Catch-up Post: Fairy Tail, Working!!, Durarara!!

What Xiao was like for a while during her break.

Tired, sick, emotionally-drained, pretty much Izumi minus the number of days she didn’t take a bath. Can’t understand how this woman lives without it. *shudder*

So yes, um, if they’re page links on the bottom, this is going to be a little long. No duh. I’m covering 8 episodes. :P

But nah, it’s nothing really more than some quick overall thoughts of what I wanted to post and several quick highlights of each episode. Also, in advance, I apologize for the poor quality of my, er, writing since it’s been a while that I’ve worked on a post.

In another note, I think I’m on the edge of…well, I don’t want to say I’m dropping DRRR!! cuz I’m not. There is just less interest in blogging it due to the anime being last-seasoned (aka still good, just not as fresh) and my recent break from routine. Seriously, if I don’t follow by some set schedule, it’s hard for me to get back into it.
As of now, I’m not sure what I plan to do. Best option is to review episodes in the format that I’m using for this post. Quick thoughts, then screencap moments. Otherwise, I might just stop it all completely and save end thoughts for my season wrap-up post. Again, I’m still enjoying the show but even the plot has been winding down in getting me to feel thrilled like how it was at the beginning of winter season.

I’m also busy with other stuff so we’ll see. Just now, it isn’t my priority anymore, that’s all. :/

K, so here:

Pg 2 – Fairy Tail ep 27-29.
Pg 3 – Working!! ep 05-06.
Pg 4 – Durarara!! ep 16-18.


2 thoughts on “Catch-up Post: Fairy Tail, Working!!, Durarara!!

  1. ” Yes, in the three weeks I’ve been absent, TV Tropes has ruined my life.”

    I couldn’t tell. :D*shot* Welcome, the legions of the damned. We have cyper cookies.

    I need to watch working and fairytail…someday. The sisters in working in particular look fun. It reminds me of Juta’s sisters in otomen.

    Yeah, I think it’s a matter of lack of trust between the three high schoolers, for not telling each other their more dangerous secrets.

    lol at Erika being a deck shipper. Didn’t Celty say something to the effect of “I need to vomit in my hement” afterwards in the novels.

    ““By the way, y’all ain’t my type. Not a bit, not a drop, not all!”

    I sang five dozen operas when I heard this… XDDDD;;;”

    That line was epic, as was the one in the next episode“And you know…I can’t lose in front of someone who loves me!” It was a good set of episodes for Shizu epicness, (but that’s every episode isn’t it?)

    Shizu kicking ass was totally epic. Especially kicking his way through large groups of people, and not killing anyone.

    I’d say “I want that van”, but in real life it really would be embarassing.

    Poor Mikado. But he really can’t blame her for giggling about Celty and Shizu, can he?

    Shizu punching pedo-teacher=awesome.

    I haven’t watched episode 18 yet, so all I can say is that I’m looking forward to the Dollars group being awesome. Poor Kida though. Izaya is a real asshole sometimes (well, that is his defining character, but you know what I mean).

  2. Yay~ *flails over* 8D

    Take your time~ Fairy Tail might be a little tedious to go through so I suggest checking episode summaries for the important ones but Working you can finish in day real fast.
    I have yet to read Otomen. I probably will someday but that’s still a long time away. lol xD;

    That’s more than enough good reason to want to hide it, I suppose, but still, anyone knows so much trouble can be avoided if they just came clean with what they’re hiding. :/

    She did have the urge to hurl at the thought but all that came out was a huge puff of black smoke. xD;

    Too true~, too true~ *sigh* Shizu~ Epic never was so GAR in a bartender suit. <3

    He has yet to kill anyone which makes him even more AWESOME and totally NOT a monster. 8D And if he manages to kill Izaya, it's not like anyone won't understand. I think the people in canonverse would thank him actually but…yea, Izzy always manages to cheat death by Shizu somehow. Hrmf.

    If I had it, I would replace Haruka with Hamtaro images and drive around town playing the Hamster dance on loud speaker.

    Can't really blame him for being a little disturbed either. o.O;

    KYAAA~~!!!! x333

    It's a reflection episode so not much plot until the last minute. Watching Masaomi describe his past was very nice in context cuz it showed how complex about being involved in a gang was and what are the severe consequences for picking fights all the time. And yea, even though he was just a naive kid who didn't know better, ya gotta feel bad for all the angst that dropped on him. No thanks to Izzy but yea, we can't really despise him for being a bastard…come to think of it, I'm scared if there's a chance he'll turn to the good side. Too OOC. DNW. @.@;;

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