Vacation Blurb: First day & Ginza

Tokyo Tower~ ^^

It’s actually smaller than I thought it would be up close. I mean, the last time I was here, we saw it from a distance and I thought “Eh, compared to the Eiffel Tower, that’s really tiny.” Now our current hotel is only a good walk away from it and it is still REALLY that small. o.O;

So much for all those exaggerated rumors, eh? :P

So yep, while my parents nap right now, just going to talk on some things for a short while. Haha, but first, guess what happened on the plane. XD;

NOTE: A lot of what I say is my opinion based on what I discuss with my family. If there is something you feel that you must correct, then feel free to. My opinion, however, is probably less likely to agree. *not sorry* :)

I didn’t take a picture for good reason but about halfway there, I woke up to hear someone in front of us puke. Seconds later, everybody but one guy in the row in front of us jumped out of there seats…and this smell of alcohol ran through our part of the plane. Turns out that he drank half, yes, half a liter of alcohol, got airsick, and you guess the rest.

Awfully stupid of him when he should know that drinking is not allowed on the flight unless it’s given to him by the flight attendants. And half a bottle. I guess he got in from one of those Free Duty shops but still, that was just utterly stupid… amusing for me, if not gross, but so stupid of him.

And my brother wanted to set his hair on fire cuz he’s a weird, “evil” kid.

Rest of the flight was uneventful…oh, and I think I finally discovered that my brother is possibly a tsundere. Proof? Few months ago he said he hated “How to Train a Dragon” before it even came out and on the plane, he watched it about 3 times all the while trying to deny to me that he ever said that. …Yea. xD;

Anyways, it took us a while to get from the airport to the hotel. We’re staying at the Prince Park Tower Hotel or something like that and it’s pretty neat. I’m just glad they don’t charge us for using the pool.

Activity-wise, we didn’t go anywhere last night but just went around the area close to our hotel. For dinner, my dad just randomly chose this small restaurant where you make okonomiyaki, I think (cuz I saw another table do it), except since none of us could read what’s on the menu and the waitresses barely understood a word we were trying to say to them, he ended up ordering the courses that he could recognize by kanji (Chinese letters, y’know). Needless to say, it was pretty embarrassing (especially since we didn’t know how to cook those raw dishes either so we ended up making a mess) and I felt so bad for the waitress cuz she looked like she was trying really hard to understand us. ^^;

Well, it was a lacking meal so we ended up going to the convenience store to buy junk food to make up for it. I fell asleep the moment I got back (for 9 hours~), though. My bro watching the news and World Cup and all. :P

Second day (today), was better. We went to Ginza by train and DAMN, look how safe and clean their subway system is! Not all stations have these electronics gates like the one close to our hotel did but it’s so much more advanced than the filthy ones in New York. In fact, even the streets are ridiculously clean. My mom says it’s probably extremely good maintenance. I say it’s the absence of pigeons and…Americans in general. lol xD;

The only thing that bugs me is I think Tokyo should implement some English into their “Metrocard” (or “Pasmo”) machines. I mean, if other cities in Japan don’t have that, it’s understandable. But Tokyo is the capital of Japan, the center of all the hubbub and therefore, where all the tourists are going to go first. It would be very helpful if there could be more English, y’know? I don’t care if what I’m demanding is sounding unreasonable right now. If you thrive on tourism, then make it easier for tourists. -.-

…So yea, Ginza. It’s been several days since we decided we would visit this district and everybody but me still can’t pronounce it right even after I told them. They keep on saying “Jinza” and I’m saying “It’s Ginza. Guh-guh-guh-Ginza.” *rolls eyes*

My brother wanted to go to the Sony Center while me and my mom walked down what one would consider the 5th Ave of this city. Everything’s so f*ckin’ expensive, I don’t get how you can even live with shopping here regularly.
Btw, everyone over here is friggin’ skinny, too. And not like flaky skinny but healthy skinny. My mom says it’s because Japanese people probably don’t eat a lot of rice and it’s probably true. Rice makes you fat (*raises hand*) and is rather expensive over here from what I heard. That, and theirs is a little different from the rice we get from Thailand (which has more sugar in it).

So by Asian size standards, I’m overweight since nothing fits me here. Seeing all these very high-standard living, well-dressed people walking around would make anyone want to go on a diet. Even though I said “I don’t care, I’m an American. :P” and looked like a sore thumb sticking out in the crowd with my plain t-shirt and cargo pants, I’m going to seriously go on a diet now. Never done that before (seriously, anyways) but yea. xD;

After a lot of window shopping and some cosmetic purchases (some can speak minor English but without me around to try and decipher tidbits to my mom, she would have stayed there the whole entire afternoon ^^; ), we went to lunch at this restaurant located right next to fish market so naturally, the sushi we ate was undoubtedly the freshest sushi we ever had. Omg, this is a must-try if you ever come to Japan. And be sure to go there around…eh, maybe one or two hours after noon since it won’t be so crowded? Any later and all the fish markets are already closed so I guess most sushi shops get their best pick early.

I wish I could’ve posted a short video for you on the sashimi dish we had. The fish was literally (I’m not joking) still alive when they served it on a plate to us. I mean, they cut out only the raw meat and flesh, leaving the rest of its body intact (head, heart, lungs, skeleton and all) but it was still struggling to breath and gasping for air as we just…picked sliced up pieces of its body to eat.

It was so weird…and so cool…and I felt so bad at the same time…but wow, that was something you’ll never see anywhere else. o.O

Then we went back to the hotel to rest a while before going to dinner to one of those small shops were you order from this vending-machine like thing and hand over the ticket to the guy who’ll bring out your food. It’s pretty much already cooked. Kinda like fast food.
But that’s not the funny part. Instead, when I walked in, my parents and my brother already sat down as if someone was going to ask them what they wanted to eat. Once I saw the vending machine-like…thing, I was instantly reminded of that episode in SC! where Utau took Amu out to lunch so yea…I was the only smart one in my group since I knew how you were supposed to order. lol xD;

Well, besides us, most of the customers were only men who either just finished working or came in for a quick meal. Seriously, me and my mom were the only women in there so it was kinda awkward while us four were chatting away and everyone else was pretty silent. My guess is that they’re all single men who don’t have time to cook for themselves at home. They were wearing such solemn/serious/DEPRESSING looks on their faces that it made me feel uncomfortable. The food wasn’t bad, but this isn’t a place where you’d take your family out to eat. ^^;

Whatever, I’m a tourist, meant to be annoying to the locals. Deal with it. :P

Then me and mom went on a stroll to Tokyo Tower which was already closing. There wasn’t much to see there, even though we didn’t go up. Souvenir shops, etc. Eh. I’m not interested at all in seeing a lighted up city. I’ve been up too many towers that it’s all the same. *shrug*

Alrighty then, some other thoughts that didn’t fit in here:

– They don’t have bicycle lanes…and that drives me crazy cuz they ride on the sidewalk everyone walks on. I can’t hear a bicycle coming up behind me so I nearly got runned over by them several times today. The streets aren’t even that narrow for them to make a small lane for the bicycles to go on. I don’t understand why they don’t do it. You just need paint and a big ass ruler.

Such a nuisance. =_=;

What the hell? I can't live without eating a piece of fruit everyday. It helps with my digestion. And they don't have fruit! At least not at an affordable price I don't think but still, I don't see a lot of fruit stalls around.

Along with the expensive-ness, this is why I can't live here. Nope. \P

So tomorrow we plan to go to Shinjuku and Ikebukuro (where Izaya and Shizu live~, lol xD; ). I don't expect to see vending machines flying about if so, I will race off to glomp Shizu and risk being flung myself XD; but I am definitely going to take a lot more pictures. Hopefully, get myself a souvenir, too. No clothes, though. Noooooo…

Haaa, yep. Till next time. ^^


10 thoughts on “Vacation Blurb: First day & Ginza

  1. Ah, the living fish thing would’ve freaked me out. I can’t believe you just sat there and ate it lol that would’ve ruined the meal for me completely. I read somewhere that sometimes single people in Japan aren’t looked upon that well, so maybe that accounts for some of the depression? I hope you continue to have a fun time (and I think you’re right about the English-in-Tokyo thing, you’d think a city that makes a large income off of tourists would want to go out of their way to make it easier for them to get around).

  2. Tokyo Tower looks so pretty all lit up. Shame I don’t see any magical girls in that image. And that it’s not pink. XD

    No tsuntsun can stand up to the adorable power that is Toothless. I want my bluray already! And then my sequel please. :D

    Anyway, sounds like you’re having fun so that’s good. Vacations are always fun because you get to experience new things, even if you go to places you’ve been before it’s still different. So I’m sure that’s just multiplied when you go to a whole different country. And it’s always cool to see stuff you’ve seen on TV.

    Oh, also just want to add that I especially loved hearing that something from anime actually turned out to be useful. Take that elitist, anime-hating, Japanese language students! XD

  3. Lucky~ I want to go to Japan! That’s probably never going to happen though since I have no money.

    Anyway, it seems that you are having fun. I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation.

    Oh, and Ikebukuro! :o If, for some reason, Shizu-chan and Izaya magically become real and you see them there, tell them Celeste says hi. xD

  4. Chibi-san: Well, what was I supposed to do? Take it home and sew it back together?! XD;

    Is that it? Then they should find someone and get married already. I didn’t think it was that serious, though. I thought we were just being too noisy. ^^;

    Thank you, I will (and thank you for agreeing. I think it’s just silly they have implemented it already). ^^


    Fuyu-san: Haha, yea, I was slightly disappointed on how modest it looked compared to how CLAMP practically glorifies it. I was expecting them to live up there, too, but that’s just me. lol No Sakura-chan, no X/1999 battle, what else am I missing? lol

    Joking, of course, but maybe there’s more to do at the top. I dunno. *shrug*

    Toothless is adorable~ <3 And it'd be nice if it had a sequel. :D

    I am. hehe ^^ And can't agree with you more. We have more freedom to go wherever we want as opposed to last time, where everything was a fixed schedule. I prefer this way much more cuz I can appreciate things at my pace.

    Haha~ I felt so proud of myself for being an anime fan right then. I was yelling thanks in my head to Utau for taking Amu out to lunch at the ramen shop. Greatest highlight of my day. xDb


    Amutofan123: It’s a matter of balancing a good budget, good planning and you can go anywhere. Though purchasing souvenirs here is going to be a little bit of trouble due to the prices and all. ^^;

    I am and thank you! :D

    Haha, sure~. Provided that I don’t get knocked out unconscious for taking a hundred photos of them first. And they parkour, too. Oh noz… XD;

    • Well no, but I couldn’t even enjoy lobster because it still LOOKED like a lobster, so I know the idea of eating a fish while it was still trying to get away would be like ahhh… no. I’m good. And maybe the noisiness was part of it, but that’s what came into my mind when you said how unhappy or depressed many of them seemed to be – and if it were only that easy to “find someone and get married already” there’d be a lot less heartbreak! :P

  5. So I take it there were no random battles to decide the fate of the world while you were visiting Tokyo tower?

    “Then we went back to the hotel to rest a while before going to dinner to one of those small shops were you order from this vending-machine like thing and hand over the ticket to the guy who’ll bring out your food. It’s pretty much already cooked. Kinda like fast food.”

    So like an automat or something?

    “So tomorrow we plan to go to Shinjuku and Ikebukuro (where Izaya and Shizu live~, lol xD; ). I don’t expect to see vending machines flying about if so, I will race off to glomp Shizu and risk being flung myself XD; but I am definitely going to take a lot more pictures. Hopefully, get myself a souvenir, too. No clothes, though. Noooooo”

    lol have fun.

  6. Lol, I wanna see how tiny little Tokyo Tower is xD;

    It is indeed annoying if people can’t talk English or at least have a basic knowledge of it! It spoils the fun if you can’t communicate with the people around the area you’re staying.

    The sushi shop sounds so daring. I’m envious, uuuuuu~ >_:D

    Anyways, have fun with the rest of your holiday ;D

  7. Chibi-san: xD; Well, I’ve seen people eat cobra’s heart while it was still pumping so this is really nothing in comparison. lol

    Less heartbreak or not, that’s still doing something instead of moping around. :P


    warrior: Tokyo Tower turned off its lights at 8 PM. Yes, 8 PM. So I have no idea when the battle for the ending of the world really happens. lol XD;

    Hmm, kinda but not really? That might be because I’m not really sure how an automat works like, though. :/

    I did. XD


    Eri: Nah, you’re better off looking at pictures of it.

    Well, you can’t really blame the Japanese people cuz everyone is really polite to you over here. Even if they don’t understand what you’re saying, they try really hard to respond to you in the best way they can.
    In any case, it’s difficult but we manage to get by. They get the general idea of what we’re trying to tell so it’s all good.

    I want to go back, actually. |D

    Thanks. :)

  8. Tokyo Tower is so pretty! I remember hearing from someone I know who lived in Japan for a year that the prices were outrageous for almost everything. She said the reason behind it was simply that despite that price, people STILL are constantly buying things, so it works. She also told me that KFC was really popular there?
    Sadly I have already faced the facts that it would be nearly impossible for me to live in Japan considering I am a vegetarian. Almost everythign they eat has some sort of meat in it….
    I hope you have fun at Shinjuku and Ikebukuro! can’t wait to see the pictures!

  9. I actually thought it was a picture of the Eiffel Tower if I didn’t read the words under it xD
    I AM JEALOUS :O I’ve never been to Japan and wanted to soo bad. The Tokyo Tower is beautiful!
    As for the live fish – well at least you know it’s fresh with no preservatives :) (without all those useless packaging)
    Being a follow north american – asian person, my mom also says I’m overweight – It’s probably because both canadians and americans are surrounded by foods high in sugar and salt (Michelle Obama’s changing that isn’t it ?)
    Awesome reference to SC (that’s also my initials xD) I heard from my friend that the vending machines and toilets there are more advance than ours.
    NO FRUIT? THAT’S BLASPHEMY – I can’t live without a piece of fruit either – Vitamin C and D for the win !!
    Hope you have loadsa fun in Japan! I may visit it next summer.
    By the way have you seen any anime on TV or bought any manga ?

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