Katanagatari ~ Ep. 5 ~ No rum jokes? Awww.

I know! This is late! I’m sorry! I really am! I was so distracted while trying to watch this! And argh, next episode is this Friday. I’m gonna die. D/

Ah, delays being delays and summer lethargy taking over, it’s become increasingly hard to do posts lately. I even had to drop one cuz it was taking so long to think up something to say…or organize it.

*sigh* At least I’m still determined to review Katanagatari all the way through to the end. Should be a little easier since I dropped DRRR!! and now I have more breathing room in between the monthly episodes.

Alrighty, onto this fifth installment, first time watching it had me screaming joys of fangirlism or fangirl joys, whichever have you. Things have turned slightly opposite than what I’d expect it to be but I’m not complaining since any character development on Shichika’s part is always a delight. Hee~ ^^

And yes, I will try my best to refrain from blood-curling squee-ing until his badass line near the end. ;D


After defeating Hakuhei about a month ago and Shichika receiving the title as the new “Japan’s Strongest Swordsman”, many chums have been trying to pick fights with him while they’re on their way to Satsuma in search of Zokuto Yoroi.

Apparently, there is a bigger poison than the 12 Deviant swords forged by Shikizaki Kiki. Big name of PWNSOME!s. And the one who bestowed that name on the pretty man-now deceased was…

Hitei-hime. Who would’ve thought? (It’s almost like a knight system if you think about it)

Anyways, Emonzaemon, who is her masked ninja-like no wait, maybe he is one informant-servant kind of person and whom I shall affectionately nickname “Mon-kun” cuz his name is so damn long, reports back on the two’s progress. Already, without needing to see Shichika’s skills for himself, Mon-kun seems to have a considerable amount of knowledge of Kyotoryuu based on what he said about the sword style’s “strength lying not in offense but defense”. And since Shichika hasn’t even been scratched in all the battles he’s fought so far (that’s some defense, alright), I think it’s safe to take his word for it.

That aside, his own character still remains much of a mystery but you can tell that he isn’t simply Hitei-hime’s spy. He wears a mask that has the word “Unconcealed” written over it so that may or may not be referring to his own strength…or maybe I’m reading too deeply into it since it could ironically describe his covert status as her informant as well. Hmmm.
Well, all I can say confidently is that he’s Hitei-hime’s “sword” like how Shichika is to Togame and apparently extremely loyal to her, too, as shown with how he handled her dominatrix “I’m your master!”-like rudeness towards him.

His seiyuu is Rikiya Koyama and I’m really liking the voicework I’ve heard from him so far, especially since there aren’t a lot of his roles I’m familiar with yet.

As for Hitei-hime, who is voiced by none other than the awesome Haruka Tomatsu herself (whose sultry take on the villain princess made me love her oh so much more <3), all arrows are going to start pointing to her as the Big Bad from now on. C’mon, there’s flags waving all over the place. She’s residing in Owari, what I presume is the headquarters of the shogunate of Katanagatari’s Edo-period Japan (btw, the Owari Shogunate is strictly fictional *just found out because she didn’t think it was important hence she is dumb* :P). She’s got some royalty status going on here and she knows about Togame’s mission when it supposed to be a secret known only to her and the shogun (and the Maniwani, too, since they were her subordinates on this job back then). This all leads to a good guess that she has quite an influence in these affairs which would explain why she knows so much about the swords.

Never mind who if she’s a relative of the emperor or not (cuz I can assure that is not relevant but Shikizaki Kiki, yes), it’s strange enough that someone of ceremonial standards would even be involved with the shogunate’s business in the first place, much less a princess at that…but this is Nisioisin so…yea, that’s quite interesting.

Personality-wise, I don’t think I have to go much into. Hitei-hime is a high-born lady of some court and holds herself up to her position very much like how Togame is always boasting about being the shogun’s strategian. However, unlike Togame, whose violent tendencies make her a sort of tomboy, Hitei is more refined as far as composure goes but also more menacing. I wouldn’t go so far as to call her “sinister” or “evil” but she is quite the antagonist since she bad-mouths Togame a lot (in a gakuen series, they’d be rivals for student council president, lololol).

Which leads me to believe that Hitei-hime might also know Togame’s real identity as well. That’s highly possible…and damn awesome because the only other people who know about this secret are Shichika, who did revealed to anyone that he knows it yet, and Koumori, who is…dead.

Now all that’s left to find out are what her intentions are. Definitely not good for Togame so she might be an obstacle to Togame’s ambitions. I don’t think it’s just that, though. There’s still the swords to consider along with what could happen if Togame’s past is leaked to the upper-seats of the Shogunate.

I just hope we get to see more of these two soon~ Cuz they just made things a hell of a lot more entertaining and kaaahhh!! I can’t wait till Togame and Shichika finally return to Owari (in ep 8, I’m assuming according to my book) and they start a catfight taunting each other. xD;

On a side note, I love Hitei and Mon-kun’s character designs. I’m not sure if I want to call it a mixture of European and Asian tastes but take, the illustrator for the novel, really incorporated the Western look into traditional Japanese clothing well. Then again, Mon-kun doesn’t really wear anything that’s close to Japanese but it still looks good on him. And…Hitei has her roses…lots of ’em…and oh yea, I love her hair~ :D

Ok, I’m done ranting on them for now so we can move on. Booo…

Haaa, after going over so much on the new additions to the cast, Azekura Kanara seems so bland in comparison.

He’s a pirate well-known in Satsuma, duels some guy who charges at him with a huge ass sword, breaks it with his armor, woot woot, let’s go have lunch.

Zokuto Yoroi only make things slightly better but there isn’t more to know about it outside its extraordinary defense qualities (and the starfish on its arms). Though I like Nisiosin’s take on this sword. It makes sense cuz it can break other swords while being unconventional at the same time. Haha.

Moving along~

Of course every single series good enough to get an anime adaptation needs to include hot springs in one of its episodes. :P

That aside, though it really doesn’t bother me as much, I’ve heard some people say that there’s a lot of one-sidedness in the battle scenes between Shichika and whoever. Nanami also gets dragged into this as well for her inhuman copying skills.

Well, I’d just like to remind that fiction is always exaggerated and in the case of Nanami, we still haven’t seen the full extent of her power yet so maybe there will be a good explanation for that. On Shichika, yea, with all this “unscathed” matters trailing behind his every win, it’d be hard not to think it’s a bit unfair especially since only 5 months ago, he had no battle experience.

But let’s backtrack a bit.

The first fight with Koumori was obviously by luck so that doesn’t count. Second one with Ginkaku is considerably better since Shichika strategized his attack by himself but Ginkaku could have quickly did another one of his Zerosen aimed at the ceiling that Shichika was launching off from so it takes a little of the awesome impact away unless you’ll buy the argument that Ginkaku was too shocked someone found a loophole to his technique that he couldn’t even pull his sword out a second time.

…There’s also the fact that he might have injured himself further using the final Zerosen so even if he could do it again, he’d end up killing himself in the process and we’d have no story. I don’t know, I’m just trying to find a way that sounds plausible enough so I don’t have to worry about it later on.

On Meisai, we could have seen how powerful Kyotoryuu was but they blacked it out at the last second. Read somewhere that it was gender-issue related thing (you can’t show a guy killing a girl onscreen for some reason) and I guess I’ll buy that but that doesn’t leave me satisfied. What I can accept, however, is that since both Sentouryuu and Kyotoryuu are more defense-based techniques, Kyotoryuu wins out. I can’t explain exactly why since I’m not an expert on sword styles nor do I know Nisioisin well enough to interpret how he writes these fight scenes out…but ya gotta remember, Kyotoryuu also has its offense in that it is also martial arts based on swordsmanship. In that sense, maybe that’s how it was able to top Sentouryuu. At least that’s what I think.

Finally, even though we got to see none of the epic battle in episode 4 AT ALL, Shichika’s battle with Hakuhei wasn’t really an easy one. And the last ten minutes where those two were discussing the battle over dangos confirms it. Sure, Shichika didn’t get scratched even one bit but hey, even the preview trailer showed that it wasn’t a one-hit-you’re-done deal and he had to struggle a bit during their duel. So that’s good enough for me. And after a fight with the former strongest swordsman in all of Japan (who can’t even top your own sister, btw), I think you can win any fight coming your way.

So ends my long rant on Shichika’s behalf. I hope some of it sounds convincing. ^^;

Back to the main thing, I had to laugh a little at how seductive Togame was trying to be with the “slowly…and dirtily” line and it having no effect on Shichika at all. Even though they’re both naked in the same bath together. xD;

In any case, she’s been in a rush to get things moving along to redeem herself of her failings (losing two swords to Koumori and Hakuhei) and now that they’ve gotten those swords back, she’s more relaxed about the rest of the journey. Oh, don’t get too relaxed. Makes sense. So I’m going to assume that she sent word of their accomplishments to the shogun, then? I mean, Sentou Tsurugi was sent to Owari after they defeated Meisai and word of Shichika defeating Hakuhei got up and around pretty quickly so there’s no way the shogunate would not know.

Now I’m wondering if the shogun will ever make an appearance cuz Hitei-hime has a more important role than he does. :/

Anyways, Togame had doubts about Shichika in the beginning, wondering if he would also desert her after they obtain the swords. Which is silly from our point of views but given how she’s been betrayed a number of times, I can understand where she’s coming from. It’s a good thing she finally trusts him completely now, though, and I have revised most of my negative opinions of her because of that.

Shichika, haha, on the other hand, thought that Togame “loved him to pieces” from the very start. Ah, no no no, Shichika, that’s not how it works. ^^;

It goes to show that despite his loyalties to her, he still doesn’t really comprehend what love really is. I think he got the basic idea of the need for trust in the relationship down right but romantic feelings come much later than that.

It’s okay, though. Because he’s cute this way when he’s learning. hehe

So somehow, the conversation switched around from “loving Shichika” to “Shichika loving Togame” again. Oi. @.@;

He reiterates that there’s no way he’d betray her since he’s doing this out of love for her, not the swords or the honor (aww). And after each successful battle, he’s been falling for her more and more. Now this I can buy since admiration for someone does grow if there are good results of some other related matter. And those would be Togame’s strategies and such aiding Shichika towards obtaining the swords.

Technically, any affections that didn’t make much sense earlier on have been really planted now. In other words, the feelings are there already. It’s hard to tell since, like Togame says, he doesn’t really show it but for one thing, this is Shichika, your non-ordinary everyday type of guy so you gotta make room for some differences from the usual.
Second, they’ve been traveling together for five months now so he should have some sort of attachment to her. You don’t hang out with a person that long, deal with him/her that long, and not develop some upgraded feelings towards them on your part. Get what I mean?

Anyways, Togame doesn’t seem to be getting hit by Shichika’s “love” (yea, I’m still going to keep things in quotations for a while) yet especially since he hasn’t made her blush in a while but I think she will in good time. And even if she has no intention of falling in love with him, we all know that she will eventually. She already completely trusts Shichika, possibly the first and only person in the longest time, so all we need is some active reaction on her part. ;)

Blah blah blah.

Inappropriate for children under the age of 14. xP

Haha, already you know that Togame’s sizing Shichika up for their next plan of attack. Thanks to all those battles, his muscles have gotten stronger, even though he’s as skinny as ever, and this just adds on to my earlier discussion against the one-sidedness that’s been fussed over. Good job making it clear that it isn’t cheap favoritism, Nisioisin.

But really, I hope people will keep this in mind as the story goes on. Shichika improves on every battle, which, therefore, makes his unscathed victories more believable and that the author does know what he’s writing.

Togame in a yukata~!

And Shichika’s blank response is just as expected. But that’s not his fault. She didn’t ask him “Does it suit me?” in which, he would give her a robotic response “It suits you” like how she instructed him in episode 3. So yea, it’s not his fault. lol xD;

But man, that’s one pretty yukata alright. I remember when I went to the hot springs in Japan for the first time, we were required to wear them to dinner. They weren’t fancy or anything but what I hated most about it was that I didn’t know how to wear it. And I really couldn’t either without it opening up on its own cuz the sash used to tie and secure it always kept coming loose. Ugh, that was a pain. Even more so because it was a traditional Japanese dinner they served us. Since I’m used to sitting at tables and…well, more food, it was hard to continue sitting on my legs for so long and most of the dinner (there’s a name for it but I can’t remember what) I couldn’t eat anyway. I didn’t know how. ^^;

Anyways, Togame explains her tactics to Shichika and apparently, there are small blades within the armor. Hmm, that’s interesting.

But um, Togame’s strategies, on the other hand…

Pushing him into the sea and making him drown. Then pulling him back up and cleaning the armor of the corpse.

OR…heating the armor up and killing him that way.

…ok, ok, I get the first one but WHERE in the world are you going to get a magnifying glass THAT big?! Are magnifying glasses even available back then?!

And of course, Shichika’s expression to Togame’s super evil plans is PRICELESS…



But in all seriousness, I’m surprised Shichika forgot about playing things fair so fast. In episode 2, he said he doesn’t want to win on just luck but he’s okay with using backhanded methods like this? I mean, yea, Azekura is a pirate and all but still. Don’t go derailing your character like that. It makes me worried. ^^;

Also, Azekura doesn’t take off his armor in front of anyone. Yea, alright, whatever. I have a more pressing concern to address.

He must stink up the insides REALLY bad, alright. Walking around in that all day under the blazing sun. Ugh, gross. Dx

So here’s the fanservice (aside from the hot springs) I mentioned in my last post. Pfffttt, I so knew it was not going to happen but I wonder how many people got or almost got fooled into thinking it would.

They made it look semi-convincing, though.


And then this…no wait, the part where she tells him it’d be great if he can lightly step on her head. I was actually expecting for Shichika to apply a little too much pressure and for her face to punch a whole through the floor.

Then I remember she had a futon underneath so…lol, yea. Only Togame would not get major injuries from a massage given by Shichika. >.>;

Ok, this shot taken mostly for Shichika’s line. In the subs, it was translated to something like “I get a weird feeling from doing this…” but when I heard it, it took on a slightly different meaning. Something along the lines of “…my heart feels weird…” or something like that. And those do not mean the same thing.

I think it’s safe to say that this is the first time there’s been a hormonal reaction from Shichika towards Togame. I mean, that light blush on his face before wasn’t there for the lulz that followed. He doesn’t really get what it is but that’s natural for him.

It was still nice to see, though (and NO, not in the perverted sense, you perverts! xP). He’s still innocent when it comes down to sex and lust but it’s better than him not having any sort of response.

Ah~, our Shichika is growing up so fast now. Should I be proud? I feel like patting him on the head and saying “Don’t think about it, you’re better off that way”. <3

What are you saying, you creepy woman?! o.O;

Ah, she said “Cheerio!” We didn’t get a single one last episode so it’s really been a while. And this was especially cuter than usual because Shichika called her “chibi”. Kyaa~! So cute! xDDDD

So they talk about some stuff regarding the proportion of size to strength or vice-versa and as far as fighting goes, Shichika’s on his own this time to figure out what he should do since Togame knows little to nothing about battling. Just as they were about to go a little more into what Shichika was thinking, Azekura shows up to see them.

Che, that sucks. It’s not everyday that I get to see Shichika strategize on his own so I’m a little miffed by the interruption. >3<

Azekura’s greeting is more like attempted flirting with Togame (“And I love the color of your hair!”) which takes her aback slightly since she was expecting more srs bznz talk. It’s kind of cute to see her react so when someone compliments her.

And I took that shot of Shichika because I wasn’t sure how to interpret it…no, I do, but there are several ways I can interpret it, actually. I was expecting him to be a little behind on the conversation as usual or given his guarded look here, he’s probably sizing Azekura up in case he plans to do anything. It did occur to my mind that his protectiveness over Togame might have start acting up a little at Azekura’s flattery but I didn’t want to draw everything on that reason alone. Fangirls have a tendency to blow up every small hint into the greatest phenomenon ever, which is plain ridiculous in my eyes so that’s why I was hesitant to think too much into it.

But if so, even a little bit, it’s nice to see a different face on Shichika, especially when it’s concerning the woman he claims to love. I bet he doesn’t realize what he’s doing…which makes it all the more funny. haha

On another note, Togame changed out of her yukata back to her usual formal attire pretty fast, huh? And Shichika didn’t, which made me laugh a little. I imagined some sort of scenario like this:

Togame: “Azekura’s come to see us. You should change, too!”

Shichika: “Hell no, I just changed into these clothes you told me to change into. Deal with it.”

It’s humorous cuz while it probably takes half and hour for Togame to dress herself, all Shichika has to do is put on his hakama which should only take two minutes. lawl~ Ahhh, I’m such a weird little person. XD;

Anyways, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Togame and Shichika aren’t just ordinary travelers with all the rumors flying around and Azekura is one of them. Moreover, thanks to the underground-like information system among pirates, he managed to learn more about these two and their sword hunt which means the sword they plan to take now would be his armor.

Hmm, not bad for a pirate. It’s rare for me to see one so well-informed and up-to-date on the news.

Furthermore, he does add on something interesting when Togame asked him that he shouldn’t be surprised if someone wants to steal something from him since stealing is his profession. He answers that those who steal should correctly be prepared to be stolen from themselves and that it also applies to the resolve to kill.

When Togame heard this, she repeated “Resolved, huh?” so I’m wondering has it finally sunk into her that their journey isn’t a take-the-item-and-go sort of thing. With the exception of Meisai, who was fighting for a good cause, Togame didn’t need to show remorse for all their other opponents who mainly wanted to keep the swords for themselves. But with Meisai, she felt some guilt over her death. It didn’t affect her so much that she broke down into tears about it so in a sense, Togame had definitely prepared herself for the emotional experience that would accompany her on this quest. However, thinking about it and actually witnessing the act of killing happen are two different things.

At this point, I guess she more or less steeled herself up to the task and will be as ruthless as she can be to get to her goals. In other words, her ambitions have probably grown larger after their success at obtaining 4 legendary swords that generals of a past era couldn’t come close to finding so that’s what makes her resolve to get the rest of them stronger than ever.

It’s a damn good thing she’s a protagonist cuz it would be scary if she were on the bad guy’s side. o.O;

Well, moving along, Togame still has her cautions up and suspects that Azekura’s henchmen have surrounded them to prevent them from escaping despite Azekura saying he came alone. She looks to Shichika to see if he senses anyone in the area but he’s too busy trying to look cool giving Azekura the “hmm, I don’t like him” look which earns him a “Cheeriooo!!” punch from Togame. lol XD;

For Shichika to be that distracted makes me think he really must feel threatened by Azekura but hmm, I wonder. With how the next scene follows, it’s hard for me to stick with that idea…

Azekura: “So I’m assuming Yasuri Mutsue retired since you’re the current head?”

Shichika: “Dad’s dead. He, uh…well, he died.”

Togame: “What the heck’s that?”

LOL Oh gawd, I love Shichika so much. <333

Ok, getting back to the real business and goin’ to try to cut down on all the fancy talk to the blunt basis of the conditions of this duel Azekura challenges Shichika to cuz it’s pretty confusing and spinning turns as it is. Seriously, if this wasn’t Nisioisin dialogue, I wouldn’t have cared to follow every word of what they were talking about for these past five minutes…

Conditions if Shichika wins:

1) They get Zokutou Yoroi.
2) Azekura guarantees them a ride back to Owari with no interference by any of the townspeople or his crew.
3) “Make me look good.” In other words, they’ll have to duel in that Obon-ring-whatever we saw earlier in the episode. With Shichika, Japan’s Strongest, participating, the audience will get riled up and the local economy will revitalize from all the commotion which also benefits the shogunate as well.

Dang, Azekura knows his economics pretty well. I’m impressed. :D

Conditions if Azekura wins:

1) He doesn’t lose Zokutou (well, duh).
2) See last one under Shichika.

But ever the clever strategian she is, Togame knows his end of the proposal doesn’t stop there and thinks he’s also after the other swords they have along with Shichika’s title.

…lol, but~

Azekura: “I’ll take you, Togame.”

Togame: “I see, I see…HUH?!”

LOL Ah, what a surprise and quite a nice little twist. Azekura is more than satisfied with Zokutou and wants Togame to be his woman cuz he fell in love with her at first sight.

Naturally, Togame goes into major malfunction cuz “THIS WASN’T PART OF THE PLANNNNN!!!!!”


Azekura’s major objective is to replace Shichika pretty much. He’s confident that he’ll be of more help to Togame since he’s affiliated with pirates so not only will she have most of his crew under her command if he does win but she’ll also have connection with its information network which is crucial in locating the other swords.

While Togame is contemplating all this, AWWWW, who wanted to hug Shichika when they did a close-up on him? He looks…well, not so depressed but he looks hurt and bothered after that and gah, I just want to hug him. He’s still just an innocent boy on the inside after all. <333

Ah, I just love it when all my theories come to fruition! I feel like celebrating but I'll wait a bit longer. It's too early to do that just yet. hehehe x3

Next morning, Shichika performs Kyotouryuu’s fourth secret technique, Ryuuryoku Kakou, on Togame or rather, the mirror stashed in her obi to show her how he’ll counter Zokuto.

Ah, that looked like such a nice mirror, too. ^^;

Apparently, it can “strike skin, muscle, organs, bones or anything else” (yikes!) and the trick to it is “the conduction of the shock from the impact”.

But Shichika just follows his instincts and Togame is outraged because he hasn’t even thought about the possibility of her dying from it. xDDD;;

To be honest, I think if he does think about it, someone would really die or get maimed for life but I’m not the one holding the broken mirror so yea. ^^;

Anyways, Togame is still pissed and orders for Shichika to help her dress (undress, whatever) as usual but he decides to tease her a bit cuz he’s moody~

Kahahaha. Spinning~ I should creating a spinning tag. I’m kinda obsessed with it after seeing Shizu spin in DRRR! a few weeks ago. xDD;;;

Shichika asks Togame what she thought about Azekura’s proposal and Togame chooses to answer sardonically did I use this term right? by saying she slept “so well” because if that she didn’t even dream which earned her…


lol C’mon, Togame, one should know better than to mess with Shichika when he’s moody but since he’s never been moody in front of her before, maybe that kick was a little bit too much. ^^;

Togame: “You’re bullying me!”

Shichika: “What? You always hit me so now we’re even.”

I take back what I said. One kick is what she deserved after 5 months of enduring her insults so yea, I approve “teasing” Togame. (^w^)b

But what Shichika really wants to know if she thinks Azekura will be a suitable bodyguard for her (aka a better replacement of him). And it’s quite dumb of Togame to respond with “well, yea, he’s got that reliable pirates network and all” after being floored by Shichika twice already so…

I totally see this as justified, too. Yes. (^∀^)b

A tease for a tease. Ah, that sounds fun to say. Hahaha…

But it looks like Shichika’s jealousy (yes, it’s jealousy~) expresses itself through his reflexes (“My hand just moved on its own”) more than it does on his face. I find this very refreshingly adorable for some reason. It’s not abusive…but it’s still violent…and cute at the same time. Agh, so cute! lol xDDD;;

In any case, Azekura has no intention of allowing Shichika to stay with Togame if that latter loses and Shichika is wondering if it’s not such a bad idea after all (to his own dismay) since Togame said she could trust a man who fought for love.

And bingbingbing!, Togame finally realizes why he’s acting so strange. So slow, Togame. So slow~

She asks Shichika if he ends up losing and not dying, will he return to his island while she continues the journey to which Shichika replied he didn’t want to (and caused me to “d’awww” all over the place xD;).

Hmm, I won’t say I feel sorry for Shichika since I don’t at this point and he really wins a lot of my love for thinking what’s best for Togame even though he may not like being separated from her. Moreover, it’s his first time dealing with all the negative sides of liking someone and while Togame disapproves of how wishy-washy he’s being, I like seeing it because it shows he’s not just her sword that cuts whenever she tells him to. He’s also another human being who has some wishes of his own.

Surprisingly, he handles the situation pretty selflessly for someone new to the whole romance drama cycle.

Togame, on the other hand, won’t have things like this and accusingly asks if his love for her amounts to that much that he’d just let her go without a fight. For once, I fully agree with her but I’m still sympathetic towards Shichika cuz she can be so blunt sometimes, it hurts. ^^;

Ah, and again we’re interrupted but it gives room for some good anguish before the duel so it’s fine.

Andand, I’ve been waiting for Houou’s appearance for a while so it’s more than fine. Kuhuhu~ x3

Here’s Maniwa Houou (“Pheonix”), the leader of the Bird Squad and all 12 Maniwana heads so his name is quite befitting. His seiyuu is the veteran, Ryotaro Okiayu, whom people may recognize as the voice behind several characters of well-known anime within…the past 10-15 years? Some examples I know are Dark Mousy from D.N.Angel, Furukawa Akio from CLANNAD, and Andrew Waltfeld from Gundam SEED. He’s also the voice of Terra, the protagonist of the latest installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Birth by Sleep.

I was surprised when I learned he was voicing for Houou cuz I thought it sounded familiar and I did wonder if it was Ryotaro Okiayu but I didn’t think I would be right for once. He sounds so different! Or at least the pitch of his voice is higher than how it usually sounds. Wow.

Great, now I can’t stop making CLANNAD jokes. Nanami (Nagisa) is the daughter of the leader of a murderous group ninjas (Akio), one of its members, Chouchou, being his son-in-law’s best friend (Sunohara) whose little sister (Mei) is their main enemy/former boss, Togame. Omg, just throw in Tomoya in there already. And Kyou, and Tomoyo and everyone else. lolol Aww man, CLANNAD. <3


Anyways, I wish I can delve more into Houou's personality but he's one of those characters you get to know more of as the story goes on. That and my information on him is rather limited. However, there are a few of his traits that are very apparent already. Like how charismatic he is, or how I'm guessing he is. It's probably definitely true that he seems to hold the most common sense out of all the ninjas since he doesn’t rush into picking a fight with Togame and is good at communication unlike the previous ones. At the same time, you know by looking at him (ignore the distracting feathers and what looks like face paint his nose!) that he’s a formidable and deadly opponent. Not even that, quite creepy as well.

I mean, he offered to give Togame his left arm just so that she would listen to what he has to say and before she could even give a proper answer…

He goes and chops it off.

…Scary. @A@;;;

“I’m am also fully prepared to cut off my right arm too, if you’d like.”

No no no! One’s enough for one day! But more importantly, this guy feels no pain at losing his arm at all and he’s ready to cut the other one off?! How can you even do that?! @A@;

Meanwhile, Shichika is all “uhhhhh” which made me break into laughter a bit. He must think ninjas are like the crazies people on earth. xDDD;;;

And in case anyone’s curious, he gets an arm sewn back on (somehow). Whether its his original one or not, I don’t know but his hand looks odd.

So yea, thanks to that persuasion, they proceed to have this talk. And haha~, the Insect Squad was mentioned. Just wait until those two find out exactly who killed them. I’m looking forward to it.

That being said, Houou wonders if it was a bad idea that they betrayed Togame since she’s been collecting so many swords after they left her but there’s no meaning in regretting now. Instead, he proposes a “temporary alliance/truce” where they would avoid fighting each other for the swords. Meaning, the ninjas will go after certain swords according to the own agenda and those are the ones that Togame and Shichika can’t go after. The same applies for the swords Togame and Shichika are seeking and know the location of already so the ninjas can’t interfere with them either. If they so happen to cross each other’s path looking for the same one, they’ll just have to duke it out like the usual.

Houou doesn’t leave much of an option for Togame since if she refused this negotiation, he’ll have to fight them on the spot. Togame also doesn’t have enough information as of now so she agrees.

Togame’s next target sword is Soutou Kanazuchi (Hammer, the Pair) which is located in Ezo. So that’s the sword the ninjas are not allowed to go after.

Houou shows his gratitude by telling her the suspected locations of three other swords: Mutsu’s Mountain of Spirits, Tendou in Dewa, and Edo.

Now this is where I had to let out a dumbfounded “Huh?”. I get why they “exchanged” information on the location of the swords but does Togame really expect Houou to honor their agreement on staying out of their way in Ezo? For all I know, the reason why Houou told Togame the places where three other swords could possibly be is to probably have the owner of each respective sword and Shichika try and kill each other so they can retrieve the swords for themselves without having to do the dirty work.

That’s what I think he’s scheming.

And he quickly diverts Togame’s attention from these suspicions by telling her that Hitei-hime is also starting to make a move.

Togame is all on alert at the mere mention of that name so it confirms that Hitei-hime and Togame are definitely not on the same side. Will this be a four-way battle then? Togame and Shichika vs. the owner of the swords vs. Maniwa ninjas vs. Hitei-hime? Hmmm…this is getting guud~ 8D

So ends their negotiation chat and Houou leaves telling Togame she’s got her catchphrase wrong and even going as far as to say what “Cheerio” really meant.

Hilarity at Togame’s embarassment ensues…

LOL, this is great. I loved how we spent almost 3 full friggin’ minutes centered on Togame switching from denial to “H-Hah! I did it on purpose!” to a frenzy realization that “OMG! Everyone’s goin’ to think I’m an idiot!” and all that jazz.

Made even funnier cuz Shichika’s known all along that “chesuto” was the proper way to say it, which earned him another…



Moo, Houou’s Ninpou, Danzaien, was censored. I bet it was awesome. Why do all the awesome things happen off-screen? *grumpy* >:/

Then we had Azekura’s backstory revealed to us and to be honest, I’m not impressed or moved or whatever by it at all. I blame it on the lack of good emotional buildup and unoriginality of the “revenge” plot tool, made more apparent by Azekura’s rather weak introduction in comparison to the antagonists before him. He needs to drink more rum.

And Togame resembles his dead little sister so that’s why he’s so taken by her looks. Sis-con, anyone?

On the day of the battle, Togame tells Shichika, if it’s possible, to not kill or permanently incapacitate Azekura. This leads Shichika to misinterpret it as Togame saying it’s okay for him to lose which causes him to lose some focus on what he should be doing.

I was almost about to yell “No, no, no, Shichika! That’s not what she meant!”. Argh, it was a bit frustrating but made me very happy inside at the same time. ^^;

Woot! I wouldn’t say the animation for this episode was top notch or anything but I definitely liked how cool they made Shichika’s moves look. It was just AWESOME. x333

Unfortunately, his planned one-hit didn’t go through Zokutou at all but that’s obvious from the start. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have an interesting battle now, would we?

Ugh, we get static shots of Shichika dodging Azekura’s attacks. Not horrible or anything but not very fun.

But at least now you can’t say Shichika’s battles are decided too quickly. Other than the duel with Hakuhei, this is the longest one we’ve seen him yet. :P

Since Shichika’s Kyotouryuu have no affect on Azekura thanks to that armor, Shichika begins to wonder if he should give up and let what he thinks is the “superior” sword take his place only to get snapped out of it by Togame…

Who goes into this great, wonderful, totally awesome, “omg, Togame, Xiao loves you now!” speech about how she’d never trust a man won’t even show his face to the woman he’s fallen for and if Shichika can’t use his regular moves to “JUST USE YOUR MUSCLES, MORON!” xDDDDDDD

But really, this is truly great. Not only does Togame absolutely trusts Shichika’s loyalty, she has an unwavering belief in his abilities as well. And that didn’t start on this episode. It goes all the way back to episode 3 when she told him she had never expected him to lose against Meisai in the first place. The extent of her confidence in him is pretty amazing if she can declare all this only 3 months after they met and still keep that almost half a year later.

This snaps Shichika out of his funk and he realizes he’s been thinking too much, which lured him out of his safe zone (I told you so~). But it’s alright now, cuz he’s back and ready to kick Azekura’s ass.

And yes, I laughed out loud when he practically rubbed it in Azekura’s metal-covered face with “Bring it, Mr. Rejected.” Oh, Shichika~ <3333

Azekura isn’t the least bit amused at being rejected in front of a large crowd consisting of people who he’s a celebrity among and charges at Shichika straight through the fence.

I feel bad for those innocent viewers on that side of the wall. Funny enough, there were no bodies lying around when the dust cleared. xD;

Oho~, who’s the stronger one now, huh, Iron Man-wannabe?! >83

And now for the AWESOME…

I was so amused watching Azekura flail helplessly. It’s a shame that I didn’t make a gif for that as well but I have 11 in here already so eh. It’s still amusing. Haha xD

Yep, even without Kyotouryuu, Shichika is pretty capable of handling his opponents with the strength he’s build up over his 20 years of training and now we know why Togame was so keen on examining his body when they first met. Hahaha. I love this series, yes I do. <3

Shichika thanks Azekura for helping him realize that even though he’s a sword, he’s still a human being as well so if he wants to be selfish and go according to his own wishes (to be with Togame~), it’s fine.

But more importantly (and the best line in this series for my inner fangirl)…

“Don’t touch my woman!”



I won’t lie. I think my heart was stolen in this one epic line of a moment.

And after that, I couldn’t stop grinning like an idiot as I waltzed around my house like the giddy fangirl that I am. Kyaa~! <33333

So the victor was decided and Togame explains just like how it was with Shichika, Azekura was also strong enough without Yoroi (but never as strong as Shichika <3).

Azekura himself didn't have any major injuries after the fight but after the loss and being stripped of the armor he's taken to wearing, it's not like he can show his face out in public either. lol, though I don't think he has to be that embarassed if no one's ever seen his true face to begin with. But ah well.

Togame’s decision to quickly depart and not go see Azekura was probably one of the most correct ones she made so far. At least for me, it stood out very much so. Even if the person who likes you doesn’t want your pity or sympathy, if you show up, he or she’s going to try to rope you back through that.

Agh, I make it sound like I’m accusing Azekura but I’m really not. It’s just a tendency to cling onto what hopeless hopes you might have after a rejection and some nasty things can follow from there. *shudder*

Togame switches the topic and asks why Shichika never told her that he knew she was wrong about “Cheerio”. Turns out she was “saying it so boldly” that he thought he probably remembered it wrong…which somehow gets him “Cheerio!”-punched again. Hmm. :/

But yay, Togame’s sticking with “Cheerio!”. :D

Unfortunately, due to Azekura being a sour pig of a sore loser, he had his ship sail them towards Ezo instead of back to Owari for revenge being rejected.

Btw, where is Ezo located on the map? o.O; I’m gonna check that out tomorrow since damn, I’m dead tired. =A=


ED: “Ai to Makoto” by Yukari Tamura

Yay~! The ED theme is sung by Togame~! And it’s evident in the lyrics that Togame’s the one speaking here. No, let me rephrase that. She’s speaking to Shichika (or at least describing them together) and here’s the part where I think illustrates it the most:

You can be tender

the boat where my companion is abroad said

So I guess this is some kind of reference to Togame’s slight tsuntsun-ness towards him because yes, she does have some. Hee~

In the world he is the only one

whom I wonder if I entrust my cordiality to

I think the bath scene and her shouting at him from outside the ring can explain for this. :)

Yea, I think if I were to make an FST for this couple omg, I SHOULD 8D, I’d definitely include this song in the tracks since it accurately portrays them from Togame’s POV.

Music-wise, this isn’t one of the best Yukari Tamura songs I’ve come across. Her voice sounds too…too flattened and a little nasally, imo, probably due to trying to keep it within Togame’s voice range. It’s still lovely and cute, though.

Now is it too much to hope for a guy singing the next ED theme? …Yea, I don’t think that will happen but I’d love to hear a guy sing for once. Maybe one of the male characters? Haha, I wonder how Shichika would sound. xD;



Ok, so thanks to my delay, I again have to prepare for the next episode in less than 5 days as it will broadcast this Friday, June 4th. That’s the bad part. The good part is that I’ll definitely have it done before I leave for vacation in the middle of the month. The further bad part is that I have at least 3 more posts I have to do so hopefully it won’t happen, I can TRY to stay focused on episode 6 so that it’s not late like this review. Ugh, I see my sleep being compromised again. Uuuuggghhh. T_T

Anyways, the next sword, Kanazuchi, belongs to that cute little girl with the chipped tooth and her name is Konayuki. She has adominable strength and can easily carry an unconcious Shichika and Togame on both her soldiers and still run through a blizzard like a kid skipping through flowers…and she’s so damn cute, too! Konayuki~! I want to take you home~! <3

*gasp!* But she killed a rabbit! T___T

Seems like there's also going to be an official meeting among what's left of the Maniwa heads. Oshidori is among them and she doesn’t look happy that her fiance hasn’t contacted her in a while so I’m wondering if she knows he’s dead.

Hitei-hime and Mon-kun also seem to be getting some screentime (yay~) and looks like the fight between Shichika (I’m liking his kimono lots, btw) and Konayuki will finally put an end to his streak of being “unscathed”. Ugh, the bone breaking made me cringe. *cringe* >.< Shichika!

That should be interesting. A fight with a loli. lol

But what I can't wait for is that second screencap right there. SNUGGLING~! What's almost better than hugging? SNUGGLING~! <333

Haha, so yea, that's all for now. If anyone is interested in seeing some more footage, the main site uploaded another trailer of Shichika passing out in the snow and Togame trying to slap him awake before Konayuki finds them and brings them back to her cave.

Alright, I’m done. Expect the next post to be out within a week of Sunday. Goin’ to bed. Hope you enjoyed it. Sorry if I derailed too much. *falls dead* |DD


4 thoughts on “Katanagatari ~ Ep. 5 ~ No rum jokes? Awww.

  1. I guess Japanese pirates don’t drink rum. They probably drink sake instead.
    But there were no sake jokes either. D:

    One of the things I really wished they had shown was Azekura’s reaction towards Togame’s speech near the end of the fight…I personally joke and think that it wasn’t really Shichika who defeated him by chucking him up into the air, but rather that Azekura was too rejected to bother standing up anymore.
    But I could be wrong on that…==U

    So glad that there’s another Katanagatari fangirl out there, now we can squee~ together 8Db

    • Then they should trade some sake for rum.
      Cuz I don’t think I’d understand sake jokes. ^^;

      But he kinda did. After Shichika said “Let’s finish this”, he responded something like “Don’t get cocky. Whatever I want, I take. And I’ll knock down anyone who’s in my way.” I took this as a sign that he’s quite pissed off (or pretty upset) at being publicly rejected.
      Which is why I’ll have to disagree on that last part. Since Azekura’s a pirate who’s quite confident in his skills, he won’t hesitate to steal Togame even if she refused him. That’s how pirates act anyway (at least, if I’m close to right). Otherwise, he wouldn’t have charged at Shichika so desperately.

      Yay~ Glad to come across another fan! Yes, let’s squee~ to our hearts content! xDb

  2. “That aside, though it really doesn’t bother me as much, I’ve heard some people say that there’s a lot of one-sidedness in the battle scenes between Shichika and whoever. Nanami also gets dragged into this as well for her inhuman copying skills.”

    Bah whatever. Can’t they just enjoy the awesomeness with the rest of us.

    “…ok, ok, I get the first one but WHERE in the world are you going to get a magnifying glass THAT big?! Are magnifying glasses even available back then?!”

    Rule of Funny I guess. Togome plans seem to revolve around supervillianey though…

    “I take back what I said. One kick is what she deserved after 5 months of enduring her insults so yea, I approve “teasing” Togame. (^w^)b”

    “Great, now I can’t stop making CLANNAD jokes. Nanami (Nagisa) is the daughter of the leader of a murderous group ninjas (Akio), one of its members, Chouchou, being his son-in-law’s best friend (Sunohara) whose little sister (Mei) is their main enemy/former boss, Togame. Omg, just throw in Tomoya in there already. And Kyou, and Tomoyo and everyone else. lolol Aww man, CLANNAD. <3"


    The battle was fun. I enjoyed watching Azekura frail around too.

    Not much else to say, other then because of this episode I really ship Togome/Shichika now.

  3. The part of “I get a weird feeling from doing this…” is “I am having a feeling that strange sense (Strange pleasure) buds, inside my heart. ”
    sorry…my poor English (^^;)

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