Spring Season Wrap-up Pt. 1 & Current Watchlist

Don't steal my Mikapuu's fries, Masa-baka! >3<

Late is late but there’s nothing I can do about that.

So, without more delay, quick final thoughts about spring season this year and DRRR!! gets the deserving spot of opening this post since it was the best out of all the completed shows on my watchlist. There’s a second place, too, but I’ll talk about that one more in Part 2.


Working!! – Average show with a rather okay ending. It’s not that I’m dissatisfied with it or anything. Heck, I’m more than happy with how it ended cuz if they showed us Inami’s phobia being miraculously cured in one episode, that would have left a sour taste in my mouth for being so unrealistic. At least this shows promise that Souta will continue to serve as a punching bag her relationship with Souta still has some ways to go though I doubt the one-sidedness will change. ^^;

Either way, I just watched this for fun and the laughs, nothing more. I wanted a little bit more Jun and Yachiyo moments but ya can’t have everything. Though I am happy to see Kotori-chan again. lol

Will I buy the manga/DVD? – Originally intended to but nah. I don’t really need it nor want to own it. *shrug*

Durarara!! – K, though I said this is probably the best of the season (heck, maybe even this whole year since 2010 wasn’t really that great), I was rather disappointed on how rushed the ending was. It wasn’t a horrible mess and by far, compared to other anime I’ve seen, far more decently done in wrapping things up for an adaptation that had to squeeze three novels into 24 episodes. Still, I lost steam around episode 19 because I couldn’t feel any attachment liked I did when it first came out. Masaomi’s epic moment of PWNSOME! was downgraded to just intimidating Horada which pissed me off a little but I can forgive cuz the three amigos up there were finally able to almost clear up misunderstandings between them.

Then of course, there was more AWESOME that followed. The crowning moments definitely going to SHIZUUUUUUUUUUUUU~~~~~~!!!!!!!!1one <333333 and Simon giving Izzy a black eye and one heck of a “You deserved it, punk” lecture to him in RUSSIAN…and then laughing about it. FFFFFFFFFF, Simon, you are my hero! xDDDDDDDDDD

Oh god, I loved this show so much and am definitely going to miss it until they announce a season 2. Cuz it’s so obvious they will. There’s 4 more novels to go so it’d be stupid not to. :P

My bet is that it’ll come within the next year. Maybe not winter, but fall perhaps? Doesn’t matter. As long as I can see my Mikado-kun go into Bosskado mode and Shizu again, I will be happeh~ \3

Will I buy the manga/novel/DVD? – I think it’s about damn time someone licensed the light novels already. Manga, I’m not really big on but if they do, I’ll buy that as well.
As for DVDs, I plan on getting them but not on the day they’re going to be released. Need to regulate my budget so will probably buy them later…and the dub can burn and rot for all I care. I ain’t watching it. xP



Fairy Tail – Gah, the epic “Unison Raid” I’ve long waited for has been watered down so much to just 2 minutes of awesome. No pun intended. D/

Knowing this is Satelight, however, it’s to be expected but still!!! *throws a tantrum* >A<

*sigh* Ah well, no use complaining about it since imo, it was still good. I especially found the start of a friendship between Lucy and Juvia incredibly heartwarming cuz I just love it when two girl characters I love bond with each other. <3 And when Juvia was crying of happiness, GAH, I wanted to hug her! x333

On another note, Hikaru Midorikawa made me LOL quite a bit over his performance as the death metal assassin (I don't want to bother remembering his name) since he's played as a rockstar before. xD;

And it was really cute to see that Gray is weak against crying girls, particularly Mira (for the lulz) and especially Erza.

Yep. I'll probably blog something when Jellal (I still prefer "Gerard") and Siegrain's ties are revealed. Maybe his battle with Natsu, too. If it's awesome, I mean.

Ookami-san – Already watched the second episode but stayed with this shot cuz they’re my OT3 for the season. Hehe :3

It’s not extraordinary but it’s holding my interest. Ryouko is like any typical tsundere and cute at times but I really adore Ringo (Kanae-san~! 83

And Ryoushi-kun~ I loved how brave he was in protecting Ryouko and believe that anyone who thinks otherwise because of his phobia problem is taking this show way too seriously. I mean, even the narrator (who I don’t mind at all) is a gag. Plus, it’s also rare that a cute, pathetic wuss like Ryoushi can become badass when motivated and do manly things so early on in the show.

So yea, Ookami-san is keeping me amused. Now I’m just waiting on Shirayuki-hime. I hope this doesn’t last for 24 episodes, though. I have a feeling this show will burn out right around the time the fall lineup comes out so it’ll be a drag if I have to keep up with it until the end of the year.


Shiki – Reading the manga as I type this. Of all the things it had to be, VAMPIRES. I was expecting better, y’know. Goddamn vampires. I can’t stand it. How many years did I have to put up with this fad and the Twilight fags? Stop f*ckin’ messing with my entertainment and go extinct already. *kicks something*

That aside, the plot for this is alright. Since I read ahead, I expect to get bored anytime soon but I’ll watch it until the end. At least there’s no longer that Higurashi-ripoff feeling that I thought would last for the first half due to the similar settings and conflicts and all.

Natsuno is pretty interesting as the main protagonist…if not very good-looking but you’d expect that since he’s stuck in a village full of very ugly-looking people. And when I mean “ugly”, I mean…a lot of things. It’s already evident in the anime, but if you want to confirm anything, then just go read the manga. Even normal looking people are a sight for sore eyes. *sigh*

Anyways, along with the doctor, Ozaki, he’s one of the few characters I can stand. Perhaps it’s his rebellious attitude that makes him so? Hmm, maybe. He reminds me a lot of Kamui from X/1999 the way on how they try to resist the villains of the story. Except unlike Kamui, he has no supernatural powers and his situation is pretty much hopeless. …They’re also both ridiculously skinny for boys their age and it doesn’t help when the author makes it look like Natsuno is inviting some HoYay from his best friend (“Let’s leave this village together!”) which is definitely NOT the case here…I hope.

I also feel bad for Megumi cuz it’s clear that she does love Natsuno a lot but I doubt he’ll warm up to her at all, even if after that happens. Her design is pretty lovely…yea, I just can’t resist pink hair and pig tails…and Haruka Tomatsu. Haha. xD;

So all that’s left is to wait for Sunako (Aoi Yuki voicing a vampire loli again), the “Rika clone” as I call her. :P
Gackt will be playing her father-dearest, Seishirou, and therefore, head vampire of their estate but don’t get your hopes up on seeing him too much as he has very few lines in the manga. His appearance will make you laugh though as sunlight is unable to harm him, so he flaunts off a lot of FABULOUS~! when he does come on screen. Cape and all…in the middle of the friggin’ summer! Oi… |D;

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – I can only enjoy this as I’m watching it. When I’m not, it’s always a drag to remind myself “Uhhh, I still need to catch up on KwMS later”. I’ve never been crazy for this series but I admit, Usui and Misaki’s interactions do get a couple of giggles out of me.

Other than that, this show was doomed to be one of those that loses momentum as it continues on. It’s a slice-of-life romance that constantly resets when Misaki is embarrassed into tsundere mode. Its side characters aren’t as memorable as the main leads which is crucial if you want to keep me absorbed for the whole ride. I can’t like a series on two people alone.

I’m making it sound more bad than it is when it’s not but I hope this will finish up soon so I can move onto new things. The Kanou arc isn’t so bad but one and half more months of waiting for the show to end is. |S

Heartcatch Precure – WAIT! Before you think I’m crazy…ok, I admit, I am crazy, but I can be sane, too, so just hear me out on this one!

While I was in Japan, I saw gashapon machines for these everywhere. Before that, I’ve heard from another source that this Precure show has been very successful. One of the reasons being Nana Mizuki voicing one of the leads, Hanasaki Tsubomi (Cure Blossom…pink! one if you can’t figure it out). That was enough to stimulate my interest in checking it out and now I’m hooked (nooo, don’t leave~! I’m not finished yet!).

Let me just say that I’ve only sampled some of the previous installments of the Precure franchise, none of which appealed to me nor do I have any interest in checking those first six seasons out. But I think Toei’s got finally this one right. Everybody knows Toei, right? They made Sailor Moon.

Anyways, I think I’ve figured out exactly why everything before Heartcatch was not as good (and I’m being nice). The franchise is trying too hard to be another Sailor Moon, especially when it reverted from the two-partner heroines to the sentai band for Yes! Precure 5. It’s not my place to say what should be or should not be done in mahou shoujo shows these days…in fact, I actually approve of the idea that they’re sort of paying homage to the series I grew up on as well as giving the new generation their own Sailor Moon to watch but they’re going about it all wrong:

Voice acting – Before they hired experienced and well-known seiyuus to play the central characters of Heartcatch, ugh, what’s up with those voices? They’re horrible, if not downright annoying, to listen to (even the seiyuus I recognize can sometimes sound screwed up). Mind you, this is just my personal opinion but I couldn’t stand how some of the girls seemed to have huge air bubbles in their throats while talking. And then when they get genki…oh boy. I mean, Erika in Heartcatch is not always pleasant on the ears either but you might overlook that once you get use to her personality.

Design – Granted, there’s nothing wrong with them…it’s just very generic. You get the “=D” face a lot from these girls, I know, but when the leads are part-bimbos and doing this almost all the time (with the animation not always at its best), you kinda want to strangle someone.
I also don’t like how everything in Precure is so over-accessorized to the point of them being walking Christmas trees I blame SM Stars on this one. Though this is a rule of MUST as far as the magical girl genre goes…is all of THIS really necessary? They look like monsters of the week themselves. D/

Characters, Plot – These I can’t say much for since I don’t know the first six spin-offs well enough to be credible. But almost all magical girl shows follow the same formula. Good guys vs. bad guys, long transformation sequences, FILLERS, no originality in personalities…and how can I forget? Color-coding for your convenience. :P

Just to name a few. Redeeming qualities, however, is that Precure is probably the only mahou shoujo I’ve ever seen to incorporate actual physical fighting into its shows. YES, THERE IS MUTUAL VIOLENCE AND EXPLOSIONS. And pfft, SM hardly qualifies as a beatdown series.
Another is…they sell to the elementary kids…that’s all I can think of.

So now that I laid out the “meh”s of all those other ones, let me just say a couple of brief things about Heartcatch that sets it apart from the others.

1) Nana Mizuki, duh. The reason what got me into this in the first place. Of course, that’s not all. Cast also includes veteran Aya Hisakawa (Sailor Mercury) and Houko Kuwashima, both of who play important roles of the plot. The best cast PreCure has to date.

2) The art director for Heartcatch is the same guy who was the art director for Ojamajo Doremi and Casshern Sins. Yes, that’s why Heartcatch comes off as much more cartoonish than its predecessors. But the thing is, the animation is a lot more consistent. I also prefer this art style cuz the girls look more cute instead of overly girly like the other Precures were. I mean, yea, this is a show aimed for little girls who are still in there let’s-dress-up! stage but sometimes, less is good. Overly girly to the point that it produces cavities in your mouth is not good. *shakes head*

I also like how they chose more to make the girls appear more normal and not go for outlandish styles and colors like Splash Star and Precure 5 did. If there was ever an outrageous mullet, it’d be her. o.O;

3) Finally, I find that I can sympathize with the main characters because right on the first episode, they’re presented with flaws. Not flaws that are blown-out (except maybe Erika a little but she gets better) but ordinary ones. Tsubomi, unlike the previous main girls who are all outgoing, athletic, and generally energetic, is an introverted shrinking violet who has a huge love for flowers and wants to change her shy image after transferring to a new school. Her new best friend, Erika, on the other hand, is the actual genki one of this show and while her personality is sometimes overbearing, she learns her mistakes right away is pretty fierce when she gets angry.

There’s also a prince…who’s not what you think. You must watch episode 7 to get what I mean. Trust me, it’s hilarious. xD; There’s also a fallen Precure and an engineered one for the bad guys. They share some kind of history together so the plot is not completely plain flat on good vs. evil.

And we also have a mysterious, handsome megane dude who saves the girls a few of times kinda Tuxedo Mask-style except he wears traditional dojo clothes instead of a cheesy suit. He still has yet to speak any lines (even though we’re already 22 episodes in) or reveal his name. At the moment, some of the fandom calls him “Zetsubou Sensei Kamen” since he resembles Mr. Despair quite a bit and I just cracked up at that cuz it’s true. xD; And erhem, totally shipping him with my Tsubomi-chan already…even if there is an age difference… >.>; <.<;

Oh, and uh…the mascots poop up rewards at the end of the day. Weird but I wouldn’t lie to you. o.O

Other than that, uh…Tsubomi is so cute! *FANGIRL MODE* Omg! Not only does she have pink and red hair (in pigtails and a ponytail this is getting crazy xDD;;) cuz I can’t resist characters who do but she’s also oh-so-MOE! KYAA~! TSUBOMI~! x333 She’s what every pure girl in a mahou shoujo ought to be. A little naive but sweet with a strong sense of justice. Ahhh, there’s also something about Nana-sama’s voice that makes her all the more endearing. I think people would prefer Nana-sama’s more assertive (occasionally tsundere) roles more but when she uses a gentler tone for girls like say, Fate, the impact hits you just as hard. *totally loving Tsubomi right now* <3

*cough* So yea, I've caught up on all episodes so far. This week, they'll be introducing another Precure though it was fairly obvious who it was from the start no thanks to all the leaked magazine material. I actually can't wait to see it. I guess I've been starving for some good mahou shoujo ever since I gave up SC! when Party! started and this is definitely decent.

As for the now curious ones (or not), I would give you a warning that THIS IS NOT FOR THE CYNICAL. It’s just a simple magical girl show so if you can’t enjoy just that, it’s not for you. Seriously, there’s no need to delve too deeply into it. And on fillers, they’re not that bad since after every other two episodes, they go back to the serious plot bznz for a while.

So while I won’t recommend it to anyone since I can’t don’t know your individual tastes, if you’re thinking about trying it, it won’t kill you. I promise. :)


On Hold

Kuroshitsuji & Kuroshitsuji II – Started marathoning the first season the night I arrived home from my trip but only reached episode 3. It’s damn good so far, even if it’s not to my taste, and I can see why Sebastian (I love OnoD’s acting for him!) was ranked 9th in the survey for “The Character I Want to Be My Groom”. lol XD;

The new season I’m feeling kind “meh” to since Alois is an annoying brat I want to spank discipline hard and Claude is downright boring when you put him next the more awesome Sebastian. But according to the episode 2’s preview, he and Ciel are supposed to be returning so things are starting to look better.

I’ll probably pick this up again once I finish with all my posts. Until then, I’m pretty busy with all the other shows I’m currently following so we’ll see if I get back to this or not.


Woot! That was longer than I thought. Was fun to write, though. lol

Ok, so after I come home tomorrow, I’ll work on that Katanagatari post along with Bungaku Shoujo OVA. NOBODY TOUCH IIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!1 Part 2 should come after I’m done with those, which will hopefully by this Sunday.

As for SoMT, I’ll work on it while I work on Part 2.

K, that’s all for now. Laterz. (^^)/


9 thoughts on “Spring Season Wrap-up Pt. 1 & Current Watchlist

  1. lol Kaichou is yeah pretty generic once the introductionary character development is done; lest you really got sucked into the Usui x Misaki OTP O(≧∇≦)O

    I definitely agree that if Working!! ended with Inami miraculously cured it would suck, but I was hoping it would be a somewhat conclusive episode for Takanashi x Inami relationship — given how surprisingly well it was development and in such depth that no one expected from such a show. The fact they ended up shrugging it off so light-heartedly felt like it lost points for me xD

    Alois creeps me out <_< he never had even half a chance against Ciel…

    • B-but too much shipping is not good for my diet! xDDD;;;

      Well, there was that little bit where Takanashi finally thought she was cute…then he utterly denied it in front of her and everything became a mess afterwards so I guess it doesn’t count. ^^;
      Still, there relationship hasn’t turned back to zero at the end so maybe that helps? /:3?

      Is he just there to be a rival to Ciel? Cuz that’s what it seems like to me (even though I haven’t read the manga), and a rather meek one, too. :P

  2. Working!! was pretty decent from the episodes I did watch. It seemed more like a light-hearted series that you can’t really take too seriously, y’know? XD Just to entertain yourself for a bit. After I stopped watching it though, I just went back to watch that episode with Inami’s fear, and I have to admit it was very enjoyable~ ^^

    Ahh Durarara!! .w<

    As for KwMS!, it does seem like Misaki is stuck at the same point for awhile, but as long as I have a show that can make me giggle a bit and all, I'm totally okay. Even if she's stuck at the same point, I just enjoy seeing their interactions. It's just fun for me. X) Plus just watching Usui is entertaining all on it's own. *slaps her inner-fangirl* It's a normal shoujo, but I never get tired of its cliche's, so I'm all for it, aha…

    Lol, when I first saw Precure I was like, "HOLY SHI–" that you actually tried it out, but reading on, I guess it sounds decent, and I'm willing to try out that 7th episode and try to give it a chance, haha. ^^ It always looked way to kiddish for me to bear, almost like Mermaid Melody or something. "orz Dropping SC!Party makes me want to see another mahou shoujo show though…

    Kuroshitsuji!! I loved the episodes I watched for that show (ended up just being too lazy to finish marathoning it). But I still love Sebastian, haha. He's full of win. Meh. I never tried out the second season cause like I said, I didn't finish the first. Plus I'm not too fond of new people. I didn't know that Seba and Ciel are coming back though. If they are…I should check into it ^^ and call my Seba-obsessed friend.

    Looking forward to more of your posts! And happy to finally comment again…

  3. So, I’m going to reply in the order of which series I have the least to say about, to which series I have the most to say about! XD

    Kaichou wa Maid-sama!:

    I haven’t seen a lick of the anime, not even the opening, but I do read the manga. It’s a nice read for a rather generic Shoujo series, and it’s good for when I have some time to waste or when I’m waiting for better manga to be updated.

    I don’t know how the side characters are in the anime, but in the manga they can hold their own and have a definite presence. They help the relationship between Misaki and Usui, and some even have whole arcs dedicated to them.

    Actually, my favorite pairing in the series is Kanou/Yukimura, who both happen to be side characters. Ah, and fun fact: one of the REALLY side characters is called Ikuto! XDD (Which reminds me, Shugo Chara! Encore! is coming to an end very soon. I’m actually really looking forward to that! |D ::Is shot::)

    My vote for the best (current) Shoujo manga would have to be Dengeki Daisy, the mere fact that the manga-ka is MALE makes it unique already. And the story actually has a plot! I love non-generic Shoujo (they are hard to find though).


    I have a love/hate relationship with Twilight. I like the series for a thoughtless read, but Bella and the love triangle kill it for me…Plus, you know, the horrid writing. But it’s like a train wreck, once you start reading you CAN’T STOP reading. At least the side characters are all mostly cool and interesting (unlike the main characters). It’s definitely not all that it’s hyped up to be…

    …And neither are vampires. Now, I like my vampires. I can’t deny that. I still adore Hellsing, after all. But when I go to the Teens and Young Adult sections in bookstores, I would like to see something other than vampires. -0-

    I’ll give Shiki some slack though, since the original source material came out before the Twilight/Vampire phase that the world seems to be going through at the moment. Also, I really like the drawing style, colors, music, and voice acting. The genre is a bit out of the norm for me (I’m not good with horror…at all, but that just makes it more appealing).

    Also, I already knew going into this series that Gackt’s character was going to be very minor. But that’s okay. I swear, his character could say one line and I would be content for the rest of the episode! XDD Of course, I don’t watch just *anything* that has Gackt in it (I didn’t watch the samurai drama that he was in, since it really isn’t my cup of tea) but I think I’ll stick with Shiki. I’m interested in it, at least. : )

    Kuroshitsuji/Kuroshitsuji II:

    I’m going to refer to it as Kuro and Kuro II for the rest of this post, since the full name is too long.

    Well, I’m *really* glad to hear that you gave this series a go and that you liked it so far, even though it’s out of the norm for you. ^^ The series starts getting really good during and after the Jack the Ripper arc. That’s when characters like Grell and the Undertaker come in, both of whom I adore! <3 And Kuro definitely seems to be more about the characters, and their constantly changing states and developments, rather than any heavy or major plots (though they are there).

    Ah, and I didn't know about that rank of number 9 for Sebastian…It makes sense though! XD Not only does he have the looks, but he also knows how to do things like cook, clean, wash, etc. etc. It really makes me wonder who got the top spot…

    As for Alois…Hmm, well, I like his characterization, but not his actions. I find his character to be very interesting (I like the insane ones), but I do agree with you that he needs to be disciplined. Though, I think more than anything he needs a hug.

    The scene before the opening sequence in the first episode of Kuro II shows that Alois was sexually abused (and most fans are speculating that it was by his father, since the old, overweight man appeared to have the same shade of blond hair as Alois). Ciel was also sexually and/or physically abused (as the anime, and most definitely the manga, has implied). Ciel and Alois just happened to have handled their abuse in two very different ways.

    Ciel went inward, he closed off emotions and feelings and became cold and harsh. Alois went the opposite way, he let his anger and hatred get the best of him and so he lashes out, and goes all yangire all of the place (and probably yandere for Claude). Either way, I'm interested in Alois, since his character's personality is just *so* messed up!

    Also, it annoys me that some fans automatically hate Alois simply because he and Claude are anime only characters (though that doesn't really matter anymore, since very early on in Kuro the anime plot diverged from the manga plot and the two have parallel stories going on, like with what happened with FMA before Brotherhood came out. So, Kuro II basically has no relation to what's going on in the manga, besides the characters being used and the same overall setting). They hated him when we didn't even know his name, saying that he can't compare to Ciel and such, but as the first episode indicated (and as the Ciel and Sebastian opening for Kuro II also implies) Alois and Claude seem like they are going to be the main antagonists. Therefore, no need for "replacing." : )

    Of course, I understand your reasonings for wanting to slap Alois. 'Cause there were times when I did too. But I'm going to wait a bit longer before I judge too harshly. The same goes for Claude, though he does seem a bit boring. Then again, he is also lacking the "human" aspect.

    Sebastian lacked this as well in the beginning of the series. He was constantly amused, and he "showed" emotions, but he didn't seem to understand them or really feel them. That is, until about the middle/end of Kuro, when he started showing some signs of "humanity" (in the lightest and most abstract sense of the word). The new Ciel and Sebastian opening for Kuro II also seems to show more of Sebastian's "human" side, as has the past two episodes, when he's been a bit more clumsy and accident prone than in the beginning of Kuro. I wonder just how much of an effect that one year without a conscious Ciel had on Sebastian? A lot, I think.

    But, like I was saying, I can see a lot of how Sebastian used to be within Claude, and I almost think that Alois and Claude are meant to be mirror images and/or parallel images of Ciel and Sebastian.

    Oh, and before I wrap up this comment: have you been keeping up with Pandora Hearts? Some really unexpected things, or should I say people, have been happening lately. It makes me excited! C:

  4. Xiao-chan~ You are right about Drrr! I so miss it…..! TT__TT Especially Shizu-chan. I think the second season announcement would either be done in August or next year march with DVD releases by saying something like, BTW, there’s another season! Ugh. Announce already.

    I haven’t gone around Fairy tale/ Precure so they are out. Working and Kaichou wa Maid-sama! are on-hold currently. I’m mildly interested in Ookami still but it’s not on my priority watch like Occult Academy (I recommend you check this out when you have time) or even Shiki, two of which I think are one of the best out of Summer.

    I’m doing almost the same for Kuroshitsuji, which I marathoned after watching the first episode of 2nd episode. Weird, I know! >.< Currently at 15th episode of the first season and it's still enjoyable. Sakamoto Maaya makes one hell of a shouta and Ono Daisuke is simply WIN~ for a butler. Every time he says Bocchan or even Yes, my lord, I got kyaaaaa~

    Coming back to Shiki, totally agree with you on the fugly citizens. I mean c'mon! The best thing about this still remains the BG music they use. Spine-tingly and creepy!

    So, this about wraps it up. Btw, looking forward to your 158+ screen post! ^^;

  5. blossom: Haha, that’s exactly why it was good. It’s not asking for too much from ya. Even though I’m sometimes iffy on a lot of slice-of-life shows, this one pulled off pretty well. ^^

    Hun, I think your comment got cut off from here. o.o;

    I agree, their interactions are just too funny to pass up. Lol
    I wish I could say the same about me and clichés, though. I don’t mind them at all, I don’t think. They just have to be done in an interesting way and I just have to be in the right mood at the same time in order for me to watch it. Otherwise, I’d just go do something else. :/

    Well, it certainly is kiddish, I won’t lie to you about that but there’s something more heart-warming about Heartcatch (lol, redundancy). As far as being a mahout shoujo goes, this one’s not trying too hard to be groundbreaking like the others or trying to stand out as much so maybe that’s why I like it so much. :) And totally second that last one. I guess I can’t live without a mahou shoujo since I’ve always lived on it. lol XD;

    That’s how it is with me~ Just too lazy to bother finishing. lol
    And yea, I have to finish the first before seeing the second. My mind needs to chronologically episode-wise. *wrings head* @.@;

    Thank you for commenting! I missed you lots, hope you’re doing well! ^^


    LGB: Oh boy, here we go. Lol XD;

    The side characters are given more…well, noticeable character in the manga but that’s thanks to the author’s manipulation. For the most part, they’re still overshadowed by Misaki and Usui, though, but it’s not like those two are at fault. It’s just the genre and circumstances. :P

    I really have no interest in any BL teases anymore, gomen. It was fun if I went out on my own to think about that stuff but lately, I feel like everybody’s trying to force some yaoi down from all sides (especially the authors/creators) even when I usually don’t look for that stuff. It’s kind of overwhelming so I’m keeping my distance a bit.
    Ugh, SC. I’m glad it’s finally going to be over and I’m looking forward to the chapter but not at the amount of crazy tweets I’ll get when scanlations are released. Sorry if I sound grumpy. I’m not taking out my anger on you or anything but it’s been too damn long. It just needs to die already and let something better take over.

    I’ve heard of Dengeki Daisy but never read it yet. When I feel like reading something new, I might take a look. My mind has been rather selective lately. Good things can be good but doesn’t mean I’ll follow it through.

    Agh, I’m sorry to say but anyone who says they like/love Twilight immediately loses respect points from me. I can’t even believe that my girl cousins like it. If it’s bad, it’s better to not read at all. No time wasted for me is better than time wasted just for trying it out when it comes to this book…aurgh! Dx

    I don’t think I hate vampires. I just hate how they’ve hijacked my media for the past how many years when 2 would’ve been enough if it wasn’t for Twilight being made into a film. Then everyone saw how successful it was and jumped onto the wagon to try and make some money off of it. -_-#

    As for Shiki, I was drawn more into its premise way before I found out there was vampires involved. And while there are vampires behaving like vampires in the story, they go about it in a slightly different approach. “Corpses living off of the living” so that’s enough to brush the annoying fact that these are still vampires aside, I guess. *shrug*

    I kinda prefer Gackt in a samurai setting for some reason.

    Hmmm…I’ve heard many fangirls going wild when it comes to the Jack the Ripper (namely Grell) arc so I guess that’s worth sticking around for. But I can’t promise that I’ll have much to say or if I’ll watch every minute. This looks like something I’ll follow for the heck of it until it becomes too much of a chore.

    The comparison between Alois and Ciel makes sense, though. I like Ciel because he acts and looks capable so I don’t mind his coldness but Alois’s messed up personality is one among many I just don’t want sit through. I have a few crazy characters I don’t mind but the rest I don’t have the patience to deal with.

    And that thing about him being hated because fans thought he was going replace Ciel or whatever seemed pretty expected to me. Any adaptation that delves off from the original plot will always get that treatment. Look at how bad Lulu was. *shrugs* This is why I don’t want to read the manga either.

    Judge too harshly? Wow, bless your soul. That brat just poked out that poor woman’s eye out. I would have beaten him to death for that. D8

    As for Sebastian, I still say showing something on your face and wording disapproval is better than being completely stoic and “…”.

    But the apparent parallelism is definitely interesting, I’ll say that much. *nodnod*

    And I’ve just caught up with it recently. I expect to do a manga post soon so I’ll say some of my thoughts in there.

    Again, sorry for sounding so harsh and b*tchy in my reply. It’s not you, honest (you’re one of my best followers after all). It’s the community at large so I’m having difficulty trying to cope with it while holding my anger down. I really don’t mean any harm and if I did, I greatly apologize. Gomen, LGB! >.<


    Kyo-chan: Kyo-chan~! I even miss Izzy messing things up! That’s how good this show was! TT________TT
    Haha, yea, totally wouldn’t be surprised if they announced it like that though I’m half expecting them to be utterly vague until like…two months before it starts airing. xD;

    They’re your typical shounen/shoujo shows. I just happen to find them to my tastes so yea. :3
    Ah, slice-of-life shows always get put on hold for some reason. lawl~ |D;
    Ookami is a light, fun watch for the gags and Shiki’s still hanging on good so far.
    Occult Academy? Hmm, if you recommend it, I’ll have to try it out later. :)

    It must be chronological completion syndrome or whatever it’s called. xD;
    I know~ I don’t think I’d have the seiyuu cast any other way. Especially Maaya-san and OnoD. <3

    I’ve yet to pay attention to the background (since I’m trying to see if they got the story right) but do agree, it’s much nicer to look at than those villagers! D8

    Thanks for your comment! Ah, and are you seriously going to read through all that? You’re brave. Haha XD;

  6. Lol, what are you apologizing for? Difference in opinions? XD There’s no need, especially since I know where you are coming from with the majority of what you wrote (emphasis here on the Shugo Chara! bit. I can’t wait until that last chapter comes out, I find out how the series ends, and then the fandumb…I mean, fandom can finally die! Though, I’ll probably still write a fic here or there for it, and I’ll still cosplay Amu at cons, but I’m done with this fandom after this final chapter. For realz! O.O; )

    As for Twilight…my relationship with that series is complicated (though it’s mostly hate, with the exception of Alice, Jasper, the Volturi aka the ACTUAL vampires, and Jacob’s dark, sarcastic sense of humor). Though I think, in order for one to make fun of the series, they have to have either seen it or read it. Without doing either, than one *really* doesn’t understand just *how* bad the series is. It’s horrendous (writing, main characters, and etc). The movies can at least be watched as a comedy (the way my friends and I watch them! =P) The books, sadly, cannot be read as such. -.-

    Reading this series was a faulty move on my part, but when I first read it (when the first book was still a new arrival) the back of the book seemed so pleasing to me. It sounded dark and twisted and good, also there was no love triangle in sight, and I was in the mood for vampires…then the back of the book just ended up being a lie. I read New Moon wondering if it might get better, but it didn’t, then Eclipse was me being caught up in a painful train wreck, and Breaking Dawn was me just reading it to finish the series (like how a lot of Naruto fans have continued to read only out of obligation, while waiting for it to end).

    Basically, Twilight is like those trashy romance novels that are guilty pleasures of many older females, only it’s PG-13 (with the exception of Breaking Dawn, the violence and gore in that one, plus the kinky “getting it on” scene that is implied make this one R, definitely). But I agree with you, I lost a bit of respect for myself after I finished reading this series! XDD

    As for vampires, I understand your feelings on this completely! When I go into the Teen or YA sections at a bookstore, looking for something to read, I would like something other than Vampires, Vampires, and-oh, would you look at that?-more Vampires. >.>; I found a really good YA novel called Sisters Red, it’s a modern day retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, and was pretty epically amazing, with a good message, a focus on multiple things (action, romance, as well as the bonds between family and in particular sisters). If you ever get a chance to read it, I would say go for it.

    As for Dengeki Daisy and being selective. I know what you mean, I’ve become the same way. I don’t have time to read or watch too many generic shows, I want originality and something that will make me think (like Mononoke or Trapeze, which I watched not that long ago, or even Angel Beats, which hilariously makes fun of BL, something I’ll be getting to in a minute). I’ll let a generic titles slip by every once and a while, such as Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, but not nearly as much as I would have when I was younger. My time is precious now, since I don’t have much of it anymore, and usually when I do have time…I’m not in the mood to watch an anime or manga or something! D: Especially now when I have a full time job (roughly 40 hours a week)… =3=

    Anyway, I also agree with your thoughts on Shiki. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t mind the vampires as well. ^^ Oh, and I like Gackt in the Samurai role too, just not in that drama he was in, it just wasn’t my thing. Vampire!Gackt amuses me though! XP I also like cyborg Gackt…Then again, I just adore him in general, so I think that ends that! ^^;

    Now BL…You don’t have to apologize for not liking it. Everyone is different. I like it, but I can see your perspective, and I have my own issues with BL and BL undertones…though that’s mostly with the fans. *Why* must all the Yaoi fangirls act like little brats and demonize female characters, especially when they “get in the way” of their pairings? And why can’t they see, especially when it happens in a Shonen series, that BL undertones are just that: BL undertones. Only exceptions being possible side pairings being BL, one-sided BL, and gay/bisexual/transgendered characters (such as Grell) and that’s it. I swear, some of them are just as bad as little 12 year old girls…

    Personally, when it comes to series that *aren’t* Yaoi or Shonen-ai, I may like a BL pairing, but I usually like a straight pairing with the same character (for example: Pandora Hearts: Oz/Gil, but also Oz/Echo, Liam/Break, but also Break/Sharon; Kuro: SebasCiel, but also the rarely liked and/or shipped Ciel/Lizzy…I also have a crack pairing in Kuro with The Undertaker and Lizzy…but we won’t go there! xDD) So yeah, I have my issues with BL too. : )

    Kuroshitsuji and the characters. I think the same way you do about Ciel and Sebastian. As for Alois, oh, what he did deserved a slap and I don’t approve of it, don’t think I do, please! I just find him interesting, ’cause he is so messed up and my interest in human nature gets the best of me. The fact that there *were* outside circumstances in his life though makes it so that I’ll give his character a chance. I just can’t hate easily, not towards fictional characters nor towards people in real life. I try and see things from their perspective first, and I think I have to see more than just one episode with Alois in it before I can properly evaluate and judge his character as a whole. I can see where your hate for his character comes in though.

    I’m just separating him from his characterization. His characterization I find fascinating, him…not so much. The one thing that will make me automatically not like a character though is when a parent does something like abuse or neglect their child, unless they have a *very* good reason for doing so (which is nearly impossible). But yeah, we’ll probably always agree to disagree when it comes to Alois. |D

    Oh! And the hate towards Alois, I expected it, but I still rolled by eyes at it. Everyone was dissing this second season before they even knew about it. The moment they saw the trailer and-gasp!- didn’t see Ciel and Sebastian they automatically assumed that the two wouldn’t be in it (even though the creators never said this themselves) and vowed to hate it and not watch it. Behavior like that…I can’t deal with it. Not anymore. I think Shugo Chara may have killed my ability to deal with any fan stupidity! >.>

    Claude I agree with though. I’m holding out for him. Especially since I usually like Kuudere characters, though he may be closer to just plain emotionless. But, like I said, I’ve only seen him in one episode so far, which does not provide enough screen time nor background for me to see the picture of his whole character yet. When he is fighting with Sebastian in the Ciel and Sebastian version of the opening, his personality seems to change a bit. So, I’m going to wait.

    Finally, I’m glad to hear that you are caught up on Pandora Hearts! A ton of interesting character development and happenings popped up lately. ^.^

  7. I started watching Heartcatch and you’re right. xD Hmm I got busy and had quit watching KwMS, but I’m going back to watching that after I’m caught up with Heartcatch. After I catch up with everything I’m watching, I’m not sure what I’ll do xD

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