Katanagatari ~ Ep. 4 ~ “Yea, about my sister…” to another level. o.O;;

Well for those were even expecting some screentime on the fight between Shichika and Hakuhei, you were just massively TROLLED…

Same here, actually, though it wasn’t that much of a shock but I wished they could’ve at least given us some flashbacks. All that EPIC battle was reduced to 30 seconds of last week’s preview. :P

Otherwise, this was still a good episode with the focus on (FREAKYAWESUMNEE-CHAN~!) Nanami enough to make up for all the action we didn’t get to see…even though it would have been great if we had double the Kyoutouryuu action. *pokes foot into floor sulkily* =3=
And it’s funny because we probably saw more actual fighting in this one ep than the first three combined. I’m betting the following ones won’t promise much either. Shame. <P

The flowers everywhere were very purdy, though. Purdy~ *flowers* 8D

Yea, I'll just start now since I have lot to ramble on anyway. Haha. |D;


Small note to detail, it’s April~! Which is a miserable month for me since I have allergies but with all the sakura they had blowing around all over the place, it was too damn pretty not to say something about it…and that’s all.

In other news, Togame annoyed me again on two things:

1) It must be her time of the month because humor intentions aside, her nasty attitude and name-calling is back. Ugh, I dislike the bitchiness but not to an extreme or anything since Shichika, who’s doing the right job of not really caring at all about these degrading remarks shot at him, isn’t so much of an idiot to bow his head in shame to it. He’s pretty much accepted this to be her personality, stuck-up Oujo-sama and all, and deals with it by being “meh, you’ll shut up soon so I’ll just sit it out until you’re done”. Guy wins some respect points from me for that, even if that’s really due to him being a simpleton. But whatever, even so, a normal person would’ve rightfully left her long ago since it’s not really one of her “lovable” flaws. :P

2) Her complaint about Hakuhei’s message being “so old-fashioned”. She’s just too modern-minded but HELLO! You’re in ancient Japan if no one’s told you! xP

Anyways, so yea, Hakuhei is said to be one heck of a bishounen who’s devoted himself so much to swordsmanship that he lost a lot of humanity as a result (oh, and he’s rumored to be able to cut the moon in half, too, or something :P). A reason why after he obtained one of Shikizaki Kiki’s swords, the poison affected him deeply enough to cause him to betray Togame and the Shogunate.

But I wonder about that. When Shichika said to Togame that it’s weird for such a straightforward swordsman, who should, therefore, put his loyalty to his master before anything else, to act on impulse out of desire for a legendary sword. Togame asserts that is has something to do with the “poison” in them BUT, let me remind you of this…

Togame is still NOT aware of Shichika knowing the truth about her past since ep 1.

I’m not saying that the poison theory doesn’t hold any truth to it as desire for material things (deviant swords, in this case) is something every human being has in them but to place everything on that is starting to sound awfully suspicious as we move along. In other words, there’s a good chance that Togame is using that as a cover-up.

Let me clarify further. First of all, did anyone catch how she seemed a little startled (barely) when Shichika pointed out how strange the whole thing about Hakuhei sounded? That might have been an indication she was fearful of being found out by him.

We’ve already learned in ep 1 in that chitchat exchange between Shichika and Koumori that her proposed quest to find the swords isn’t just “to maintain the peace” but to benefit her own ambitions and revenge for her father. Other than Koumori, and now Shichika, being the only one who knows of her plans unaware to her, she hasn’t told a single person about what she really wants. Which makes Togame a liar. Heck yea, Togame is a LIAR. A trickster, etc. No wonder why her “symbol” always involves snakes in the novel illustrations.

You see where I’m getting at with this “cover-up” thing now? It’s possible that she’s just using that reason to cement Shichika’s reasoning in place so he doesn’t suddenly get ideas that things are fishy. Or ask too many questions and just get the job done.
Fortunately for her, Shichika doesn’t press into it any further so she’s safe for now.

Ah, but I have some other theories that might back up this one. I’ve discussed it with gentron-san in a comment for last month’s episode. It’s a question about if everyone is so affected by the poison of Shikazaki Kiki’s swords, why are Shichika and Togame unaffected? Well, starting on Togame, she’s not a swordsman nor does she have any skill in combat. To her, obtaining the swords for ambitions is more important than owning them. In other words, her desire for power is much stronger than this poison. And that’s plausible. She’s been seeking revenge for her family all her life. The swords are only stepping stones to achieving that.
On Shichika, we already know he has absolutely no interest in fighting for money or honor. He fights for Togame, who wants the swords and that’s why he’s after them. Furthermore, he can’t even use a sword to begin with.

So those are the reasons why I think the poison theory is being stressed out more than it really is. Of course, some of it does sound pretty credible but if my examples with Togame and Shichika are anything close to true, it doesn’t really apply to everyone who comes across them, y’know?

Alright, I’m done ranting for this part at least. Woot, that was long. @.@;;

This scene was taken straight out of this so that’s why I took it. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised to know that Togame doesn’t seem to mind undressing in front of Shichika but…it just does. I doubt any other woman of that era would just take of their clothes in front of a man like that if he wasn’t her husband or…customer…or whatever. Oi…

But I guess this is more like…payment? WHAT?! WHERE IS THIS GOING?! SOUNDS SO WRONG!! She did say he was allowed to love her and all that jazz and stuff so maybe in under these kind of circumstances, it’s okay…?

Too bad that Shichika doesn’t seem to be interested in that sort of stuff (yay, he’s not a pervert) as shown by his lack of expression which leads to my next point…

Togame finally asks herself what exactly could be the reason Shichika fell for her (wow, you are so LATE!). Shichika doesn’t seem to differentiate men from women and vice versa and that’s proven by how he didn’t hold back on killing Meisai.
Which means that he doesn’t “love” Togame for being a woman but thank god she is one otherwise I wouldn’t be watching this xD;.

That’s a little reassuring, I guess. He’s not following her orders cuz she’s got the body or because she’s a woman. But that still doesn’t bring us any closer to why he’s doing all this for her. *sigh* I don’t know myself. I still think it’s a sort of admiration he has but not in a romantic-crush sense. It’s…weird. :/

Well, anyways, Shichika is wondering if someone is leaking information about them and the swords since even Hakuhei found out about it. Togame says probably a handful of people talk about it everywhere so maybe that’s how it spread. Again, I’m doubtful. I think Togame is secretly leaking the information out herself.


Think about it. Now that they managed to obtain three swords, the other people who are holding the remaining ones will be alert because:

1) That means theirs might be the next one to be taken away.
2) They also want another Shikizaki Kiki sword to add to their collection or whatever reasons and wow, Shichika and Togame just happen to have three. That saves them some time on searching for the other ones.

Frankly, Togame wants to draw attention so the current owners would be brought out more into the open and therefore, making them easier to find or for them to find them. That way, they can just duke it out, get the sword, and the move onto the next.

Not a bad strategy if it is true though lying about it to Shichika doesn’t make it any good either. -.-;

And again, I swear Shichika has a hormone deficiency. Which is GOOD in my books. I like guys like that. There’s been way too many perverts lately, and it’s even rarer if they don’t have straying eyes for other girls.

This is sounding so weird, please don’t mind me. Lololol xDDDD;;;

And for god’s sake, don’t just stand there, Togame! Put some damn clothes on!

*cough* K, sorry about the crappy pasting here. I can never get those right. ^^;

Hakuto Hari is very fragile for a sword but supposed to be very beautiful to behold as well.

Yea…it’s just one fit for Hakuhei in all aspects. I don’t really care since I didn’t get to see it in action. I just like it cuz it’s such a lovely blue and so damn purdy~

The objective for Shichika this time isn’t to focus on not breaking the sword but on his fight with Hakuhei. Huh, way to throw more trolling in our faces CUZ WE NEVER SAW IT!! AARRRGGGHHH!!!! *frustrated* >:/

Lol, I don’t count this as jealousy since it really isn’t but it’s just funny how for the first time, Shichika is actually bothered by something.

“Don’t go praising other swords in front of me. I don’t know how strong Hakuhei is but Kyoutoryuu is widely known as the most powerful sword style, too. Even I have some pride as your sword and if you go praising others, it troubles me.”

Yea, pretty much sums it up. Haha.

And they just add to the funny with the discovery of Togame’s weak spot. *facepalm*

I don’t want to imagine how many guys might have been turned on by Togame going “YAN YAN~!” but Shichika is like all…

“Yan yan?” –> Panda: “Yan Yan”

And Xiao is like all “Eh?! Did you say Yan Yan?! 8D” –>


And what’s with all the changing colors? DA HELL?! XDDD;;;


I don’t have anything else to add. It’s just funny. Kahahahaha. xDDD;;;

Don’t you have your own pillow, Togame? xD;

Well yea, some more interesting things Shichika mentioned. If he defeats Hakuhei then that would make him the strongest in all of Japan. Haha, strange how he’s all fond of the idea when 3 months ago he wouldn’t really care. On top of that, he’s starting to think smarter since he adds that if they manage to beat Hakuhei, it would make Togame’s resume look better. In the end, it’s all for her, is it?

Guess he’s rubbed off on her personality in a good way in that sense.

K, continuing on…

Three Maniwa ninjas make their way to Shichika’s home island after hearing the news about Meisai’s defeat, and of course, Kuizame’s death. They are Kamakiri (Praying Mantis), Mitsubachi (Bee), and Chouchou (Butterfly).

Damn, Chouchou, that’s one hell of technique! I wonder if you know how to do that, you’ll never get seasick. 8D;

Anyways, I’m not familiar with Amakiri and Mitsubachi’s seiyuus, both of whom seem fairly new, but I recognize Chouchou’s voice (Daisuke Sakaguchi) the same as Sunohara’s of CLANNAD. That’s cool…and funny cuz Mai Nakahara who plays Nanami also played Nagisa in CLANNAD. We’re just missing You-kyan as Tomoya. xD;

Anyways, these three make up the Mushi-gumi (Bug Squad or something *working without subtitles here*) and they’re here to kidnap Nanami to lower Shichika’s morale on his sword quest. Heh, are they in for a surprise. Even if you did manage to do that, you’d just unleash some anger we’ve yet to see from Shichika and that is scary enough to think about.

Erhem, that said, I really like the Mushi-gumi and it just confirms the thought I have on ninjas being better when they act as a group. At the beginning, Togame said ninjas prefer working solo and look were the first three landed themselves. Cut up and dead. :P

So the Mushi-gumi is very refreshing on the villain take. Moreover, these three seem are smarter than the previous three as they actually sit down to think up a plan before they attack. And they still have their Maniwa pride but are less arrogant that Koumori, Shirasagi and Kuizame was, which makes me like them even more.

The talking habit, on the other hand, is still inherent in everyone, though. ^^;

So Amakiri goes first and finds Nanami picking vegetables. Lol @ his comment at how Mitsubachi would fall for her since she’s such a beauty.


*cough* And his Ninpou (Ninja art? Or was it Ninja skill?) is Tsume Awase. I don’t have a direct translation for that (other than “tsume” means “claws” or something) so don’t ask me. All I know is that if my fingernails were that long, my piano teacher would’ve kicked me out of her class. I can’t even phantom having nails that long. Just close to half an inch and it’d hurt my fingers. @.@;


Praying mantis ninja style.

I had to *facepalm* here but still found it amusing how these two are arguing over a game while…

All this (AGAIN OFF-SCREEN) epic is doing Amakiri in.

But DAMN, it sure is purdy~


She’s says “Pardon me, but I’m going to torture you now” or something like that with such a straight, blank face and it’s…y’know, “freaky” and “scary” doesn’t even begin to describe how yangire Nanami is (and hope I’m using the term right cuz this ep just messed up my definition of it again ^^; ).

And we all thought Shichika was a little yangire. HAH! He’s a harmless hamster compared to his sis.

But I love this, oh yes I do~. Nanami~ This brings back so much Rena love, just minus the psycho laughter. <333

Btw, I do crack!ship these two. There’s been a few fanarts of them floating around and even had one with Kamakiri blushing with Nanami all close up to him…which was cute. It’s never going to happen and a bit downright freakin’ sadist creepy if you think about it (oh yea, Nanami’s wearing the pants in this one, lawl~) but I ship them. HAHAHAHA. XDDDDD

She gives him the choice of whether to spill whatever he knows before dying or just stay silent before dying. Lol, SCARY WOMAN!! o.O;;;

It doesn’t help that she’s picking up his nails that she pulled out like they’re chopsticks. Makes you wonder since she took them out so clean and straight, how many times had she done this before, which…we’ll get to later (scary~).

In addition, even without Kamakiri telling her anything, she’s already got a general idea of what’s going on with Shichika and Togame’s quest and easily figured out that there are more ninjas on the island other than Kamakiri. Since Shichika and Togame managed to obtain 3 swords (info kudos to Kamakiri), then there must be 3 ninjas here to split it among them.

Kamakiri, you just dug not your own but your fellow ninjas’ graves as well. ^^;

THIS is why you don’t mess with a sharp, smart yangire like Nanami. It’s bad enough if you mess with an ordinary yangire. o.O;;;

Lol, way to build up all the anxiety-suspense in the viewers with that old story about Shichika.

“He had a habit of biting his fingernails. I told him to stop but he wouldn’t listen and kept biting them until his thumb became ragged after a while. So one day I tore out all his nails. Ever since then, he’s never bitten his nails again. Though, this is a story about child discipline, so I don’t know how applicable it is to torture…but let’s try the reverse for you.”

Child discipline, eh? My brother had the exact same habit when we were younger but we never got him to stop until he entered elementary. AND NOW WE KNOW WHY. Yelling has no effect but child discipline does~, ahaha~…

Brilliant use of “persuasion” here, though. “I said bite them so you can feel like a kid again since you’re not going to tell me anything anyway.”

Oh, Nanami~ You’re too friggin’ awesome to stay stranded on that island! X3333

Kamakiri, with some good ol’ warrior sense in him, tries to use Tsume Awase again but alas, if it didn’t work the first time, what makes you think it’ll happen the second time.



Now that is piercingly brutal. >.<!!

So we learn that Mutsue really intended to make Nanami the next head instead of Shichika but decided not to. Not because she was a woman or because she had a weak body but because he is incapable of teaching someone who already possess too much power within them…which we’ll get to later.

Well, that’s how things were decided then. I’m glad it wasn’t on the issue of gender for the Kyoutoryuu like how it is for a lot of other schools and after watching this whole episode, I gotta agree that Mutsue made the right choice.

Other than that, KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chibi!Shichika is ADORABLE!!! HAUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! OMOCHIKAERIIIIIIIIIIIIII~~~~~~!!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Nanami is not pleased that the sword quest is proceeding slower than she expected and plans on disciplining Shichika when he returns.

Oi, oi…hold on a sec, Nanami. You may say that but Japan is a hell of a lot bigger on foot than you’d expect. ^^;

Meanwhile, Shichika does some flashbacking of his own and wonders which one is stronger. Hakuhei or his sis?

Um, that sounds like such a trick question. xD;

I think this is probably going to be one of those few times we’re ever going to see Shichika beaten up that much…and Nanami is completely unscratched after that duel! It’s frightening, considering how powerful Shichika is already…especially since he killed his own father… and with Nanami’s quiet killer personality…yea… o.O;;

It’s probably a good time to bring up this point since I don’t know when else would be a proper time to but I’ve heard a few people backing away from supporting Shichika after the first 3 episodes because of the nature of this sword hunt. Um…yea, I find that ridiculously silly for some reason cuz it’s not like Shichika is a hero or anything. His dad was but that was then, this is now.

Furthermore, this is an age where the strong conquer and the former were conquered. Meaning there really are no villains (except for the ninjas) and no good guys. It’s simply “kill if the situation calls for it or be killed”.

…Do I sound Darwinist? ^^;

Finally, Chouchou and Mitsubachi are alarmed but ah, too late, aren’t you?

They’re outwardly in denial about it but it soon becomes pretty pointless for what happens after. -.-;

Well, I liked how they both showed concern for the now-deceased Kamakiri’s well-being and how much they care for each other, evident in Chouchou telling Mitsubachi to stay alive since he’s the youngest. Though you can easily turn it into some yaoi material if you wanted to.

“You don’t get it, Mitsubachi! I really liked Kamakiri-dono!”

“I feel the same way!”

“And I’m fond of you, too!”

…and Mitsubachi is so uke. XDDD;;;

Agh, the moment’s a little ruined because Chouchou suddenly gets all excited about getting married.

“Oh yea, there’s a huge chance Kamakiri might be dead but guess what, Mitsubachi?! I’m getting married after this mission is over!”


His bride-to-be is another Maniwa head, Oshidori, which translates to “mandarin duck”. If you add “fuufu” to the end of it, it means “happily married couple”.

Awww…too bad for them it won’t happen. I kinda feel sorry about it but hey, if you’re going to kill, then be prepared to be killed all the same, right?

Also…Oshidori looks fatter in the anime than she is in the original drawings. -_-;

Another brief, touching moment between them. Aww at Mitsubachi~ It’s alright to smoke once to celebra-HEY, wait a minute! Is that a pack of cigarettes I see?! o.O;;

…Oh, Nisioisin…you rawk so hard. XDDDD;;;

“Were you the one who killed Kamakiri?”

“Yes, because he attacked me after all.”

All this said while remaining so damn polite! Damn, this girl was raised right! XD;

Chouchou readies his Maniwa Kenpou which happens to be the same (?) technique the founder of the Maniwa tribe used when he was fighting the first head of the Kyoutoryuu, Yasuri Kazune.

Apparently, it was a lot of fun.

Hoho~, you want “fun”?

She’s up for some “fun” alright. o.O;

Note here that she says she’s considered a “deviant” as far as the Kyoutoryuu is concerned. Ah, no, no, the fact that she already knows the moves Chouchou is about to execute is sufficient in telling us that she’s not only skilled in fighting but something else as well.

Heh heh…god, that Slasher Smile of hers is scary! o.O

Kyoutoryuu: Poppy



Nanami manages to dodge it (because she is just sheer awesome) but it turns out Chouchou’s Kenpou was combined with his personal Ninpou: Ashigaru (Light Feet), a technique which allows him to handle any weight possible, whether it be as heavy as a boulder or as light as a feather. Explains how he got himself and his companions to the island.

And this is where the Maniwa arrogance starts to kick in which, as usual, fails to have any effect.

Nanami is more interested in the fact on how long it took for them to master these techniques and confesses that she is jealous because she can’t relate to that experience of making an effort.

Ahhh~…, take note here and that”deviant” comment made earlier.


…alright, seriously, that’s FREAKY! o.O;;;

Nanami effectively uses Ashigaru with ease and impales Chouchou with Dandelion but that’s not all…

She is also able to use Kamakiri’s Tsume Awase.

WHOAAAA~!!! Demon-claws Nanami FTW~!!!

As for the reason why she is able to learn how to use both Ninpou techniques in such a short amount of time (HAH! No kidding! o.O;), it’s because she has godly observation skills that dates…

…all the way back when she was just a child. Her strength was”said to be exceptional and deviant”, too powerful in fact that Mutsue tried to seal that away by not teaching her the Kyoutoryuu.

But that didn’t stop her from watching Shichika train for the past 19 years, which, in turn, perfected her own observation. She’s able to remember a skill at first glance, and completely master it after seeing it the second time.

Ok, while we’re all basking in the badassness that is this timid woman, I’ve been thinking of something.

Surely, Nanami is human. I do not doubt that. Her father was, her mother (whose name is mentioned in the credits is”Migiri”) was, and Shichika is. However, even with all these wild, straight-out-fiction skills flying all over this series, to be able to make someone else’s knowledge your own simply by seeing it being done isn’t just a talent. At least I don’t believe there is such a thing even in this setting Nisioisin gave us.

What strikes my curiosity about this most is the fact that the word”deviant” (I’m not sure about actual Japanese so just going to trust the subs for now) is used a lot. Shikazaki Kiki’s swords are deviant, Nanami’s power is deviant.

See the connection? Am I suggesting the idea that Nanami has some connection with the swords? Certainly.
It may be a little outrageous since she’s never left the island so how could she have come into contact with one other than Kanna which is now in possession of her brother and Togame? Well, as I mentioned in my ep 1 post, I think Shichika and Nanami moved with their father to that island when he was exiled and therefore, weren’t really born on the island. Raised there, yes. Born there? No. So something might have happened during her time prior to exile.

There is also the case where it’s been mentioned several times on how the first Kyoutoryuu head knew a lot of people during his own time, and most importantly he had good relationship with Shikizaki Kiki as mentioned by Nanami in ep 1. This can make the connection between Nanami and the swords more plausible if you know where I’m going.

If there is such a link between these two, then it wouldn’t be too wrong to think that Nanami’s power might derive from the sword she’s possibly holding, is it?
Again, this is all theory. But given Nanami’s weak health, I think it’s possible. That’s not to say I’m putting down this supernatural skill of hers to something that’s coming from a sword but just partially. Think about it. Anyone who comes manages to obtain one can be invincible. If you couple Nanami’s already incomparable power with a weapon forged out of who-knows-what, then no wonder why she’s so powerful despite her frail body.

Well, anyways, we’ll save this for another time. I’m kinda anxious about when we’ll see her again since…well, I can’t really tell so I just won’t. Gomen. ^^;

And yea…so ended the life of Chouchou, who will never marry Oshidori now. Sad…


Seeing Nanami collapse over a coughing fit, Mitsubachi uses his Ninpou: Makibishi Shidan and impales her in the back with a non-lethal poisoned bullet.

Ah, too bad for him that he fell into the same trap his companions fell into by showing their techniques in front of Nanami.

And it turns out that this poison of his has no effect on Nanami at all. It was all a little ACT.

Damn, what else does this girl know how to do? Are we going to have to start classifying her as a Yamato Nadeshiko?! o.O;

Third thing we learn about Nanami. She’s had this illness for such a long time but no matter what, her body just won’t choose death.

That’s why she’s practically immune to pain now and explains how she can withstand Mitsubachi’s bullet.

Again, I’m going to draw back to my theory about her and the swords. I still don’t know how I connect them together but there’s a fair chance that if she does possess one, the sword, or rather, its mythical powers, might be the thing that’s keeping her alive.

Which is sad because if she does hold one, that would mean Shichika would have to fight her for it.

And if he manages to succeed, that may also end her life.

…But at least she would finally be able to rest in peace instead of continuing to suffer while being alive so I guess that will make it easier to accept if/when it does happen. And she’ll probably be happy about it, too. I dunno, just a feeling.

At this point, I’m asking people who already knows what will happen later to refrain from SPOILERS in your comments, thank you very much.

Oh gawd, that was gross…but kinda cool at the same time? Err… ^^;

Poor Mitsubachi. Dying not at the hands of his own poison but also the poison Nanami took from Kamakiri earlier. *shakes head* For once, I feel very sorry for the ninjas.

At least Nanami is kind enough to carry out his request to bury him and his companions together…along with lighting a cigarette for each of them on top of their graves.

Though I have to admit, Nanami’s”Nan desu sore?” at the box of cigarettes had me cracking up a bit. Ah, there are way too many mood ruiners in this episode. xD;

Elsewhere, Shichika was able to defeat Hakuhei along with practically destroying an island ten times over and is celebrating with Togame over several dozen plates of dangos.

Oh, and he seems to have a habit of mentioning”falling for Togame” at least once each episode. Hrm. :/

So yea, Shichika is now officially the”strongest in Japan” after his yangire sister, that is.

Even though it’s been a week since I’ve watched this (and probably for the umpteenth time at that), I’m still a little irked that we got to see none of this epic battle for even a second in this episode. It annoys me even more because Shichika and Togame are just sitting there running thoughts over all the awesomeness that happened like it was the greatest game ever played in history.

ARGH, do I need to point out that they think they”only faced a fratcion of that fallen swordsman’s true power” even though they won? *throws a tantrum* :(

*sigh* Oh well. I don’t think Hakuhei died unsatisfied since he was still alive long enough to say his last words to Shichika. Bet his death was all…covered in flowers and purdiful~, too. “It is a shame you could not have fallen for me” or something like that. Pfft. ^^;

Ah, but here comes a new theory. Hakuhei says that the Kyoutoryuu”was left behind by Shikizaki Kiki” and something about”Kiki’s bloodline”.

Well, since we know Shikizaki Kiki is probably the most renowned swordsmith in this universe, the idea that he could have created or helped created the Kyoutoryuu is not so far-fetched, especially since he and the first head had relations to each other.

Note that the heads of Kyoutoryuu always referred to themselves as”swords”. So in a way, Shikizaki could have helped forged the swords by forging the Kyoutoryuu style. As for his bloodline, I’m still not sure how I can connect that to the Yasuri bloodline so we’ll just have to wait and see.

But wait! There’s more. Hakuhei also mentioned the”he himself was a failed incomplete creation“. What I interpret from that is this. If we look at Hakuhei in the”sword” perspective instead of the”swordsman” view, that description he gave himself makes a little more sense.

What I think he meant was that in comparison to the Kyoutoryuu, who has no desire for Shikizaki Kiki’s swords since they can’t use swords anyway, Hakuhei himself lost because he was lured in by the poison of the swords, thus making him a”failed creation”.
In a way, the absolute swordsman wouldn’t be swayed by poison and the Kyoutoryuu falls into that category. In another way, if we think of swordsman as someone’s sword (like how Shichika is to Togame), the Kyoutoryuu is also the absolute sword and possibly Shikizaki’s greatest creation because the sword is actually human…with sword qualities.

Ehhh, so says the weird logic in my head and I’m talking in circles again so I’ll just leave it to future revelations to explain.

But I hope I at least made some sense. ^^;

So the next target is Zokutou Yoroi (meaning “Pirate sword, Armor”) of”unparalleled absolute defense” and its holder is a pirate lord.

WOOT~! PIRATES~! How long has it been since my PoTC days when the pirate fad was still at its pinnacle before those goddamn vampires stole it away. GRR!!! Thank god there are no vampires in this series. Otherwise, I would personally go find Nisioisin and strangle him myself. >:/

Heh, and Shichika’s comment on how Hakuhei couldn’t match up to Nanami got me smirking quite a bit.

I should probably stop because I don’t want it to end too badly, y’know. ^^;

I love the narration here:”Dancing like a butterfly, stinging like a bee, consuming like a praying mantis…and dying like a bug.”


Anyways, yay~ Nanami buried them together. Now they can reunited in heaven or hell or wherever ninjas go after they kicked the bucket.

In other news, Nanami seems to know about Shichika’s ultimate move (Shichika Hachirestu) which leads me to believe that she must have followed him and witness him use it on Koumori. Otherwise, how else would she have known it had such a huge weakness?

Anyway, that’s not what I’m worried about. The fact that she has to tell him about this weak point is. Oi, oi, don’t use it on your own brother, ok? ^^;

And now that she’s learned Chouchou’s Ashigaru, it doesn’t seem too far in the future that she’ll eventually catch up with them on their sword hunt. All she has to do is walk across a massive body of water and tada~ Heh. <P

In any case, as far as her next appearance is concerned, we won’t be seeing her until episode 7, which will be in July. It’s going to be one hell of an episode alright, trust me on it. o.O


“Kyomu no Hana” (虚無の華) by kukui

I like this ED better than the other ones but that’s only because kukui is singing it. *brings back Rozen Maiden nostalgia~* <333

Hee hee~, Shichika and Togame seem to be sitting closer to each other, too. Then again, they always were since there isn't that much space on that rock to begin with but yea, you get what I mean. /P



KYAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!!!!! I so can’t wait for this next episode! I don’t care if I’m getting trolled again cuz when it comes to this series, being trolled is GOOD. lololol xDDDDD

K, Shichika’s next opponent goes by the name of Kanara Azekura and seeing how giant he is…makes me think of a sumo wrestler in armor. ^^;
Interestingly enough, we’re getting more new characters as well. Including ZOMG! Hitei-hime! She’s going to be voiced by Haruka Tomatsu andand it’s going to be AWESOME, peoples! AND WOOT! Houou, the new ninja dude, is going to appear as well?! WAAAHHHH!! WAAAAHHHH!!! I want this episode NAO!

Btw, Houou (which stands for “Pheonix” but his outfit makes him look more like rooster) is the leader of the Maniwa heads so I doubt he’s going to play the usual ninja drop-in-get-killed routine. I’m still curious to what business he’s there on cuz it doesn’t look like he’s really there to fight Shichika but probably to greet him or something.

Ah, but I guess some others might find this and this more interesting? Haha. Well, first of all, them two bathing in the same hot spring isn’t such shocking idea since that’s pretty standard among Japanese people. Though in RL, that might only apply to your family. Otherwise, men and women bathe separately but these two are kinda like lovers so I guess it’s alright? ^^;

And lol, Togame getting flustered over someone actually falling for her at first sight and even being asked to be his woman. xD; Oh boy. I wonder what she’s all running around, upset about in that second to last screencap there. In any case, I doubt Shichika is going to get what that means and be blank-faced “Hm?” as always. Who knows? Maybe his lack of knowledge on what it means to be possessive might further their relationship. Which seems [WARNING: SPOILER AHEAD!] likely on Togame’s part anyway [/SPOILER]. Ahh~, I really can’t wait! *jumps around like some mad, high bunny* xDDD

Oh, and for the curious, the main site has uploaded a new 3-set PV similar to the first one that was up before January and it shows you snippets of ep 4-6. Episode 5 is definitely made of awesome, no matter how you look at it, because…well, DUH! The fight scenes look promising, some potential shipping moments which is a treat for us shippers, and…yea, more Togame fanservice. :P
And ep 6…lol, wtf? Blizzards in the middle of June?! xD; Butbut Konayuki (the white-haired, furred girl with the missing tooth) is so cute! Kyaa~! Omochi kaerii~! x333
&& I see a ninja gathering! YAY for more ninjas! And finally, Shichika looks very nice in a kimono…I hope I’m saying it right. Men wear kimono, too, but I’m not so sure if I’m referring to the right article of clothing. There’s so many to distinguish from! If anyone who is more knowledgeable on this topic can correct me, that’d be great. ^^;

Yep, so next episode will be out May 21st. That’s another Friday but at least I’ll be out of school by the 11th though it’s probably going to take me another week to get a review together. I feel like awarding those who read through all of this. Haha.

Alright, I gotta catch up on my hwk now. Will come back and check for mistakes later. Bai~ |D


5 thoughts on “Katanagatari ~ Ep. 4 ~ “Yea, about my sister…” to another level. o.O;;

  1. Nanami is made of awesome. I can see my mom liking her child discipline techniques.

    Chibi Shichika and Nanami~ I haven’t found chibi siblings so cute since SC.

  2. Great summation, and I totally forgot about the connection that Nanami had mentioned between Kiki and their family. Two things!

    1. I think that Nanami doesnt Own one of Kiki’s swords so much as he might BE one of his swords. Or its inside her in some way but i doubt that. Mainly because she said she had no idea how to use a sword until seeing the 3rd bug ninja wield it. But then again just because she has it doesnt mean she’d know how to use it… so I could be wrong…

    2. I think that mabye Sabi Hakuhei was using the phrase failed sword meaning (like you said) that he himself was a sword (like the Kyoutoryus) and that Nanami would be what Kiki was trying to create! MAYBE THEY EVEN HAD ACTUAL “RELATIONS” and Kiki dipped his pen in the ink somewhere in the kyotoryu family!!! NANAMI IS KIKI REBORN!!! XXDDDDD

    sigh… a month is sooo long to wait… Love this series and thanks again for pointing out so much that I missed!

  3. That’s an awesome review you have there, girlfriend! How long did it take you to write? I love Katanagatari and it’s really cool to see someone so into it.

    I think you probably don’t care much about the ongoing blog tournament but if you do, it might be a good idea to let your regular readers know they can vote for you. The guy you’re set against did it for his people, but right now he’s leading by a pretty slim margin, so if the people here knew about it you’d probably win easily. Not to suck up, but I voted for you too, because of your Katanagatari love and partly because the other guy thinks he’s so much better than Haruhi fans like me.

    Huh, where’d my comments disappear to? Not like I’m spamming here -_-

  4. warrior: And it’s not like you’d die from them either so it’s alright~ lol xD;

    They are just the most huggable things, aren’t they? <3


    MasterLeeRoy: That’s a possibility, too, I agree. For all we know, she could BE one and HAVE one. In what exact manner she does possess one, I won’t say anything ahead of that. However, I hope you won’t limit swords to just katanas. Like how it is for next episode, the sword doesn’t have to be a traditional sword. It can be armor or something else. So even if she doesn’t know how to use a sword prior to killing Mitsubachi, if it’s anything else, she’d probably be more than capable of wielding it.

    As for your second point, haha, I don’t know if I’m willing to go that far but who knows? It might well be true! xD
    But when you said “reincarnation of Kiki”, I started wondering if Kiki was a woman instead of a man. That’d be interesting. Even more if they were related or if Kiki pulled some voodoo early on to Yasuri bloodline.

    It’s 3 weeks now so I don’t mind the wait. I kinda need a little breather between episodes. lol
    And thank you for reading my post! I’m glad you enjoyed it! ^^


    keri: Thank you! ^^ It took me about a week to get this together but that’s because I was busy with other stuff. Writing it took at most 2 days but I had to compromise sleep for that, too. xD;
    But yay~! I’m glad to have found another person who loves Katanagatari as much as I do, which is why I put so much effort into writing posts for the episodes. ^^

    I’ve learned of it recently and I guess it’s too late to do anything but thank you so much for the vote! I already feel very honored to be nominated so for that many people to vote for my blog made my day immensely. hehe

    Ah, sorry about that. That’s the thing with WordPress. If you’re a newcomer to a site, your comment is held for review and will only show when it’s approved. I was busy throughout the day yesterday so didn’t get back until late to check. Truly sorry and thank you for the comment! ^^;

  5. Hey np about the post, I was actually talking about it disappearing completely because usually with WP it takes you to the comment and just adds a note that it’s waiting for moderation. You get mad props for how much you love Katanagatari but I hope you get enough sleep too!

    I don’t think it’s too late to do anything about the match because voting is open for one whole week and it’s only been a day, so if you put up a post or something that there’s a tournament and people can vote for you I’m sure that’ll make a difference. I think your blog deserves more recognition and you should get into the next round at least!

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