuri and Yuzuru) without implying any romantic emotions or such. Just pure friendship, which made me uber happy!

    And I get what you mean on the unexpected nature of Angel Beats due to its short run. That is odd. And, well, I really don’t have anything else to say on that. o.O

    Though, my theory on the humor: Key animation doesn’t like the idea of so many males in one series that the males then *had* to all become butt monkeys! XDD That is the only thing that I got.
    Naoi…the reasons you gave for why you didn’t like him, were the reasons why I adored him and found him to be so funny. That, plus he and the jokes between Yuzuru and Hinata poked fun at Yaoi fangirls and BL undertones, so how could I not find it hilarious? =P Though, Naoi could use with a slap here or there, I see nothing wrong with that. Especially when he was first introduced. He was just an ass then, luckily he got a bit better.

    As for DtB, I watched the first 5 or 6 episodes; I just haven’t gotten around to finishing it. What I saw so far I really liked, and I’m pretty well versed in sci-fi so I think I’ll be all right. ^^ Thanks for the heads up though!

  5. Ugh, I meant Suruga. Please don’t ask why I put her name completely and utterly wrong. I’m blaming this one on lack of sleep due to having to get so early for work! OTL

  6. xiao – i am honored that you read my theory and thought enough about it’s merit to have integrated some of it into your summary and thoughts about DtB OVA 4. your reviews, comments and thoughts mirror mine so closely (including all the gaaaahs and awwww’s, and nooooooooo’s!!!) and you effortlessly make things more understandabl and clear.

    after reading over many other theories (some very crazy different and some very similar), i think i am going to stick with the basic assertion that yin held onto herself until the very end so she could see hei again and hei was able to cleanly separate her from izanami. izanami, having been ousted from yin totally then manifested itself into another being/body, that of the boy who looked like yin. let’s not forget that she was given a wish and i can’t imagine what other wish she would have other than “to be with [hei], always” as she had so earnestly uttered during the OVA’s as her desire (OVA 2 and OVA 4).

    the scientists and researchers only assumed her body to be an empty shell since izanami was outwardly expressing herself but it’s clear that yin was strong enough to hold out and wait for hei. that’s our girl!!

    friggin’ claude. what do you think that guy meant when he said “it looks like you’ve been messing with her…” during that scene where claude is making the deal with the chinese guys right before hei comes in to try and rescue her?!?! it makes it sound like claude did…pervy…thing to her while she was unconscious!! he better not have. if hei heard that he would have killed him 100 times over. claude’s lucky he just got gut-shot.

    anyway, thanks for your OVA review. i’m with ya on all your sentiments about our dear hei and yin.

  7. i forgot to add this bit….

    in the episode 16, amber takes yin along with her to the shrine as she waits for hei. during that time, she has a little girl’s heart to heart with yin about her memories of hei. amber has traveled throughout time and she knows the feelings that will develop between hei and yin, which is why she says to yin, “i am sure you must feel the same way” regarding wanting to do anything to see hei smile. yin, who is only just starting to come into her own feelings, questions amber’s remark but amber is confident that yin will indeed feel that way (of course she does! she knows the future).

    THEN, she asks yin to “watch over [hei]” which i don’t think she would do if she didn’t know that yin would survive to actually watch over hei in the future. this helps me to consider that yin does live in at the end of season 2 ep 12.

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