Quick Post: Blog Status & Stuffs

BRS as the header of this post because I NEED to talk about how AWESOME it is, even if briefly. <3

K, just a quick update on what I'll be posting this week aka by the end of the month if I'm capable. God, I worked on four posts straight and still have 4 more to go. I must be crazy. @.@;

Also includes talk about Wonder Festival…well, just the figures that I found interesting so don’t expect a full review. And lots of cursing GSC as well. Those bastards. xP

Blogging Plans

DtB Gaiden OVA 4 – Will probably have it up Wed or by the weekend. I’m not completely free until after Wednesday but I’ll try to work on it as much as I can tomorrow. And a big thank you to Sinamon for leaving me such an insightful comment! ^^ I’ll try to get back to you in this post since I’ll be referencing what you said anyway. Thanks again! :D

Manga postPlease DO NOT mention Shugo Chara! Encore Ch. 4 to me! I swear, it’s driving me up the wall even more than usual. I will get to it in a separate post. Until then, if I hear so much of word on blahblahAmutoblahblah or any spoilers or such, I’m going to edit out your comment. I don’t mean to be nasty but I would like to enjoy this chapter alone first before sharing any thoughts, so PLEASE give me my space.

Other than that, this post will include all the manga I’m currently following. Just some quick thoughts on those. May come sooner or later during the week depending on how easy it will be for me to make it short.

Spring Wrap-up Pt. 2 – Angel Beats! & Bakemonogatari – God, this is so late. I’ll have to cut down a lot of what I want to say and just be blunt about a few things. Will try to have it up by the weekend.

SaiMoe 2010 Picks – After the second prelims are over, which should be Saturday.

SoMT – Not sure when I’ll have the results and Wildcard round up since I’m so busy so keep checking the SoMT page.

Yep, that should be all for the rest of July. It’s hectic and totally crazy but I’m going to do them all, come whatever. After that, two long posts in August. *about to faint* @A@;;;


Wonder Festival Summer 2010

I totally forgot about this so it took me by a huge surprise when I saw so many new figures being added to Tsuki-board. |D;

But yes! Or rather, NOOOO!!! …There’s wwwaaaayyy too many good stuff coming out between now and next year. I mean, I can handle one scaled figure and a couple of nendoroids here or there but this time, I think I killed my wishlist. ^^;

*sigh* So I had to give up on some I was planning on getting since there’s no way I can afford all those with how many hours I’m working now. Not even sure if I’m going to be working any longer but I hope I can keep my job when school starts or I will cry at no more paycheck. T_T

K, I only picked the ones that caught my interest. Some of them I will/might order and some of them, I won’t. It’s pretty scattered so mind as well start.

BRS petit nendo set! Aren’t they so cute~?! x3

Really debating on whether to get this one or not since I’ve already ordered the full-sized BRS nendo and intend to do the same when Death Master is up for preorder. Gah, I blame the OVA for coming out on the same weekend as WonFes because I loved these two so much, I felt that I had to get them in any chibi form. -.-;

But it’s weird that there’s only two. Sets usually include 3 and I know this won’t be part of a 12-set (there’s not enough characters!) so I’m wondering if Black Gold Saw will be included. They’ve already made a figma for her, maybe a nendoroid not too far behind to be announced at the winter WonFes, so…I hope they do. cuz Black Gold Saw is awesome~. <3

Hmm, well, I'll see. I don't think this will be released until next year or at least until close to the end of December this year but there's a likely chance I'll purchase them anyway. Cuz I'm a sucker for petit nendos. :P And I can be a weirdo and say these are my BRS and Death master nendos’ babies. *slapped* xD;


Katanagatari petit nendo set GET!!!!!!! XDDDDDD

Omg, it’s so funny cuz the day before WonFes, I was sitting in the hallway listing down ALL the characters I wanted as petit nendos, with Key titles and Katanagatari up at the top and the next thing I know, GSC throws this in my face.

Naturally, I flipped and made a hole in the sky. xDD;;

This is a guarantee purchase. Coming out in January and that month’s still free for me (if I can handle everything after Chirstmas) so it’s all good.

Not sure what to think of the faces, though. Nanami and Shichika doesn’t bother me but Togame’s does for some reason. :/
Ah well, maybe it’ll look better when it’s painted.

I wonder if one of them will have an extra face. Yuri and Tenshi for the AB! sets did and I would love it if either Shichika or Nanami gets the same treatment (Nanami’s evil smile plz~) but it’ll probably go to Togame since she’s the main female protagonist and has that special eye of hers. *shrug*

And I much as I wish it would happen, I doubt they’ll make anymore sets after this one. Which sucks because I wanted puchis for all of Shichika’s opponents, the Maniwani, Hitei, Mon-kun, etc. Puu… T3T

*sigh* In the meantime, I’ll have to find out where I can order these two Ichiban Kuji figures after that Lucky Lottery is drawn. I so want Shichika~ x333

*facedesks ten times* If money ran on stamina, I would be less than a skeleton right now. |D;

Yes! Finally something for Little Busters! from GSC! I still find it weird that Kud’s getting a nendo before Rin (even though that Kud is from the spinoff game, “Kud Wafter”, than Little Busters!) but at least they haven’t ignored the original for Kud’s huge success.

I’m pretty sure this is just the first set with a couple more to follow after for the rest of the girls. There’s no release date yet but betting it will be in January or March or something.

Ahh, I love you, GSC! Though I still hate you for eating my entire wallet. God, I almost hope they don’t make any announcement for more Key-related nendos anytime soon if they plan on making them. Petits, not a problem. Nendos, yes a problem. o.O;

Been waiting for pictures of a colored Death Master nendoroid for so long, dearies. And it’s here~ And she’s a wicked little beauty~ <3

Hmm, that skull looks smaller than it is on this other picture I've seen but maybe it's because I shrunk this to fit the post.

Still no release date announced but I don't think it'll be far off. Definite order. Definite more crying over $40 (including shipping) spent. *sulks in a corner*

On the right, it's Flandre~! From Touhou! <3
I'm actually going to hold off from ordering her until after I get all the ones that are my priorities first (regular version Miku, Snow Miku, Reimu). Still waiting to see if they'll make more Touhou nendos. I really want one of Patchouli and/or Yukari or even Alice but they also have those limited edition puchi sets that included them already so I don't know. :/

Here’s the Kud nendo I was talking about. Kyaa~! Isn’t she so adorable? And that doggie, and that hat! Kyaa~, that hat! *loves the hat* xDDD;;;

Due out for 2011 but I heard there’s a chance she might be a mail-in exclusive (explains the hefty ¥4200 price) so it’ll be tough for customers overseas to purchase her if that’s the case. Unless a store that sells exclusives picks her up (Otacute is the only one I can think of).

Still, this one is the “Summer Uniform” version so there might be another Kud later on, just not with different clothes and will probably be a standard release. I’m not sure which one I want even though I like this one a lot so I’ll have to see about this other Kud first. If summer Kud isn’t available, I’ll probably get that one instead. But I still want this one for that hat~ T.T

The other cutie is a Sherlock Shellingford from this game (I think) called “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”. She’s an exclusive and is included with that PSP game set to come out in December. I don’t care about the game so much. I just want the nendoroid cuz I’ve been into detectives lately ever since I watched “Sherlock Holmes” (with Robert Downey Jr.) when we were in China. And she’s pink-haired, too! Win~! |3

Expecting Otacute to be selling her but if I can’t buy her separate from the game, might order her somewhere else.

Nendoroid playset #4: Western Noble Room A & B.

Ack, I was so sure I wasn’t going to get these playsets but this once convinced me that I had to. Great, now I have to go searching for the first three. They’re not expensive (around $20 something) but urgh, more spending. *not happy* =_=

This doesn’t even include a tea set! *NOT HAPPIER* D/

Psh, more Nanoha movie petits. The 12 set coming out next month wasn’t enough, they had to go “Oops, we forgot these two extras~”. \P

Don’t know if these are exclusives or not (or if it includes that fence) but heard it was meant to represent that scene were Nanoha and Fate become friends before Fate has to leave because she’s on parole. Then they exchange ribbons, myar~… /S

I’m really getting tired of all the Nanoha movie merchandise but it’s not like I find it unreasonable or anything. At least I’m not so big of a Nanoha fan that I have to get every single figure related to the series out there. I swear, this year must be the year of Fate cuz there’s just simply too much of her. D/

This exclusive petit of Vivio coming out next March at the same time as grown-up Nanoha petit (and they both come with a small book or something? I dunno). She’s really cute but I was never fond of the StrikerS season nor will I pay $17+ for this one little thing so pass.

Long-awaited Hideyoshi nendo’s coming.

I honestly don’t have any interest in “Baka to Test to Shokanjuu” but I find everyone’s fascination with Hideyoshi to quite amusing so was just curious to see the reaction. Hahaha~

More nendos. One for Ragnarok Online which was like a shock to everyone cuz they’ve apparently never made anything for that before. That’s weird since its an extremely popular RPG. o.O;

Well, Arch Bishop is cute (I like her hat and that transculent, pink poop-like thing) but not planning on getting her.

Another Miku nendoroid, this time based off that “Paw Laboratory” (did I get this right?) PV. Not going into my order list since I’m not that crazy about those wires, long sleeves and that bold ahoge but I do admit, it’s really adorable. <3

I think I'm actually one of the few people who doesn't mind the companies playing favorites with Miku so much (hey, sell something you know will sell out, y'know *shrug*) but I wish they would go and make a nendoroid for Meiko, Gakupo and Gumi already. I mean, Lily, who hasn't been released yet, is already getting a figure before Luka and those three hardly have any figures made for them yet. C'mon, it's not like it's going to kill you since there's such a high demand for them anyway. Plus fan complaints are always annoying. That's the main reason I want them made so they can stop the pointless bashing on Miku. -_-

This…lol, what is this?

Not a nendo and certainly not Miku. Yet…I kinda want it. For its face and all. lol xD;

But I know I won’t buy it so whatever. :P

“Mikumix” version if anyone wants to know.

Moving onto the figures, more Nanoha products from Alter, this time in casual clothes. Fate’s the first to go on the market, I suppose, but they’ve also got a Nanoha (school uniform) in the works. And Vivio.

Meh, never bought any scaled figures for Nanoha. Not starting now.

Besides, Alter is expensive. Their figures are ridiculously nice but so damn expensive! o.O;

Whoa, skipping pass Misaka and Kuroko to Saten and Uiharu. Alter wins my love for this, even though I have no plans to order it since I’m not that into Railgun.

But still, Saten~ So happy she gets some attention (by Alter, did I mention? Haha~) cuz I loved her so friggin’ much, dammit! x33

I expect a Misaka to come along sometime later so can’t wait to see her, too. ^^

Also, first decent figure of Hideyoshi I’ve seen. :P

I’m just surprised he hasn’t had one already given how popular he is over everyone else in the show.

Alter’s Senjoughara looks so hot.

*hangs head* And I know I can’t afford it. *despairs* DX

Hmm, but seems they got the permission to use the DVD cover pose GSC didn’t use for their Hitagi. Weird. All the other girls for the GSC figures were based off the DVD poses except for this one, which used the promotional image. Hmm. :/

Well, I’m already getting one Hitagi so if I’m crazy enough to want this, I might buy it another day…if I have the money, that is. *pout* :(

More Nanoha figures from FREEing. This diorama is really cool, though. Nice job. I approve. ;)b

Fate figure from Yamato.

Too much Fate, peoples. D/

I swear, I’m going to hate all this if there’s a second movie which there WILL be. There’s no way that they won’t make one. Ugh.


I so wanted to get ALL of them. Mayoi and Shinobu, too, if they plan on making them. Pfft, yea they will. /P They look so beautiful…well, actually, I’m liking the bases just as much as I like the girls but AGH! Why can’t I have nice stuffs?! *throws a tantrum* >A<

*sigh* There goes what could have been my first complete collection. Puupuu… =3=

Oh well. In any case, I hope that’s just a prototype of Nadeko. She’s meant to be standing in the water but she looks better with her full legs. -.-;

Yuri and Tenshi/Kanade from GSC.

I’m curious, what is that material they used to sculpt the prototypes. Is it the same one as the unpainted PVCs? :/?

Anyways, not interested (still waiting for my Hinata petit) but will look forward to seeing the final product. Add Kanade’s wings, kthxbai.

Lily from Phat Company…who usually makes rainbow llamas. |D;

Ok…yea, I kinda want this but it’s coming out in November from what I’ve read so I don’t know if I can order it or not.

Not the best figure I’ve seen (or maybe it’s just the lighting?) and I can understand some of the criticisms aimed at it but there aren’t a lot of Vocaloid figures that I particularly like and the sculpting for Lily (especially her hair) ain’t half bad.

It’s just the company. They haven’t made anything significant figures other than a few nendoroids for Strike Witches and Sengoku Basara. Oh, and they also collaborated with GSC on those nendo playsets, too, but no figures yet. So I’m a little concerned how it will turn out.

I’ll have to wait on better pictures of this cuz the lighting makes the colors look very dull and I want a closer look at the face. Hope it won’t be out for preorder so soon so I can save up for it if I do decide to buy it.

Another reason why I want Lily is because I think she’ll look nice next to Megahouse’s Miku. I’m not sure if it’s that one or this one is 1/7-scaled (or both for that matter) but the hair just gets me.

Didn’t hear too many good comments about this one either (probably cuz they’re not happy it’s “another Miku” again) but it looks gorgeous to me.

Due out in January so that gives me some time. Going to wait on the official images for both before deciding. I hope they’re only $50 each. *not happening* ;A;

And yea, think that’s all. I have yet to see all the GK sets that were presented there but since I know I won’t be able to get those, I’m not going to talk about them.

Now please don’t make Winter WonFes even better figures to come next year and make it worse for my budget or I will cry even more. >A<


Black★Rock Shooter OVA

Ah, where to start, where to start? Hmm.

Well, let’s just say I wasn’t really paying attention until someone on twitter reminded me that BRS finally came out. So I watched it, and I loved it. It lived exactly up to my expectations, nothing less, nothing more.

To be honest, I already knew they were going to take something as simple as the friendship between Mato and Yomi, put some conflict between them and then level it up in an alter-ego world to be resolved for now by something just as simple but very incredibly D’AWWSOME (<3).

The power of hugging friendship (or love, both can work) of course. Yes, Romantic Two Girl Friendship pretty much confirmed (and god,did I fall in love with these two together at the scene in the first screenshot or what <3). It was so obvious cuz I've watched so many mahou shoujo anime where that theme is sometimes apparent that it just clicked in my mind. BRS isn't really that different with its setting, except it's more like magical warrior instead of magical girl. (I’m not quoting TV Tropes like crazy, I know. :P)

Predictable but nonetheless, still very enjoyable. The animation was nice, especially during the fight scenes. The music was probably one of the best I’ve heard all year and Kana Hanazawa and Miyuki Sawashiro did an outstanding job as always. ^^

I know this received a lot of mixed reviews from other watchers because they were either expecting more action and/or more explanation behind BRS and Death Master, and as to how they became Mato and Yomi’s respective alter-egos in the first place. There’s also people who just simply hated it because they’re so “Eww, mushy feelings” to the close relationship between Mato and Yomi.

lol @ that last one. It’s hardly blatant yuri. It’s not even enough to count as shoujo-ai. It’s just a normal friendship. Yomi just didn’t have a best friend until she met Mato and it’s natural for one (especially a girl) to get jealous of her best friend’s other friend. Silly people pointlessly exaggerating things. :P

On the story overall, I always saw it as a one-shot and BRS is largely an interpretational one at that. If it wasn’t, it would have been made into a 24-episode anime to do all the explaining of the connections for you…but it wasn’t. “Use your imagination.” I think that’s what the writers and producers were trying to send a message of. That’s how a lot of one-shots are like, anyway. It’s all up for how the viewer will theorize it on there own. There’s not just one answer to the whole thing.

People are just too lazy to think. :P

Despite the fact that it looks like a one-shot, with this last scene at the end, there’s a high chance that there will probably be a sequel. So there, happy now, bums?

I’m still undecided on what I should think, though. If Yuu is like Mato and Yomi, who at first were not aware of their alter-egos until they experienced an emotional rift over their friendship, which seems to be happening from Yuu’s side now or if she has some direct connection to the other world, since she looks very similar to STRength. It isn’t confirmed but widely thought so. On Yuu being STR, I mean. At least from what I’ve read.

So if there really is going to be a sequel, which I would very much like, I expect things to be centering on the other world more. To what objective STR might have, what that has to do with BRS and Death Master, who seems to be that world’s greatest enemy judging from her title, and what others like Black★Gold Saw are involved judging from the ongoing fights that happen there.

Given how the OVA seems to be so successful, I think they’ll do another one. :)

And yes, I do realize we don’t hear Miku singing “Black★Rock Shooter” at all during the entire thing. So what? There’s a piano version. Now where’s the piano sheet so I can learn to play it?! >:)


That’s all for now. Felt very nice to rant so much. Haha.

K, I’ll be pretty busy tomorrow so no blogging for me until Thursday. In the meantime, I’m going to indulge my copy of Bungaku Shoujo which I hope my dad will remember to pick up from the bookstore when he comes home from the Y later. Ah, I can’t wait! x3

K, k. Thanks for reading. Laterz.


8 thoughts on “Quick Post: Blog Status & Stuffs

  1. BRS OVA is out!? I shall watch this and then read your thoughts on it and share my own. ^^ (Hopefully by tomorrow night…maybe. OTL)

    And, oh goodness! I had a cuteness overload, so many moe figurines! xDD

    As for the Shugo Chara thing, I completely understand, and (obviously) that is all I’m going to say on that. : )

    Also, loving the new layout! <3 Angel Beats was fantastic in my opinion. Well thought out, funny, and had a nice message in the end.

    Oh, and quick question: is the last episode for Bakemonogatari out?

  2. fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff I want those nendos ;-; *sob*
    !no money! (TAT)

    Haha oh well, that Senjougahara one is just BEAUTIFUL
    And I agree, they need to show Nadeko’s legs xD But I really like the way they colored the water and leaves


    Nooooo fanssss no bashing Miku ;-; it’s not her fault
    Hmm I did see a Luka figure come out though, it was very nicely made.
    I wish there were nendos for Luka and Gumi <3

    Also BRS was awesome ^ ^ lived up to my expectations and I was ready to bounce across the room when it ended.

    Although I thought it was a nice "ending"
    a sequel wouldn't hurt :)

  3. LGB: I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Better yet, watch it two times and then tell me what you think. Just once is not enough to absorb all the awesome (I had to pause so many times cuz I was so happy, lol). xD

    And not enough money to own them! *despair* >A<

    AHHH!!! I'm always so sad when you reply back so nicely. Even though I'm not saying things to be mean, I feel like such horrible person but I'm just really being angry at the wall. Thanks for understanding. I must hug you to show my gratitude. *HUG!* x333

    Hehe, thankies! ^^ And I’m glad you thought so, too. But we can talk more about that on that post. If I can get to it, haha.

    Yep. It was AWESOME so you must watch it! 8D


    HappyGoLucky: (;__________;)

    She’s always beautiful which is why I must have a figure of her so I can stare at her everyday. <3
    And yes, that's got to be one of the prettiest bases I've ever seen. *A*

    I know, right? She's just a character. Hate the companies. :P
    It's probably Max Factory's figma (there's a Sega one but that's a game prize). Have yet to see a figure of her, though.
    THIS. So hard. T.T

    I was bouncing all around while I was watching. xD;

    All BRS-related stuff welcomed here. 8D

  4. Will do then, I’ll watch BRS twice. My mind finds absolutely nothing wrong with this idea anyway! XD

    Money always ends up being the issue, doesn’t it? D: Maybe one day you’ll be able to buy one or two of those very cute figurines! ^^;

    Don’t feel like a bad person or that you are saying mean things, especially when it comes to that particular series (or should I say fandom?) I’m excited for the chapter…but not excited for the fan reactions… I’m already tired of the fan reactions and haven’t even gotten much of anything yet… =.= (Kinda want to bang my head against a wall, ya know? >.>)

    Oh, I hope you can get around to an Angel Beats post one day, if not, I’m glad we are basically on the same page when it comes to this series. <3

    Yay! It's out, finally! \D I have a lot of things that I must watch. I think I should be able to fit in Bakemonogatari and BRS tomorrow. (^^)V

  5. Saw those Katanagatari figures and went SQUEEEEEE for five minutes…(but…but I has no moneyz TT^TT)
    Wonder if they’ll have a slasher smiling Nanami? XD

  6. I’m going to mention Shugo Chara just to say I know how you feel, and that I couldn’t spoil it for you even if I wanted to because I have no clue what’s supposed to happen. I’ve been keeping myself from looking up anything about the final chapter because I want to be able to read it without knowing what’s going to happen. I hate people who insist on spoiling things for others. D: I’ve stayed away from forums and even most blogs.

  7. oh gosh. I just bought my first nendo (Canaan~), and seeing all the pics of the cute adorable upcoming nendos and petit nendos, I know it’s not my last! xD (still need to track down some of the petit Bakemonogatari ones and the first Angel Beats! set!! D:) Heck, I know little to nothing about Little Busters! and I still want the nendos~ (also the Hideyoshi one is adorable, I don’t fangirl him as much as others, but I would totally buy it~)

    ooh. I don’t know where that Lily figure is from, but it looks nice (and you’re totally right, it would go perfectly with the Miku one~).

    Still haven’t watched BRS yet, but I’m definitely going to get on it now thanks to your nice mini-review~

  8. So…I haven’t had the time to watch BRS twice, but I really, really loved it and want to talk about it, like, NAO! XD I watched it a few days ago now, but I was so busy before that I didn’t have time to properly comment and write my thoughts on it.

    Before I get into BRS though, I want to say my thoughts on Bakemonogatari and the last episode. I liked it, but BRS ended up overshadowing it, because I found that I like series that *show* more and say less, though I am aware that the whole concept of series like Bakemonogatari is playing with words and such. Anyway, as I was saying, I did enjoy the episode, and the series as a whole.

    I was, and have been actually, a little put down by the fact that the last incident ended up dealing with a love triangle, since they are certainly not among my favorite plot devices in the world. Though the way Bakemonogatari handled it made it so that I could find it acceptable rather than annoying (my usual feelings on love triangles, I’ve had enough of them. -.-) It was handled in a mature way, which is to be expected of a series that has an aim at an older demographic (older men), so yeah.

    Though, I still felt at times that the series as a whole got overshadowed by the “harem” aspect, but that would be the only real compliant that I would have about the series. And it is an aspect that I knew would be present, due to the type of anime that it is. But, as I was saying…

    Even the amount of fanservice doesn’t really bother me, since it was done in a way that wasn’t quite so in-your-face. Like, for instance 11eyes, I watched the first episode, because I wanted to give it a shot. The character designs interested me enough…but then we got the panty shots every two minutes and the we-are-going-to-go-with-this-camera-angle-because-it-will-make-a-panty-shot-really-easy-to-do thing. So I gave up on it.

    Bakemonogatari was a little bit more tasteful in that way, because they presented the fanservice in a way that makes sense. Araragi-kun is a young male, so *of course* he would notice things like breasts and such. So yeah, that wasn’t much of an issue for me.

    The ending I also found to be suitable and somewhat expected, though it wasn’t like I was hoping for some unexpected or unanticipated ending to the series anyway. Oh! And Shinobu was hella fast! O.O I really should have expected that though, since she is a vampire and all! XD

    Now, moving on to BRS.

    It wasn’t the art, the colors, the designs, the music, or any of that that really got to me, it was more of the characters themselves, the emotions, the message, and the juxtaposition used in this anime. I never really watched the original video of BRS, but I read up on it a little (though that was a while ago) I just wanted to go into this without knowing much about it all. The mere fact that this was the closest thing that we were getting to a Vocaloid-esque anime (which I seriously want one day, even though I’m not wholly knowledgeable when it comes to that fandom either…OTL) But, getting back to the topic at hand:

    The first thing I’ll brush on is the relationship between Yomi and Mato. I think, like with everything else in this series, it is interpretative, like you mentioned with other elements of the OVA. I’m going to take it in the same way that I take BL (only with this being GL) and say that the hints are there if one wants them to be, but they are simply on the border of a strong friendship. Personally, right now, I see the two as only really good friends, but I could see their relationship going the other way too, but they are a bit too young still for me to think of them in a romantic relationship.

    Anyway, moving on: the characterizations. They were wonderful. When I was presented with the characters, I didn’t see an archetype and then a character, I saw a character and elements of archetypes, but nothing that defined and then *consumed* the characters’ personalities. Really, the characters, their reactions and emotions, and even the lack of dialogue in the OVA was all so very realistic. All of those things were extremely relate-able, I think even more so to females, since this story was told with a very female eye.

    I was able to personally relate to many elements (growing up and growing apart), though I wasn’t able to relate to the whole “loving the town you grew up in” thing. I don’t like my hometown at all, except for the pizza and my town’s own personal soda (Foxon Park Soda). But, the interactions, conversations, and just everyday events that are shown in this OVA are very real, and I like that a lot.

    I also adored the way they juxtaposed that normal, everyday life, with the alternate world and the intense fighting. The change in music from nice in calm, to hard rock really fit too, as did the change from the noise of conversation and life in a town, to the eerie silence of the other world. It was just wonderful!!

    I also thought the interpretative nature of this anime was amazing as well. At first I thought we were seeing the story unfold with the alternate world showing the results of what happened after the events in the real world, but the ending made me change that view. Some people believe that the fighting wasn’t real and was just meant to be a symbolism of the emotions and emotional battle that the girls were going through in the real world, but were unable to properly show due to their personalities and the society they live in (in which the ability to keep emotions locked up, rather than on display, is highly valued). Others believe that the fighting really did take place.

    I find myself thinking that it is somewhere in the middle. Personally, I think the fighting was happening simultaneously with the normal, everyday occurrences. So, I believe that they are a symbolism of the emotions swirling around within the girls, but I don’t think that the fighting didn’t actually happen. It did. The brief flash that we had of Black Gold Star in the real world, makes me think that the fighting was real and was taking place within the friendship charms the girls had. Within the place where their emotions and feelings for each other were cemented.

    So, the way that they presented the events in a way that shows them as happening at the same time reflects the actual fact that they are happening at the same time. Just in two different worlds. One world that reflects reality, and the other world that reflects “reality” through raw emotions.

    To wrap this all up, I definitely think that Yuu is STR and that ending was definitely hinting at a sequel.

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