Winter Wrap-up

Last winter image I’m using for a while and I don’t think it can be any more fitting that KnT deserves this top spot for being the best show out of the rest on my watch list.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of good comments for the others…but not many bad ones either. A lot of them fell short of my expectations, leaving them in the “meh” category when they ended this past week. Overall, I was already tired of them that I didn’t care what I was thinking anymore.

But ah, let’s just get this over with. \P


Kobato – Just to let those know who felt moved to tears by the happy ending that I’m about to pour rain on the parade if you read any further.

I…didn’t like it. And it’s not because it’s a happy ending or that Kobato and Fujimoto were reunited. Hell, I could go any way with this series because I don’t find its content deep enough to really get attached and as long as Kobato was happy in the end, that’s all that mattered. Even if it was with the guy I couldn’t bring myself to like.

And that’s where the problem is. From Kobato’s side, I felt that she has had enough development of her feelings I can give a nod of approval of. But Fujimoto? No, I don’t get what Madhouse did with him at all. For the most part, he gradually warmed up to her but never ever seemed romantically interested in her. In fact, I don’t know where both of their ren’ai feelings for each come from in the first place.

Ok, maybe she started to feel that way after getting to know the kinder side of the meanie who always picks on her. But that doesn’t make her “I’ve always been thinking of you” line really consistent when she couldn’t even remember who she was at the beginning. D/

On Fujimoto…do you expect me to believe that he suddenly had a massive change of heart after he found out that she was going to disappear? I don’t think so. He looked more guilty for pushing her away and treating her so nastily than how someone would look at their loved one about to be taken away. I mean, I think that their year-long relationship formed enough of a bond that can say they both want to stay with each other but not as strong as that of two lovers.

Maybe I’m just reading this too deeply since CLAMP couples come in a large amount of variety that doesn’t need to speak in that certain manner but still…I don’t like how Madhouse handled it. A lot of Fujimoto’s flat feelings suddenly turning more affectionate for Kobato appeared very unfounded. The years he was “searching” for her doing little to support that notion. In other words, it’s a forced happy ending.

Two more reasons on why I think so:
1) What’s with the deal of that vision of the past Kobato had in her dream? Where Fujimoto’s past life seemed to be her father or something? I mean, that guy did resemble Fujimoto’s looks so much that it has got to be him in his former life. And he was holding a child…that I’m going to assume is either Kobato’s own past life or the living form of the Kobato before she was killed by that accident they were talking about.

It’s not the first time CLAMP has done reincarnation in their works but the fact that past!Fujimoto and past!Kobato could possibly be father and daughter makes the current ones look so weird together. D/ I mean, yea, if you’re reincarnated, chances are that you’ll find your way back to the souls you were close to in the past like Kohaku said but still… from parent and child to couple? Yea, um…ok…not.

2) Kobato’s sudden regain of her memories. To be honest, I think it would have sent a much more powerful message if it didn’t happen. That would make me accept this ending a lot more. Cuz Fujimoto is no longer clinging onto his past and when he found Kobato again, he could have started anew with her. Whether she had her memories or not wouldn’t be the issue because just like how it is with Kohaku and Shuuichirou, what was important was that they had the same soul. Also, does anyone think it’s unfair that Kobato got it the easy way out when Kohaku and Shuuichirou had to part so many times and reunited with the new Shuuichirou having no recollection of his memories with Kohaku?

That’s just not right.

…well, in any case, altogether, the anime wasn’t horrible but I don’t think it’s worth buying, rewatching or recommending either (just stick with the manga). A lot of things that had made this series interesting has either been resolved too quickly no thanks to useless filler that prevented the smooth out of proper story-telling or just plain dropped in favor of “fans want this canon-ed!”.

Yes, I’m aware I’m talking in incoherent circles so I’ll stop. In better news, Okiura’s working at the nursery with his wife now (YAY~), Toshihiko and former Yomogi kindergartners grew up, Doumoto became a doctor, Ioryogi’s still around and more baumkuchen is always awesome.


…That was longer than I intended it to be so I’m sorry. ^^;

Kimi ni Todoke– *sigh* …y’know, I really don’t have much to say that I or other fans haven’t already said. This was without a doubt one of the best shoujo adaptations to happen in a long time and it’s probably because Production I.G. played it the safe way of keeping things so close to the original.

Of course, I also have to commend the nice execution of…well, everything. You can’t help but love all the characters, the music, the acting, etc. Animation depends on your opinion but it never went so bad that it wasn’t watchable.

Anyway, I like how they ended it with great potential for a second season. How can you not have one with where Kazehaya and Sawako are now in their relationship? The RyuuxChizu and YanoxPin hints don’t help either. :P It would just be dumb since both the anime and manga are doing so well.

So yea, hope to hear the announcement sometime soon. :)

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – Ranked second best behind KnT. I’m very surprised since my interest in Index waned very quickly as it reached closer to the end of its season (too many sub-pots all over the place, ugh) so I thought I would feel the same about Railgun.

Oho~, was I wrong.

I admit that the fillers after ep 12 got on my nerves so much that I was prepared to drop it anytime if they didn’t pick up the pace but the return to the matter of Kiyama and the Child Errors and climactic battle with Telestina really spun things around…several times over. The action was good, the portrayal of the characters was good (especially Misaka and Saten~ <3). Truthfully, I don't think it could've finished off a better way. But then again, I'm not much of sci-fi critic-fan so it wouldn't be hard to impress me in this field. ^^;

In any case, I'm glad I stuck with it till the end (when the children wished Kiyama a Happy Birthday, I got so emotionally choked up inside) and am even more happy that Railgun proved Misaka isn’t just overrated moe fodder. That was my first impression of her in Index. Then again, this is her side story so ya kinda have to give her more character anyway but whatever. She’s got my vote in this year’s SaiMoe. ;D

Tegami Bachi – We all know there’s going to be a second season and judging from Noir’s Gauche’s return along with a recorded trailer of season two, they’re going back to the main plot now.

Great~! Now instead of having anime filler, I’m gonna get CANON filler!

…I don’t understand why they couldn’t just follow what the manga gave us cuz there was a lot of filler content that would’ve fit into 25 episodes without the need to make new ones up. But the manga’s still running so maybe to buy some time.

Hrm…anyways, yea, I guess I have no choice but to watch it cuz I want to see that episode where Lag volunteers to be Sylvette’s dingo for the day and they have their sweet moment on the wagon ride to their destination (yes, it was in the trailer so it’s happening!). <3

Hanamaru Kindergarten – Originally had no interest in this but the series turned out to be better than I thought. I’m just a little sad Yamamto-sensei couldn’t shut up for a moment and let Tsuchida get his confession out first. This guy will never get his chance to do it properly, I don’t think. Poor Tsuchi. |D;

But I did like all the characters and surprisingly, I grew to like Anzu a lot as well. She was annoying in the beginning but eventually she broke off a lot of animosity towards all of her rivals without having to compromise her own affections. And d’aww, how can you not think better of her when she cheered Tsuchida on while still not giving up on her love for him? <3

It was a good slice-of-life, light watch. Short and absolutely adorable. I think I'll go check out the manga now and if he's finally able to confess to her, I demand a second season! And more Hinagiku! xDDD


Sora no Woto– I liked this show…except that it was too slow-paced for me. I would have actually stuck with it if I watched on schedule but I think around ep 6 or something, I didn’t see it uploaded to the streaming site I normally visit. So yea, if my routine is thrown off, it’s very hard to get back into it, especially if it’s for an average anime.

Any plans on getting back to it? None really. I’ll give them credit for making really cute characters like Kanata, though.

Dance in the Vampire Bund– Big SHAFT miss among many. The anime alone is rather mediocre. On top of that, all that anti-vampire hype that was built up over the past year didn’t serve Bund well at all during the time of its broadcast.

In regards to adaptation decay, yea, some parts did follow the manga and some others didn’t. You can view that good or bad, I have one foot in each opinion. Either way, I lost the stamina and patience to keep up with Bund so dropped it to make my watch list easier to manage. That’s all.

Ookami Kakushi– Dropped it after ep 3, even though I said I only stopped blogging at ep 2. The scene were Islutzu’s brother was about to rape Hiroshi in the car amused me but not enough to want to stay with it. There’s just too many poor points for this anime over any strong ones. :/


Fairy Tail – Cry those MANLY tears, Elfman! ;_____________________________;

Dammit, Satelight and A-1 Pictures! Lisanna’s death was shown only briefly in the manga but you had to go all into detail and UGH! I hate you for that! Lisannaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! *cries* T_______T

…*sigh* Yea, I’m still following this and despite the anime’s Phantom arc being less exciting than it was in the manga (Gajeel doesn’t seem evil enough, for one thing), I’m always eager to see the next episode whenever I wake up on Monday. It gets points on inserting extra stuff that couldn’t fit in the manga though I can still do without seeing Lisanna’s death (*bawls* Dx) and occasional pointless fillers.

I would like to see better animation for the fights since most of them had been boring up until now. But if their budget can’t handle, then can’t be helped. I won’t forgive them if they ruin the Oracion Seis arc, though, cuz that arc is packed with too much badass awesome to not animate excellently on! >:(

But I’m still looking forward to next week even if the art won’t be good. It’s Juvia and Grey’s fight! JUVIAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!!!!1 <333333

And apparently, Aya Hirano is taking a break from work due to mental fatigue and stress. Poor thing, I hope she feels better soon. Now I’m wondering if they're going to pause the show where her last recording stopped for a while until she returns or not. Either way, I can wait.

Rest well, Aya-san!

Bakemonogatari – The last DVD volume has been pushed off till June from what I’ve heard so…I want the last episode sometime this month. I think they kept us waiting long enough! >:/

And not much to say about Durarara!! and Katanagatari since I’m still blogging them along with DtB Gaiden. They’re at least keeping up with my expectations, though, so it’s all good.

K~, that’s all. Sorry for the sloppiness of this post. My vacation is now halfway done and I still have a lot to do. Ack, it doesn’t help the new season is starting this weekend and I have to open SoMT in 15 hours!

Ok, gotta sleep. Later. @.@;;


5 thoughts on “Winter Wrap-up

  1. I have yet to catch up with Sora no Woto (urgh giant TT backlog)…but, episode 7 might change your mind on it being slow. (To be honest, I wish it were slower. Like ARIA or Chibisan Date slow.) If you didn’t like that, for God’s sake don’t watch episode 8.
    …And Kimi ni Todoke.

    I never knew Noir had a scar…

  2. While I did like the Kobato ending, I absolutely see what you mean about Fujimoto…he really did just kind of freak out over Kobato from nowhere.

    “YanoxPin hints”
    Is it weird that I really ship that now? xD They just always seem to get stuck in hilarious situations together.

    “when the children wished Kiyama a Happy Birthday, I got so emotionally choked up inside”
    Me too!! D’:

    I’m usually glad that I haven’t read the Tegami Bachi mnaga, because I don’t mind the fillers, haha.

    • “Is it weird that I really ship that now? xD They just always seem to get stuck in hilarious situations together.” No! I’ve sort of shipped them since volume 2/3

  3. I sorta stopped watching Tegami Bachi because, I dunno, it just sorta lost it’s awesomely awesome action and calmed down and just meh. It might also be because ZOMG had a problem with its videos and I was too lazy to go find them somewhere else =_= But I guess I’ll do a catch up over the holidays (catch-up RAVEEEE)

    I also stopped watching Kimi ni Todoke for a while (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!) when it stopped revolving so much around Sawako and Kazehaya. But I’m not so far behind on that one, maybe 4 or 5 episodes?? I will do a catch-up and then RAGEEEEEE at the makers if they don’t do a second season (because by the sound of it, there should be one XD)

    (I hope they don’t pull a Kuroshitsuji on us D: Tell us there will be a season 2 and then there won’t be D: or we won’t hear for AGES….)

    I’m surprised there’s no Shugo Chara Party!… I would mention it, just to say OMFG IT ENDED?! O_e

    I don’t know whether to be happy or feel like theres a small hole where it once lived in my head…

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