Vacation Semi-Hiatus + Summer Preview

Here’s the deal: I’m going away for at least two weeks.

Some people might have heard me over twitter a couple of times already that I’m going on a trip. Well, yea, Tokyo to be more precise but I’m only staying there for four nights and then we’re heading to China where I’ll be spending majority of my time sweating off some fat in our apartment. Sounds lovely~ /sarcasm ( =A)”

FFF, I’m going to miss the nice, cool weather here in NJ cuz Guangzhou is so F*CKIN’ SCORCHIN’ and humid from the flood season.

But other than dreading the weather, I’m really excited to finally go on vacation again. The last time there was a trip (to Sapporo) was last Christmas and I couldn’t go because I still had finals. Instead, only my dad and brother went and they got to go to the hot springs. Needless to say, I was furiously jealous to the point of strangling someone. ^^

Anyways, I’ll be leaving this Saturday and won’t be back until the July 3rd so given how tight our planned schedule is probably going to be, I doubt I can manage blogging like I usually do. Then again, I’ve been slacking lately but it’s only because I feel like doing nothing before going overseas. Haha, yea~ |D

BUT! I will, hopefully or else, have access to the internet throughout my trip. Not sure if it’ll run slow or not but up until we leave for China, the hotel we’re staying at in Japan has free wifi…so I heard or else. Unfortunately, when we arrive in China, I won’t have access to WordPress at all since the government banned it along with many other things including LiveJournal. Ugh. So yes, I probably won’t be able to read and comment other blogs either. =_=;

Twitter will be fine since I have TweetDeck to sneak around that restriction. At least I hope since I haven’t tried it yet (I heard you need a proxy and I’m like “WTF does that mean?!” D/ ). If all else fails…then you are pretty much not going to be hearing from me until I leave for Hong Kong, which is around June 30th – July 1st or something.

I’m finding this very depressing ( TT____TT ) right now so I’ll get back to the trip details at the end of the post. Right now, if I am able to, here’s what I plan to do with posts!


No post is smexy w/o Shizu in it. o(≧∇≦)o

Short vacation blurbs – If I still have energy by the end of each day when we’re still in Tokyo, I might make a short post ha, impossible, no such thing as a short Xiao post, lol XD; on what we did that day and upload any pictures I took. Though with jetlag and my attention on the World Cup, this seems unlikely but I’ll see what I can do. ^^;

Vacation post – Planned for when I come back and AFTER I’m over jetlag. I swear, this screws me up so badly, I can’t even walk straight when I step off the plane. @_@;

Working!! – Dropped. Still watching it but just don’t have the energy to chuck out any weekly posts. Will have a spot in my Spring Wrap-up post, though (see below).

SoMT – Postponed until I return. Sh*t, I have so many things to do when I get back and ARGH! SaiMoe is just around the corner! *wrings head* >A<
But I'll definitely resume it as soon as I can and of course, have a little inform post to tell you when it's going to be back. K? K. :3

Spring Season Wrap-up Post – When I come back. I…am going to go crazy. Just watch. |D;
Includes all the shows I’ve watched till the very last/recent episode (Fairy Tail, Durarara!!, Angel Beats!, KwMS!, Working!!, etc) and…whatever else I usually have in these posts. I dunno, my mind is going whack from all the things I still have to do before I leave so forgive me for talking in circles. *brain is spinning out of control* @A@;;

Bungaku Shoujo OVA 1 post – OMG! The DVD is supposed to be released on the 23rd or somewhere around that time and I’m already leaving Japan at that point! FFFFFFFFFFFF I am so going to download this and work on a post when/if subs come out. And I know this isn’t going to happen, but I wish subbers won’t upload subs until after I get back. I am going to do this review even if it kills me! FOR MY TOUKO-SENPAI!!!! RAWR!!! (>O<)

Planned merchandise post – There will be two of them. One for this set of DVDs I got recently (which will be split into two parts) and another one for the loot I bring back. I just hope I can recognize the bootlegs before purchasing if I see a good bargain when we’re in the mainland. :P

Some manga catch-up – Aha, I’ve had this planned for how long? |D; Yea, not at the top of my list of priorities right now but when everything else is finished, I’ll start to work on this.

Yep, so as far as my regular posts goes, Katanagatari and DtB: Gaiden won’t be out until next month and I’ll be home by then so those are no problem. I’m still waiting on the last episode of Bakemonogatari, which doesn’t look like it’ll be out anytime soon. Seriously, this is ridiculous, SHAFT. =_=#

The Black Rock Shooter OAD is going to be released in the first weeks of July, I heard? Will be looking forward to that though I won’t blog it.

And uh, yea. I plan to do some marathoning when I get back as well. Kuroshitsuji and maybe FMA if I’m still alive…after all this. ^^;

Alright then, here’s the summer lineup preview…


Summer Preview

Credit to chartfag.

Such a bland season. Was expecting better but whatevs. Gives me more time to focus on other things I won’t have time to do by the time school starts (NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!).

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi and Shiki are probably going to be the only two shows that I’ll likely stick with to the very end. As far as Ookami goes, lulzy, Ryouko is Taiga all grown up. Yada, yada, been there, done that. \P
I’m sure it’ll be a fun watch but what I’m looking forward to most and what I’m going to love most is Ringo-chan since she is voiced by my beloved Kanae Itou~ <3 lol, she's totally the type of character I love as well. Small and cute, red-headed, best friend-obsessed to the point of being their mother type, devious beneath that innocent hood and of course…KANAE ITOU!!! I need not say more. *content* ( ̄∇ ̄)

Other than that, I’m sick of the pathetic trait that always tails the main male protagonist in these stories. It’s getting boring and it sure as hell isn’t funny to push guys into these stereotypes. If it weren’t for MiyuMiyu behind his role and the rest of the great voice cast, I’d probably watch this with a “meh” expression all over my face (except when Ringo comes on). *grumpy* >:/

On Shiki, saw the promos for it early on and first reaction was “Higurashi-wannabe”. The animation freaked me out a bit and still does but I’m up for some horror every now and then. Especially since Umineko failed me last year. Good thing this isn’t done by DEEN but I’m really not familiar with Daume’s productions at all. They did Peach Pit’s DearS, which I refuse to watch.

Don’t really know much about the author, Fuyumi Ono, other than her “Twelve Kingdoms” series which I’ve heard was pretty good and have yet to read. Anyways, maybe this will get me into her works. Who knows?

Am I going to blog these two shows? NO.

Good and done then.

I’ll be checking out at least 5 other shows but I doubt I’ll continue to watch past the first episode. Only few reasons why I would bother is to hear the seiyuus (Yukari Fukui in Highschool of the Dead, Takahiro Sakurai and Nana Mizuki in Kuroshitsuji II, and ZOMG, GACKT (kyaaa~) in Shiki), to see how bad it is (Campanella) OR to see how one or two might unexpectedly turn the first impressions tables. I mean, if Arakawa came out as what several people considered their “best” out of Spring 2010’s anime, then there’s got to be another one among this lineup that will surprise the crowd. Or am I painting this too brightly and Ookami really is going to be the only thing that’s decent this season?


Well, as much as I’ll be busy when summer starts, I’ll be looking to the first impressions from all you fellow bloggers so don’t disappoint me, k? Let the show do that. 8D



In other current news, KYAA~! I just ordered Good Smile Company’s Angel Beats! petit nendoroid set 1 and god, am I so grateful that it’ll be released in October instead of September cuz now, not only can I bundle it with my Touko nendoroid but also because Hobby Search is having this 50% off shipping campaign for all orders placed from 6/16 to 7/11 so heck yea, I stayed up till 1 AM just to make sure I got everything right! *crazy fangirl* XDDDD;;;;;

But really, these are adorable and I’m really liking the petit nendos GSC’s releasing. My first petit nendo set was the first Bakemonogatari one and I just love it to pieces. It’s currently sitting on one of my desk shelves, still in it’s box since I don’t feel like taking anything out until I have the ALL the complete sets. The second one (consisting of Kanbaru, Nadeko, and Mayoi) is going to be released at the end of this month and it’s going to be shipped with my Dengeki G’s Festival exclusive Tenshi/Kanade petit nendo. Kyaa~! I can’t wait! x333

Haha, to tell you the truth, I think I’m becoming more fond of trading figures than I am of complete figures. In my opinion, they’re more worth it since you get multiple characters for the price of one instead of a 1/8-scaled figure for what costs at least $10-20 more. Of course, if they ever decide to make a figure for a character I really, really love (like GSC’s Hitagi here or that Yujin figure of Amulet Clover/Amu that will never happen *BAWS* TAT), I’d definitely consider putting it at the top of my to-buy list but ONLY if it comes out good.

Seriously, my collection has expanded quite a bit since I started last summer (with just four humble SC! trading figures) and I only have…what? 10 complete figures now? Only 2 or 3 of them which are actually scaled figures while there’s like 40+ something trading figures. I’m not really complaining or anything but I kinda wish sometime in the next-year future, they’ll release a scaled figure that I would really, really love to have. Especially anything that’s Key-related. Seems that Wave has received rights to CLANNAD’s Kyou and Tomoyo (both of which are gorgeous, yes, BUT WHERE IS MAH NAGISA?!?! Put the beach queen lines aside for a second, Wave, and make me one! >:( ) while Alter got Little Busters!’s Kud and Sasami but, price aside, their Sasami didn’t make me jump for joy like I had hoped. It looks good but I’m satisfied with my Cospa’s Sasami, which I think has the better expression, so I don’t need the Alter one.

lol, look at me ramble on and on. Never realized I haven’t had fun like this in a while. xD;

Well, anyways, now I’m turning my attention to Nendoroids (oh dear) ever since I got my Nanoha and Fate nendos a few months ago. They are still boxed cuz there is not enough space in my room to display them so they’re stuck in the basement storage until I move out (puu =3=).
I don’t have much I want to collect, though. Just a few select ones and the Vocaloid and Touhou series. In any case, I guess it’ll be a while before I can add another scaled figure to my collection. There’s a lot on my wish list but not a lot on my want list that I’d rush out to order them.

…AHA! I’ve got it! The solution to all my Key problems. Make petit nendoroids sets for all of them. YES, ALL OF THEM. Kanon, AIR, CLANNAD, Little Busters!, and in the future Rewrite, cuz then I’ll be able to have ALL the girls without fussing over why they won’t make figures for the less popular ones. I mean, I doubt there will be a lot of orders for a Shiori figure (poor Shiori) but who can resist the charms of chibis, eh?! x33

So yes, if you can’t make figures or nendoroids, then give me puchi sets. They’re affordable, they’re all from one company instead of all over the place, and you can swap parts to make them look weird. 8’D





K, so set 2 here:

I’m guessing is going to be released in December since that’s how they spread it out between the Bakemonogatari ones (every other month). lol, I’ve heard more people anticipate this set than set 1 and I’m not surprised. Cuz there’s male, Kamiyan-voiced Otonashi in here. You wouldn’t believe how popular male figures are among collectors. We’re practically starving for them. xD;

That being said, I hope there really is a set 3. Many think that they’ll put TK in there cuz he’s so popular and I’m like “Sure, why not?”. I like TK, I’m just not as avid a fan as everyone else is. ^^;
And alongside him, maybe there’ll be Hinata and Iwasawa since they’re major characters to the plot? I hope so. I really want a Hinata cuz he’s such a sweetheart. <3


I adore you, Miku~ <3

So with that, I think I’ve said pretty much all what I had to say for blogging.

As far as the trip goes, we… still don’t have a plan as to what we’ll do in Tokyo once we get there (we usually go with a tour guide since there is practically very little English spoken) so most of it will probably be thought up tomorrow or on the plane (as sucky American Airlines has no plug for my laptop so I have nothing better to do). I still have to pack, print out some survival phrases, and whatever else the hell I must do before we leave. Oi. I think I’m going to freak out before we lift off, I just know it. @_@;

But Japan will be fun. I’ve been there before and we went through most of the southern part but could never stay long in one place since it was, well, a tour, y’know. This time, however, I hope my parents will let me spend a day in the places I want to go. I don’t want to follow them to a museum or a shrine since that’s what my brother would most likely want to do. There’s…not that much to do there. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. It’s the exact same thing when we visit places in China. And what’s worse is I’ll have to put up with my parent’s OBVIOUS Chinese bias over EVERYTHING since they don’t like Japan (but they love vacationing there, wth? D/ ).
Anyways, yea, I better start planning tonight and pray to god that I don’t get lost trying to find my way around that city. …But I will. I so willl. |D;

As for shopping…I just want to get something cute. Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll find that cheap Miku PVC figure I want or a Miku and Kaito nendoroid cuz they’re so hard to find here already without the price blowing up too high on eBay. If not, I’ll just get food and some keychain. I dunno. *starting to go braindead*

And yesh, I will take lots and lots of pictures…of anything. If I spot an interesting hobo, I’ll probably snap a shot at him, too, and go “lol, let’s compare with New York’s”. *Xiao is so messed up* xD;

This is rather late, but if you have any recommendations on where we should go in Tokyo, please leave it in a comment. I’d greatly appreciate it since we have zero familiarity with the city at all. ^^;

"Just Be Friends", Luka~ (Credit to Yunomi)

Then in China…well, it’s China. I go visit relatives and follow my dad to wherever he plans to drag us (this is NOT fun). Did I mention we’re going up a mountain to visit someone’s grave? Oh, and we have to climb it, too, I think. And we have to eat lunch there, too. With all the ants and mud and stuff in the way. Ha~ I just love our traditions. /sarcasm x2

But no, I’m making it sound more bad than it is. I really miss going back to Guangzhou and all the good food there (YEA, CANTON FOOD FTW!!!) even if I have to deal with the horrible weather and everyone being so naggy and critical in Chinese. I don’t mind my relatives. I just dislike their condescending attitude sometimes. And their extreme bias…as far as the people we’re going to meet up with goes.

…oh yea, my guy cousins will be there, too. Urgh, I don’t want to deal with them. =A=;

*thinking* I don’t remember if we have a DVD player there but if not, I’ll just tell my dad to buy one along with some cheap movies as well to keep me from boredom.

And apparently, we’re going to visit my dad’s billionaire friend (I’m not lying, I’ve seen pictures) and maybe his billion-dollar project and billion-dollar house and billion-dollar surround sound system. Yes, that’s nice, Dad. As long as I get to eat decent ice cream, it’s all good. :P

Then the last few days, we’re going down to Hong Kong where my OTHER relatives (yes, we have a lot of them) will want to take us out for lunch and shopping. …And I HATE shopping. So I’ll be skipping out on that this time. I don’t want the older women asking me “How’s school~♥?” or if I got a boyfriend yet either. That’s the most annoying thing. -_-;

Biggest problem is that I don’t know how to get around Hong Kong either. But it shouldn’t be as bad since I can speak enough basic Cantonese and people can understand English there. Now’s just the matter of getting someone to go with me. Pfft, not going to happen.

Yea, I think my obsession with Vocaloid is very clear now. xD; (Credit to Ichihara Misaki)

*SIGH* Alright then. So I’ll try my best to stay in contact via whatever that’s not banned by the government (lol, seriously, is there such a thing?). I’ll be updating mostly on my other Twitter account before we board the plane and I’ve set up a new LJ as well just in case I can access it if not for WP. Yea, it’s blank and I don’t know how to operate LJ as well as I do Dashboard but having it up just in case.

And you’ll know I’m alive if I manage to tweet “I’M DDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!” when I’m in Guangzhou. xD;

K, k,. So if I don’t speak to anyone before or during my trip, enjoy the rest of your June and stay well, everyone! (^.^)/”


10 thoughts on “Vacation Semi-Hiatus + Summer Preview

  1. I definitely didn’t read all of that post, because I wanted to comment before you left (and when I still had time, though technically I should totally be asleep since I have work at an ungodly hour).

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I hope you have an UBER fun time on your trip and that the only anime I plan on watching this summer are Kuroshitsuji II (gosh, the BL fanservice seems to have been kicked up a notch for this season: Alois is yelling out things like, “I need you!” and “Please don’t leave me alone, Claude,” to which Claude responds with, “I’ll always be by your side.”) And apparently the debut of Kuro II is going to be an all night event that is going to be R-18 (though, I’m not sure if that is for the party itself or for the show, my guess is the former, but still!) O.O;

    Ah, and Shiki…Not gonna lie, I’m mostly watching it for Gackt. But the artwork is pretty and I read the first chapter of the manga, which I found interesting. Still, it’s the summer, I don’t really want to think, so just listening to Gackt’s smexy voice is a real driving force here! XDD

    I’m also going to continue to watch Hetalia (and get caught up on other anime that I need to finish and/or start watching).

    Oh! Oh! I also recently got caught up on Bakemonogatari, and would really like the last episode. It appears as if the waits between these last three episodes have been beyond ridiculous. That’s just, plain mean! >^<

    Anyway, have tons of fun, take care, and just type proxy into Google and you'll be able to get one (it basically allows you to surf on the web undetected, my friends and I used to do it all the time in order to go onto websites (such as freaking MUGGLENET!!) when I was in high school).

    Oh, and you live in NJ? That's where my college is (though my home state is CT). : )

    • Haha, it’s totally okay. I know I type too much and too long anyways. Thanks for commenting! I was hoping to speak with ya before I left (and I hope you’ll go to sleep soon, you need it, young lady *lightly scolds you* xD).

      Thank you~ I will. And haha, I just knew you’d be into this series. Everybody’s been saying it’s so good and while I’m not into the BL, I’ll check it out for the sake of something to watch. Just hope it won’t suck me in too much. Can only handle one obsession at a time, y’know? xD;
      & srsly? Wow, some girls will be happy then. lolol

      Yea, I’ll definitely give some of my impressions on it when I finish marathoning the first season so will be looking forward to what your opinion is on it as well. ;D

      Eh? Gackt is in Shiki?! *checks* Omg, how can I make such a mistake? *FAIL* I better correct it now. But this is AWESOME cuz I’m even more excited about Shiki now. ^^

      I KNOZ~! I want Tsubasa to have some closure already and for there to be moar Hitagi x Araragi OTP lovin’, y’know, y’know. <3

      Oooo, you're my life savior. Thanks for the tip. I should do it now since Google isn't available in China anymore (now that's Google's fault, tho :P).

      Yep! And ah, I remember you told me once. I think I forgot to tell you I lived here though I was born, am studying and working in NY. So I kinda live in both states yet not really. lol xD;
      But we should meet up sometime if that's okay with you…and when I get a license and a car. lol

      Thanks again, LGB! You take care! ^^

      • It didn’t go to bed too late, lol! XD

        Anyway, yeah, Kuro is just awesome (regardless of the BL). It’s just a really good series, with a good plot (though the anime plot diverges very early on from the manga…not that I’m going to complain though, because I still thought it was fantastic and we got more Grell. That is all! XDD)

        Ah, and it may suck you in, but it won’t be an intense obsession, at least I don’t think so. There *will* be fan speculation though for this second season (and I kid you not on the undertones that I mentioned. I’m really wondering if it is going to borderline on Shonen-ai, since this second season isn’t technically connected to the first season and such).

        Moving on, Gackt is in Shiki. He isn’t playing a main character, but he *is* playing a recurring character, who happens to be an aristocrat who is the head of a vampire clan…which made me LMFAO when I first found out about that. Since, yeah know, Gackt made that joke that he was a 400+ year old vampire (he is actually going to be 37 on July 4th) and he has that aristocratic feel about him that has carried over from Malice Mizer.

        For Bakemonogatari, I know! I want some more Hitagi/Araragi OTP lovin’ too, since there was seriously not enough of it in the series! >3w<) But you'll still be on vacation…right?

        Oh! And the newest chapter of Pandora Hearts came out RAW yesterday. Another Yandere boy is added into the mix: Leo for Elliot. It's actually scary Yandere (saying that if Elliot had an enemy then he would kill them, even if it was Oz or even *himself*)! Yeah…o.O;

        Also, though this is a complete aside, I watched the trailer for "Tangled" (rolls eyes) and it basically sucked. There was very little that I actually liked about it. But since I grew up on Disney…I can't resist it! D:

        Have fun and take care! (^^)o

  2. (See Gackt’s name mentioned)
    Huh? Gackt? WHERE WHAT HOW? 0_0

    Have fun with the subtropical weather, and the fail internetz….
    That being said, might wanna stock up on the proxy server sites. I lived there (China) while Google was still available, and they like to crack down on the free proxy servers fairly quickly. So have a list of them just in case one of the top ones get blocked…
    And now that there is no google, well, chances of finding a proxy server are even slimmer than ever ==U
    So stock up and have fun.

    Oh, and a lot of anime streaming sites are also not available there…so stock up on anime too XD

    • Gackt is going to be playing a recurring character role in the anime Shiki. The said character is an aristocrat who is the head of a vampire clan. I know I’m not Xiao, but I thought I’d inform you nevertheless. ^^

  3. Have fun on your vaction. lol at least it’s better than more exams.

    Whoa. That’s quite a few posts. All the Bungaku Shoujo stuff seems to be coming out this summer/year (not that I’m complaining).

    Summer season sucks. Period. Looking forward to Ookami and Black Rock Shooter, but otherwise. Oh well, my dad usually bitches at me for downloading so many shows, so it’s probably just as well.

    Angel Beats! nendos~ I’m looking forward to Hinata the most, but all seem fairly nice.

  4. This feels so late since I know you’re already there, but have fun! Even though it sounds like you have a lot of frustration to deal with, do your best and make the most of it! *insert more generic genki-dashite phrases* I really do hope you have fun though. ^^

    I personally can’t imagine ever going to Japan and just seeing museums and stuff though. My Japan vacation would basically be Akihabara and such. History and culture is of no interest to me! At least on the first trip. So I really hope you’re not as narrow-minded as me, because that would kill me. At least it looks like you’ll be able to find some merchandise though!

    I really wish they didn’t have that “pathetic” line in the Ookami-san trailer, because it brings to mind that generic male harem lead archetype. Apparently this guy is pathetic because he has a phobia of people (or something) which is indeed “pathetic” but in a more humorous and less cliched way. Plus being voiced by Miyu Irino gives him a step away from pathetic and toward adorable instead. XD

    You just drove a stake through my heart again upon seeing my lovely chibi SSS ladies. And oh my gosh totally agreed on trading figures and such. I haven’t even bothered looking at scaled figures in forever. I save those purchases for my absolute favorite girls (which is why I’m in severe depression over NO NAGISA).

    Yes! Key nendo set!!! I wonder what Key girl would look cutest as a Nendo… Ignoring my predisposition to Nagisa and Rin I’m thinking that Komari would be pretty cute. I’m scared of her super long ribbons breaking though.

    I think we just need at least 4 sets for the Angel Beats! nendos. There are too many characters. TK, Iwasawa, Hinata, Naoi, and…throw some of the others in there too. I need Naoi though because he will also have a little hat and that is going to be adorable. Petit nendo hats are win.

  5. LGB: Right… xD

    Ok~, I’ll take your word for it. ^^

    I think anything that likes to tease BL hints even not seriously is borderline shounen-ai so it’s really all the same to me. Lol

    He doesn’t look close to 37! xD; But yesh, how appropriate he got a vampire role. Even though he’s more suited for samurai lately.

    It’s a very short series but nonetheless, a very good one. For me, I think Nisioisin gave enough romance cuz the main point of the story is more about solving these abnormal problems Araragi’s harem has. It’s just that Hitagi adds a good amount of surprising spice to the drama since she is involved in a lot of the issues Araragi has to face. So yea, I’m satisfied with that as my “coupling” moments. It would just be nice if we can see them going through the cultural festival together. Haha

    Leo is yandere for Eli? That’s so sweet! <33

    I’ve heard similar comments but I haven’t watched the trailer yet. I’ll wait until the movie comes out to see if I want to see it. Cuz after “The Princess and the Frog”, the CG for “Tangled” really turns me off. *old classics fan* :/

    Thanks! ^^


    Kittymaverick: Thanks for the tip! I’ve already saved like 20 or so, so I hope they’ll be able to work.

    And argh, really? Crap. I better download some before we leave Japan. This is why I hate the government over there. *sigh*


    warrior: Thanks! Ugh, and totally. I refuse to think of any exams until school starts.

    Yay~ Glad to know someone else is looking for to Bungaku Shoujo. ^^

    Yea, it’s even worse than Winter which should NEVER happen. o.O;
    Ah well, like you said, it’ll save a lot of computer space. xD

    Hinata~ <3

    Fuyu-san: Thank you! Haha, I just make it sound really bad but so far, it’s been pretty great here. And the weather isn’t as bad either. The only problem is that people here…really don’t speak English at all so communication is difficult. ^^;

    Right? I mean, if I wanted to know those stuff, I don’t have to travel all the way here unless it’s for some hardcore research. I’d look online for it. Plus, like I said, there’s little to no English around here so yea.
    But as for Akihabara and such, I already told my parents that I want to visit there and it’s pretty much settled we’re going to go since they don’t know where to go. Yay for me! lol xD

    Oh, than that definitely makes it better though it makes me think of a male version of Working!!’s Inami. ^^; But at least now, I’ll be able to tolerate it better.
    And yesh, Miyu makes it adorable. <3

    B-but it didn’t kill you! Unless you like getting killed by cuteness, then blame GSC for that! xD;
    And guud job. Only spend for the best is the best policy. (-.-)b *sigh*
    I really don’t get why they won’t make a Nagisa figure, though, since she is as popular as Kyou and Tomoyo, if not more truly loved by all her fans. *waves Nagisa fan* Maybe she’ll come sooner or later. In any case, Kotobukiya’s version won’t do. I want a better quality figure from Wave…with her holding a dango. |D

    Haha, if set 2 and 3 are successful (which is likely), then it’d be smart to make a set 4. Especially for Naoi. He’s grown so popular with the fans after his Otonashi-conversion. And yes! The hats are so cute~! xDDD

  6. Lolz, yes, take my word for it!

    I like your way of thinking when it comes to BL hints…especially since it’s true. =P

    Oh, I know, Gackt really doesn’t look 37. At all. And yeah, lately a samurai would be more suiting, but that’s going to be his role in Bunraku (whenever the heck that comes out), so he can be a vampire here. ^^

    While I think there was enough romance, the thing is (for me) there was also plenty of Ship Tease going on, which I’m not always fond of since this series kinda had a harem going on, which I expected but still…Sometimes I wondered if Araragi really did like Hitagi, and I didn’t like thinking that. So, I think sometimes the harem was focused on a bit more than the actual abnormal problems and Araragi solving them, which made me want a bit more of Hitagi and Araragi, since it didn’t seem as established as it could have been. But, that’s the only real compliant that I have. Other than that this series was truly wonderful! <3

    Yep, Leo is Yandere for Eli…Though Leo is also Yangire towards anyone who tries to cut his hair (no lie). He will nearly beat someone to death if they try to cut his hair! O.o

    The CG in “Tangled” is really beautiful (more so it’s the colors that are beautiful), but really, Disney cannot give us the Princess and the Frog with its wonderful 2-D and then go and take it away from us! D: I’m going to wait for one more trailer before I make my final judgment. But as of right now, I’m going to go and see this movie…online or free on TV, but not in theaters! *Also an old classics fan*

    You’re welcome! ^-^

  7. Ahhh, I keep hearing about people going to Japan on vacation, the jealousy!!! ;__;

    and lol, older gen Chinese people will always look at Japanese stuff as “inferior” even if they merely won’t admit otherwise — too much racially inherited grudge going on. Also, all of china is scorching anyways xPPP be glad that at least you aren’t taking the trip in late July/early August when even Manchuria is hooootttttt <_<.

    and curses the cute nendos, here I thought I spent my spare budget this monster but… can't… refuse… (TT_TT )

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