Darker than Black Gaiden ~ OVA 3 ~ T______T

Late post is majorly late. Oh well. I was very preoccupied. /P

That being said, as much as I looked forward to every Gaiden episode, the excitement started to wane after OVA 2. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because the preview for the last one was already indicating that Hei and Yin were going to split up (somehow) in this episode? I dunno. It still left me very sad, though.

Y U DO DISSSSSSSSSSSS, BONESSSSSSSSSS?!?!?!?!?!? ;________________________;

In any case, I cut back on the number of screencaps after having such a trouble with them so I can get this post done quickly as I do not have a lot to say since it’s pretty predictable from this point. Unless you haven’t watched season 2 yet, then…well, beware of spoilers.


Some flashbacks of the Hong Kong fiasco turned dream for Hei and Izanami, not Yin, Izanami appears right next to him. At this point, I was joking to myself going “Oh, has Izanami finally grown attached to him?” but nah, that’s not the case here so don’t take me seriously. :P

Hei pushes her away and demands to know where Yin is and says that the one in front of him is not her. She’s just Yin’s observation spirit.

Well, I’m sure that since this is Hei’s head, a lot of things have gone wooloo-wooloo all over the place so even the Yin in his mind is a little weird. Yin does have emotions but it’s not like she can show them so outwardly like Izanami can, which is probably why Hei tells her she’s not Yin.

Still, the Yin in Hei’s dream seem to bear characteristics of both. A mix, if you will.

Again, I don’t think it’s anything too serious than Hei just having a nightmare but I’m curious to know how he can distinguish one from the other when even he’s not sure of what’s going on. Poor Hei.

…but if there’s one thing I couldn’t take…why’d you have to make Yin/Izanami cry, Hei? Aww, I want to hug her! (I love both so I can’t help it, lol)

Hmm, boy, his head must be really messed up cuz now he’s seeing the actual observation spirit. @.@;

Then Izanami/Yin/whatever/we need a new nickname for both says to him “I’m fine this way, right?”

Right, poor dude can’t even tell them apart when he’s sleeping anymore. Why must you put Hei through such suffering, BONES?! T______T

Well, Hei wakes up and the real Yin’s been staying by his side while he was unconscious. He’s greatly relieved to see her (OMG, HEI IS SMILING! Kyaakyaa~! <333) and perhaps more so cuz there's no Izanami in sight.

Yin then embraces him, surprising him a little, and said she's glad he's okay. Alright, before anybody says anything, shut up and savor the moment.

*silent happiness* <333

Ok, cue the heart-warming "AWW" now. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW~~~~~~~~~~ <333

This certainly isn't the first hug they shared but I think it's the first where it's not tied down by negative emotions. Furthermore, it's definitely the first time for me to see both with so much expression in regard for each other. Since the start of Gaiden, I don’t think Hei has managed a genuine smile up until now so it’s a pretty big deal. As for Yin, she’s not quite capable of showing it on her face but her actions speak even louder for her so it’s more than fine with me (Yin~).

At the same time, it’s also an indication that the progress in Yin’s evolution as a Doll is increasing at a rate faster than before. In OVA 1, she’s demonstrated a good amount of free will already but a large part of her was still restrained by her original passive programming so to speak. Here, she’s almost close to being human.

If the situation wasn’t so dark, I would’ve said this was a good thing. *depressed sigh*

Anyways, their little moment soon ends and Amagiri comes in, all “We need to talk” all over his face. Poo. Can’t it wait until after they eat? I want to watch Hei eat! *grumpy* >:/

Well, their discussion didn’t tell us anything new that we didn’t already know. Amagiri and what’s left of the EPR didn’t intend to save Hei but just didn’t want the Syndicate, or what’s left of it, to get a hold of Yin, since her evolution is somehow tied to the prophecy of a woman that’s about the bring change to the world (aka destroy it, oi). And he mentions that Amber might have predicted that as well.

Basically, it’s a foretelling of the events in Gemini and he’s the bearer of bad news. God, is it so hard to bring good news in this show? Huh? No, huh?

That’s just too sad. T_________T

And here comes the question of truth. Amagiri asks Hei what does “that Doll” mean to him to which Hei begins but is unable to reply.

I don’t blame him. It should be obvious to everyone that Hei deeply cares for Yin like no other, especially when Bai and Amber are no longer here, but to exactly describe the extent of their relationship isn’t something so easy. And quite frankly, I’m fine with Hei not needing to explain. Sure, some fans would like some words of confirmation or none so they can go wild on their shipping spree but I like HeixYin because it’s more complex than a simple “I love you”.

Sometimes I think people forget that though Hei retained some of his emotions after becoming a Contractor, he wasn’t able to keep all of them, y’know. They only came back to him recently and that’s pretty hard to deal with as it is while avoiding the Syndicate and fighting for their lives. Still, his feelings are still evident and like how it is with Yin being the one to embrace and comfort him first when he wakes up, Hei’s concern for Yin is shown more through his actions than words and if that doesn’t tell you how close of a bond they have with each other, then you’re just in denial. :P

On the subject of “love,” however, I wouldn’t call it exactly that just yet. I do believe that Hei thinks of Yin as more than just a comrade and what he has closest to family. Think about it. They’ve been together for so long and he was able to see the change in her while she worried for his well-being the most as that process was happening. At the same time, I doubt he has any big sibling-like feelings towards her because for one thing, she’s not Bai. For another, he already has a sister and Yin isn’t his sister so why should he see her like that if it’s not really necessary?

In any case, if you’re trying to define where they are about each other, it’s not so important, imo. They seem very content with just being with each other and I’m happy with that as well. You don’t need any wordy clarifications to know “Ah, these two share something special between them” so just leave them be.

But ahhh…it isn’t going to stay that way. Nuuuuu~ T____________T

Hei asks about Iza-ah, s’cuse me, the observation spirit (because she was not named yet) and what exactly does it want. Yin responds that every time she’s near Hei, she can feel it stirring within her, like it’s trying to come out as a reaction to him.

Hei pauses then suggests that maybe it’s better if they break up (NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!) if his presence is causing Yin that much pain.

But Yin says she doesn’t want to. Or at least, she tells him that no matter what, she’ll never be able to forget Hei so if they split, it’ll only bring her sadness as well.

OMG, I want to hug Yin and wipe her tears away! Hei! Don’t leave her! She needs you and you need her, too! *bawls like a madwoman* TAAAAAAAAT

Their talk is interrupted by a baby’s cry and they soon find out that two Contractors just had a child. Claude comes in and explains the baby’s the first of its kind to have Contractor parents though it’s still unsure if the child him/herself is a Contractor.

Basically, this place is a safe haven for Contractors and a place where they can start life anew and hope to live like normal humans do.

Huh, you know if a guy like him explains it, he’s up to no good. In fact, he’s practically cursing what little peace these Contractors managed to get. Damn you, Claude! Go die in a hole! >:(

(Oh, and btw, his seiyuu is Tetsuya Iwanaga while the dog’s is Natsuba Inoue; both are pretty new seiyuus so not much to say about them)

Yin holding a baby is like…the cutest thing that ever happened in DtB. <333

And OMG, is that Yin smiling?! Camera, why didn't you zoom in at this part?! URGH!

Claude: “So yea, let’s shake since we’re new around here, too.”

Don’t, Hei! He hasn’t washed his hands after coming out of the bathroom! You’ll get his germs and be infected by his fashion sense! EWWWWW!!! Dx

Haha, Qin is still around (and the dish he made just now is one of my all-time favorites, lol). I suspect he won’t appear in the next OVA but I’m surprised they still kept him around for comedy relief in this one.

…oh, I get it. He’s just filling in for Gai Kurasawa. lol Aww, I miss Gai. xDD

Meanwhile, Claude proposes to Amagiri that they use Yin to implement Amber’s original plan to have Contractors take over the world (or something like that) but Amagiri says he’s mistaken and that Contractors only followed Amber because they didn’t want to go extinct.

Haha, now everything’s starting to fall into place with Claude. But not quite yet…

Ugh, how low can this guy get? Impersonating Amber right in front of Amagiri when he still hasn’t gotten over her…disappearance. I’m going to stick with that for now since her death has never really been confirmed.

But Claude is still a bastard! *throws knives at him* D8<

Well, the important things we finally learned about Claude is that he’s extremely unsatisfied with this world and wants nothing more than for everyone to destroy each other in it. Which would explain him breaking off connections with Madame Oreille so that he can capture Yin/Izanami and have the apocalypse occur. “Screw everyone, they should all just die” sorta.

How boring. I was expecting him to be evil and/or sinister but I wasn’t expecting him to be so unoriginal. Why do I say this? Because he’s just making a big fuss over this new (AND ONLY IMPORTANT) information we learn from that dog Contractor who has yet to get a friggin’ name!

Apparently, Contractors are failed Dolls from what Madame Oreille told her. So in a world where humans are prevalent, and Dolls have it own uses in their observation skills, Contractors are supposedly below both of these and that’s what makes Claude such an unhappy little boy. It’s like they’re telling him “You’re not even of the same value of a emotionless medium”.

Oh boo hoo! Go join a circus or something. I bet you can’t find some self-value there by chewing on your flowers or whatever. xP

Yin’s observation spirit appears and mockingly smiles at him upon hearing their conversation (she looks so devious and cute at the same time, lol).

This pisses Claude off even more because if a Doll is able to evolve, that would make him (yes, only you, Claude) even lower than before.

My god, he’s such a big baby. D/

That being said, I’m very interested in what the writers are trying to say here about that “Contractors are failed Dolls” bit. It almost made me want to hope for another season that would be entirely dedicated to that matter but then again, I don’t really feel like watching if Hei and Yin aren’t going to be in it. Poo.

That’s Claude right there. Putting on his costume trick again. Ugh, I hate you, Claude! Leave Hei alone and let him watch over Yin! *bitchslaps Claude* >:(

Omg, did Hei just smile…AGAIN?!

…The earth must be falling into Heaven. Hei smiling twice in one episode?! Is that even possible?!

*tries to nail Hei to the floor now so he can keep on watching Yin* xDD;;;

K, so here’s the deal. Claude goes and pretends to be Amagiri so as to deceive the other former EPR contractors and lead Hei into a trap that’ll get him killed while he goes and kidnap Yin, who’s unguarded. Amagiri realizes this too late and…well…yea.

Your usual action from there follows but it’s not as impressive as OVA 2. Though the part where Hei pulled that long branch out of his shoulder was so…so gruesome, ugh. *shudder*

Hei… TT________________TT

Hei goes back to check on Yin but finds the place empty except for Qin. They go back outside and everyone is lying dead.

It’s not something he’s aware of yet but this looks suspiciously similar to how Izanami took away people’s souls in the second season, doesn’t it?

And I’m not sure if that’s Yin or Izanami or one of Yin’s new observation spirits if she can even make new ones but she must have been involved in this massive soul-stealing somehow. God, I know it’s not Yin but I can’t help but wonder what happened to her if she tried to stop the killing from happening…or try to stop Izanami from surfacing altogether.

YIN! Where are you?! Claude, what have you done?! Give her back! *cries* ;___________________;

And god, even Amagiri’s soul is gone, too…how he’s able to stand after that is beyond me.

Aww man, that poor baby. I guess Qin will be the one to take care of it from now on so given how an OVA runs for only 30 minutes, I doubt we’ll be seeing him again after this. Bye bye, Qin. I hope he takes care of that poor kid.

The dog comes back but is fatally injured (by that son of a b*tch) and tells Hei that Claude injected something into Yin that made her unstable. In the end, Yin was able to surpress Izanami (or the reaction) by herself but Claude took her away. She tells Hei that he still has time to catch up with them since another Doll (hey, it’s that kid!) is tracking them and advises him to kill Yin to prevent things from getting worse.

AWW NOOO!!! NO NO NO NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries into her pillow forever*

Why’d it have to come to this?! YINNNNNN!!!!!! HEIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! TT________________TT

*sniff*…Well, this is probably the first time it seriously occurred to Hei that he probably needs to kill Yin before Izanami comes out completely but like hell he’s going to be able to do it right after that realization.

Ugh, I don’t even want to go into it any further. It’ll just make me more depressed.

I will say one thing, though it’s more like a theory. Since Izanami can use Contractors’ powers against themselves, what are the chances that she took Claude’s ability to do just that? I mean, besides power over illusion, Claude is also able to force Contractors to use their powers to kill themselves. And since Claude doesn’t show up in season 2 at all, I’m guessing there’s a good chance of him being killed in the next OVA by Izanami, who will then take his power for her own use.

Whatever, that’s the only good thing I see happening. Everything else are things I don’t want to happen. *buries self in pillow again*



Meh, they went cheap on the preview. \P

But I’m slightly happy to see Hei with his mask on again. Got me screaming “YEA! Chinese Electric Batman is back!” inside a little.

Looks like Izanami finally gets some clothes…somehow. Can’t wait to see her in full regalia.

And so begins the days ahead where Hei forgets to shave regularly…and starts smelling like a drunk hobo (but he’s still hot). Ok, somebody put on “Jesus Cloud”! *goes off to try and drink this misery away* T______T

Btw, since I see a lot of search results looking for the ending for Gaiden, it’s titled “DARKER THAN BLACK” (no, I am not kidding) and is included in the extra OST that came with last month’s DVD. The torrent came out recently so I’m sure you can still find a bunch of people seeding the file. Interestingly, I think the guy who sang “Jesus Cloud” and some of the other tracks is the same singer for the ending, too. Am I right? It’d be nice if someone confirmed it for me.

*sigh* K, next and final OVA should be out on 7/21. That’s not a bad date, I don’t think. It was especially bad for me on this one since I had so many other posts to make so I’m relieved. K then, I’m going to sleep. Have a recital in 5 hours. Ugh, all this sadness has made me hungry. D/


4 thoughts on “Darker than Black Gaiden ~ OVA 3 ~ T______T

  1. This was srsly soooooooo TT__TT!!!

    Of course, we know what happened in season 2 and all but actually seeing Hei question what was up with Yin and she going berserk as Iza- well you know the drill.

    Though I did enjoy the calming and cuddly moments between the two. Sigh~ even when they were not for long. And yeah, die Claude, just DIIEEEE!!!

    DtB fills me with so much sadness yet I can’t have enough of HeixYin! Let’s see how they end things next month with the last OAV. I’ll be such a happy camper if there’s another season but I know it’s just wishful thinking. =3=

    Btw, it’s indeed Ishii Yasushi who sang Jesus Cloud and Can You Fly (the ED for OAV). Nice recommend, I’m ODing on Jesus Cloud right now. ^^;

  2. Sad and weird at the same time! It was a bit “too much” to see Hei acting so emotional on this OVA it almost made me wanna kill him! Seriously, Hei’s stoic attitude is what I’m used to…
    Yin/Izanami acts really weird as well but she’s messed up on her own so it doesn’t mean much xD *Darn you BONES…*
    First time I saw Claude on the previous OVA I though : “Oh My Ghaw, that’s sexy” but when he started talking… UGH! Get a better seiyuu, he sounds like a Drug Queen DX Aside from that, his impersonating Amber… I thought it was pretty funny xD Eggs-guy (Amagiri) really had it rough with her…orz!
    I’m seriously waiting for some serious action on the next OVA. This one was really dull. Go Hei!

  3. some nice coments the date of realise really helped me but i wonder why is the Gemini of the Meteor series aired and thease series are released later

  4. your reviews are charming, insightful, and funny (and express the same things i would except over a computer! lol). OVA 4 (RAW) just came out and i’m looking forward to your take on it as we see how yin and hei are separated (even an “i love you” is included) and the genesis of hobo hei (still hot hobo hei).

    here’s my take on the series as it pertains to yin and hei (whether there’s a season 3 or not). HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! (some points are obvious and factual, others are my interpretations)…

    1.) Yin’s alter/supra ego is Izanami

    2.) Shion’s alter/supra ego is Izanagi

    3.) Izanami, mythologically speaking, is like the god/being of destruction. As we have seen, all Izanami pretty much does is kill or cause chaos (many bodies in her wake)

    4.) Izanagi, mythologically speaking, is like the god/being of creation. As we have seen, Shion is able to create copies of people as well as a new earth (!!!)

    5.) The two must meld together and become one again (for some greater purpose/fulfillment of prophesy. Maybe they were whole at one point in time and the appearance of The Gate was a result of the sundering of the two halves (this has been a huge theme in literature and film i.e. The Dark Crystal).

    6.) Hei has always said, regardless of the prophesy and other some such, that his goal was to kill Izanami or “her” (in quotes)…he never said he was going to kill Yin. He wants to destroy that which separated him from Yin, whatever entity that changed her.

    7.) As Izanami draws Izanagi’s and July’s souls to her, Yin extends herself as a last ditch effort and appears and appeals to Hei to kill her because it’s not too late (she does this in OVA 4 so it’s definitely Yin). Though she was not able to keep the awakening from happening in full like she did initially, she manages to send herself out one last time to Hei

    8.) Misaki sees Hei’s star shine exponentially brighter in the night sky than ever before. This signifies Hei’s powers and that of his sister have returned in full force (and then some). Possibly when Izanami broke Suou’s pendant, his power was released and amplified. He takes the meteor core (either still in pieces from when Izanami broke Shuou’s pendant or it formed into a whole piece again after the fact like it did in season one when amber had broken it into pieces but it went back to being whole) to destroy Izunami via Yin’s last ditch attempt to save this crazy world.

    9.) Hei changes Izanami on a molecular level via Yin’s projection thus preventing the Iza/Iza binding. He has never been one to do either A or B. The knowing smile he gives before he saves Yin (yes, SAVES YIN, imo) is because he is choosing Option C.

    10.) Soon after, we hear that another Gate has appeared (the twins call it out) because the actual completion of Izanami and Izanagi was prevented by Hei and Yin, another gate must appear.

    11.) Thus resulting in the boy we see in the fields. He looks like a boy version of Yin. Imo,he is a new yet incomplete Izanami incarnate signified by the arrival of a new Gate. Yin (proper) has split from that entity completely and there is no consciousness to hold the new Izanami back now. So this kid wakes up and just starts consuming as soon as his eyes open. I don’t think feel this is the “unkown being” that was prophesied to wreak havoc.

    12.) During the molecular change, as noted above, Yin and Izanami disconnected as beings totally. Yin was never a shell that remained in that box though that’s what everyone thought (Kobayashi’s words). Izanami had just seemingly taken over her wholesale and their entities were tightly intertwined but we see that Yin boldly asserted herself at the last moment to Hei so she was still around. Once the disconnect occurred, the remnants of Yin returned to her body. We see in OVA 4 that she is still in her mind and talking to Shion, even while encased in that box and Izanami is free.

    13.) Hei is seen carrying Yin’s naked body off. This is clearly the Yin from the box in the room, not Yin that showed herself to Hei moments before. Hei went back to the bldg after the change, disconnected Yin from the tubes and carried her off with him, at last alone together. His star back to shining in the night sky. They set off somewhere and, IMO, Yin regains consciousness and though it takes a long time recuperating, she slowly but surely returns to herself.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!!! They live and are happy together eventually!!!!! Waaaaah!!! (at least my fan fiction will have that occur if no where else, dammit).

    also…do you really think yin is blind? i honestly cannot decide. most of the time it seems so but then i just re-watched the episode where she gets “kidnapped” by eelis and they get off the train and find an abandoned school.

    inside, eelis says he will find something to make a fire and kirsi/yin seems to notice something in the room or at least be aware of something that is meaningful. turns out there’s a grand piano! so did she see it? somehow sense it? there were no signs she used an observer spirit to see it, even though it’s raining outside.

    still not sure.

    okay, in OVA 3 you see yin looking and smiling at the baby when holding him/her. man i don’t know….maybe it’s supposed to be amgiuous!

    OVA 4 with subtitles is up!

    that word should be *ambiguous* lol

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