Brief Impressions: Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 31, 32

Double-episode late post for Loke’s mini-arc. ^^

Overall, the anime didn’t strike me as emotionally as the manga did (I guess it’s because they filled in everything with the voices and the music so I didn’t have to imagine it and make myself cry) but I was very glad how everything was executed close to the original plot.

So I’ll try to make this quick since there isn’t a lot to say outside my thoughts on certain things. That’d be summarizing. Bleh. :P


Starting off with some laughs. Lol, Erza wearing her armor even when she goes take a bath. Wonder how long that habit’s been around till now. xD;

And her joke if it’d be better if she walked around the guild naked was funny cuz it sorta didn’t work no thanks to her always serious personality. lawl~ Oh, Erza…and wtf, Lucy, stop staring! xD;

Then follows the most violent, bruise-inducing pillow fight you’ll probably ever see. Lucy made a smart choice of leaving before she gets destroyed along with the room. They probably had to pay for the damage…yea.

…and Juvia is still stalking Gray. |D;

Alright, skip skip skip…

lol, Loke is such a weird guy for a playboy. I mean, yea, I get why he’s celestial wizard-phobic but…whatever.

He looked pretty cool rescuing Lucy up till that point. :P

Argh, and finally! I was getting so sick of Loke running away before Lucy could properly thank him so this is as good as a chance as any to have them sit down and talk. So many “as”. D/

Though it does strike me weird why he didn’t immediately turn down the offer and rush off again. Guess he got used to talking to her normally in the span of these few minutes after he saved her or maybe he felt since his time was close to running out, it wouldn’t kill him to try and clear up misunderstandings with a nakama. Both can make perfect sense but it doesn’t matter cuz he agreed to hanging out for a bit so I’m happy~

And Happy is all like “ZOMG! The girl takes the initiative!”

Plue: *imitates Happy*

Lucy: D/

LOL I swear, he, Mira, and even Virgo should make up the threesome shippers on deck. Yes yes! xD;

Taken straight out of the manga, Lucy asks the expected questions why he can’t get along with celestial wizards but doesn’t get anything out of him since he’s still reluctant and obviously filled with guilt by that look on his face.

I think at this part, she should have started noticing the small hints but she probably thought it was too personal a matter for her to butt her nose into so maybe that’s why she decided to leave it and just reassure him that they’re friends if he needs any help.

No surprise how his next action took her by surprise, though. Even now, I’m not sure how to interpret his sudden hug. Did he allow himself to get closer to Lucy because she was so different from Karen? Maybe. If it’s to seek redemption or forgiveness of any kind or perhaps even to have someone scold him over his sin, I can believe that.
I also think that Loke might have had a little bit of hope left in Lucy in that she would discover what his real identity is, though exactly how she was going to save him was something he probably didn’t think would ever happen.

In the end, I think he ultimately wanted to leave a goodbye with someone who’s had such an effect on him besides Karen and since Lucy was the only one in the entire guild who could understand celestial spirits the most…well, it goes on from there.

Loke’s more complex than I thought. Hmm. ^^;

Too bad he had to play stupid “Aha, fooled you~” right after. Jeez, Loke, you idiot, don’t make Lucy cry! >:/

Well, he claims he doesn’t know what he’s doing but it’s his guilt that’s holding him back from letting anyone trying to understand him. Or rather, he feels that he doesn’t deserve to seek out anyone’s help because of what he’s done. Yea, it’s probably something like that cuz I’ve seen way too many of the same dumb thing happen to not know what it is.

Dumb Loke. Don’t make me recall these things. I love you but I won’t feel sorry for you that way! *frown* >:(

Hehe, I loved this part~

It’s pretty awesome how Lucy is lady #2 in “taming” these two idiots. I demand more scenes like this in the future, plz. <3

Moving along, I’m glad the anime added this extra scene. The original was good enough as it was but it’s still nice to see Loke making another attempt to apologize for his idiocy and being sincere about it. And it’s a good thing Lucy’s not one to hold a grudge so it works out and paves an quicker path to her assuming there’s more to what Loke’s trying to clue her in on.

Anyways, along with that, what I really liked about this conversation, brief and totally shipping these two! sweet as it was for them to drink grape-flavored milk together (there’s such a thing?! Oh Japan…), was how it showed Loke’s regret in a better light. The bar scene was one thing but when he makes a reference about “a star that can’t go back”, he looked so sad that even if he wanted to, he can’t joke it off like he previously did. I’m sure now that Loke wanted Lucy to know some of his true self before he vanished completely, even if he didn’t outright reveal any of his past to her at all.

Of course, Lucy thinks its another one his pickup-breakup lines and initially doesn’t believe him but she, too, notices there’s something different about him this time which sparks the curiosity in her to learn more about Loke.

So she asks one of her contracted spirits (“Crux” I think his name was) and learns that Loke has connections to the late Karen Lilica, a famous celestial wizard who was part of the Blue Pegasus guild. Then Gray barges into her room and goes “Lucy! Loke’s left the guild and we can’t find him!” which she soon places all the pieces together and comes to the conclusion that…

Loke is actually the celestial spirit, Leo, who’s last owner was Karen and the one he indirectly killed.

Big taboo NO-NO among celestial folks.

Well, here’s how the story goes. Karen was a real bitch when she was alive and mistreated her celestial spirits, especially Aries. When Blue Pegasus’s master, Bob, saw this, he went and scolded her but that didn’t improve her behavior in the least cuz she punished Aries for the shame she felt. WTF is wrong with this woman?! D:<

Leo then materialized in the human world just as things were about to get worse for Aries and demands that Karen break off their contracts since he won't allow her to abuse them any further. Karen stubbornly refuses which leads to Leo firmly disobeying her orders to return to the spirit world until she agrees to let them go.

Poor Leo, and definitely poor Aries. I can't imagine how this lady could've gotten two rare Gold Keys in the first place sex appeal, most likely, this slut. Moreover, whoever’s voicing her did a very horrible job. I couldn’t stand how she dragged nearly every syllable out in her lines. Made her sound much more like a whore. Her color design in the anime is atrocious to look at, too.

Needless to say, I hate Karen and am quite happy somebody killed her even though Loke isn’t. :P

So Leo manages to stay for 3 months in the human world even though one month is already impossible for a celestial spirit and Karen is desperate to get him back because she can’t earn any money if he’s taking up all her magic. She promises to be nicer to Aries but Leo knows that’s a lie and refuses again.

Pfft, yea, who’d believe Karen? She’s all in it for the money.

That being said, this is a trivial matter but I wish Leo’s hair was bigger and spikier like how it is in the manga. It made him look much more intimidating and cooler while here, he just has spiky orange hair. :P

Anyways, just when Leo is considering on finally forgiving Karen, Bob comes and tells him Karen died on a mission, thinking if she used enough power, she could summon another celestial spirit at the same time Leo was out. That backfired, obviously, and Leo is left to live with the guilt of indirectly causing her death for the next…three years.

My feelings are totally different so shoot me for saying this, but I don’t find any fault in Leo at all. Sure, she wasn’t getting her pay because of him but pfft, so what? It’s her fault for doing something so reckless in the first place when she should have known better. Furthermore, the fact that she decided to go on a mission by herself with such a flimsy confident chance goes to show she has not learned her lesson nor did she have any intention of bettering her attitude towards her celestial spirits.

So it’s all her fault that she died, not Leo’s. And even more so cuz her death made Leo carry all those bad feelings with him afterwards. >:/

Back to the present, Loke is about to disappear and tells Lucy to tell everyone at the guild he said goodbye and that he was glad to have met a true celestial wizard like her.

But Lucy, who is awesomeawesomeawesome, won’t sit by and let him die cuz she agrees with me that it isn’t his fault for worrying about a friend. Yea, Lucy!

This is perhaps one of the (few) defining moments the story ever gives her and right after the conclusion of the Phantom arc, it really boosted up her strength as a character a lot. I’m still unsure how I should think about Aya Hirano’s acting here because half the time she’s shouting, I have to sit back and judge the range of her voice while the other half, I’m getting so emotional at how determined and just damn heroic she made Lucy sound.

All in all, it didn’t betray my expectations so everything’s good. (~.^)b

Anyways, Lucy was screaming about how this stupid celestial rule is (that you have to die if you caused the death of your owner even if it was for the well-being of a comrade) and that she’d change it which brought Mr. King of the Spirits out.

And you know what?

He’s voiced by Norio Wakamoto, the king, nay, GOD of all seiyuus.

ALL HAIL NORIO WAKAMOTOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! m(_ _)m \( ̄ー ̄)/ m(_ _)m \( ̄ー ̄)/ m(_ _)m

Which automatically makes this episode…F*CKIN’ AWESOME!!!!

That is all.


Anyway, lol, Lucy gets all fired up when he’s unwilling to change the rule or hear Loke’s case out so she calls the giant before her “Mustache Man”. Personally, I think “Old Fart” would have been more effective but ah well. lol XD;

When that doesn’t work, she practically does the impossible and summons all her celestial spirits out to emphasize her point that nothing will be better if Loke dies. It’s truly a shounen moment…delivered entirely by a girl. Ah, I still can’t get this part out of my head. *happy tears* <'3

So yea, the King is finally all “Hmm, I guess you’re right about that” and allows Loke to return to the spirit world and since Loke is still not satisfied for not being able to repent, he orders Loke to then aid Lucy and protect her with his life.

Lucy: “You ain’t so bad, Mustache Man!”

King: *NIKA!*


Hmm, seems like Karen finally learned her lesson (yea, after she DIED) and has more or less forgiven Leo.

Nice of the producers to put this bit in there as Karen’s ghost never appeared in the manga so her appearance here pretty much signifies that this arc has successfully closed in all directions.

And with that~, Loke is able to stay (yay~!) and Lucy gains a new Golden Key (awesum~).

God, I loved this arc even though it was short. <3

Days later, Loke returns and everybody’s surprised to learn that he’s a celestial spirit.

lol, I especially loved the panel where Natsu’s staring him down from every angle being “HMMMM, you don’t look any different!” and stuff. lol Natsu~ xD

Happy, on the other hand, is like “Lion?! That’s a grown-up cat!”

Loke: “Haha, that’s right.”

Lucy: “No it’s not!”

Happy: *chews on Loke’s shoulder* “So cool~”


Nice to know that Loke’s humorous amourous (that sounded like a tongue twister) ways haven’t changed, ‘cept they’re going to be only focused on Lucy from now on, right~?

Loke: “And I wanted to see Lucy as soon as possible.”

Oh yea, I’m so shipping these two at the top of my list for this series. <3

And again, Happy voices out my thoughts completely: "He lllllikes you!"


Loke: “So let’s talk, you and I, about the future!”

Oh Loke. I can’t wait to see you when you’re back in your regular outfit. But be sure to spike up your hair more, yea? 8D

Anyways, little do they know that Loke’s resort tickets is the bridge to the next arc but we’ll leave that aside for now cuz lol, Erza’s all packed and ready to go. ERZA~ (I’m doing this too much but whatever) <33

Hmm, yep. As much as I’m not fond of the “prince on a white horse” image that seems to be so popular over there, I can’t help but think Loke does fit that description very well. Plus, Lucy’s kind-of a princess (being a former Oujo-sama and all) so it works. lol

Yea, can we skip to the Laxus arc already. x3!

So off they go and obviously, with Lucy’s line at the end, the arc is going to be dealing greatly with Erza’s past and it’s going to make me ;_______________________; for her so much.

…btw, 7 more episodes and we get a new OP and ED, huh? Wonder if they can finish it all within that amount of time. :/



Next week is just an introduction of Erza’s old childhood friends. I have to say, that even when she was a kid, Erza was a truly epic girl and…it’s just heartbreaking to know what happened to her.

But I’m still looking forward to this arc. Especially when they focus more on her relationship with Ge-I mean, Siegrain. I might make a small post just for that one moment but hmm, don’t know yet. ^^;