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Ah~ I’ve been listening to drama CDs all day, I couldn’t concentrate. Also, damn preorders.

Well, just a short “digest” of what I’m following or rather, what I’m actively looking updates for. Maybe…I dunno. Sometimes if I see a new chapter for a certain manga, I’ll jump at and it finish it in like 10 seconds but others, I’ve grown less to care for. Either because their update status is so irregular that I just grew tired of checking on them or they’ve already been licensed so scanlations are going to be harder to find and I mind as well wait for the English release instead.

*sigh* Really, all this lame stuff of taking manga sites down. Of course, I’m always for the idea of supporting the author all the way but it’s not like the money goes straight to him/her anyways and it’s not like I’m fond of American publishers either since more often then not, they ruin a lot of the original content with something wonky. So I don’t have to be all prim and understanding about my stuff being taken down. xP

There, I ranted. And I feel good about it.

K, onto the manga then. And yes, I properly credited. If the providers would prefer to not see them on here, please leave it in a comment.


Credit to and Mangastream.

Fairy Tail – I found the beginning of the Edoras (Edras?) arc interesting enough but I want to go home to Earthland now. Is it over yet? At least give me some new info or clues about the dragons and such since they played a larger role in this arc than they did in others. And zomg! We actually don’t have any fake Dragonslayers this time! Unless you count that mechanical one that senile old king has. :P

In any case, I’m more interested in what Mistgun, I mean, Prince (for some reason, that seems to fit him very well 8D) Gerard plans to do. I think he has the right goal in mind but to completely wipe out all magic in Edoras to do so? Nooo! How are we going to make delicious chocolate chip cookies?! Dx

Mmkay, and latest chapter has Natsu doing some uber PWNsome. Argh, I just love all of Fairy Tail’s Dragonslayers. <3

Andand, Edoras Fairy Tail needs some more screentime, too, plz…in fact, please wake up Earthland's Fairy Tail already. That should be fun. lawl~ xD;

Status: Still following.

Credit to whoever scanned the Chinese edition of Nakayoshi. Sorry for the crappy quality.

Million Girl – This ended already. At chapter 10. Aww, so disappointing. I thought it had enough potential to last at least for another 10 more chapters. :(

I guess it just wasn’t as popular as the other series running or the author just gave up. I’m not surprised since most of her works centered around sugary romance plots and those were relatively short, too. Whatever it is, it’ll probably always be stuck in my head on how short this was. I’ll miss Sachi, but I’m glad everything turned out alright for her in the end.

Not sure if she became the Million Girl but if you’ve been keeping up with the raws, she managed to defeat Aki (that’s her name, right?) who later told her something about her past with Leon and sorta-kinda entrusted Sachi with the task of “helping” Leon out, I guess? I’m not sure but [SPOILER!] she won the Money Game against him along with the billions which I’m assuming she used to pay off her family’s debt [/END SPOILER!] and appears to be back to her normal life with Leon riding by occasionally to surprise her. Not sure what’s the deal with him be he seems be looking better, too.

Argh, I need translations for the rest of it! TAT

And I doubt anyone’s going to license this soon. Since it’s so short and not that popular (and shoujo), it’s probably going to be overlooked. Guess I’ll stick with my Japanese volumes (I bought the first one while I was in Hong Kong) then.

Status: Ended. Will either wait for scanlations/translations/announcement of licensing or just buy the Japanese books instead.

Credit to The Black Abyss. (lol, that sounded funny)

Pandora Hearts – It’s really difficult keeping track of this. I mean, not really but sometimes I forget about it since there’s not so much of hype for it anymore like when the anime was airing. And the anime was just awful so it was nice to comfort myself with the manga.

I guess I feel more comfortable reading it in my hands than I am reading it online though I still haven’t picked up the English release yet. I’m going to buy all of them in bulks so I can have myself a reading marathon and go “Ah! I totally overlooked that part!”. Hehe xD;

Anyways, on the plot so far, it came as a slight surprise to me that Leo was quite yandere when it comes to Elly (yes, we shall call him “Elly-chan” from now on, ok? *gets killed by him* xD; ) but at the same time, it wasn’t the most original thing you could’ve come up with. I mean, we already have Gil towards Oz in a rather off-manner… so… yea. I swear, sometimes the servants are more troublesome than their masters, who are in enough trouble already! And they’re boys = worse. xP lol

But that creepy Yura is just reeking all over with “up to no good” perfume no matter which way you slice it. I dislike him but I don’t think I’ll ever hate him since he seems like someone’s pawn and is such a (excuse my language here) Jack Vessalius fag that it just humors me. xDD;;
Still want to beat him up for mind raping my poor Leo, though. Bastard. *huggles Leo* ;3;

On some other brief but good notes of the chapters since my last post for PH:

Ch. 47:
– “Bro”-some moment between Oz and Elly made my heart swell so much~ <3
– Oscar-ojisan… *sniff*… I've always loved him but now, I love him even more. Aww god, we need more awesome uncles like him in manga.
– Chibi!Oz-kun! Chibi!Oz-kun! Chibi!Oz-kuuuuunnnn~!!!! *TAKES HIM HOME* x3333
– Group picture~ <33
– …It always surprises me on how Vanessa looks more like a man than any of her brothers do. o.O;

Ch. 48:
– Oz. Just… Oz. And I do not need to say how AWESOME it was, do I? Dammit, please let him grow taller already, Mochizuki-sensei~! x33
– Also, Rufus and his sexy fan. xDDD;;;

Ch. 49:
– THE WHOLE ENTIRE SHARONXBREAK MOMENT, GODDAMN YOUUUUUU!!!!!1one *now goes off to cry in a corner*
…*sniff*… Really, if I were to sum it up, I just can't. That would require about several paragraphs and I can't do that here. But that scene was simply one of the most beautiful in this series to date. I should like…frame it on my wall…or something.
– Oh, and Oz and Alice dancing, too. That was nice~ But then Yura ruined it! ASFJLKSDJFASLKDJF Dx
– LIAM! Oh god, I hope he's okay! If not, I will hurt someone! Nobody touch my Liam-san! Dx< This guy needs more love, srsly! ;___;

Ch. 50:
– Elly and Leo had a fight~ And they're worse than a married couple~ They're more like a mix of that and two immature kids getting horribly side-tracked from the point. LMAO
– Elly clutching his sword…is very MOE. xDD
– Leo…your bangs. I want to brush them back.
– Elly: “I think my servant…should be someone as irritating as you.” *smiles and extends hand*
– LIAM! Where are you?! ;A;

Yea, that’s about it so far. (LGB, we need to chat over some IM or whatever when we’re both free; I need to get back my passion for this cuz it’s not even simmering now *sad* x( )

Status: Still following. *hopes it ends sometime next year <– not likely* :P

Credit to the Black Abyss.

Shiki – Dropped the anime for now since I read ahead in the manga so nothing in the anime really excites me. Not much I can say about the manga, though. Yea, Tohru died and then came back to life to join his new homies at Camp Undead as did some others. Ozaki just brutally killed his vampired wife but not before strapping her to a table, taking samples from her via “BURN, WIFEY, BURN!” holy statue methods and catching it ALL on video tape going “Look peoples! I has made new discovery and I still didn’t shave!”.

And now, Natsuno can climb trees while wearing so much fur in the middle of the friggin’ summer. /P

I’ve seen the latest raws (up to ch. 31) and read some spoilers of what’s currently going on but still not impressed. Might stick with this to see how it ends. Might not. I dunno, I’m feeling very “meh” towards Shiki right now.

Status: Still following but has good chance of being dropped.

Credit to whoever uploaded these raws.

I would also ask kindly for people to again restrain from putting any ch. 4 comments/spoilers here. Please save that for a later post.

Shugo Chara! Encore – Catch-up, catch-up for those two posts which I should have done but couldn’t. I just want to say first that while I disapprove of this sort of “format” for the epilogue (“pair up the spares”-like things are what fanfiction writers do, not authors :P), I still like the stories behind them. That’s a given, though, since Peach-Pit excels at those when they’re centered around certain people and not a whole bunch at once.

Alrighty then, so let’s start with Rima and Nagi’s chapter first. To me, I think this is the best out of all the chapters. Unlike Utau and Kuukai’s which was slightly heavier on the romance than it wasn’t, this has something more important as its focus. Let’s be honest here, while love is certainly a big part of anyone’s life, it’s not all of it. Especially for kids who are just going into middle school like Rima and Nagi are so we won’t dwell too much on that.

Rima’s parents finally come to a decision to get a divorce and frankly, I think they made the right choice. If anything, it was for Rima’s benefit above all else since it pained her the most to see them fighting. Even if they stayed together and attempted to make things better when they simply can’t get along with each other anymore, it’s nothing more than a lie. It’s unfortunate that Rima has to experience her family splitting up, and at such a tender age while being able to understand why it’s happening, but this is just…life, y’know. Not everyone can have a happy family but at least her parents still love her very much and I think she knows that very well so she can accept it, even with difficulty. Rima’s quite mature for age, and very strong, too, I might add.

Of course, I think she’s allowed to feel frustrated and betrayed by them, too. No child wants to see the parents they love get a divorce. Perhaps it’s not the right thing for me to say but I admire Rima a little on how she can still see her father off with a sad smile despite all the bad emotions that must have gone through her when they hugged goodbye.

I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I still remember when I was little and we used to stay in New York on the weekdays and New Jersey on the weekends. My parents got into harsh fights so much and woke me up in the middle of the night because of it. I was terrified, to say the least, and when they went on weeks or months without talking to each other, I honestly thought it meant they were splitting up. I wanted to get them to reconcile but I didn’t know how. And that scared me so much that I broke down crying a lot, trying to convince myself that it won’t happen. It was one of the worst things I’ve ever gone through in my life and it still kills me every time I think about it.

Fortunately, we’ve gotten better but even as old as I am now, more knowledgeable and perhaps more capable of handling problems, I still don’t think I could hold myself back if such a thing as “divorce” is ever mentioned. I’d go into a total mess.
Which is why I think this chapter sends a powerful message out to its readers. From Rima’s side, it’s about acceptance of the hardships and basically, to live your best through them. That’s why she tries so hard to smile and not cry. It is really…god, I don’t even know. *really choked up now*

…You can obviously tell I saved this part for last, huh? lol

*sigh* Well, knowing how Rima is, I think she’ll be just fine. Which is where Nagi comes in. He’s still in a slump when it comes to dancing and trying to find his inspiration, s’cuse me, his “blooming flower” like his mother has told him but he has no luck until he comes across Rima in her depressed state. After listening to what she has to say, he speaks a lot of the truth in front of her, no sappy comforting words but he just stays with her. In the midst of it all, he realizes just how hard she’s trying to not let her parents’ divorce get to her and he found it!

I’m pretty sure that after seeing Rima try her best was what motivated him to go back and practice his dancing again. So every time he needs something to boost him into gear, all he has to do is think of Rima’s smile and yay~
And it wasn’t completely one-sided either since he was able to get her to smile by the end of the chapter which was just d’awwsome~ <3

So yea, it is far from a mutual relationship but it's great to know that Rima can confide in someone with her deeper troubles now while Nagi has someone to provide the inspiration he needs. If anything based on couples, I'd say Utau and Kuukai's chapter was one about "moving on and starting anew" while Rima and Nagi's were more about starting at the very, very basics of "trying our best together" which may or may not blossom into something more when they're older.

But~ That last part will be for a much later time…when they're older. *nodnod*

Some last things before I wrap this up:

1) I loved how they brought Tsubasa back. Look at him! Hasn't he grown so much since the last time we saw him? And he's so adorable and chubby and already being a sensible kid while being a spoiled one at the same time. lol xD Aww man, I love him. He's just too cute! x3

2) Nagi's line to Rima (that part right up there!): "I guess I'm not good after all. I guess I can't become a character in your story.”

…Did he…did he just… sort of… propose to her? Or pre-proposed oror something like that? I mean, I mean! *starting to freak out a bit* That was totally the implication, wasn’t it?! Look, when a guy proposes, he’s basically saying “I want you and me to share a life together”. Nagi’s way far from being able to say that yet (damn straight, you’re only 13!) but it’s almost like he’s saying “I want to be part of your life”, right?!

*brain fried* …Ok, that’s enough shipping moment for today. Seriously, it’s almost 3 AM. |D; But kyaa~, I think it’s safe to say that he really does have a special interest in her now. Or at least, it has come more to the surface after they got to know each other. Heehee~ ^^

Then there’s Yaya and Kairi’s chapter. Considerably more light-hearted than the previous ones but I still enjoyed it nonetheless because omg, you can only take so much wangst, y’know? /P

lol, I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

Anyways, I really liked how Peach-Pit gradually brought out Yaya’s efforts as things continued to developed in the overall story and Encore just shows the results of all that. She’s still childish, still spoiled, and still prefers to be the baby of the group but when she sets her mind to something (like how she wants to include flowers for the surprise present), you can’t call her baby anymore. Her my-pace personality is put into good use and it’s quite obvious from that race that she and Kairi make an impressive team after Kairi has accepted that she can do things without someone covering for her.

Which is a big step for Yaya’s character from another at best. Kairi’s the second person to acknowledge her (after Utau) and I think that’s really appropriate since they’re closer in age than Yaya is with the other Guardians. Which goes to show that things such as how old you are really doesn’t matter as long as you know you can do it. To be honest, Yaya is probably the most upfront about doing things over anyone in the cast. At least, she shows less hesitance than they do.

Yea, yea, I know their issues don’t really match up but still. It’s reassuring that there’s someone in the group who take charge when everyone is having second thoughts. Yaya’s come a long way. ^^

As for Kairi, it’s always nice to see him again. And hooray! He’s staying! YAHYAHYAH! *dances around and throws confetti everywhere* For the most part, he himself hasn’t changed that much but in interacting with others, he’s expanded his friends list. I mean, Amu and Tadase are the ones he talked to the most in the main story. He only exchanges greetings with Rima and, well, little to nothing with Yaya up until now so yea, it’s quite an improvement on his part.

I was also extremely thrilled when he got introduced to Nagi. I knew they would get along so well that it didn’t surprise me when they did…and still surprised me all the same. lol xD;

So, now we have Kairi and Yaya as the older Guardians there to guide the new ones coming in. It’s a very odd, mismatched pair to say the least but perhaps one of the most effective as far as partners go (no romantice strings attached, plz, cuz I prefer them as best buds for now) if they put their mind to it. With Yaya’s upbeatness and Kairi’s perfectionist manner, they’ll drive each other insane but that’s how some sempai-kohai relationships should work.

Some. Hahaha. xD

Ok, that’s all for now. Chapter 4 post will be up…whenever I’m done with everything else. @.@;

Status: After ch. 4 post, DONE forever. DO NOT REVIVE THIS OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND EAT YOU! D8<

Credit to Sakurahime Kaden fansite for the raws.

Sakurahime Kaden – Muuuuuuu… so uh, I heard this was licensed or am I wrong? *squeaks out ear*

I’ve actually caught up to ch. 15 or as far as the translations go but I’m still very confused on what’s happening so far cuz I suck at matching pages and people’s speech bubbles. :P

But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Arina-sensei employed the typical one-on-one battles for the good guys on the way to save the faux action girl currently jail bait Sakura-hime. Everything about this manga really is… unoriginal. And yet, I can’t bring myself to tear away but only because it’s an Arina Tanemura work and I want to see how it ends.

Individually on the characters, I liked Kohaku, Hayate and whatever-his-name-is old friend who has now gone zombie arc the best even though I have no idea what they were talking about. Asagiri’s arc ain’t half bad but it’s so full of drama and grade C-tragedy that I wish her backstory wasn’t revealed so soon. Now she’s not mysterious anymore.

I dunno what to think, really. Just speaking very loosely cuz that’s how my opinion for this manga is now. I hope it ends soon cuz how the situation is set up really looks like it. Enju will probably return with Rurijou to the moon or something after Sakura pulls out some miracle girly-girly moon power to make her human and then they’ll be frenemies and Sakura and Aoba will get married and then Crystal Tokyo will start being built.

Cheesy, peezy, schmooty food for thought. /P

Status: Will either catch up when there are scanlations or just wait for ViZ to publish the volumes.

Credit to J.A.C. Group.

Letter Bee – Uhhhhh… I have no idea what’s going on in this anymore. All I just know is that Gauche seems to be back… and they left Roda outside. @.@;

Well, since this is already licensed and the first volume’s already released, I’m not in a hurry to reread this to clear my confusion or think at all about what’s going to happen next.

So I’ll just go “Aww…” at the touching family reunion. I love these three together! They really do look like a family! <3

Please don't break them apart again. ;A;

Status: Still following. *also wants this to end soon* @A@;

Credit to WTDND.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni (all 4 3 Episodes) – Since I read the novel and sat through DEEN’s trainwreck adaptation of it, this doesn’t get me too excited every time I see a new chapter get uploaded. But I still read it the instant I see it because I love the mystery and logic battles that come with Umineko and would much prefer to go over it again this way since the script in the anime has been drastically cut down and I took the first four Episodes (game) off my laptop. Which reminds me, I still have to play Episode 6 now that the English patch is out.

But anyways, yea, nothing much to say for this other than my Umineko love is still alive and running. Episode 4 is easily my… *cringe* favorite out of the rest of the episodes not only because of Ange (even though it’s kind of obvious she’s was Ryukishi’s favorite for this EP) but because I like the story extensions outside of the Rokkenjima massacre along with Amakusa, more Stakes screentime, Battler improving his resolve to fight Beatrice, etc.

The art for this Episode (manga) is also many times better than the art for the first 3. And that’s all.

Status: Still following. Wants someone to license this when it’s finished scanlating. :P


Yea…I’m going to sleep. Still have 3 more posts to do by the end of Monday. *snore*


6 thoughts on “Current Manga Reading List

  1. Okay, I’m starting with the manga that I have the least to say about to the ones I have the most to say about.

    I watched episode 3, saw Gackt’s character, and now I lost all interest! XD These types of anime aren’t to my usual taste, so this does not surprise me at all. And I was upfront about this all along; I’m only watching Shiki for Gackt’s character. I remember I tried reading the manga, but I didn’t get very far…>.>; I might watch from time to time, but I’m not going to really be closely following it or anything, then again I might…I don’t know. I’m liking it, but I’m not loving it yet.

    Million Girl:

    It’s only ten chapters!? For real? Wow, I was expecting a lot more chapters and some pretty interesting and dark stuff, the characters and storyline had seemed twisted enough for some dark things. Perhaps it was a bit too mature or dark for the target audience? I don’t know…
    But, I have a bit more time now than I did during this past semester and through the beginning and middle of summer, so I might try and translate the rest of this series if I can get my hands on RAWs and such. That’s a big if though. It all depends on my mood. I’ll let you know though, if I decide to pick up this series again. : )

    Shugo Chara

    I don’t have much here to add, because I agree with you completely both in the Rimahiko and Kaiya posts.

    Tsubasa was so freakin’ adorable and I was *so* happy when he showed up again! =3 I was able to really relate to Rima (and to Nagi, actually). There were times (and still are times) when my parents would argue pretty badly, and as I kid I used to be like you, scared and confused and I used to cry. It always tore me up inside. Luckily my parents never separated or got divorced like Rima’s did. They’ve always found ways to work through their issues and problems and love each other very much, but I remember being a child and having thoughts like that in the back of my mind. So, I think what Rima did, smiling at the end like that, was a very strong thing too. It took a lot of courage.

    Moving onto the *far more* light hearted Kairi and Yaya chapter…I loved this chapter! <33 Peach-Pit actually had these two interact. I think I died when I read this chapter, though a part of me expected it all the same, I didn’t think it would actually happen! Of course, I am a fan of this pairing, or I should say partnership, which is why I am happy to see them develop a nice friendship. I really think that this friendship will be extremely beneficial and help both characters grow.

    Some fans were complaining about how Peach-Pit just put these two together to pair the spares, or how they liked Yaya with Tadase better, or how they didn’t like this couple. And it was frustrating me. Just because two characters share a one-shot together doesn’t mean that they are automatically a pair, especially when they are still so very young like Kairi and Yaya. While I do think Yaya has a *crush* on Kairi and Kairi obviously has a *crush* (or admiration, I believe) on Amu, the fact of the matter is that their actual story together contained more elements of forming a good, lasting friendship. Rima and Nagi’s chapter was very much so the same, though their chapter had more pre-romance moments and scenes than Kairi and Yaya’s did.
    Anyway, I’m like you. Right now I see Kairi and Yaya as becoming very good friends. Though in the future I would love it if they became more! ^-^

    Now I am going to stop talking about this series because I don’t want to accidently say something about Chapter 4.

    Pandora Hearts:

    We do have to talk to each other about this over something other than a blog. Your spark needs to be brought back to life when it comes to this series, though I have a feeling Chapter 51 might be able to do that all on its own. It was an extremely awesome chapter…and Liam’s Chain is so freakin’ cute! <3

    Anyway…ugh…This is probably going to be really long and I’m just not looking forward to typing it all up, though I adore the series… D:

    Chapter 47:

    I *demand* more tea parties! XD Especially when they are actually Unbirthday Parities!

    Oz + Elliot + friendship = <3 That is all.

    In my mind Uncle Oscar = Oz’s father. That scene was just…Oh god I loved it! ;^; It was so warm and touching.

    …Zai is an absolute @$$. <— Does not like.

    I also would like to take home Chibi Oz-kun. =3

    The group picture has me worried. Since, whenever there is a group picture accompanied by thoughts of how nice that moment in time was…tragedy usually strikes and people in the photo die. I’m sensing that something like this might happen…

    Though that group picture (and that party in general) seems to have also defined everyone’s alliances, in my mind anyway, and this places Vincent in a very odd spot. Echo was present at the party, and we all know that Echo likes Oz, since she is the “good” part of the Echo/Noise combo. Yet, she didn’t go there on her own, Vincent sent her; Vincent who is a wonderful Slytherin and is playing both sides for his own benefits. He was somewhat at that party though, an outsider looking in, and I’m wondering if this is a clue about which side he is going to end up on. I also think that what side he ends up on depends on how his relationship with Ada develops, of course, me being the idealistic person that I am, would love it if Vincent became “good” due to Ada. I wouldn’t want him to lose any aspects of his personality, more so since this is what Ada finds so attractive about him, but I would love it if he used that twisted personality for good rather than bad.

    His very loose presence at this tea party gives me a bit of hope for this. It is also one of the main reasons why I don’t believe Leo is the Headhunter like many, many fans still believe (my guess for who the Headhunter is, is Isla being the mastermind behind it all but he uses either his followers of his cult (such as Elliot’s own mother), the children at the orphanage (since it is implied that they have been experimented on and brainwashed), or possibly a combination of both).

    Wrapping up Chapter 47, I’m always surprised by Vanessa too! XD

    Chapter 48:

    Oz was amazing! *0* And Alice was adorable with the way she was clinging onto Gil in this chapter (and in Chapter 47, where Gil being a mother hen was *so* cute! X3)

    Rufus, and his fan, are always sexy! ; )

    In this chapter and in 47 there were some really wonderful Oz/Gil moments, but that is all I shall say about those. ^^

    Chapter 49:

    SHARON AND BREAK!!! They are my favorite het pairing in this series though, so it was destined to happen! |D

    Oz and Alice dancing was a sweet scene! ^-^ I see it as a Jack/Alice scene too. Which leads me into what I found fascinating about this scene: Alice couldn’t remember Jack. This is odd, because I thought when she got some of her memories back (such as the ones that included Jack) that she also remembered who he was. But I guess not.

    Though, this scene…Ugh, the delusional Oz/Gil fans tried to turn into an Oz/Gil scene…and I got into a debate about what makes up canon and official pairings…That debate still hasn’t been resolved…>.>; Because, while I may adore Oz/Gil (they are my OTP for this series) I am not delusional and I know the formula for Shonen relationships. The only thing I can for the Oz/Gil relationship is that Gil’s feelings for Oz are debatable as being romantic; Oz’s however…not so much…

    Chapter 50:

    This chapter made me realize just how awesome and wonderful the Leo/Elliot (Elliot/Leo?) relationship is!!! >w<

    Ah, and Chapter 51 is both and bad for Liam. Gosh, he does need more love~! =3=

    Now…I am going to shut up! =P

    Take care! (^^)o

  2. The Edoras arc really is not the best one recently, other than the focus on dragonslayers as opposed to everyone, because that’s just awesome. :3

    I really thought Million Girl could have lasted a lot longer than 10 chapters. :[ Hopefully Kotori Momoyuki’s next work will be somewhat similar and longer.

    I can’t wait to read the final chapter of SC!. It will be a little bittersweet though. :/

    Yup, Viz licensed SHK~ I do have to agree that it’s cliche, but it’s Arinacchi, so I just can’t help but like it and want to own the whole thing. xD

    • Just to let you know, the translations are already up on Futari wa Pretty Anon’s site. ^^ So you can check those out if you want (this applies to Xiao too! XD)

  3. LGB: Shiki puts me to sleep, really. If you’re going to keep me awake, kill someone horrifically already.

    Yeaaa…I don’t think so. Sailor Moon which was also serialized in Nakayoshi had some pretty brutal stuff and Million Girl revolves more around the issues with money. Big difference. I think no one’s really shown that much interest in it. Or the author. I’m guessing it’s really the author.

    Good luck on finding them. I’d give you the link to the raws I found but they’re all in Chinese so I doubt they’ll help much. :/

    It’s hard not to think that your parents are going to split when they get into a huge fight. Especially when you’re still just a child. Cuz you don’t know any better, you’re still innocent. Rima’s had a lot of that innocence taken away because of that so for her to be able to…just let things go its way is very mature of her.

    Haha, I knew you’d like the Kairi and Yaya chapter. xD
    I really can’t agree with you better. I mean, Peach-Pit may do some things with the plot that we utterly don’t get at times (like the last few chapters of the main story) but they wouldn’t just make two people official without building on it first. They’re not called authors for nothing, y’know.

    As for Yaya, I don’t think she has quite any crush on Kairi yet. It seems more like she’s happy that someone familiar will be staying with her once everyone else graduates and since they are already friends in a sense, it makes it even better. If it does develop into something more than that, I think I’d like to see it as a relationship where these two have been together so long that if one leaves for whatever reason, the other will feel really lonely about that absence. That’s the kind of direction I think they’d go in.

    K, moving onto PH….OMG, Liam’s chain?! This I must see! 8D

    A very Happy Un-birthday! To you! To you! xDDD;;;

    Oscar is like everybody’s daddy. And Zai is no daddy at all. He’s a horrid exuse of living trash! Dx

    Not before I take him home first! *grabs Oz and runs for it* lol xDD;;;

    It’s true. For something as good and wonderful as a rare group picture to take place, you think it’ll later cost you something. But…I still hope they’ll have that picture kept around, just to serve as a reminder in case any person goes wacko, looks at it, and remembers that day. So it was better to take the picture than not. I dunno, maybe I’m just being optimistic but hey, it could happen.

    I would also like Vincent to eventually become good and am now convinced that Ada’s influence on him, however strong it may be, might be the key to it. At least he’s starting to develop some sort of minimal conscience about his dealings with her, or should I say slight fear? Hmm. Can’t decide about that yet but he’s clearly being more cautious about things rather than striding confidently into them like he used to.

    I don’t believe Leo is the Headhunter either. I think he might be related to it given his childhood at the orphanage at Sablier (sp?) but it seems beyond his control. I also don’t believe Isla is as sinisterly cunning as they make him out to be. I could be wrong but that seems almost a little too obvious. He might be working for someone greater, who’s hiding behind the scenes but that’s as far as my guess goes for now.

    I totally died when they showed him afterwards. Holding up a fan of his own and laughing unreservedly about how dumb Isla was to fall for that trick. Oz, you’re such a fine actor. <3
    Yes~ For some reason, I think I kinda see Alice as Gil’s little sister (even though she is actually older than him ^^; ) or I dunno, some pet that rarely gives its approval to anyone just found a new friend. Sorta something like that. Haha.

    && I kinda ship Rufus and his fabulous~ fan. LOL xD;

    Come to think of it, it was weird that we never saw them dancing before so yes! This is destined! Pandora Hearts should never end before Master Break dances with his Oujo-sama! x333

    I think it has something more to do with body memory than actual mind memory. It’s a TRC saying. When your mind can’t remember some things, your body sometimes does it for you. And dancing is a physical activity so even if she might not remember who taught her, the feeling of dancing is still there. I guess…? ^^;

    Haha, that’s just funny. I don’t mind if the Oz/Gil fans love their shipping because at least this one has some basis to it but I doubt anything’s going to become that official. This series is more about fantasy than anything else and in the end, if they both survive, I think they’ll always stay as master and servant and above all, closer friends. Which should be good enough. Not everything needs to be sealed with a kiss or…er, yea.

    Elly-chan chose exactly the right servant for himself! xD

    Liam. ;__;


    kel-san: It focused too much on the bad guys and their “boo hoos” nobody’s going to bother to remember. Honestly, I think the villains have gone dry already. D/

    That’d be nice. I hope it retains some characteristics of the art for Million Girl, too, cuz I really liked it.

    I’m actually rejoicing. I’ll miss it, yea, but…yea. |D;

    I know. She just has that effect on people with her works. xD

  4. Ah, hopefully the anime of Shiki won’t be quite as boring. : / I have friends who watch it too, so I’ll probably just casually watch the show so I can discuss it with them and such.

    Oh, I see. I’m not all that familiar with Nakayoshi (nor with Million Girl actually) so that was just a complete and utter guess in the dark. It being an issue with the author makes sense. It’s kinda sad though, since I really rather liked the character designs. Oh well. And if the only scans that can be found are in Chinese, then it looks like I won’t be doing any translating! xD Unless I pick up the volumes of it when I’m in Japan, but I don’t think I will be (though I can see if I can get any info. on it and let you know! ^^)

    Yes, yes I agree with you about Rima. I was both really proud and also really impressed with her in that chapter.

    The last couple chapters of the original Shugo Chara were…Interesting to say the least. I definitely hadn’t expected it to go in that kind of direction. Especially since, for it being a Mahou Shoujo series and one containing a bunch of cute, floating personifications of one’s Would-Be Self (along with a catboy), Shugo Chara was fairly realistic and fantasy free…Until the end arc. But there were some quite a few elements of that last arc that I liked, though I still don’t get *how* the Road of Stars opened up to Tadase and Amu.

    I won’t say too much on my thoughts about Kairi and Yaya, though I do agree with your idea of it being a slow thing that suddenly just appears to them or, I should say, just happens. Though I still think Yaya may have a crush on Kairi, but that it is probably still unknown to her at this time. After all, she was crying when Kairi left, but she didn’t do so for Nadeshiko, who she probably knew longer and who was moving farther away. Then there was that comment that she made about wanting to have “that” kind of atmosphere with someone (like Rima and Nagi had and, as Yaya believed, Amu and Tadase had) at the end of the original series. But, like I said, I definitely don’t think anything is going to be developing between these two for a very long time.

    I was just happy to see them interact some more! XD

    You can see Liam’s Chain here:

    I would love it if nothing bad came out of the group photo! .>;

    Oh, that’s such a cute way of thinking about Gil and Alice’s dynamic! X3 I love it. <3

    I’m also loving the thought of Rufus/Fan (or would it be Fan/Rufus? Lol, just kidding! XD)

    The body memory, like in TRC makes perfect sense, actually. So, that probably is what is going on there. ^-^

    I didn’t mind so much the Oz/Gil fans, for I am one obviously, when they see a moment between the two and get excited and stuff, since I do that too. But I worry for them when they legitimately believe that it will become canon and get their hopes up, and when they try and deny that anything is happening between Oz and Alice. And while I agree that this series has a high chance of never outright canonizing any of the main characters (such as Oz, Alice, Gil, and even Break and Sharon), Oz and Alice fit the official couple when it comes to Shonen series and many fans expect them to become canon.

    That was another thing, I didn’t mind debating what will or will not become canon (or what is or is not canon) until the individuals proved that they didn’t even know what canon really was. They thought that canon was subjective and that what one person saw as canon other people didn’t. That’s interpretation of canon, but certainly not canon itself. For example, they were trying to tell me that Ada and Vincent were not a canon couple simply because Vincent’s feelings for Ada were not legit (yet, anyway). But that’s not what canon is. The two are together, they are in a relationship within the series itself, and if someone were to ask Ada if she was dating Vincent she would say yes. If someone were to ask that of Vincent he would say yes as well, if only for appearances, but that matters not when it comes to canon. Ah! Anyway, yeah…

    Yes, Elly-chan did pick the perfect servant! ^.^

    …And I think Liam will be okay…

  5. Million girl is already finished? That’s surprisingly short. Hmm…Yeah, i have a feeling that it won’t be a big licenscee, since only Del Ray might pick it up, and they’re in serious fiancial trouble now (and they suck, but that’s bseides the point).

    “After ch. 4 post, DONE forever. DO NOT REVIVE THIS OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND EAT YOU! D8<"
    "…Did he…did he just… sort of… propose to her? Or pre-proposed oror something like that? I mean, I mean! *starting to freak out a bit* That was totally the implication, wasn’t it?! Look, when a guy proposes, he’s basically saying “I want you and me to share a life together”. Nagi’s way far from being able to say that yet (damn straight, you’re only 13!) but it’s almost like he’s saying “I want to be part of your life”, right?!"

    Engaged to be engaged?

    Yaya and Kairi seemed more like awesome business partners to me than anything. Which I approve of strongly.

    "something after Sakura pulls out some miracle girly-girly moon power to make her human and then they’ll be frenemies and Sakura and Aoba will get married and then Crystal Tokyo will start being built."

    They need Sakura and Aoba's kid from the future to come and cockblock them as well.

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