Working!! ~ Ep. 7 ~ One moe too many.

Three quick thoughts on Yamada: Don’t like. Go home. NO U! >:(



Tenchou is in DESPAIR!!!!!!!

Do you have any idea how I f***in’ love Jun?! …WELL, DO YOU?!?!?!?

Yachiyo: “She’s like…Kyouko-san!”

Jun: “Ah, so that’s why she’s so annoying.”

See “Hate Child-sized”.

Well, I dislike her but she makes everyone else even funnier.

But all the more reason for her to leave cuz that would really be one UGLY affair, alright. *shudder* Otoo-san and Yachiyo…EWW! Dx

Popura: “Souma-san knows many things…and…”


“I don’t anything about him, even though we work together.”

Aww, POPURAAAAAA~!!!! Don’t worry, you’re better off not knowing. <)

So somehow it ended up like this…I still don’t get how it happened. =A=;

Yachiyo: *SPARKLE~* *her best face* *SPARKLE~*

Jun: *air dying around him* *his worst face* *air dying around him*

Hiroomi: “Happiness and unhappiness are side by side.”

Souta: “How sad.”

Aye. |D;

Yamada: “Yachiyo-san, Satou-san likes you, you know.”

Souta: “Yamada! She fails at working, but she can sense this stuff very sharply!”

This soap opera-turned reality obsession of hers tends to do that, Souta.

Oh god, I feel really bad for Jun but…this was cute. I’m sorry, Jun, it was cute! I’m sorry! *runs away giggling in guilt* XD;

Poor Jun. ^^;

Ah! It’s closing time alre-…nevermind.

“That’s enough. If you really want to know, I’ll tell you.”


Yachiyo: *tries to look elsewhere*

Jun: “No one is there.”

Yachiyo: *sweating*…*tries to talk*

Jun: “Don’t talk.”

Yachiyo: *sweating more profusely*…*tries to turn head*

Jun: “Don’t look back.”

Yachiyo: *it’s pretty much hell at this point*

Jun: “That’s how it is.” *leaves*

Hiroomi, stop laughing. *giggles madly into the wall* xDDD;;;

Oh Jesus, even his ears are red. JUN~! I WANT TO HUG YOU, YOU POOR ADORABLE THING!!!! xDDDD

Jun: “I’m going home.”

Hiroomi: “Wait, Satou-kun! Work is not finished!”


*enjoying this* xD;

Yachiyo: “Yachiyo is going to commit seppuku. Do kaishaku for me.”

Not at the entrance of the restaurant, please.

Popura: *too painfully shocked for words*

JUN! Don’t use permanent marker on my Popura-chan’s face, dammit!

AAAAHHHH!!! What are you doing?! Get a hold of yourself!! @A@;;;

*sigh* Wagnaria is a mess…Souta, give me back Popura-chan. >:/

This is too awesome for words. I will treasure this shot forever. Popura telling off adults FTW. <DDD

Popura: “I failed.”

Noooo~, you were wonderful, Popuraaa~ <3333

Jun: “Behind you…I see a ghost.”

Yachiyo: “Eh?”

Souta: “Satou-san broke.”

Hiroomi: “Even Todoroki-san found that weird.”

I don’t even know what’s going on anymore. |D;

Jun: “I hope she won’t think I’m stupid.”

But stupidity can’t detect stupidity, Jun. Even fake ones. o.O;

Yachiyo: *believed it all* “Is that so?”

Point proven. |D;

Yachiyo: “Satou-kun is so kind. I love Satou-kun best out of all men.”

Jun: *chokes [on happiness] + smoke*

He’s happy…and miserable at the same time…can I hug him now? <D;

Hiroomi: “Good thing you were number one…out of all men, that is.”

Eeeehhh…so are we going back to how it was before only slighty better or…slightly worse? I don’t know. I really don’t. Poor Jun. <D;

Jun: “I’m going home now.”

Hiroomi: “EH? Again?!”

…I should be wanting to give a comforting hug to Hiroomi but…nah. lol xD;



Meh, hot spring episode. But seems there’ll be lots of cute InamixSouta moments so I’m all for it! And Jun in casual clothes, too. *drools*