Durarara!! ~ Ep. 14 ~ Call me “OTOU-SAMA”!

I take back what I said about Shingen. In fact, I wouldn’t mind having him for an uncle so long as he doesn’t cut open puppies and kittens. People and headless fairies… *shrug* Ok. Just keep away from the fluffies.


Anyways, just another plot-revelation episode but the Slasher puzzle hasn’t been solved yet though we’re getting very close. For the most part, I wasn’t really impressed. Enjoyed it, yea, but the pace has slowed down a bit and until the action comes back, I’m in general meh mood towards this arc now.


There’s a big commotion at the place where the Slasher attacked those girls but Anri has managed to be let off unscathed.

Speculation on the “Anri is the Slasher!” theories: lol, if it was so, then that’d be totally BOOOOORRRRIIIINNNGGGG, peoples. Think a little further, why don’tcha?

We already know that the Slasher has long hair as seen in episode 5 when she attacked Celty. And Anri has short hair. Yes, there are supernatural things existing in this city at the moment but I doubt Anri is one of them. However, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that she has a connection to this Slasher case. Especially since we have yet to hear more on that issue with the lewd teacher and his transferred ex-girlfriend, Haruna Niekawa, who, btw, has long hair.

If you don’t remember who she is, go back and look at episode 5. She’s the daughter of that interviewer guy who got flung by Shizu for pissing him off. What’s that she got on her lap? A laptop. What do you do with a laptop? You troll online. :P

Again, I’m only saying that Anri has a connection (however vague or more) to the Slasher. I do not think she has any control over the Slasher but there is, nonetheless, something related between the two and if there’s any bridge that can tail one end to the other, the situation surrounding Haruna Niekawa and the lewd teacher seems to be the best fit on the mystery. Not completely, I must add, but it’s got something to do with it, alright.

Anyways, moving along…

lol, idiot deserved it. This what you get for barging in on people taking their shower. xD;

Not as bad as not giving Celty her pay, though.

And yea, the first half of the episode consisted of mostly hilarious bickering between Celty and Shingen with a bunch of MOE Celty on her official relationship status with Shinra:

“If Celty made me her slave and took my soul, I wouldn’t mind at all.”


Did Celty just puff out a “♥” of smoke?

I don’t think I can ever stand these two being lovey-lovey anymore without laughing. xDD;;

Deredere Celty is so MOE!!! xDDD

I guess a good amount of smoke puffing out of her body is equivalent to blushing and poofing up steam for normal people when they’re all embarrassed over their romances.

Which is fine by me but…

…I think they should open a window.

Shinra: “Iiya~! The shadowy smoke of Celty’s honesty about our now mutual affections is the air that my blooming joy now breathes on! Do not let this passionate haze of love be ventilated out of the room!”

…Right. At least it’s not considered second-hand smoking. Otherwise, I’d be wearing a mask like Shingen’s. <P

Shingen: “It can’t be helped but in exchange, you shall call me “Otou-sama!””

Celty: “Shut up!”

What a happy family. |DD;;;

Huh, I didn’t know he was such an expert in making wedding dresses, too.

Wonder if he has a closet full of clothes he wants Celty to wear for him. If he does, I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost all his cheeks from all that amount of pinching he’ll get. xD;

So yea, Shingen lets it slip that he stole Celty’s head while she was napping and tries to cover it up with possibly the greatest teasing-that-will-earn-you-sudden-death-slap-from-your-wife if you had one:

Dojikko Celty! Dojikko Celty! Dojikko Celty!”

Yes, I totally approve him of being Shinra’s creepy ol’ dad now. xDb

Pfft. *facepalm*

Celty feel for one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Now that I think about it, what floor do they live on? o.O;

Mikado~, why you look so down? This makes Xiao sad. :( *huggles Mikado*

Well, it was nice to see these two interact with each other. Of course, since they’re Dollars members and with the rumors being directed at Dollars for being responsible for the Slasher incidents, it’s a given they would have to discuss this sometime or later.

But I’m still glad to see them with similar objectives to clear all this mess. It also shows that though Mikado holds the highest position in his gang, he doesn’t make it a hobby to use his authority but views any other member as an equal. I like that. :)

Celty goes and tells Shizu about how she has a score to settle with the Slasher on how it intervened in her job the last time and Shizu gets angry because she never mentioned anything about it to him.

Since they’re friends, I must add. <– Verified in the novel so don't get your hopes up, shippers. ^^;

Anyways, I was disappointed that this scene was watered down a lot from the original. In the novel, Shizu got REALLY pissed off when he heard about what happened and you get a sense that he really was going to kill someone. But here, he’s just…angry. Buu, I is disappoint, Brain’s Base. *frown*

It was still amusing how he just jumped onto her bike and was all “I don’t care” about his job until Celty managed to change his mind since she needs more information before doing anything.

lol, I like his logic here, too: “They pull a knife on you, you rip out their spine!” Oh, Shizu, this is why I adore you so~ x3333

So where else can you can the information you want other than Izzy?

Celty doesn’t like it when he goes and calls Shinra a pervert, though.

Which…isn’t his fault for saying so because it’s true, Celty. Shinra is a pervert. Unless only you are the one allowed to say it. |D;


Anyways, all that talk about some other headless woman possibly seducing Shinra away from Celty in the future (pfft, not happening) aside, Izzy goes on to tell her that Saika (they pronounce it as “zaika“, though, so I’ll have to check out the kanji and how “tsumi uta” or “sin song” looks alike to it) is a sword empowered by dark magic that also has a mind of its own and can possess other people. In other words, a demon sword.

In other words, a demon is controlling the human that is the Slasher.

In other words, it kinda lessens the theory that Anri is the Slasher since I’m confident she isn’t possessed. Not to the point where she can’t control her own body, much less control someone else’s. You’ll see what I mean.

Again, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out when Shinra is hiding something. This pretty much shows that though he and Celty are in a relationship now, there’s still a bunch of things to be fixed between them. Celty has laid out most of all her insecurities before him but he’s still holding back because he’s still worried about what might happen if she comes into contact with her head again.

If he needs to keep the secret that, then it’s probably a big secret.

And he’s not really good at hiding it either, with all his knowledge about Saika and all.

It was a model gun~! <D

But srsly, kids, don't even carry a toy like that around in RL, y'hear?

Shingen's a mad scientist in a 2-D dimension so he has a license. \P

Creepy old man. -.-;

While the container holding Celty’s head is sitting behind some dusty old books like some kind old cookie jar (COOKIE JAR~), Shingen takes an interest in Izzy’s little mythological experimentation but adds a little advice to it:

Instead of inciting a war that would involve Celty into the fighting, have them fight over her body in order to stimulate her head.

Or something like that.

Hmm, that’s a new interesting angle to take this from. Of course, it’s not going to be good if it’s proceeding faster for Izzy’s plan. Oh dear…

“Uwah! First name basis! Denjarasu~!

Masaomi… <3

Well, FINALLY, he used the two words that can get this loser to back off a bit.

"Niekawa Haruna". Seems like those rumors about their student-teacher relationship is true. Otherwise, why would he sweat that much? \P

As to why she transferred, we have yet to find out but I'm glad they're focusing more on making this the bigger issue because yes, I've kinda had it with people thinking Anri is the Slasher already. That's a writing technique old enough to be called cliche. Think beyond the box. *does dramatic gesture to emphasize*

With that, I’m dropping the MikadoxAnri shipping. Even with Masaomi telling her that Mikado is really, genuinely interested in her, she’s still deadpanned gray about it. It’s fine if she has no interest in a romantic relationship cuz then I can have Mikado all to myself but at least consider the guy’s feelings, y’know? >:/

And Masaomi proclaiming that he’s “backing out” really just indicates he hasn’t gotten over his own past with the Yellow Scarves…

…and Saki on top of that. I was wondering when he was gonna visit her. :P

Too bad that’s all we got to see of them, though, so we’re still left in the dark about their relationship. Though those theories about them beings siblings or “their parents might have gotten a divorce and Saki could have changed her last name” is kinda stretching it a little too far, imo.

People are quite phobic to Masaomi having a girlfriend apparently. Not as badly as some of Mamoru Miyano’s ex-fans’ reaction to his announcement that he was going to marry, though. :S

Well, I can say this is an improvement since Shinra takes a step in confessing the secrets he shouldn’t be keeping from Celty.

His dad had owned Saika once before selling it off to an antiques dealer. Saika is a sword that can cut souls and that was how he managed to steal Celty’s head since Celty’s soul was what held the body and head together.

And just like Shinra thought, I knew Celty didn’t completely get over her head yet. But it’s probably brought back now that he told the whole story to her.

I don’t think this changes her current feelings, though. She still loves Shinra and probably will stay with him even if she’s concerned about her head again. Whether she’s going keep it if she ever finds it, that’s a different story.

That’s not Saika, btw. That’s a kitchen knife. o.O;

And I forgot to screencap those black-and-white shots of some woman (with red eyes) holding up a sword in what appears to have been Anri’s memories but this proves that connection I mentioned earlier to be true. That does not mean Anri is the Slasher, though.

From what Celty said, “the cursed blade, Saika, was trying to love a girl…Sonohara Anri.”

And before I wrap this up, what does the online Saika troll in her messages? She’s crying out for “mother”.
In a sense, the “love” Celty mentioned doesn’t have to be romantic love but that between a parent and a child. Saika, or whoever it’s controlling, seems to be on a desperate search for “mother”. Whether Anri is that “mother” it’s looking for, we’ll just have to wait see.



NINJA SHIZUOOOooo…haha, no, not really. ^^; But he looks like one with that helmet on…which means action next ep, right?! 8DDD

Hmm, looks like a fair deal is going to happen. With the otaku gang back, I’m hoping we’ll get to see some conflict between the Yellow Scarves and Dollars, however small, brief or possible it may be.

Niekawa’s dad, of who I can’t remember the first name of, is also narrating so looking forward to see if any light will be shed on his daughter and that teacher.

Hmm, yep, that’s all for now. I gotta get another post ready among other things. Till next week.


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  1. I finally watched Durarara (mainly cause your and other people’s posts made me interested), and I love it already. I also totally got my dad into it.

    lol. If there was a sitcom spinoff about Shingen, Celty, and Shinra living together I would totally watch it.

    Yay~ for Celty and Mikado interaction (they’re my two favorite characters).

    “People are quite phobic to Masaomi having a girlfriend apparently”

    What kind of fans out of curoisity? Yaoi fangirls, Anri/Kida shippers, or just plain old creepy girls who “want him” for themselves?

  2. <3 Ohhh lovely post was lovely~

    The plot has got me gasping more than a fish out of water

    deredere Celty made me squeal, repeatedly x3 she was so cute

    and I honestly never thought Anri as the killer; it'd be way too obvious if she really was and to me she didn't really fit the type imo

    Izaya insulting Shinra… fffff haha
    I recognize his bastardness/troll attitude and like it xD

    SHINRA MIND RAEP. oh god I feel kinda bad he walked in on his dad in the shower

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