SoMT Prelims Results

DEKITAAAAA~~~~!!! Heehee… xD

I actually finished these yesterday morning (like 2 AM early morning) but held it off for a day cuz of posting schedule. Everything should be counted correctly, though, since I checked it over a few times and had formulas and Excel all over the place. @.@;;

Didn’t get as many responses as I did last year (40 to 93) but that’s alright. Just meant that the votes of those of you who did participate counted more by the person. ^^

Ok, uh, everything under the link is clickable if you want a bigger view (they’re rather big, yes) and I feel like I’m forgetting something but I’ll talk more at the end of the post.

So there. Our first 18 girls eliminated. As you can see, I used the points as tie-breakers and it was a pretty good thing I did. I had a lot of them in the lower half. @.@;

I’m a little sad that I couldn’t have one of the Pretty Cure! competitors move forward to Stage 1 because I skimmed a few episodes last year and it’s not a bad watch at all. It just doesn’t appeal to many since it’s mostly aimed at girls in kindergarten and elementary.

YP got quite hit at its secondary characters (Marron~ T3T) while HS was wiped out completely along with Pretty Cure!.

*sigh* But that’s the competition, eh? ^^;

Not surprised that SC! managed to keep everyone in its block so I’m curious to see who will hold out and for how long.

Finally, on individual votes received. Of course, Sawako is the dominant one but she made her way pass the SC! tsunderekkos rather slowly and steadily. Something I found surprising but not really since she wasn’t far back from them anyway.

Team SC! is still going pretty strong I’m sorry for being redundant and not just our last year’s trio sweep but also the mascots and fillers as well. Yay~ Yua~ <3

Team KnT is close behind them with a mix of the remaining competitors following. Higashi no Eden seems to be the dark horse this year and I'm looking forward to how they'll do, given how large their fanbase is and for good reason at that (fans, let me hear you SCREAM!!).

Overal, very good results. ^^

So Stage 1 is in the works now. The matches have already been randomly decided, all I have to do is work on the rosters (ugh, it's a real pain) and hope to have it up by Monday. If not, worst I'll have to manage is altering my set schedule but I'll try to have it out on time.

K, look forward to it then. ;)

And as always, behave while commenting. *stern face*


8 thoughts on “SoMT Prelims Results

  1. I am slightly amused that Belarus made it yet Ukraine didn’t. Since I find her more scary that moe hehe. (“You want to have your penis cut off?”)
    Though I’m not surprised about Belgium since her only appearance in the animu is quite manry. = u = ;;

    Ah, do you want some animu pictures of the APH characters? If so, how soon? :Y

  2. Team Sawako is quite strong it seems. It makes sense that the Tsunakkkos came in second, third and fourth though. ^__^

    Nothing else to say, except I’m glad that Razette managed to make it in.~

  3. Team KnT and SC, all passed! Yayz! *Throws confetti* I think that maybe Sawako and generally KnT characters are getting more points ‘cuz SC has ended a long ago ( Yeah; Party doesn’t count as SC -_-) and maybe it’s essence starts wearing off a bit!

  4. Work @ Team Sawako~ <333

    I'm also glad Razette and Saki made it in too :D
    and the Super-SC!-trio are definitely tough competition ^^.

  5. The results are definitely favorable and of course, I’ll have to stick with my two favorite girls Nodame (even if most of you haven’t read/watched the most MOE jousei girl >:C) and Sawako~ Team Shugo Chara is one to beat though…

    Nice work so far ^.^

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