Working!! ~ Ep. 8, 9 ~ It’s a TRAP!

The glowy background of destiny~

What the heck’s that? |D;

I echo several people’s thoughts…that Souta is probably the prettiest girl in this entire damn show.


Highlights ~ Ep. 8

I found this episode pretty “meh” for the most part. It had its moments and surprise, surprise even some character development for such laidback entertainment but yea, everything is better when it’s in Wagnaria. haha

Inami in such a “gambare!” mode (or just anti-Souta-negativism) made me want to hug her. I’d totally smack Souta one and protect Inami on their little onsen trip. Inami~ <3

Hiroomi says it’s a shame Jun decided to not go cuz he would miss out on seeing Yachiyo “after-bath” look or whatever he called it. Naturally, justified Hiroomi ass-kicking by Jun is followed. LOL xD;

Jun is hawt in his casual clothes. That is all.


Giggled like mad during this part. Jun was so disoriented, he nearly caused an accident. Oh, Yachiyo, you should know better, you silly dense idiot~! <3

Yay~ Yamada abuse is always welcomed! lol

And Tenchou finally woke up.

Jun: *curses under his breath*


Hiroomi: “Too bad, Satou-kun. Todoroki-san just left.”

Jun: *leaves him behind*

Hiroomi, why do you always bring this onto yourself? |D;

Highlights ~ Ep. 9

Inami: “Takanashi, do you mind crossdressing?”

Souta: *everything blackens completely* “Go the f*ck home!”


Turns out that Inami’s dad is the whole cause of her manphobia.

Omg, poor Inami, look at her! She’s so scared…and cute…and…AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! KAWAII YO~! OMOCHIKAERIIIIIIII~!!!!!!!!!!!! *huggles chibi!Inami* x33333

And who can blame her for being violent, especially (and only) at the man who scared her into it in the first place. Don’t tell your daughter “Men are scary, they’ll rape you!” and traumatize them when they’re that young, stupid idiot father! D8<

So Souta is a loli-minicon and his dad is…what? Same as Inami’s dad? Daughter-con?

…but Souta’s a male so…is it lolicon after all? |D;

Hiroomi: “Something so interesting like this…I can’t ignore it!”

Souta crossdressing is worth the many following days of possibly getting punched by Inami, huh? Fair deal, I guess…pfft, haha.

Ok, I revised my opinion of Yamada cuz I LOVED her and her resourcefulness for this episode.

Guddo jobu, Yamada! (^∀^)b

Inami: “If worse comes to worse…I’ll just kill Dad.” *evil laugh in a corner*

Honey, you don’t even remember what he looks like. ^^;


(Belated reaction is belated, :P)

I didn’t see the labels clearly enough but I’m guessing the padding came from Yamada, too. Damn girl, how much did you bring in that luggage? xD;

Tenchou’s reaction is pretty much awesome. Hmm, yea. 83

Jun: “Call her “Souko-chan”.”

Popura: “Stop teasing! Katanashi-kun is doing this for Inami-chan’s sake!”

Souta: “Senpai…”

Jun: “Then…”Kotori-chan”.”

Popura: *pause* …”Un! That works!”

Saouta: “Senpai!” Dx

The kanji for Souta’s last name can also be read as “kotori”, ne~, Ko-to-ri-chan! Hahahaha. xDDD;;

Popura: “You have to speak more like a girl!”


POPURAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333333333

Popura: “Like this.” *charming smile* “Irasshaimase!


Dude, what’s up with the roses?

Souta: *femininely* “I-irasshaimase…

…I found that really moe, too. xDDD;;;

Popura: “Kotori-chan kawaii~!”

Jun: “Our usual positions have switched!” *despair*


lol, Jun did not realize there was a better solution to all this mess.

It’s okay, Jun! It keeps it amusing. And a man’s got to do what a man’s got to, amIrite?! 8D

Nice, Hiroomi. (~∀^)b

lol, but really, crossdressing to keep your crossdressing past a secret. What are the odds of that ever happening again? xDDD;;;

Wagnaria is a warped space that apparently does not require one to have a license to carry a weapon around.

I’m surprised they don’t have criminals for customers…since there’s so many cute girls there and all…like Kotori-chan. LOL xD;

Yamada should consider joining…the CIA or something.

Uwah! Inami is so brave today! Perfect timing indeed. lol xD;

Bear with, Inami! It’s easier if you chant to yourself “He’s a girl! He’s a girl!” especially since Souta has boobs dressed up for the occasion, lol.

Omg, what a cruel, horrible, evil father! Doing all that to Inami when she was young just to make sure she’ll never get close to boys! Stupid parent! Don’t make your child suffer for your own selfishness! Go die twice, you creepy dad! *throws stuff at him* Dx

Poor Inami. ;____________;

Souta: “Don’t say sorry to me! Apologize to your daugther, you idiot!”

You tell him, Kotori-chan! xD;


Inami-chan’s in love after Souta’s manly crossdressing criticism-whipping at her dad.

This is so cute. I’m totally for shipping these two now. Even though it’s probably going to be one-sided and the lulz for the most part. |D;

Souta: “S-she’s mad!”

Why are you crying? xD;

And poo, no more Kotori-chan anymore after this? No fun. =3=


ED: “Golden Day” by Saki Fujita

Very sweet new ending theme for this ep. I can’t say that Saki Fujita’s voice is exceptional yet among all the seiyuus I’ve heard so far, even though she’s practically famous for providing the voice sample to the most recognized digital diva in the world right now (I adore you, Miku~ <3). But I love how innocent this song sounds and will be looking forward to more singing from her in the future. ^^



Next time, it appears Inami will be having trouble working since her crush on Souta has upgraded by a lot this week but I’m guessing the second screencap’s really showing a relieved, freshly punched Souta because he said something to make her angry again and all’s back to normal? ^^;

Anyways, Nazuna also comes to work, too, so yay~ MOAR CHAOS!!! LOL XD;