SoMT Stage 1, Round 3

Round 3 desu~


…My roster is starting to look very naked with all the petals being taken off every round, huh? It used to be so full and pretty. ^^;


Main Tournament

The main tournament consists of two stages. Stage 1 has now officially started and will run for 6 rounds.

Stage 1 ~ Sakura Circle

Only the top 18 girls will proceed to Stage 2.

Voting Instructions

  • There will be 5 main rounds and 1 special round.
  • Each round (except for the last special round) contains 3 duels and will last for 3 days.
  • For each respective duel, you may only vote for ONE girl and you may only vote her ONCE!

  • Wildcard Round

    This round’s purpose is to determine the last 3 girls who will move onto Stage 2 along with the 15 winners from the first five main rounds, thereby, making the total number of passing contestants 18.

    • There will be three 5-way knockouts and this round will last for 5 days. The 15 girls who lost in the first five main rounds are randomly arranged into those knockout spots.
    • For each respective knockout, you may only vote for ONE girl out of the five and you may only vote her ONCE!


  • The most important one of all: Read through everything (the instructions, the rules, etc) carefully. And I mean, everything.
  • Do NOT vote for more than 1 girl in each respective duel/knockout and do NOT vote for your choice more than once!
  • It is not required for you to vote for every match. Just vote in the ones you want to.
  • Please vote fairly and let the girls compete fairly. I will NOT tolerate any form of cheating. If it comes to the point where I can’t control it, I will either eliminate that competitor from the tournament or if worst comes to worst, I’ll shut this whole thing down. This is a contest made by a fan and not going in any official books except for ěk-sěn’trĭk’s archives. So be smart and don’t make me or the rest of the fans out there angry just because you want a certain girl to win.
  • Commenting: This will be in every set of rules for every single round. You are allowed to give as much support to a contestant as much as you want (to a reasonable degree). You are allowed to critically compare her with her opponent(s) as long as you do it civilly and have legitimate reasons to back your argument up. But any kind of childish bashing towards any of the contestants or other commenters will be marked as spam.
    I would very much appreciate it if we can avoid this problem. People are going to have different opinions and different candidates they will support. Please respect that. If you must be a fanbrat, then do it somewhere else where I can’t see you. I don’t want ridiculous immature remarks or wars littering all over my comments.
  • If you have any questions regarding anything about the tournament, please don’t hesitate to leave it in a comment or email me at I will try my best to reply back to you as soon as I can.
  • Have fun voting and enjoy the tournament! ^^



Another interesting round though I say that with every round. To be honest, I think it’s a little unfair when the mascots are paired up against human characters who have more fledged-out personalities which should give them the advantage in votes. But then again, it’s not like there haven’t been cases where the mascots win either. Particularly last year with SC!’s. Haha. ^^;

So yep, Hungary vs. Megumi. I did not watch either anime yet nor know how big each contestant’s fanbase is so I can’t say much about this match. Though Megumi is well on her way to becoming an SoMT veteran (3 years participation straight; you also have to at least reach stage 1 to be called one).

Then it’s the remaining KnT competitors, both of who scored pretty high in the prelims, up against a mascot from YP and SC!. Let’s see how they’ll hold out. Good luck! ;)


8 thoughts on “SoMT Stage 1, Round 3

  1. IMO, Hungary’s more manly than moe. (She’s the manliest of the series.) But who says manly can’t be moe? :’D

    That second poll is another killer. D: Yandere or tsundere!? Urgh. >_<

    • I know she’s not originally chibi from pics I’ve seen but I approve chibi manly moe. *nodnod* 83

      Inoz, right? That is probably the most critical decision you’re going to make in your life. @.@;

    • Chocolat and Kurumi was the worst! D: (Voted for Kurumi in the end).

      Also voted for Nodame, because she’s crazy and I don’t really have any sort of affinity to APH.

      And definitely voted for Yano-chin over Cecil, though Cecil is adorable as well (one of the best fillers Shugo Chara! had).

  2. Ah! You’re pretty fast at this, aren’t you? o_O
    I must say that the third poll was quite a dilemma as Yano is more coll than moe… But then again there’s something I don’t like about Cecil…

    Now I’ll sing “The end of that comment” :P

  3. Can’t say I’d actually classify Umi under ‘yandere’ since her reactionary responses aren’t actually that extreme but [shrug]. *clicks anyway*

    • I was hesitant to type that but couldn’t think of anything else after a while. :Y

      I voted for Chocolat in the end because I’m pretty sure Kurumi will win that one. orz

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