Working!! ~ Ep. 2 & 3

Very late. Gomen.

Mehh…I don’t like the day the subs for this comes out. It’s right in the middle of the week when I’m busy with other work. *sigh* -_-;

But I figure I might as well catch up since I said I would blog this even though I’m planning on changing my mind now. It’s a fun watch but doesn’t motivate me enough to want to talk about it. You have your quirky employees supply the lulz and that’s pretty much it. *shrug*

Highlights ~ Ep. 2

Inami seems to have this constant blush on her face and with that orange hair, I always think she has a fever or something. |D;

Ohayo gozaimasu, Takanashi-kun!



Inami: “That’s a woman…That’s a woman…That’s a woman…”

Satou: *sigh*

Satou:”Hai hai, I’m a woman. Now please take this table #5.”

THIS. We need more of SATOU. SATOUUU!!!! xDDDD

Kyaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is a crying Popura-chan so cute~! *MOEDERED* xDDDDDD

Inami: “Ah! That’s not it, Taneshima-san! You’re nothing like a little kid at all! In fact, you look your age! You even have a bigger chest than I do!”

Inami: *despair*

Popura: “I-Inami-chan?”

…At least you’re not a loli. Oh wait, that’s not helping. Lolis can’t have chests yet. xD;

Sota tries complimenting Inami lol, he must be in agony inside because it isn’t small and under 12-years old but ends up commenting about her hairpin instead.

And gets punched. xD;

Ah~, Inami is so cute! Normally I would take this as a sign of a possible future crush but for the sake of Sota’s medical bills along with my amusement at him getting beat up, NAHHHHHH. xDDD

Highlights ~ Ep. 3

*Sparkling~* Inami desu~

So cute! <3

A childhood admiration…taken too far, I guess. ^^;

She looks like she just walked out of a Dr. Suess book. xDDD;;

Satou: “Wait, don’t get mad now, Taneshima. Your cells will die and you’ll never grow up. That tall ones are cool and collected, right? That’s because they never waste their cells.”

UWAH~ Satou is so smart. I should try this one day. 8DD

Popura, adorably not knowing anything, believes it. WHY SO CUTE?!?!?! xDDD;;;

Souma asks if that just worked for Popura, why wouldn’t it work for Yachiyo?

Satou’s response: “Do you want me to beat you up?”

I have no idea what they’re talking about but lol, Shizu and Izzy just flashed through my mind again. |D;

I’d like to see a photo of this wife of his. o.O;

Don’t walk around holding it like you’re goin’ to kill someone, Satou!

(*aside* POPURAAAAAAA~! x33333333)

We already have Yachiyo to do that.

Poor Otoo-san, though. ^^;

Eh, nvm. ^^;

But how can you stomach so many parfaits down in one day? I’d throw up. *blergh*

Oi, oi…what genre am I reading, really? xD;

Yea, I don’t think you should make Tenchou work either. ^^;

Kyouko: “As I thought, I need you by my side after all.”

Yachiyo: “Kyouko-san…” *overheats and faints*

I’m gonna really belch…not because of this but I can’t stand imagining a line of parfaits waiting to be eaten. o.O;

Yachiyo is okay with Satou cooking for Tenchou because she says he’s trustworthy and that makes him go “Dude, you’re seriously OOC, it’s freaking me out”. xDDD;;;

Popura thinks Satou likes Yachiyo since he’s so nice to her.

Satou: “That’s not possible, right?”

Popura: “Da yo ne~!” (“I thought so!”)

Yes, Popura-chan, fear seems to be the driving factor in this restaurant if I’m not totally off. ^^;

Sota: “I just found out something really bad.”


Sota is Inami’s new dakimakura~! xDDDD

Congratulations, Otoo-san, Sota just saved your life. Being air isn’t really so bad if you think about it that way, huh? xD;



Next week it’s revolving around the sawayaka Hiroomi Souma~! Argh, I may be a little irked that Kamiyan is taking so many roles, especially for this season, but I love his voice-acting like burning. KAMIYAN~! SOUMA~! <3333

Other than that, ugh, this review sucked. I'm dropping the blogging and not going to take up any 4-koma adaptations again. *goes off to eat a parfait* =3=


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  1. Awh, Working!! looks pretty cute :3 I’ve been thinking about picking this up. Looking forward to next week’s episode!

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