Brief Impressions: Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 25

Ah, I really had to do a review for this ep since it includes one of the few Gray-involved fights I like. I mean, I like them all regardless of who’s fighting who as long as the person I want to win ends up on top but Juvia was in this one! I love Juvia~! <3

Haha, yea, quite a few crappy quality screencaps (cuz it was the only one available for download when I was on two days ago) and lazy comments in sequential order but hell, I'm tired and still have hwk to do so I'll just keep this fun. :P

Also, a bit of a SPOILER WARNING! for those you who haven’t read up past this arc yet.


OP: “ft.” by FUNKIST

I was surprised that they gave us a new opening and ending an episode earlier than I thought they would. But eh, it doesn’t really matter. I like the new one over the previous one anyways. Though FUNKIST’s “Snow fairy” still tops all the opening themes we have so far, imo. Then again, that one was more of an introductory song while “ft” is closer to the “SRS BZNZ fighting nao, KONOYAROUUUU!!!“.

*cough* Yea. ^^

But whoa, Satelight and A-1, what’s with all the spoilerific content? That’s the most I’ve seen for any opening sequence ever. Not to mention rather careless with just inserting Juvia in there even though she doesn’t officially turn good until after this episode.

Hrm, well, obviously, Erza’s arc is coming up since she had the most spotlight action and damn, I hope it’s going to be full of badass-ness cuz I won’t settle for less. It’s Erza’s emotional arc of reckoning after all! *doesn’t know what she’s saying but we’re all going to watch it cuz we love Erza, ne~? <3*

lol, I love how everybody else's issues got like a boring screenshot that showed for like 1.5 seconds. Loki's being the most spoilerific but his mini-arc isn't far behind Phantom's so it's alright, I guess. Meh, I wish they kept [SPOILER] Leo, his celestial spirit form [/SPOILER] hidden until after his problem has been resolved and done. He doesn’t look as hot and awesome as I wanted him to be and lol, wtf is up with Karen’s “I’m the mean bitch you killed now turned ghost” look?

Also, what’s up with Laxus? He doesn’t throw his temper and ruin the place until way later. -_-;

In other news, I need more Siegrain love here, yes. ♥

ED: “Gomen ne. Watashi (ごめんね。私)” by Shiho Nanba

Nuu~! Give me back my “Tsuioku Merry-Go-Round”! That was like the best ending this show has had yet. T_T

This one’s not that bad since it has a bunch of “D’aww, Erza~” in it but it makes me a little sad since I know what’s going to happen in her arc. But aww, at least she smiles. In a sad and happy way but aww, Erza smiling~ <3

Ha, unlike the OP, it holds back a little on the spoilers but I bet people are wondering "Wait, why does chibi Erza have an eyepatch?! And what's a little Siegrain doing there?!" Oi, it's going to be some violent drama ahead…and some T____T shipping on my part. Thank god for the Oracion Seis arc, I can’t wait for that. *so impatient* Haha.



“GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!!!!!!!”

Poor Reedus. xD;

Ah, but glad to see Lucy again. I’m guessing Aya Hirano is feeling better now? Since this episode was supposed to air last week but got pushed onto this week and I’m assuming her much-needed rest was the reason.

Well, whatever the case, I hope she’s recovering well and yea, can’t wait to see some badass Lucy action later. ^^

Elfman’s fight was pretty anti-climatic after his Beast Soul Takeover because Sol just uberly sucked against the power of MANLY anger and tears!

Though the part where Elfman grabbed his soul, stuck it right back in him and beat him up some more made me lol quite a bit. Elfman, you rock. xDDD

Oh, and Elfman turning back to his normal self without having lost his sense this time and reflecting back on Lisanna’s death made me shed a tear inside. *sniff*

It was a bit sentimental but I’m glad he’s making an effort to move on in his own way despite the pain he and Mira still feel over the loss of their little sister.

“I’m still here. Let’s both live on for her sake.”

MIRAAAAAAAA~! *sniff* <')

lol In the end, the GAR guy is still Nee-chan’s sensitive lil bro’ through and through. Aww.

Some Cana because she’s so kickass here. ^^

More lulz from these two. Happy trying not hard not to remember both the master and Erza are currently out of commission at the moment but Natsu’s just too fired up to pound someone that it had to happen anyway. xD;

But it’s all going to be alright. Cuz Natsu is just made of Tetsuya Kakihara “MY DRILL IS THE DRILL THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!”! dumb but heroic dragon fists of fire Salamander goodness.

Gawd, I love Natsu. <3

And finally, we get to the main event:


“Sorry to break it to you, but I don’t go easy on people who hurt my friends.”

Leads to…


“R-Really? Juvia gives up then. Goodbye!”

“Whoa there! What the heck?!”


Juvia has fallen head over heels for Gray and wants to make him hers. So she does so by…

Putting him in her Water Lock.


Haha, the reason why I like this shipping so much was probably upped a lot when I found out that Mai Nakahara was voicing for Juvia. Since Mai-san and Yuuichi Nakamura (Gray’s seiyuu) played the OTP roles of Nagisa and Tomoya, respectively, in CLANNAD, there was no way I couldn’t imagine substituting them in this kind of setting. lolol

‘Course on personalities, they’re both totally different but it’s nice to hear these two pairing up again even though they’re not doing the central characters this time…well, maybe Gray is but his arc is over so I’d categorize him as major male supporting role instead.

Anyways, Gray manages to break the lock thanks to his ice powers, which makes Juvia go all sparkly eyes in awe at how exquisite! it is which leads to…


Argh! Too much romantic daydream and sparklies here, Juvia!

Whenever I see something like this, it makes me want to puke.

Ugh, she added “Prince” in there, too. Blergh. Dx

…but it was funny, haha.

“Trying for surprise attack, you bastard!”

…makes Juvia go…



And here comes your usual Gray strip.

Poor Juvia was unaware of his habit. Poor Juvia and her maiden heart. lol~

I guess they couldn’t show his attack hitting her head on instead of in outline from the side cuz it’s too gruesome for television broadcast which is understandable but it still felt very meh to me. Some of Juvia’s gloomy expression was lost with it. Ah well. :/

Haha, here’s the funny part. Gray says he’d give up before giving Lucy up to Phantom…

And Juvia interprets it the wrong way and thinks Lucy is her rival in love which leads to…

WAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! Don’t go Oyashiro-sama!! on me, Mai-san! xDDDD;;;



Oh, look what you’ve done, Gray. Kahahaha. xD;

And yea, some more action. Gray manages to freeze some of her boiling jealousy water but not really looking straight ahead of him…

…grabbed that when he encased her in ice, too.

Juvia doesn’t really…seem to mind, though.

*facepalm* |D;

Argh, no, pervs. She’s all over in love again cuz he released her to start over again.

So she decides she can’t hurt Gray and tries to tell him her feelings.

But he gets distracted by the rain and “Juvia is frustrated!”. lol, so cute, Juvia! x3

Then Gray makes a comment on how gloomy the rain is…

And wow, this girl has a lot of mood swings in just under 15 minutes of screentime but being associated with “gloomy” is probably the worst way of ticking her off. ^^;

Point proven. |D;

We get some flashback on chibi!Juvia and she’s always been isolated because whenever she’s around, the rain always comes with her. Aww, poor Juvia. Stupid kids and rain-haters. *huggles Juvia*

How can you call this cute little girl gloomy?! She makes such adorable teru teru bozu!

*gasp!* I’d like to smack this kid who stepped on her teru teru bozu! *smacks him*

Juvia, I feel for you. ;___;

That’s it! HUG! Everyone give Juvia a hug! RIGHT NAO! *HUGS Juvia*

Ugh, even this unworthy loser (from episode 1, that philanderer that pretended to be Salamander from Fairy Tail) dumped her just because of a little rain cloud over their heads. Loser! You don’t deserve to go out with Juvia! xP

But Phantom took her in when nobody else wanted her which is why she became one of the Element 4.

But Gray had the stronger sense of loyalty (because Fairy Tail rulez) and is able beat her by freezing all the rain around them. That counts as sparklies, right? Cuz they’re purdy~ 8D

Juvia is about to resign to her fate of being the unwanted, gloomy rain woman.

Oh~, but look at that. Now reform and cut your hair and join Fairy Tail already, Juvia-chan. Then you can chase your Gray-sama around as much as you want. <333

A very nice moment here where Juvia is able to see a clear sky for the first time in her life. Aww, I’m just happy for her. :3

“So, up for round 2?”

“Juviiii~!!! ♥” *faints*

Y’know, Gray, for a pervert, you’re pretty dumb when it comes to your own unintentional pick-up lines. xD;

In the meantime, Natsu’s fight with Aria is about to get underway and looks like Gajeel found out where they’re hiding Lucy. Uh-oh. o.O;



Seems Erza’s going to take the fight on with Aria instead. Woot! YEA for Erza! \^O^/

I have no idea what Loki’s doing there where Gajeel is, though. Correct me if I’m wrong but he wasn’t really active in this arc except in a few panels where he was showing concern about Lucy.
Hmm…I guess it’s to buildup for what will happen later on but I hope they don’t outright reveal that so soon.

Haa…yea. I’m tired. Don’t know if I want to blog the next one. Probably not since I have Katanagatari this weekend and there’s no way I can finish it with a paper due the next week. I might cover Natsu’s fight with Gajeel, though. We’ll see.

Anyways, pretty good episode. Animation is not quite at its best but better than how it usually is. The fight between Juvia and Gray, at least, was pretty decent. I can only hope they’ll keep it consistent for the next ones. And Fairy Law, too. Whoo~ o.O