Katanagatari ~ Ep. 6 ~ Half a year too early for snow.

Haaaa…this was a good episode. Yea, the fighting scenes were poor compared to the previous ones but there was a significant amount of character development for Togame (that or I was just super happy to see her blushing again) as well as nice interaction among all the characters that showed up.

Plus, omg, Konayuki is so adorable that I wouldn’t mind getting a fatal bone-crushing hug from her! Kyaa~! I want to take her home! x333

lol, yea. So this is going to be a long review as I’m not holding back on anything and will try my best to cover everything I want to say. Pretty much almost every last minute of this ep but I can’t help it! I love this series! <333


First things first, lolwut? Polar bears and giant seals and GLACIERS in Ezo? I mean, yes, Ezo (now known as Hokkaido) is pretty far north but not that far enough to have Arctic climate.

Even if the Earth’s temperature was much lower centuries ago, I doubt Ezo was cold enough to have large sheets of glaciers.

Oh Japan, you just have to have everything, don’t you? ^^;

Anyways, Shichika and Togame are climbing up Mount Odori to the “first disaster area”, where the Itezora clan who’s in possession of Soutou Kanazuchi live.

Omg, their hair. It’s all frozen! So frozen hard that Togame can even smack Shichika with it! LOL xD;

I remember during one winter, we were coming back from swimming at around 10 at night and before I even got in the car, my wet hair was already stiff solid. I was afraid it would snap off since hair can be very brittle even when it’s like that. So just looking at Togame’s long hair made me worry if it would break off when it hit Shichika. ^^;

On the Itezora clan and Kanazuchi itself, Togame doesn’t really know a thing about them outside assumptions from what she heard. That the clan resembled abominable snowmen (since they’re practically covered in heavy fur) and Kanazuchi is thought to be a set of two swords rather than just one going on how its name is written.

Though there is one thing Togame does know: “Itezora clan’s ancestors were apparently the giants of Izumo.”

Shichika’s response: “Well that’s useful to know..not.” Kahaha. XDD;;;

I loved how he was so sarcastic with Togame while they were standing there arguing in the middle of a friggin’ blizzard as if it was the most normal thing for “couple”-like people to do…which it is. lol
But it’s especially noteworthy to see how much he’s matured since last episode. Yes, I think he really has matured a lot after that fight with Azekura. He isn’t simply Togame’s sword anymore. At the very least, they both don’t regard him as an object used to cut down people who get in their way. Unlike before, they are truly companions now.

And what do companions on journey do? They bicker with each other, of course! On more or less equal levels and I think it’s definitely shown here.

Shichika was always getting the short-end of their squabbles, either by Togame physically abusing him in some way or her making degrading comments about his intelligence. It’s not like any of these ever bothered him but you should also remember, he didn’t know how to counter back at her on a lot of things. Well, it’s different now. After 6 months of traveling together, and thus, getting to know Togame better, he’s grown as a person through those interactions, including the ones he have with other swordsmen except to a lesser extent.

How else can someone who previously viewed himself as “I’m a sword who moves only when my owner tells me to” retort back like how Shichika did with Togame on her setback of lack of information? Moreover, he did it twice in a row that even she didn’t know how to effectively respond other than attempting another “Cheerio!” at him.

In any case, this is a great improvement on his part. Up until now, his personality has been static in that he’s always basing everything on what a sword is supposed to do, not what an individual would do. And I don’t think there’s a better way to illustrate this change than to show how more competent he is at dealing with Togame’s feisty little temper. ^^

And his laugh and teasings at Togame certainly help that idea that he’s becoming more human move along. I don’t think there’s been any moments of him having humorous expressions. At least not notable ones other than the time he was joke-lamenting at the end of episode 3.

Majority of the time, he’s always blank-faced and listening in on the conversation. It doesn’t give him a doll-like impression, but behaviorally, that’s the best way I can describe it. He’s just meant to look like a weapon, tall and intimidating.

Understandable since he’s been raised that way. His father, Mutsue, trained him to master the ways of being a sword and Nanami, who is even more taciturn than her brother is by appearance, also brought Shichika up under what I’m assuming is strict discipline due to him being the next head of Kyoutouryuu. Shichika’s had limited contact with the outside so his whole life has basically revolved around his training.

Well, look how much has changed when Togame took him off that island, eh?

Last but not least, who wouldn’t laugh at a freezing Togame saying “Cherirurero!”? lol xD;

Meanwhile, back in Owari, Mon-kun gives the latest news to Hitei-hime and as usual, she takes up on the opportunity to criticize Togame. Though she follows up with something interesting: “She must have heard about my return to power by now.”

But wait, there’s more. It seems that Hitei-hime has gone through a lot of trouble to “employ” Mon-kun as her servant so now I’m wondering if her former loss of influence was due to him. The fact that he wears that mask all the time, which Hitei-hime has placed upon him herself, makes me think that he could have been an ex-criminal who was almost executed had not someone of power intervened. Also, Mon-kun’s face is referred to as “darker than darkness”, which seems to support the theory he could’ve been just that.
If so, it’s plausible that could’ve cost Hitei-hime some of her power for getting involved with someone against the law. Additionally, he’s always hidden in the shadows and has to move around without being noticed. That sounds a lot like what a skilled convict would know how to do.

Furthermore, the theory that Mon-kun was possibly saved by Hitei-hime doesn’t really need any facts to confirm it. He answers to her completely which clearly shows us his loyalty to her and even smirks when she mocks him, as if he’s used to this treatment along with her pompous attitude. This leads me to believe that they must have a long-term relationship or one that’s established enough trust between master and servant to be similar to one.

Whatever the case is, they’re an interesting pair of accomplices and I guess I’m already shipping them as my second pairing for this series. lol, always with the shipping. xD;

I can’t wait to learn more about them in later episodes and hope some of my thoughts here are close to right. ^^;

Back to main issue, Hitei-hime sure does know a lot about her country for someone who doesn’t leave the castle grounds, huh? She must have some connections with the pirates’ network, that’s gotta be it!

It appears that Mt. Odori was designated as a first class disaster region not because of its harsh snowstorms but for the inhabitants of that mountain.

And Hitei-hime takes joy in knowing what Togame doesn’t a lot as well. Especially when Togame is heading towards said danger. Oh yea, that definitely smells like some killing intent on Hitei-hime’s part. ^^;

Going back to our heroes, Togame comically pulls off the “I’m dying” act and requests Shichika to make all of Japan adopt “Cheerio!” as a catchphrase if she does go bye-bye to which he correctly replies “Are you crazy?!” xDDD;;;

In all seriousness, though (lolwutsrsness?), Togame says she realized that she should have just found someone to love and have a family instead of chasing her ambitions and revenge working as an officer for the Shogunate and stuff.

Y’know, I would’ve taken this pretty seriously (yes, I’m not joking around seriously) if it weren’t for the comical way Togame approached it. The music doesn’t help either. Oi.

…I mean…yea…this totally smells like a death flag…there’s not doubt about it that Shichika changed her life but she didn’t have to make it worse for me to be dramatic.

Yea, I think I should shut up before I say too much. ^^;

Well, Shichika finally succumbs to the cold and frostbite in his legs (good god, he didn’t even “feel cold” until he passed out) and Togame tries to slap him awake but to no avail.

Now I’m starting to wonder just how harsh the weather is on Fushou Island. Shichika never seemed to mind the cold even when it was the middle of January and coming to Mt. Odori is the first time that it’s had such a heavy effect on him. This makes me think his training is ten times harder than I thought it was and that the Kyoutouryuu head must have pushed their successors to their limits from early childhood. ^^;

Anyways, they’re saved~! Yay~!

lol, Konayuki is probably the cutest litte abominable snowmanloli EVAR~!!!!! x3333

That or she looks more like a giant snow rabbit to me. lol xD;


This whole moment just speaks for itself. xD;

Meanwhile, the Maniwa heads have their meeting and here’s a run down of what’s left of them (lol):

Houou – Seen him already. No need for introduction.
Umigame – It’s a turtle voiced by Toshihiko Seki!! 8D
Oshidori – The would-have-been widow of Chouchou. Her seiyuu is Kaori Yamagata, who doesn’t have many notable roles but gets that srsbznz tone through. Hmm, I was expecting something different on her voice but I guess this works, too. :/
Kawauso – He’s an otter? I thought he was a weasel! o.O; Voiced by Shinji Kawada who I am not familiar with.
Pengin (spelling, lawl~ xD) – Kyou’s a penguin shota, peoples! What did I tell you about my CLANNAD wishes coming true, EH?! Kahahaha! XDDD;;;

And Kyouken we’ll get to later.

Anyways, Houou explains his reasoning for the truce made with Togame and asks if there are any objections to it. Pfft, well, duh, but the Maniwa ninjas have to put their village (6 of them) before their revenge. Surprisingly, Oshidori is able hold her anger at the loss of her lover pretty well (likewise and more so for Kawauso cuz Koumori was his best friend) unlike the much older and experienced Kyouken who doesn’t seem to consent with this decision.

But her aside, they plan to search for the swords other than the ones located in Ezo and the three other places Houou gave Togame information about in the previous episode. Huh, that’s strange. I thought for sure Houou told those locations precisely to keep her and Shichika away from them. I didn’t think he was giving those two a freebie, especially since there will only be two swords left that still haven’t been investigated yet. Sounds like Houou is up to something that he’s not telling the other Maniwa heads about but I’m not sure what.

In any case, Pengin stutters some bad news about the sword in Shireizan that is has been taken and everyone else living in that area was killed off by some “monster” so to speak. In just half an hour. o.O;

Hmm, now is the time start wondering “WHODUNIT?!” though the suspense is kinda cut short…well, you know. |D;

With this new “monster” on the sword hunt, Houou asks Kyouken to take the job of handling it but she already left straight for Ezo when she heard that’s where Togame and Shichika are at right now to avenge her fellow clansmen.

This is particularly bad cuz it will break the alliance Houou formed with Togame the month before so he has no choice but to chase after her to prevent the worst from happening and takes Kawauso along with him.

So finally, we get to Kyouken, whose name and design is based on a “rabid dog” (a wild dog, I’m guessing). She excels in speed, at least in this form, and like Umegami says, is very emotional to the point where no one can stop her if she’s on a rage.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not but her seiyuu, Michiko Neya, also voiced for Adiane in TTGL. Adiane and Kyouken’s personalities are really similar in the respect that they are very proud and very old and very vengeful when it comes to the death of their comrades so I was able to recognize her voice and make connections immediately when I heard Kyouken speak. I dunno, I just found it interesting cuz it’s been a while since I heard Michiko Neya’s voice.

K, back to those two, Konayuki introduces herself (“Uchiji!” AAAHHHH!!! SO CUTE!! XDDDDD) and says she is the only survivor of the Itezora clan that was “wiped out by an avalanche a month ago”.

She’s pretty quick on realizing the situation as well when Shichika mentions about the swords even though since she is a child, the elders of the village never told her any clan secrets.

Btw, before I forget, it’s pretty certain that the Itezora clan is based off of the Ainu people who have occupied northern Japan (particularly Ezo) way before the Japanese did. You can think of them as the natives, I guess.
Further proof can be seen in the designs of Konayuki’s tapestries (?) as they seem to be similar to the ones on Ainu clothing and the fact that Konayuki bears a resemblance in physical features in that her skin is more pale than the “land dwellers” and that she has more hair (yea…).

Sadly to say, finding a “pure Ainu” ethnic group is a rarity nowadays due to intermarriage with the Japanese over the years. Reminds me a lot about the Native Americans here. :(

Moving along, though Konayuki doesn’t know what Kanazuchi looks like, she does remember the mayor’s (they had a mayor?) son using it for hunting and offers to go find it for them.

All the while being too cheery for a girl who just lost her village a short time ago which probably led few to think she might have caused it instead of that avalanche but pfft, that wouldn’t make sense anyhow so we’ll just save this for later.

After she left, Shichika wonders if Konayuki is being kind to them because she’s lonely and Togame makes note that he was able to recognize it by himself instead of being normally nonchalant. Shichika isn’t worried since he’s going up against a kid and they may not have to fight since the entire clan that might have opposed them has been wiped out and Konayuki doesn’t have any attachment to the sword either.

It’s a pretty cruel thing for me to say but yea, after what happens later, they lucked out BIG time.

Which leads to the issue of an avalanche being the cause of the demise of the village unlikely if the clan has been living under these conditions for such a long time. Moreover, the clan lived at the peak. Again, it is Shichika who points all of this out. He may not be as clever as Togame or have a sense as sharp as Nanami’s but he can certainly think things quite reasonably.

Well, that’s more than good enough for me cuz people can’t call him so much as “stupid” anymore. His critical thinking just has its limits and even those are starting to break thanks to all the experience he’s had on this journey.

OMG, KONAYUKIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! ;___________________;

Now who was it who even thought up the atrocious idea that Konayuki was responsible for the death of her village?! D8<

I dunno, I felt like I read it somewhere but like I said, that's the most ridiculous thing to suggest unless she's greatly psychotic underneath. And we all know who’s psychotic in this show.

At the same time, if I hadn’t known who is the real culprit behind the murders, I’d probably be throwing boulders and swearing revenge by now.
Ohhh, poor Konayuki. I want to hug her and wipe away her tears andand…ADOPT her or something! *huggles Konayuki* ;____;

Back in the cave, Togame demands that Shichika tells her all the secrets that he’s still keeping from her (after that incident with “Cheerio!”) and he does. That he killed his father and that he’s known from the start that she was the daughter of the man his father had killed.

Wow, I was NOT expecting this. o.O;

Gah, this is why I love this show so much. It always surprises me. I won’t lie that I sort of wanted Shichika to keep these two secrets from Togame a little longer but this can work in my favor as well. What I’m trying to say is that Shichika’s upfront honesty towards Togame is like a huge cool, refreshing breath of air. While I’m not sure if there are any negatives to this, I can think up a few positives that made this particular part more crucial in their relationship:

1) It obviously shows that Shichika’s love for Togame is the real deal and that he isn’t doing this job of accompanying her for other motives. She stated precisely from the beginning that she can only trust a man who moves for love.

Well, what’s the point of trusting a man who can’t even be honest with you, right?

I think I can trust Shichika to have figured out that much (or maybe he’s just being extremely simple-minded again in the good way) so that’s why there was no hesitance on his part when she asked him. He has nothing to lose (supposedly) since all he’s allowed to do is love her. So…why not?

2) This will later and further support that Shichika only intends to fight for Togame’s sake alone to the very end. Of course, since he had no connections with anyone of importance prior to Togame, that’s just being redundant.

However, despite the fact that this straight-forwardness of his can seem heartless at times, it doesn’t change that he’s utterly devoted to Togame and would never, EVER betray her like he quasi-promised during their onsen discussion last episode.

And you’ll see what I mean with what happens much, much later on. Also, please refrain from spoiling about the novel in comments as usual, thanks very much.

Well, Togame can relax since the other person who knew of her past is already dead. What she’s more concerned now is that Shichika fell for her despite who she is…no, for who she is.

Eh, but just as things were about to get “Ooo, where’s this going? 8D”, she cuts short at “You fell for-” and goes into a ridiculously ADORABLE blushing fit…

Complete with “Iiiiiyyyyyyyaaaa~~~~” and face pulling and all that nice cute stuff that just makes her MOE. lol

Well, there’s definitely no reason for Togame to doubt Shichika again after that. She even admits this might have improved their situation which made me a very happy girl inside. Oh yes! Hehe x3

Then she ordered Shichika to never tell anyone else about what he just told her which is a smart move. Especially since Shichika is Shichika, he’d probably die before letting anyone know about it.

K then, now that they’ve gone over that, it’s Shichika’s turn to ask the questions and he wants to know what Togame intends to do with him after they collected all the swords.

Way to surprise me again, Nisioisin. Or should I thank Shichika’s growing thought process? Hmm. :)

It’s a fair trade and I think I’ll take Togame’s word on it that she’s not making up excuses when she said she doesn’t know and wants to focus on the sword hunt before giving him an answer. They still have a long way to go and who knows what will happen from now until then.

At least I can be sure that Togame, at this point, does not want to treat Shichika badly even if he is the son of her enemy. She knows that Shichika has done a lot for her without asking anything in return (well, maybe for her to reciprocate some of his affections but he never really stressed that) and Togame certainly isn’t heartless to those who have earned so much of her trust. The only one in her life being Shichika.

Additionally, it’s more subtle than Shichika’s case, but Togame has changed a lot for the better, too, after meeting and traveling with him. In the beginning, she was very ambitious, rude, condescending and above all, selfish. She’s softened up a bit more and is more considerate towards him not just for all his successful battles but the lengths he’ll go through for her. Redundancy being redundant, nobody’s done that for her before and I’m sure somewhere along the way, she’s grown very attached to him and this snuggling moment just proves it.

Oh, and this, too. Plus, it earns a very heart-warming D’AWWWW from me. His sleeping face is so cute. <3

But do you notice that look on Togame's face? Yea, that's the one you only make out of fondness for something. Togame seems to find it adorable, too, since it's the first time Shichika has ever let his guard down in front of someone. Even her since she usually falls asleep before he does and that's telling a lot.

So who doesn't believe my above theories on these two yet, huh? Need I drill it into your head a little further with more ranting? Kehehe.

Haha, Shichika was only pretending to be fall asleep first~

I wouldn’t blame anyone if they are still suspicious of him having something up his sleeve but I’m dead set on what I said earlier about that issue. I think he purposely pretended to fall asleep cuz he might’ve thought that his question troubled Togame a little too much and so he went nighty-night to get her to set it aside for now so that she can rest already.

That or…he just wanted to watch her sleep.

Or both. I can take both, too. Hee~ x3

Yep, at this point, they’re strong enough to become an OTP in my books so…*stamps it* You have been tagged, Shichika and Togame! Woot! *celebrates* \(^O^)/

Konayuki: “WAAAHHH!!!”

Shichika, Togame: “AAAAHHH!!!!” *falls outta bed*

Kahahaha! Great wake-up call. xDDDD;;;

Konayuki, you can wake me up anytime you want, dear! <333

…and now that I've seen this, I have this really tempting thought to make Konayuki Shichika and Togame's love child…what? It works! This is what children do to wake their parents up, YES?! xDDDD;;;

So yea, here’s Kanazuchi and it’s friggin’ heavy as hell that not even Shichika can lift it off the ground. Of course, Konayuki can since people of the Itezora clan have great strength so it’s right to say that Kanazuchi chose the Itezora clan as its owner.

Hard to believe Konayuki can be called “weak”, though. Among her own kind, I guess but still. ^^;

Anyways, Konayuki says that according to the documents that came with the sword (lol, it had a manual? xD; ), if some land-dweller wants Kanazuchi, they’ll have to fight for it. Though we later find out this isn’t true but we’ll ave that for later. Aha~

So they get their fight underway and…um, yea. Konayuki is total amateur at it. But a very cute one she is. <3

…A very cute amateur with superhuman strength swinging a massive sword around that is. o.O;

I really can't help but feel amused at how she seems to be having so much fun playing around. And who can really blame her? She's lonely~ I wouldn’t play-brawl with her as an activity, though.

Haha, poor Shichika. It’s difficult for him to land a hit without killing her (NOOO!!! Don’t do that! ;A;) cuz they need her to carry Kanazuchi back to Owari. She also has very good agility since she’s able to dodge most of his attacks with ease. Hmmm…never knew one of Shichika’s biggest challenges would be a loli. lol xD;

Kyoutouryuu: Sumire

Hey now, play nice, Shichika! >:/

lol, nvm. Had no effect on her at all. This really is starting to turn out like some weird snowball-shove fight. ^^;

I think she was being modest when she said she was the weakest in terms of strength among her clansman. Cuz there is no way an 11-year old with no fighting experience can wield a sword like that. And I’m not talking about her swinging it back and forth. That part where she was able to “change the swing” of the sword made me start wondering if the Itezora people have some small innate talent for fighting with swords. It’s not all that important to the plot or anything but if they really got down to it, it’ll be interesting to learn about them further since Kanazuchi fell into their hands by destiny (or whatever).

And ah…yea, Konayuki’s still having her fun. <D;

*GASP!* OAO!!!

Nooo, Konayuki~! Nooo, Shichika! Ouch, that looks so painful I can’t even look at it. *cringes* >.<!

It's enough to get Togame into a panic, though, and for her to call off the fight because she's so worried about him. Aww. That makes me feel a little better at least.

So ends Shichika’s perfect streak of perfect wins but it’s not like it’s a hard blow to his career as a swordsman or anything. An occasional loss in a match is a good thing since it’ll won’t be interesting otherwise and hey, smack me for being strange, but it’s nice to see a girl worrying over her guy’s injuries. Ne? ;D

Just as Kyouken arrived at Mt. Odori, Houou and Kawauso discuss about her while still running towards their destination and it turns out Kyouken’s ninpou is something of a “resident” mind, which allows her to jump between (only female) bodies. That would explain how she’s able to live for so long even after her original body died.

However, that’s not really what I’m concerned at the moment. Apparently, Kawauso might have to die in order to keep the alliance standing between the Maniwani and Togame just in case Kyouken breaks it and the damn otter is freakin’ okay with it. In fact, he’s actually “looking forward” to his death since he’s never tried it before.

…right. I don’t know whether his…”willingness” is due to his duty to the ninja clan or if he simply doesn’t care about his life at all. That’s a stark contrast to what he said earlier about wanting to avenge Koumori, even if he was pretty controlled about that. Perhaps too controlled and laidback. God, who trains these people?! o.O;

Anyways, aww, Konayuki is so sincerely apologetic about breaking Shichika’s arm that it just makes me want to hug her. And she even got him a pile of jerky to chew on (which, I found extremely cute to see Shichika chewing on jerky, kyaa~ x33).

lol, she’s still not good on her words though (“I didn’t think Shichika-onii-chan would be so weak”; Shichika: *frowns*) but that’s not her fault. She’s an abominable snowgirl so yea. ^^;

“Then to help Shichika-onii-chan recover faster, I’ll go hunt lots of tasty rabbits!”




Anyways, Togame is feeling super guilty about what happened and…and it’s just so darn cute of her to apologize with such a depressed face! KAAAAHHHH!!! XDDDD

What’s more is that she’s afraid that he thinks she might bombard him with her usual insults because his lost this time and that’s a first. So Shichika’s well-being is more important now, isn’t it? That’s definitely an improvement I see right there. *happy* ^^

Shichika reassures her that he’s not angry with her at all and that’s some of it is his to blame since he underestimated Konayuki just because she was a kid. Hmm, but that’s the thing with kids. They don’t really know anything so they’re unpredictable and that’s what resulted in Shichika’s loss against her.
Right now, Shichika seems to be more upset that he couldn’t keep his promise to Togame to “protect himself” but Togame tells him not to be so hard on himself and ehhh, yadda yadda. You get a string of apologies and making up to follow. I don’t feel like going over it but it was just very sweet for Togame to realize how mean she was him and overall just care about him a great deal.

I guess that little talk they had last night was more effective that they both thought? Hehe. ^^

Good thing for them, Togame’s already figured out that Konayuki is probably lying to them about the need to fight for the sword. Konayuki just wants someone to keep her company and if they just take off with Kanazuchi, she’ll be all alone. Awww…


Konayuki~! I’ll forgive you! I’ll forgive you ten times over, and another ten times after that and for the next 100 x 10 times and infinity, I’ll forgive you, too!

Hell, as if I’ll ever blame my Konayuki for wanting someone to be with her. She’s such a sweet, innocent kid and she even knows what she’s doing is wrong and intends to apologize for it anyways. How can anyone be angry at that? *huggles Konayuki* <3333

This…was just…too cute, OMG! *squeals* xDDDDDDD

Ugh, and then some b*tch had to get smacked in the stomach that ruined the moment. BOOOO!!!! xP

That’s some body tattoo you have there.

Ugh, as far as fanservice goes, this show is pretty moderate on the boobs and what not but I was still annoyed that for several minutes, the top of Kyouken’s zebra-lined buttcheeks had to take up half of my screen. I’d much rather watch Konayuki going “…?” than get a male’s view of her rear. -_-;

As much as I’m okay with Kyouken (I actually like everyone, and the Maniwa more as a group), when she broke out into a furious speech about how she was going to avenge every single one of her fallen comrades (the hell did she have to name every one of them for? And like a dozen times at that?! D/), I just couldn’t help but face-palm and go “Ugh, she’s so going to die in like what? 4 minutes? Let’s just get this over with.”

I mean, isn’t that how it’s always been. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything new. I already got that from Shichika losing to Konayuki. :P

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! What are you doing to my Konayuki, you bastardized offspring of a coyote and a zebra?! D8<

And Kyouken has successfully taken over Konayuki’s body.

NO! NO NO NO! Get out of there! Give me back my cute Konayuki, you b*tch! *throws tables* Dx<

Now this is just weird. I get why they’re letting Kyouken have her fun of trying the new body out so that Togame can explain to Shichika about her ninpou but seriously. Woman’s been so thirsty for revenge only to be distracted by “Woo! This is so cool! I can SMASH things!”? Wut?


Well, whatever. “Cheerio!” has gotten its own yell-out screenshot and it’s PINK! It’s friggin’ PINK!!! xDDDD;;;

Nice dodge there, btw, Shichika. lawl~

Kyouken also gets Konayuki’s memories when she took over the body and it turns out that the Itezora clan was not wiped out by an avalanche but by someone instead.

I think you’d have to have pretty bad eyesight to not know that person is Nanami. And even if that distant shot wasn’t enough to convince you, then the preview confirms her as the one responsible for all those massacres. She’s the only non-new character who fits the “crazy killer” description and has a reason to kill in such a manner.

My guess on why Konayuki was the only survivor was probably because she was out when Nanami arrived at the village. Nanami might have left when she couldn’t find Kanazuchi or couldn’t pick up the sword herself since the strength the Itezora are known for are in their genetics, not their fighting technique. So there’s no point in her staying too long if she couldn’t take anything.

As for why she felt the need to kill everyone in the clan…well, the Itezora people were the ones that made Mt. Odori a first disaster area so I doubt they’ll just welcome Nanami with open arms. It’s not like Nanami had any intentions of getting along with them either so you figure out from there.

Uwah, Nanami is scary. o.O;

So the real fight gets underway. Kyouken gets all arrogant cuz she’s an old bag of 2,000 years of experience under that loli coat and that knocks Shichika off a bit but he’s able to read her movements much better than he can with Konayuki.

It resulted in this…

Kyoutouryuu: Ume

Awesomest kick of the month.

Though I feel bad cuz it’s Konayuki’s body but I doubt she’ll feel it in the morning anyway so no problem.

Woot! Shichika~! xDDDD

Anyways, this is going to lead back to the no-stance direction that Nanami takes to. When I heard Shichika say that it was easier to read what his opponent was going to do next, it instantly reminded me of what Nanami said when she was up against Chouchou. So you can see where they’re alike there. Not only as siblings but siblings who practiced and trained under the same fighting technique. The problem is…the Maniwani are currently not his greatest obstacle. They’re the warm-up round for what will be perhaps his greatest challenge ever and I wonder how he’ll be able to cope with that. In skill and psychologically.

Well, it’s already decided that Kyouken’s done for but what really nailed it so great for me was how badass Togame sounded. Only Togame can get away with saying “I’m confident I can die by just falling over” and still hold the advantage over her enemy without getting into a defensive position.

That’s where her team up with Shichika smoothly transitions in. She has so much faith that he’ll win this that she’s not reluctant or scared in the least in giving him the order to kill her (BRUTALLY) in case Kyouken takes her hostage. Cuz she knows he’d do it out of his deep loyalty to her, whether it goes for the best or the worst. And the likelihood that it’s going for the best is pretty high cuz both of them are quite confident in Shichika’s ability as a fighter.

There’s nothing more that needs to be said. They have a very deep trust between them and it’s just awesome.

Kyouken, however, is not the least discouraged. She shouts out her name for the nth time and “ARGH! I’m gonna avenge my friends!” all that crap. She reverses Kanazuchi and then we understand why Kanazuchi is referred to as “the pair”. You can hold either side of the sword and use the opposite end as the blade, making it two swords in one.

K, that’s nice. I don’t find that trait of it as cool as its heaviness but yea. *shrug*

Kyoutouryuu: Hikara Kuyou


Shichika is so cool~! x33333

And that’s the end of Kyouken. Pretty smart of Shichika to be able to think up a way to kill her by aiming at the tattoos and avoid fatally injuring Konayuki.

See~ He’s not an idiot. Ya just have to give him a chance to show his awesomeness. <333

Afterwards, Togame reflects on how this is the first time she’s seen Shichika act on his own (to not kill) and basically disobey her orders. She probably had always known that he was a human being before he was a sword but her ambitions probably blinded her from realizing it.

Then again, what she says after didn’t make sense to me since she claimed she wanted “to awaken the human side of Shichika” and yet ended up doing the opposite. Around that time, it’s not like she had so much of an attachment to him as she does now so it’s hard for me to believe that she intended to change Shichika so that he would think more on his free will.

Though the part where she lightly punches him because she was mad with herself on that isn’t as confusing. Weird. lol xD;

Finally, Houou and Kawauso arrive but are too late. Houou, knowing that Togame wouldn’t consider agreeing to keep the truce after what happened, says that they’ll take responsibility for Kyouken violating the alliance and proceeds to…

Cut off Kawauso’s head. o.O;

His death, however, is in the benefit for Togame since Kawauso’s ninpou, Record Tracer, was valuable to the Maniwani towards the sword hunt because it can technically trace inanimate objects, similar to how Kyouken can take over memories with each body she robs.

Well, now that the Maniwani has lost an advantageous information tool, they’re worst off than Togame is. Plus, there are only 4 members remaining now so nothing’s looking bright for them.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect Kawauso to die so early. Then again, I should have expected it because I never see him again after chapter 6 in my illustration book.

That didn’t mean I didn’t go “WTF?!” when Houou just knocked his head off his neck. He really is a freaky, creepy guy. *shudder*

Shocked and disgusted by Houou and his methods of negotiating, Togame says she’ll overlook their mistake and tells him to get out of her sight already.

Houou then leaves them some of his gratitude by giving Togame information about the sword in Shireizan has changed its owner and said owner is on his/her way to Shikoku.

You know what that means. Another pit stop on the way back to Owari. And it’s not going to be a happy one. Dx

So, I guess half a month later, since Shichika’s arms seems to be healed now, Konayuki is given the task to carry Kanazuchi back to Owari and from there, she’ll be sent to the Sanzu shrine in Izumo to live. Yay~, at least Konayuki won’t have to live all alone on that mountain anymore. I’m happy~ <3


Konayuki apologized for lying and thanked them for spending time with her. I’m glad~

…But now I’m sad. I don’t want Konayuki to go! ARGH! I’m sticking with the idea that she would make a wonderful love child for Shichika and Togame so why don’t you stay with them for the rest of their journey, Konayuki~?! *cries* Dx

You already got the white hair down andand you three get along so well andandand a kid completes the family equation. KONAYUKIIIII~~~~~~!!!!!!!!! >A<

…*sniff* I will miss her and her adorable "Uchiji!" lots. T____________T

Well, these two are finally off but Shichika says he still has some feelings of regret, to which blows Togame into a mini-jealousy storm cuz she thought he meant he had some change of heart towards Konayuki and preferred younger girls instead. lol, Togame’s so weird. Not to mention her imagination is creepy.

And wouldn’t she be able to cheat and pass off as little girl since she’s half his size anyway? Doesn’t that count? *shot* xD;

Anyways, Shichika’s still bummed about his loss in the match against Konayuki, even after Togame reassured him that it was merely a fluke on Konayuki’s part and couldn’t really be counted as a loss.

OMG, this is so cute. She takes the chance to snuggle up to him and sorta covers it up by saying if he wanted to, he can have a rematch with her after their journey is over.

That’s nice to hear coming from her since she doesn’t have any intentions of just throwing him away like a used rag afterwards.

But ack, whatever. I don’t care at the moment cuz this is just too KYAA~! for words. xDDD;;;;

lol, Mon-kun. I didn’t think his hair would be so red in the anime even though that is his official color in the illustrations. |D;

Anyways, I’m sure a lot of people were surprised to hear that ultra spoiler at the end of Shichika killing Nanami. I, of course, was also surprised when I heard it but apparently, that’s how it was done in the novels as well. And since I’ve spoiled myself way way waaaaayyy ahead of most of you anime-only viewers, it didn’t shock me so much that I felt the need to go bitter over it.

Cuz this episode has been dropping so many hints already. First, Nanami killed the Itezora clann, then took the sword from Shireizan. It’s only a matter of time before she reunites with Shichika and Togame again and therefore, meet her death since she possesses one of Kiki’s deviant swords. Like hell she’s just going to hand it over. If you recall, some “disciplining” for Shichika is still on her to-do list. -_-;

I’m still standing by my theory that this is all a part of her plan. She wants to die because her own illness couldn’t kill her and continuing to live is the equivalent of suffering for her. The only one capable of defeating her and ending her life would be none other than Shichika himself. So as much as I’ll be sad when he’s faced with no other option but to kill her (if he spares her, she’ll just wreck more havoc), I can understand what role she must play in order for the plot to move forward.

So to all those considering dropping the show since it won’t be interesting without Nanami anymore…you’re such shallow losers. This doesn’t compare to what will happen after episode 7.



Finally, awwww…they made snowmen together. <3333


ED: “Yuki no Onna” by Ali Project

I know. Everybody hates Ali Project. I don’t quite like them as much I used to either and this song definitely isn’t close to my like-list but they’re staying true to their style so what can you do? Drop it and go back to the brighter songs they did in the past, that’s what. D/

Anyways, I’m guessing there’s a great chance of Mai Nakahara singing the ED theme for the next episode since it’s going to be focused on Nanami after all. Will be looking forward to it and kinda hoping it’ll make me cry inside…just a little. Nanami~ ;____;



The hell?! Are they really going to change the art style?! THE HELL?! D8<

Unfortunately, no new trailers have been uploaded to the main site yet so nothing's confirmed but going on how we were treated with that preview for episode 4…I don't know what to trust. -_-;

It's not like I find this animation style bad or anything but it sure as hell makes everything look more cartoonier than it is already. Whatever, I'm sure I won't mind when I get to watch it next month cuz the overall episode means more to me than things looking different.

I'm more frustrated that the dropped another spoiler by showing Togame's hair cut. And NO, I will not explain how that happened. You'll just have to watch it for yourself. At least they didn't show where the next sword is cuz…yea.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to all the lovely yangire moments from Nanami and what reaction Shichika will have to this side of her that he’s probably never seen before. And of course, Shichika’s ultimate attack that will probably be perfected once she tells him of its weakness and he defeats her with it.

Then bring on the tissues cuz I’m starting the mourning right now. Especially for Shichika. Poor guy. If Nanami’s made up her mind, then that’s her choice but Shichika’s about to lose his only family! *BAWWWWWWSSSSSSSSS* >AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA<

*sniff* So yes, next episode will be airing on a Friday again. July 9th. I'll already be back from vacation by then but it'll probably take me another week to type up a post so please wait for it as always.

K, that's all. Thanks for reading and I'm sorry for the lateness and any sloppiness in this review. I got tired halfway through so I'll try to be more organized for the next one.

Laterz. ^^


4 thoughts on “Katanagatari ~ Ep. 6 ~ Half a year too early for snow.

  1. I was kinda glad to see that Shichika got hurt in this episode. It showed he isn’t as invincible as the previous episodes made him out to be. And, lol, by a little girl! XD

    But damn, it was hard seeing his arm break. The X-ray vision and sound sent chills all over my body!

    Also, HE USED “HIKARA KUYOU” WITH A BROKEN ARM!!! FFFF that cracking I heard, I’m sure it was the wood and not the bones…right?

  2. I really hope they don’t change the art style to the one implied in the preview…I’ll do this TT_TT if they do!

    We all are lolicon for Konayuji! Hurrah! \(^0^)/

    Though to say there’s been some controversy regarding Shichika’s broken arm. Some people say it’s meant to be a fracture only, but as the x-ray view shows….That does not look like a fracture at all…
    Did he really broke his arm, or was it a fracture in the novel? (Which also comes to say that Shichika has an insane healing speed if it were a broken arm 0_0).

  3. 53RG10: Me, too. lol, sounds so harsh coming from a big Shichika fan like myself but that lucky streak had to end somewhere. And yes, by a little girl. lol xD

    You’re quite sensitive to that stuff, arent’ ya? *likewise* o.O;

    I’m pretty sure it was the wood. ^^;


    Kittymaverick: Yea. T_T

    YAY! More loli love for Konayuki! lolol XD;

    I don’t know what happened in the novel cuz I only have an illustration book and they didn’t show me his injury in there either.
    But I’ve heard there is no difference between a fracture and a broken bone. They’re practically the same thing and the degree of how much the bone’s broken doesn’t matter.

    That being said, yea, it’s freaky how it just healed within half a month. Though judging from the screencap and other x-rays I looked at, the damage on his arm is smaller in comparison.

  4. I can’t wait till the next ep, even before seeing episode 4,
    I thought it was weird how calmly she analyzed her situation in episode 1 but figured “ah prolly just my imagination”

    episode 4 showed me the most scariest anime villain i’ve ever seen in proof of suspicions. that ability to copy and read through your opponents is often not seen as a big deal, just a “ah crud my gundam was countered in strength AND fighting stlye” but almost nobody in action animes can truly take a piece of their own medicine of having their attacks reflected back at you at a master’s level.

    however, what I’m most interested in has to be the weapon she holds, Bita the Evil, no clue as to what abilities it may have in the name, and episode 1 shows it to be a dagger.

    Personally I believe this dagger may be the influence over her killing sprees for the weapons rather than wanting to die by her brother’s hands, I mean it is referred to as the evil.

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