SoMT Rematch: Saki vs. Honey

This poll will end on Sunday, May 30th!

Yep, we have a tie. A draw. Ended with the same amount of votes. WAAAHHHHH!!!! I’m so excited!! *Xiao goes crazy*

I actually have to leave for practice in a few minutes so I can’t post the results yet but they had 21 votes each when I closed the poll so there. You decide who you want to move onto stage 2.

And keep me happy with the votes! Kahahahaha!!!! XDDDD;;;


3 thoughts on “SoMT Rematch: Saki vs. Honey

  1. Haha! Has that ever happened before? I mean, a tie. I don’t remember but I think… NO! Surprise me more Xiao :D I want a ferocious battle for those two >:D
    I’ll so be waiting until you post the results >_<

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