Working!! ~ Ep. 4 ~ All we’re missing is a Dullahan.

ARGH! What’s with this show being so damn GOOD just after I said I’d stop blogging it?! HUAGH! *flings a chair*

I’m thinking about pulling it out of the “Dropped” box now if next week is just as hilarious.

So glad it’s easy to blog, thank god. lol xD


I have no opinion about Sota’s sisters (mainly because they’re just like any other weird family there to embarrass the hell outta him) but I just found the subs I was watching funny:

Yachiyo: “Some bitch fainted out front.”


Spring is the season of traps.

Nuff said.


Yep, I’m sure Working!! is the angelic-fied version of Durarara!!.


Souma: “Ne, Taneshima-san. Did you get taller a bit?”

Popura: “Eh?! You can tell?!” *kira kira~*

Xiao: *sunglasses* Uwah…Popura-chan…mabushi…SO MOEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDD

YEP…I SWEAR Souma is the sheep disguise Izaya uses when he’s crossing fictional universes.

The habit of poking his nose into everyone’s privacy is simply too coincidental. I say TOO COINCIDENTAL, I SAY!!!

Ah, so it was true, after all. I didn’t want to believe it since I kinda have a crush on Satou but it’s okay because when he gets all…sickified (yes, that’s a word now) at Yachiyo’s denseness, it’s so cute! Kyaa~! SATOUUU~!!! x333

Souma: “Todoroki-san, you know there are many other fish in the sea. Like…Satou-kun, Satou-kun, and Satou-kun.”

Yachiyo: “What’s the matter with Satou-kun?”


LMAO @ Yachiyo thinking Satou liked Tenchou.

She really is an idiot.

Poor Satou. I feel so bad for him…but at the same time, his misery just makes me want to glomp onto him. ^^;

And this is what happens when he finds out who dropped the hint for Yachiyo…though she remains as dense as ever.

Now I’m feeling bad for Souma. xD;


Megane!Popura-chan~!!!! *MOEdered*


Sota: “You’re even cuter with glasses on cuz they make you look smaller!”

Inorite? Sota knows what I’m talkin’ about. lol xDD

Behold…Souma’s protege.

Yea, this is Sota’s weird family. They’re all tall and funny but not very cute in his sense of “cute”. Heck, even his little sister is about to be taller than him.

…and he’s a splitting image of the oldest. ^^;

Sota: “Sempai…you’re so cute…you’re so small…” *tears of joy*

LOL Add to the list of what Sota considers “cute” :

– Has to be under the age of 12 (or look it).
– Has to be small.
– Can’t be his sisters.


Souma’s only fear in the world other than getting hit…is Inami…which is the same as getting hit harder. ^^;;

Sota: “Well if you stay in the kitchen, you’ll be saf-”

Inami: “AAAAHHHH!!! OTOKOOOOOOOOO!!!” *falcon punch*

Yeeeaaa…talk about bad luck and bad timing. <D;

Souma: “It hurts desu…I think I’m dying desu…”

Oh Souma, you. ^^;

This is violent (so very violent) but at the same time…very cute. Inami-chan is so embarrassed and it’s clear she has a little crush on Sota, though he’ll probably be too worried over her victims and dense about it to notice. Haha xD;

Oh god, the drama I see coming…and all those bloody noses.

Tenchou: “It’s Valentine’s Day. Give me something to eat.”

Sota: “Go eat some Setsudan beans instead.”

*Xiao is currently looking up these Setsudan beans*

Aww, that’s nice of her to give them chocolates every year.

Satou doesn’t show a lot of emotion but I bet he’s real happy to receive some.

Souma: “Here, you take my share.”

Satou: “Why? I don’t need it.”

Souma: “Don’t worry~ I’ll be sure to pay for the reciprocal gift.”

Satou: “…” *takes it* <– THIS was cute. 8DDDD

Souma: “Ah, your obligation doubled.”

Souma: “Satou-kun! The frying pan hurts! It hurts a lot!”

I dunno, you kinda asked for this one, Souma. xD;

Kyaa~! Inami’s first time giving chocolate to guy and she’s so nervous, all that body heat just melted it into choco goo. Alas, poor choco. <D;

Sota: “Thanks for the chocolate. I’ll put some effort into the reciprocal gift.”


Sota: “Don’t tell me that was your disease again!”

Inami: “T-That’s not it! I didn’t hit you because I hate guys. I hit you…to hide my embarrassment!”

Sota: “That’s even worse!”

Aww, now, now. At least it she punched you with sincere feelings. <D;

Damn, that’s hawt.


Hey, squeeze room for me, you two! *squeezes in to gawk at Satou* >.<

Popura: “Why are there two of them?”

*doesn’t care* POPURAAAAAA~~~~~~!!!!!!!!1one *GLOMPS* xDDDDDDDDDDD



Looks like next week might be a little more potential couple-centered…wait, did I say “potential”? Nooooo… o.O;

Well, it looks fun and seems Souma is about to get punched by Inami or smacked hard with the frying pan by Satou again. I feel bad but…I’ll take either one. Haha.

And Inami in “gambarimasu!” mode is so cute~! MOE! MOE! xDDD

&& moar Satou, kthx.

That will make me decide if I’m going to blog next week’s or not. lol *so shallow* |D;

Btw, I can’t believe the DVD is scheduled to be released already. We’re not even halfway done with this season yet. -.-;


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  1. I’d love it if you’d continue blogging Working- I don’t have any time to watch it lol xD

    Megane Popura is so adorable!! <333

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