Brief Impressions: Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 39

Damn you, Jellal! Or Zeref or whoever!

I hope Hiro Mashima-sensei didn’t kill him off cuzcuz…ERZAAAAA!!!! >A<

(Lazy post ahead with low quality screencaps ahead, :P)

ARGH! Even though he had such a sweet, deceivingly reconciling talk with Erza and all. Evil Jellal = no like! D:<

*GASP!* Rly? I never would’ve guessed!

…They should have stayed apart. Two Jellal/Siegrain are hawt. *gets slapped* xD;

…Hmm, nevermind. Having one is fine with me, too. lololol

For some reason, Erza’s whole arc seemed largely under budget compared to the Lucy/Phantom. Erza going into rage mode when she found out she and every else has been deceived by both Jellal and Sieg was pretty awesome but overall, it didn’t feel as satisfying as I wanted it to be.

Well, anyways, Jellal still intends to lacrima-zize Erza because he is evil~

Ugh, see what I mean?! You’re evil, Jellal! Only a twisted bastard like you can say that with a smiling face and mean it at the same time! *throws pens at him* Dx<

Erza, nooooo!!! ;_______________;

Yay! Natsu’s here to save the day! I love you, Natsu! x333

And that’s right! You can’t have her, Jellal! Not until after you get out of-*gets slapped for spoiler*

Lucy’s rent. lawl~

All four of them should just move in together…oh wait, that’d be a bad idea. xDD;;

Erza down time = tickling Erza time! Payback for all those times you beat him up, Erza! x3

And then Natsu knocks her out afterward. Ouch, that must have hurt. >.<

Yes…that’s how our Erza should be! ;__;

Some epic Jellal beatdown from Natsu but now that Jellal is back at full power, it doesn’t affect him in the slightest.

I will say that Jellal is the hottest evil demon-possessed villain in this whole entire series, though. *drools at those abs and that chest*


But he’s pretty idiotic for giving away the weakness of R-system like that. Seriously, Jellal, you’re too lax.

As if Natsu can be beaten like that! :P




I don’t like how they did the preview. We obviously know that Natsu’s defeated Jellal already since he looks so tired out from the fight so that kinda ruins the suspense.

But augh, NOOO!! Erza, don’t sacrifice yourself, you noble idiot! Dx

Might blog next week’s but it’ll probably short and lazy like this one. Still, there will be many tissues blown and tears shed. Because…Erza is such a dummie! *noogies her* >.<