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Kyaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s finally here after both the raw and subs being a month late. But I don’t mind. No, I really did. I’m just lying because I’m in a good mood. :P The only ones who do and would pay attention to this awesome series are people who could get their hands on the books and dvds first anyway. In other words, I should’ve stayed in Japan a little longer. Durr… D/

But whatever! I couldn’t get an this in .mp4 format like I wanted to but fortunately, .mkv works just as fine.

That aside, “Yume-miru Shoujo no Prelude” (Prelude of the girl who gazes into dreams) is the first out of three prequel OVAs (titled “Memoire”) to the movie, which will be released on DVD at the end of next month. It covers the events centering around Touko prior to her meeting Konoha and instating him into the Literature Club.

And god, was this the prettiest thing I’ve seen all year. *A* I.G. Production or is it the other way around? has outdone themselves. Opinions may vary on the animation since at times, the characters’ faces don’t seem that great to me but overall, the visuals, the music, the voice acting, etc, it’s all near perfect! And it couldn’t have been more awesome without my beloved Touko-chan~! <333

So! Getting things underway, let's discuss! 83


OP: “Musō Teien” by CooRie

Fail formatting is fail. *still haven’t gotten used to the new theme yet*

I’ve heard a few songs from CooRie so when I heard this as soon as the opening started, I knew it was her almost immediately. She also sang one of the ending themes for the drama cd like how Eufonius did for that and the movie theme so it’s nice to know there’s a continuity in the music artists for the anime production. ^^

On the song, it would have been like any other CooRie song if it wasn’t accompanied to the awesome animation sequence. From what I’ve sampled of her works, her music is always soothing, soft, light but deep in lyrical composition, with a mixture of sad, happy and warmth in its tones. And it’s quite appropriate for Bungaku Shoujo since the series is one that revolves mainly around those in its development.

However, as much as I like it, I don’t think I’m crazy enough to want to listen to it over and over. I think the full version would sound much better but I’d still rather hear it while watching. Cuz the music just complements the animation so well.

And as for the sequence itself, all I have to say is…marbles. xD; I mean, I mean, yes, I was totally smiling like an idiot when I saw Touko and then Konoha but then all these shiny, purdy, almost 3D marbles came rolling on screen and for some reason, I don’t have a screencap of it. Uhhh… D8
Those aside, they really just gave us a rundown of all the characters, with Touko, Miu, and Nanase getting the main spotlights since they’re the heroines of each of their respective OVAs. And Konoha, too, as the harem lead the guy that ties them, and the story, altogether. Argh, for some reason, I just can’t resist cute and troubled characters voiced by MiyuMiyu. I just want to huggle them. <3

And following them are the non-haremettes *needs to stop joking before someone starts taking me seriously* xD; the minor supporting roles… I was actually ogling at the background (flowers~) more than I was at them.

Yea, that’s pretty much it. I wouldn’t say this is the best OVA OP theme I’ve ever seen but it sure was done very well and fit for this series. Also, since a lot of OVAs I watch rarely even have opening themes, this goes into my top 10 best openings for this year. ^^



Omg~, isn’t little Touko the cutest little thing with braided pigtails?! <3333

All lost in her own little world, surrounded by books, aka buffet shelves, lol. xDD

Just as she was about to take a little bite out of a page, her dad calls her name from behind and the cozy,secluded atmosphere dissipated soon after. We learn that they are in the office of the publishing firm (I’m guessing) so that probably means he’s either an author or employee there.

Aww man, somebody’s going to get taken home today~! x3

Just look at how Touko’s face gets a little frustrated at someone interrupting her snack, even though she’s not allowed to eat books anyway, but she’s still so cute! <33

Her dad doesn’t seem to be mad but reminds her that she mustn’t eat books in the presence of other people other than the ones most precious to her (look at her! Isn’t her pout so cute?! *totally distracted* x33).

“Precious people” as in “the people you can show your true self to. The people you truly love. Your writer.”

Touko: “My writer?” (KYAAAAAA~!!!!)

Touko’s dad: “Yes, I’m sure he’ll appear someday. Make sure you remember.”

Touko: *smiles* “Okay!” (*dies*)

Timeskip a few years to Touko’s first (?) year in highschool and uwah~, look how much little Touko has grown! Her adorable charm and enthusiasm for books has gotten greater just as much, if not more. <3

Haha, that’s my Touko-chan! She is more useful than an encyclopedia of all the books published in the world.

This is one of the reasons why I really love her so much. Because she loves reading and anybody who calls themselves a reader or lover of books should love to read as well. And graphic novels don’t count. They may have good plots and story lines to be called a good books but it’s not “literature reading”.

Anyways, seeing her so passionate reminds me of the days when I first started getting into books. Not the more well-known titles, mind you, but small chapter books I found lying around the house. I finished two books everyday (because I get a reward for each one I finish) but my love for reading didn’t blossom until I hit the Harry Potter series. From there, I went to the library to pick up as many books that I found interesting as I can. This was the time when my parents actually approved of my interests. :P
It’s a shame that as I grew older, I had less time to read due to studying and being lazy but I still love books and after coming across Bungaku Shoujo, it just makes me want to go back to the library to borrow all the titles Touko literally fangirls over.

Which is another reason why Bungaku Shoujo is so good. It references works and authors that I wouldn’t have bothered noticing when I was younger, and therefore, I missed out on a lot of good literature. So this is a good chance as any to jumpstart my reading habit again. Since I haven’t been keeping up with recently released books cuz I’ve only been disappointed every time I looked into one that catches my eye, I’d rather go look for the older titles that have already received a lot of high praise by critics. This way, I know I’ll be getting good mind expansion while enjoying reading it. ^^

Though whether I would have such an imagination like Touko’s to get me all that excited and thrilled over a book is probably not going to happen. But that’s what makes Touko and only Touko so special~! She’s a Literature Girl, after all! x3

But she has to be careful when she describes what she reads as “delicious”. Can’t have people knowing she eats them, y’know. xD;

…She’s still so cute when trying to cover it up, though. Touko~

Ah, eating books is one thing but food? Well…let’s just say that regular food isn’t a part of her diet.

In fact, it seems that she shouldn’t eat normal food at all. Eating normal food for her is equivalent to people eating paper. It’s tasteless and it will get her sick. That’s why she couldn’t get the same tastes her friends did.

Ack, I can’t imagine a life without food so what would happen if Touko didn’t have her books to chew on? ^^;

And here’s her younger cousin (more like brother), Ryuuto, who comes to “save” her from the stomachache that will occur if she continues to force that parfait down.

Ryuuto is voiced by none other than Mamoru Miyano, and it’s the second time I’ve seen (er, heard) him and Kana-san working together. The first time was DRRR!! but Anri’s personality was so demure that I couldn’t even have an opinion on how they sounded working together. So I like the character interaction in this a lot more. Kana-san has the genki-Kobato going on for Touko but it doesn’t sound as forced and more natural while Mamo-kun is voicing for another ladies’ man but one who actually has some self-control unlike the fabulous Tamaki and outgoing Kida.

It works even better cuz they’re pretty close as family members so Touko can talk more freely about eating in front of him since he’s aware of her secret. Even though he gets just as uneasy as her friends when she goes off on a spiel about one book tasting like gourment chocolate. lol xD;

At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of Ryuuto when I read his description. I got even more worried when I heard Mamoru Miyano was doing a playboy role again but all that evaporated once I saw how much Ryuuto cared for his Touko-nee (aww~). [SPOILER!] To the point where its borderline love but Touko doesn’t believe him because every time he says so, he makes it sound like a joke to cover it up. [/SPOILER!]

Well, now he’s become one of the characters I like the most for the series so far. Surprisingly, I only have three (Touko, Konoha, and Ryuuto) while the others are still pending. I was able to get my hands on the first drama cds to see how the story was going to go and hear the other characters.

So far, while Daisuke Ono and Aki Toyosaki did a very great job with their roles as Akutagawa Kazushi and Takeda Chia respectively, the characters, ehh…I don’t like so much. Akutagawa because his character design felt utterly plain compared to all the previous characters I’ve heard OnoD voice for so I thought it was a bit of a waste on his talent. That’s not to say Akutagawa, or all of them, doesn’t have an interesting story, though. But it felt like any old regret issues anyone can have so I wasn’t very interested.

Takeda Chia, on the other hand, is far more complex that it’ll surprise you when you’re not expecting it. It’s the first time I’ve heard Aki Toyosaki let out a scream that scared the bejeezus outta me. Her background is probably one of the more disturbed ones so I’ll give her that for keeping my eyes open but still not sure what to think about her personality. :/

I think I’ll stop here before I spoil too much and just say that while I’m trying really hard to understand, sympathize and like all the characters because I love this series so much, I don’t think I can do it for all of them. Nanase is a pretty difficult one for me (even over Miu, who is the one with the major problems) since she’s a hard tsundere. And not just any tsundere but a tsundere voiced by Nana Mizuki. In other words, she reminds me of Utau from SC!, whom I still haven’t gotten over my grudge for, minus the twintails and earlier attachment I had for her.

Don’t get me wrong. Nana-sama does a great job as always and Nanase’s nasty personality does get better but her role seems pretty limited to me in regards to Konoha. It’s all drama and teenage angst from my current impression so I hope it will change. Until then, I’m still not fond of her attitude problem…and her hair. God, her hair is such a mess in the anime. D/

Ok, I’ll shut up and move along now.

ARGH! There’s one thing I know for sure! It’s that I HATE Touko’s aunt. She’s such a bitch. Just because she doesn’t like her niece because of some issues with her late husband and Touko’s parents, she has to act all cold towards Touko who’s not at fault for anything.

And she just lays around and smokes. God, I hate her. -_-#

Aww, poor Touko. Don’t feel bad. That bitch aunt isn’t worth your kindness but that’s also the reason why I love you so~! *huggles Touko* <33

As to why Touko is living with her aunt and Ryuuto, it’s because her parents got into an accident when she was little (a car crash).

Oh god, the poor girl! I feel so bad for her. Come here, Touko, and let me hug you. ;_____________;

Till this day, Touko still treasures and misses her parents a lot. Touko’s mother was also a Literature Girl and it was either her or Touko’s dad who wrote Touko’s food when they were still around.

Uwah~ Touko looks so much like her mum! So pretty~! <3

And I like how Mizuki Nomura-sensei use braids to distinguish Literature Girls. I rarely see other people wear braids that long anymore. Maybe because it's too old-fashioned for some but I don't think so. I've always found them to look very cute.

It's even more special for Touko since wearing them has a lot of meaning for her. And wow, does Touko have gorgeous long hair. <3

Now I can't wait to get my Touko nendo coming in October. And I hope ANN will make OVA page for Bungaku Shoujo already. I want to know who the rest of the cast is.

Touko still visits the publishing office regularly it seems. The man who she refers to as “Sasaki-san” seems to be a good friend of her father’s or something. Though what she goes there for now, I’m not sure but that doesn’t matter cuz the important part is coming up (hee~).

While waiting for him, she notices these boxes of rejected entries for a “new author” contest and browses through them. Some are approved and some are “ehhh…”

Then this one catches her eye. *cue appropriate curiosity music*

“Sora ni Niteiru” (Resembling the Sky) by Inoue Miu (real name: Inoue Konoha)

WAHHH~! Destiny is at hand! Pick it up and read it, Touko! READ IT~! x333

She does and if there is any words to describe her thoughts on it, it will have to be: “YOU MUST PUBLISH THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!” xDD;;

Knowing Touko, it must be a very damn good story for her to be so impressed and enthralled with it to want it to be published.

Haha, and look how confidently determined she is in that last shot. “You’ll love this! I guarantee it!” is written all over her expression. So cute~ xD

“Sora ni Niteiru” is a story about two lovers, Hatori and Itsuki, supposedly but it sounds more like a confession through a novel than anything else. That’s more that fine with Touko, though, because she likes where the direction of their love is going and the feeling she gets from reading it is completely different than how it is with the other stories she’s read.

So much that it just blows her into another world. This is where I.G. Production shows the best of their work for this so far. Touko’s imagination. You can’t just settle for bright colors and grassy fields, no!

You must have lots of shinies and sparklies and random peppermint candy raining down…and a talking neko…and skipping over a huge mass of water to live up to Touko’s personality.

God, this is so pretty.

So yep, she totally expects Konoha, I mean, Inoue Miu‘s stories to go far.

She’s totally lovestruck over the discovery of this potential new talent, too.

Ryuuto is convinced she’s finally fallen in love, despite not knowing who the author is…or whether it’s a boy or girl. lol xDD;;

And omg, can she get more adorable when she’s worrying over if “Sora ni Niteiru” will win the contest and be published or not? Kyaa~! Touko~! *huggles* Don’t worry, Touko-chan! It has your blessing! It’s sure to be a bestseller! x333

I just had to take a screenshot of Touko eating lunch. Because she looks so happy when she does and eating and being happy at the same time is one of her qualities that I feel brings out her character the best. Hehe ^^


She wants to know how if the story got the judges’ approval and gaahhhh, who can resist such an eager face like this? Tell her already, Sasaki-san! <333

Sure enough, it’s made the cut. It did not win yet but that’s sure to happen.

Touko’s so ecstatic about it (“Banzai! Banzai!”), it’s bound to happen. ^^

Come spring aka the next term (Touko in spring uniform~), “Sora ni Niteiru” has hit bookstore shelves and I bet Touko’s the one to buy the first copy. Aww, look how she clutches it to her chest when she sees it. It warms my heart. <3

She takes it home, shows it to Ryuuto and describes what a wonderful feeling it leaves you with.

Ryuuto says it’s just like her to fall in love with a story (well, she’s a Literature Girl~) and after looking at the author’s name (penname), he’s sure that it’s a girl. “And a pretty one, at that.” Oh Ryuuto… xD;

He asks why Touko doesn’t ask Sasaki-san to introduce him to Konoha and the thought excites Touko so much that she just can’t bring herself. Aww man, look at her. Touko-chan, kawaii~! Kawaii~! x33

She’s worried that Konoha might be under a lot of pressure since his first novel was just released. Until then, she must “take her time” (uwah~, Touko-chan, you’re giving me seizures from all the cuteness!) before meeting him in person.

Yes, yes, Touko-chan. Hurry up and meet Konoha already plz~ <3

Ryuuto wonders if Konoha might be Touko’s author. In other words, her destined one. YES, DAMMIT! xDDD

A warm, affectionate look comes on her face. She replies that it would be great if that would happen. (IT WOULD! IT WOULD! x33)

Sure enough, Touko’s hope and wishes came true and “Sora ni Niteiru” becomes so popular that there is already plans on making a movie, drama adaptation, etc, on it. Even adults read the novel!

Yokatta ne, Touko-chan? ^^

Eating her lunch in the room reserved for the Literature Club she started, she hopes Konoha will write another novel soon.

Ahhh…there’s just something about the image of Touko having lunch in this room. Surrounded by books and everything. I dunno, it just brings this sense of pure warmth that I can’t get enough of.

And I must praise Kana-san for doing such an EXCELLENT job with Touko. Frankly, I think this is possibly one of Kana-san’s best portrayals EVER. She captures Touko energetic fervor so well and that just makes me smile so much. <)

Unfortunately, all the happiness is abruptly halted when Sasaki-san becomes the bearer of bad news.

Inoue Miu refuses to write another novel.


When Ryuuto comes home and notices Touko isn’t there, he figures something is up and immediately goes out to look for her.

And he finds her lying next to a tree, covered in leaves, clearly very depressed.

Omg, I thought she really fainted from being so sad over Konoha and went “Nooo! Touko! What’s happened to you?! Pull yourself together! Ryuuto, b-book! Give her something to eat! She must be starving! *freakout* >A<"

But she was trying to stay warm because the leaves were warm.

T-Touko~! Your sad smile makes my heart ache! *huggles* >A<

Ok, ok, note here that she says "Atakai no yo…konoha te.” She’s referring to the the leaves of a tree but interesting enough, the kanji for “konoha” is the same as Konoha’s name. So Konoha means “foliage” or “leaves of a tree”. I sense a bit of foreshadowing in this but I suspect Touko already knows how warm a person like Konoha can be after reading his story. Whether she’s referring to him or not when she says this is up for interpretation but she isn’t wrong about it in the slightest.

What she doesn’t understand is why Konoha would quit being an author after he wrote such an amazing story. This upsets her so much that it hurts just as badly as when someone’s being rejected.

Ohhh, Touko… I feel for you. ;_______;

But this becomes an important cause and effect for the plot, so to speak. Though I don’t really put the fault on Touko because she wasn’t the one who decided “Sora ni Niteiru” to be the winner of the contest. In fact, nobody’s really at fault at all. It’s just the circumstances that caused something else to happen which, in turn, caused Konoha to stop writing from all the trauma of it.

It’s complicated. We’ll see more of it in the second OVA.

*sigh* The depression still hasn’t lifted that even reading is not enough to cheer her up.

Poor Touko. I don’t like seeing her like this. She’s supposed to be happy when she’s reading! T_T


While she was putting up posters around the school asking for students to join the Literature Club, Touko hears “Inoue” being called out in another class. Actually, it’s “Today’s cleaning duties go to the famous author, Inoue Konoha” and she quickly stops in her tracks to look back.

She peeks in, pass a class full of first-years, and sees Konoha. The Konoha. The Inoue Miu. The one whose story she’s admired so strongly.

As a little cliche as it is, Konoha steps into the sunlight and is blinded by a second but then meets eye-to-eye with her and suddenly, they’re separated into their own world (uwah~, so blue~).

Kyaa~! The background of destiny~! You’re saying that again?! xD; The wind blowing in their hair (even though Konoha is inside, lolol) and the sakura petals falling around them. Destiny is at hand! <– I need a tag for this! xDD;;

All the while, that look of surprise and recognition on Touko's face is extremely priceless. It looks a little off since her mouth is open so wide, I thought she was about to drool at the sight of Konoha. Haha.

At this point, I really, really want to make an OTP announcement right here but since a lot of people didn’t read the story yet, I’m hesitant on doing so. I don’t want to spoil or discourage anyone who might want to build up love for this shipping (ah, I think I already did, sorry ^^; ) especially since their close, almost mother/older sister to child/brother-like relationship is more prevalent for the beginning of it.

I shouldn’t be doing this so early in the game (because I was greatly disappointed the last time I did) but in reality, I was already into this a long while ago when I first got into Bungaku Shoujo. At that time, I really liked how platonic their relationship was. But after some research, I began delving more and more into finding out about how their feelings for each other develops which leads me to want to support them as a couple now.

So, ahh, I’m sorry if I ruined it for you. But I guess I have no choice. This is my OTP for this series and I’m sticking to it like crazy glue so there. I hope some of you readers will stick with me, too. *sticks to her OTP* x33

Touko excitedly tells the news to Ryuuto when she gets home and describes that Konoha has this “air of loneliness” about him. The thought that her sought-out author is attending the same school as she is seemed to have washed away all previous low spirits she’s been having.

Haha, that expression on Ryuuto’s face was not missed when he heard Konoha was a guy, except by Touko (xD). Well, it was only a matter of time before she met him anyway. His Touko-nee has found the person she was looking for, so as much as he loves his Touko-nee, he’ll have to let her go.

Aww, Ryuuto…you’re such a sweet little brother. I’m sure Touko loves you just as much (well, maybe not in that way but as siblings, y’know). ^^

“I was so happy that I thought my heart stopped!

lol She’s so happy, she can’t hold it all in! xD

Touko is convinced that there must be some reason why Konoha stopped writing because she thinks he’s a person with a sensitive heart yet one who’s capable of creating great things in his stories. For that reason, she can’t let him isolate himself and keep that talent away from the world.

She MUST get him to write stories again!

Uwah~, go for it, Touko-chan! I’ll support you all the way! xD

I hope nobody will think of Touko as going too far. Her goal to make Konoha write again might seem a little selfish at first but all she really wants is for him to share his gift with everyone else in the world. Moreover, it shows that she’s also not the perfect character and that she does have flaws when her love for reading becomes a little too much to handle at times. But she doesn’t downright forces it on Konoha. She’s just trying to encourage him into writing again and she goes about this very gently while trying to get him to confront his inner demons.

It’s really Konoha’s regrets that are the obstacle here.

As for how she’s going to make him an author…

“I’ll become a sempai who he can open his heart to.”

Yep, that works. Go for it, Touko-chan! xDb

So this of course, calls for the “skills of a Literature Girl” and she’s determined to use all her passion to fulfill that goal of hers.

Hmmm~… x3

Ryuuto is sure she’s finally found her author.

Haha, yes, yes, Ryuuto. ^^

Their first official meeting. And of course, he has to be the one who catches her in the act of eating a piece of her book to work. lol xD;

Ahh~, I just love how the sun shines only on Touko in that screenshot. It really does make everything look…well, you probably know what I mean by now.

So yep, so starts their relationship as sempai and kouhai and the many things they’ll go through together.

Yay, when’s the movie subs coming? ^^ Next year. D8


ED: “Koto no Ha” by KOKIA

Alright, gotta rush. I’ve never heard of Kokia before but this song is very lovely. Not much to say about the seqeunce but I just gotta love all the pics of Touko. <3


So yea, next OVA is coming out in October and it will focus on Miu. Until then, I’ll see if I can do a post for the movie that will be released next month. Ok, until then, bye!


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  1. This looks really cute, so I’ll have to watch it when subs come out. Unfortunately I haven’t read or even heard of the novel before. Hopefully I’ll be fine without it. xD

    • It’s already been subbed by Taco. It’s just that nobody has uploaded it to any streaming site yet.

      Also, the first novel has been released in English today but it’s titled “Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime” instead so if you’re interested you should go check it out. Or there’s always the manga of the first story on Mangafox. Just search “Bungaku Shoujo” and it’ll show up. :)

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