Durarara!! ~ Ep. 13 ~ KITAAAAA——-(゚∀゚)——-!!!!


With the introduction of this new arc, we’re pretty much heading back to the same “UNTANGLE IT!!” formula that was used for the first arc except now we have more of an idea of who’s connected with what and/or who. The three major subplots, I think, are:

– Anri & her relation with the Slasher
– Dollars, obviously
– the Yellow Scarves

All circling around our student trio while giving everyone else their due part among all the ‘Bukuro conflict. Good, they’re still keeping to the novels quite faithfully.

But that smells like Izaya’s war starting. Oh no… ^^;

Well, anyways, I’m so glad this show can still deliver. My interest went stale for a week thanks to that break last Thursday but this ep didn’t let down my expectations one bit in bringing it back. Kyuu~! I love this series! x333


OP: “Complication (コンプリケイション)” by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D

Song: Single where?! Honestly, I fell in love with this song so hard as soon as the guitar started playing and for so many reasons after that as well. True, it is not as catchy as “Uragiri no Yuyake” but it’s not really trying to imitate and that’s what I like about it. From how I see it, the first OP was more about building up suspense which was appropriate for the first arc’s unraveling of events while the second one, there’s more of an emotional attachment to it. Which is also fitting because…since we’re going into the issues revolving around Mikado, Kida Masaomi, and Anri and all, there’s going to be quite a bit of drama and angst the comes with it.

Second thing is…this is just my type of song. I don’t really stick to any genre as I like all kinds of music but when it comes to rock songs like this, I’d listen to it a dozen times a day. I love the vocals and hope I’ll be hearing more from ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D soon cuz they’re left a pretty good impression on me. Shame there’s no lyrics yet in the subs I was watching so not much more to add except I WANT THIS SONG NAO, DAMMIT!!!! >3<

Animation: Yay~, they kept a similar sequence! Of course they would! xP I was kinda disappointed they replaced the “yuyakeorenji glow of the first one to “grayness of the masses”. I mean, I can understand why, since it’s not “Uragiri no Yuyake” anymore and to fit the mood but yea…I miss my sunset. ;3; At least animation is still pretty good so I’m content.

Several things I liked about the sequence:
2) I want Kida’s phone…heck, I want everybody’s phone in this show. lol
3) Saki looks so much cuter than when I first saw her. I think it’s because they showed her actual hair color this time. Brown looks nice on her. :)
4) And I bet a lot of fangirls are going to turn their hate on her for wondering “WHAT’S SHE GOT TO DO WITH IZAYA?!?!?” if they’ve managed to get over her still undisclosed relation to Kida.
5) Namie is Izzy’s new secretary-housewife~ xD;
7) Tom gets a name spot~ *so happy* <3
8) Erika and Walker and their stack of mangas in the bathroom = UTTER WIN
9) Kasuka is the smex. *drools*
10) Dotachin without his hat off is just as smex.
11) Who wants to bet Shinra's glasses was made by Nebula as well as their ballpoint pens? xDDD
12) Yes, Celty, the moon is much bigger than you are.

ED: “Butterfly” by ON/OFF

Song: So the title is “Butterfly”. Hmm, gotta check the lyrics for this one, too. Anyways, I like this one as well but more mildly than the OP. It’s got a nice rhythm to it and most of all, it’s not boring like how ON/OFF’s opening themes were for Vampire Knight. That’s all I have to say.

Animation: Now all the parody-makers are lamenting they can’t parody this ED. Oh well. :P

I have no opinion about it. I do prefer “Trust Me”‘s character ladder cuz it was just fun to watch things scroll down and see everyone hanging off one another. Here is just…them floating over a highway and there’s less of a connection between them. *shrug* So yea, I kinda wish they kept the character ladder with NEW characters to replace some others but we haven’t reach that far into the story yet so I guess not.

And at this rate, I think we’re going to need a second season so I’m still hopeful. *nodnod* 83



Thought I was going to pull my hair out when I saw these two were still sticking around but I actually laughed at how nonsensitive they were about being in a compromising position in the open…at school and during lunch with so many students around, no less.

At least have the decency to do your business behind a vending machine near the back door of the gym or something. Don’t spoil other people’s lunch hour! xD;

But do not worry! Even though my body belongs to everybody, my heart is for only you alone, Anri~!

This kid is the walking encyclopedia of pick-up lines, I SWEAR! XDDD

So at some point in this 6-month time-skip, Mikado finally started to call Kida by his first name. Well, it’s kind of about time, Mikado. They’ve been best friends since kindergarten (or was it elementary?) and for him to have kept calling Masaomi by his surname for so long even after they met up again in ‘Bukuro just felt strange to begin with. ^^; Then again, that’s probably because he moved away so there was less interaction between them but still. *shrug*

Guess I’ll have to switch from “Kida” to “Masaomi”, too, now. But it’s going to be hard~ “Kida” is shorter and Masaomi has so many vowels in it. lol xD;

“She’s cute! Cute, but-” *clamps mouth shut*

KYAAAA~!!!!!!!!!! MIKADO!! WHY SO CUTE?!?! x3333333

I love how Masaomi can trick his innocent best friend into doing cute, embarrassing things.

Yes, I’m totally not paying any attention outside these two cuz Anri’s reaction put me to sleep. *SNORE*

Lately, Celty has been riding around town more openly and some others (including the otaku gang) wish she would be a little more reclusive about it.

Not that I see any problem with Celty out in public more but yea, I also agree that too much isn’t good at all. And it’s not because she’s a monster, she’s just drawing too much attention that will bring trouble if it hasn’t already. Like, oh, I dunno…people accusing her of being the Slasher now. C’mon.

Ms. crazy-monkey lady with the katana stalks Shizuo, too.

Then again, who doesn’t? <3

See, I told you~

Too bad for Celty that after that stunt off the building six months ago, not many are really scared of her now. Especially since she has no intention of killing anyone nor can her cool scythe made of shadow kill anyone…can it? So far, it hasn’t up to this point but I wonder. Hmmm…*curious*

And here’s Kinnousuke Kuzuhara. He’s our resident crazy cop guy who came specifically to hunt Celty down.

To be honest, I’ve been wondering about him for a while now. I saw his name on the DRRR!! ANN page at the start of last season but there’s been little mention of him in the spoilers I read. Never thought he was a cop, though, so wondering how much of a significant role he’ll be playing and if it’s limited to this arc or not.

My guess that while the other police are more concerned about the growing gangs, he’ll take priority in trying to arrest Celty just for being in Ikebukuro. Aha~, yea, maybe. I dunno. I think he likes getting a kick out of these chases. Poor Celty but can’t say you didn’t have it comin’ to ya with all that noise your horsie was makin’. :/

Also, fans of Baccano! will recognize his voice as the same as Ladd Russo’s. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not but they both love violence (killing with Ladd in particular). Haha, why is it that I always find Keiji Fujiwara playing the Magnificent Bastard in all the shows I watch? |D;

Aww, this was cute. I feel bad for her but it’s so cute. And a little funny since she calls the mob of police a monster when she’s the real thing. <D;

So Celty figures out the reason people are after her is because she was being too arrogant about her presence and promises not to do it again by saying sorry to god (or whoever) a few times.

Oh god, she’s adorable. xD;

LOL Way to ruin, I mean, bring her back to her old safe, Shinra.

We can call Celty a tsundere now, right? 8D

Shinra’s dad, Shingen…kinda failed to give me that first impression I had of him. He’s still a creepy, disturbing old man in a lab suit who loves dissecting things to poke an eye at their insides but he’s not evil. Haha, I don’t know why I was hoping for him to be but whatever. His personality is similar to his son’s except he’s got all that arrogant hot air cooped up under that breathing mask. ^^;

Pffthaha! He goes and make some grand condescending speech expecting Celty to help him from these Yellow Scarves thugs at the “Cue idiot beatdown!” moment. Nah-uh, not happening.

Bah, but I’m sure that since those illegal immigrant kidnappers are gone and those three annoying ganguro girls have been stabbed/killed/slashed/whatever, these three losers will take that spot. They’re in the ED, too, for some reason. Wut? D/


…I’m not the only one who loves that baby sound when Celty was done scaring them off, am I? xD

Aww, Celty really was too cute this episode, worrying about the cellphone Shinra gave her and all. Because she acknowledged her love for Shinra. Aww, Celty is so cute. <3

Unfortunately, she ended up with this guy as her father-in-law. LOL Poor Celty. <D;

Yea, Namie is working for Izaya now. Don’t be so shocked even though he’s paying her a higher salary than what Yagiri Pharmaceuticals did (at least that’s what I’ve heard and assumed). xD;

“You cannot hide an eel in a sack.”


“Don’t talk about rope in a hanged man’s house,” was it?”

Yyyeeaaa, Izzy knows how to speak Russian, too (and Kamiyan sounds so hawt speaking it!). Not surprising…well, I’ve been spoiled but yea, he speaks Russian. xD

I don’t know how to interpret this exchange but I’m guessing Simon is warning Izzy about not meddling with others too much or stirring up trouble. Not that Izaya will listen anyway.
Still, I’d like to know what these two quotes mean. The second one made more sense to me but in what context, I have no clue. :/

And just seeing these two talking to each other makes me want [SPOILER]Simon punching Izaya and then lecturing him in full Russian[/SPOILER] more than ever. xD;

And~ we’re back to these three, Masaomi still going at it with his flirting and frustrating Mikado.

In reality, he’s just trying to get Mikado to be more upfront with his feelings by poking around his crush. Which makes me D’AWWWW. He’s doing this for his best friend. <3

I wouldn't go so far as to say Masaomi has any affections for Anri like his joke attachments he has to all those girls he'd like to hit on since he still has not seemed to let go of his past. And Saki, the girl in the hospital we saw him visiting in ep 5, we can all safely assume to have been a big part of it.

Though I wouldn't cross out that he might see a similarity between them but that we'll leave for another day since I don't know much about Saki's character other than…what I already know. ^^;

Anyways, LOL, his suggestion that Anri poses as a trap so they can get girls to go and have tea with them is probably the best suggestion that anyone who wants to to pick up girls can ever come up with. xDDD;;;


See~ Told ya so~

Masaomi’s able to read Mikado too easily…except the fact that he’s the leader of Dollars which will lead to major ;____________________; from me when that happens and NO! I won’t tell you because it makes me sad! T_________________T

Ugh, the day goes bad cuz the Yellow Scarves are starting to come back and one of the members recognizes Masaomi as one of their own…formerly, anyway.

I guess people can now guess why they took the trouble to approach Masaomi specifically. Yes, guess, guess, guess, you people. >83

And poor Mikado gets left at the fountain place again for the second time.

Aww, Mikado… *huggles him and glares at Anri*

I suppose I can’t be too angry with Anri when she explains that she can’t tell the difference between friendship and love but I can’t excuse her for being content with staying indifferent.

Her personality is complex but not in a good way. First of all, I don’t mind if she doesn’t have an answer to Mikado and Masaomi having an interest in her (just flirting and teasing on Masaomi’s part) like what I saw a few other people expressed around the internet. It’s true, she doesn’t. She doesn’t even have a sense of a individuality since she used to cling onto Mika and now she’s clinging onto her two male friends so you can’t expect her to respond to romantic implications if she’s stuck on square one.

At least she’s putting some effort in trying to establish a place for herself to be but she’s pretty half-assed about that, too, so I’m not sure what that adds up to in my eyes right now.

In any case, she hasn’t done anything wrong to be blamed for up to this point but the fact that she doesn’t take responsibility when she’s the cause just irks me.

Then again, when you learn about her past and the circumstances she’ll have to live under after this Slasher case is over, it might change your perspective. For me, that’s only going to happen when she actually acts on something. Right now, not seeing anything like that from her.

Gah, I feel so bad for Mikado. He really likes this girl but she doesn’t have any interest in furthering the relationship or whatever else for that matter. Which is kinda making me start to really back-out on this shipping. :/

In the meantime, Masaomi refuses to rejoin the Yellow Scarves but with how things are going, you just know the poor guy is going to be forced into it again. Masaomi… ;____________;

Sadly funny how he’s trying to avoid the gang wars and keep Mikado out of them…

While Mikado is really in the center of it all and especially concerned about the gang he created.

Well, that’s to be expected. He created it, so he feels he’s responsible. Someone’s making false accusations at one of his members so of course, he’s worried about the well-being of Dollars.

*sigh* This is just going to get me sadder and sadder, isn’t it?

Moving along, we get a new feature for the chat room: private chat!

So Izaya can influence Mikado even further NOOO!! since they know each other’s true identity online. Celty and Mikado don’t appear to know each other’s real identities yet, though.

This does not spell good, nope. :(

*sighs and shakes head* See what I meant?

I dislike bullying, yes. Very much. So I find these girls incredibly distasteful for always picking on Anri just because it’s so obvious they want to feel superior and Anri’s the perfect, weak target to belt their hate on. For one thing, she was friends with Mika, who’s very rich and smart apparently (from what it said in the manga) and they probably see Anri as the reason why Mika never went to a better high school since she chose to go to the same one as Anri did. And when Mika left, they’re jealous because she has two guys who like her along with that creepy teacher who an eye on her boobs.

Add the fact that Anri’s timidness gives off bad vibes and…well, you can chalk it all up from there. They just take it to the next level and go out of their way to step on her for their own self-satisfaction.

While I would like to very much beat these girls into the concrete, I’m not feeling sympathetic towards Anri, either. When she volunteered to be class representative so that she can surpass Mika and her former role as Mika’s foil, she did the right thing. And then Mikado told her to do it with her head held high instead of acting so ashamed about it. Yea, what happened to that first step towards bettering herself? It seemed like it went to nothing when she let these girls push her around.

I don’t find the excuse of her hanging onto someone so she can “find her place” to be really supportive in this case. I mean, that’s certainly one thing and this is certainly another. You have to find a place among people for the former and you have to find some standing as your own person in this situation. But she didn’t even try. She didn’t defend herself from these girls in any way and that’s the major problem with her. No action.

Also, just to let you know, this Slasher is not Anri though if you’ve been paying attention to the change in her eye whenever she sees something related to the Slasher (and all that funny black circle vision business) then it’s not incorrect to guess…is Anri human? Hoho~…

Oh, and Slasher hacked the private chat room. lol, Izaya…

“It’s ME who wants to cut YOU!”


So um…yea, I doubt those girls are dead but I’d rather they be anyway cuz they’re eyesores.

Anyways, whoo~ We already have some mysterious conflicts coming our way. Dundun!



Next time, Shingen pokes Namie in the back with a gun because he wants his toy back and no, you are not allowed any second chances on guessing what said toy is.

Saki also makes an appearance, yay. Izaya probably has something to do with it? Oh no. xD;

Shinra can’t be happy with his mad scientist father at home. Looks like Masaomi saves Anri from something (the lewd teacher probably) and…lol, Celty just being Celty again.

Well, will be interesting to see, no doubt.

And that’s all. See ya next week. :)


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  1. Kill Anri! ORZ! And rather than a katana, what Slasher uses looks like a shorter blade to me -_-
    Anyways, Celty was really d’awww~ in this episode :P I don’t think the cops are any match for her; it’s just that she’s afraid of them! GO CELTY! :DDD
    And don’t worry Izaya, I’ll be on your side as Xiao is firmly a Shizuo fan >:D But srs, when it comes to OTP’s Shizaya is my fav *shot* :O

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