SoMT Opened! Preliminaries START!

But first, as always…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAKURA~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As the founder of this tournament, I make it the absolute rule to wish my moe queen a happy birthday before anything is officially under way. Duh, a lot of this is to dedicated to her anyways. lol XD;


First off, here’s your roster:

Click for higher resolution.

Question: Why oranges? Because I was in an eccentric mood when I was thinking up what color theme I should go for this year, stuck with green and orenji because I’m yearning for summer and wanted you all to go “WTF, FRUIT?!” xP Next year will be bullet trains and goat cheese. I dunno. *flails off with a bus*

So there ya go. Your roster. I don’t think I’ll be making any changes to it cuz it’ll be too much of a hassle but I hope I got all the characters’ names right (and their pics, too, for that matter). Sorry that the font is kinda blurry cuz I had to resize it before uploading but you should all recognize who’s who anyway.


Next, I’ve finally finished a batch of badges you can use on your side bars or wherever you want to use them:

Sorry to say they’re not as gorgeously awesome as the ones Kanzie gave me last year cuz I made these all in a rush today. And I only used characters that I knew I can find pictures of (basically the main ones, eh).
There are some I’m proud of and others I wish I can just chuck in the recycle bin because they look so weird. Chizu’s. I’m also sick of using any shade of pink or purple font that I’m going avoid it for the rest of the year (why does everybody have to be against a light pink background?!).

But ah, why am I ranting? I hope you enjoy them. I might add to it later on. Maybe something in different sizes so keep checking back to the SoMT page. ^^


Finally…PLEASE READ THE RULES THOROUGHLY AS THERE HAVE BEEN SOME CHANGES IN THE PRELIMS PROCEDURE THIS YEAR. I wanted to keep it simpler and easier so it shouldn’t be too hard to understand. *shrug*

Now I’m off to watch Kaichou wa Meido-sama! since everyone’s talking about it over twitter. lol xD;


29 thoughts on “SoMT Opened! Preliminaries START!

  1. Voted! It will be interesting to see who it comes down to this year. I think my favs in this competition are Amano Ichigo and of course Hinamori Amu and Dia. But I also really like Sakurai Yua… Ah some tough choices are going to be coming in the near future.

    • Mucho gracias for the vote! Here’s your thank you hug. *first hug of the tournament* x33

      Haha, I hope so. Sawako seems to be the biggest favorite but I’m curious about the others, too. Especially SC! since it had such an awful season. But ersonally cheering my all for Amu as ever. <3

      • lawl I just realized I probably voted right after you posted (/stalker). Yeah SC! was a truly dreadful season. Amu will always have my heart (no question of THAT) but I think it’d be interesting to see what happens if SC gets edged out.

  2. Just voted! First time voting too XD Didn’t vote for the full 15 though…

    It was weird hearing Rie Kugimiya in Shugo Chara… It was like, I dunno… Just weird… O.o

  3. I’ve read all the rules and format and seem to have done everything right, but whenever I try to move to the voting part I get the ‘read the rules!’ message. I’ve re-read them three times now, and I really don’t know what the problem is. Is the link not working correctly or something or maybe a browser issue (I’m using Chrome)? Or did I somehow miss something? Any idea?

  4. OMG! Oranges! XDD So random, yet I like it, haha.
    I was totally thinking, “Wth is there fruit?” too, then I read below. Aha~

    Next year will be bullet trains and goat cheese. I dunno. *flails off with a bus*

    LOL. XD That would be totally awesome if you did.

    Anyways, voted~ Hmm…I think like you said, aside from my favorites from last year who I’m going for this year as well, Sawako is my favorite. However, I’m also for Yua, Ichigo, and Caramel. Heck, I love most of YumePati. X) Oh gawd this will be hard. Anyways, can’t wait to see what will happen! :DD

  5. Yeah. I’m having trouble like last year aactually getting to the survey. I read the rules so, but there were no real specfied instructions other than the “click here to get to the survey button”. I’m probably just an idiot.

  6. Executive Otaku, warrior: You have to check beyond just the instructions. The link is there, it’s just hidden.

    Ah, I should add there’s no trick behind what I said here. It’s within this post and on the second page only.

    (And no, warri, you’re not an idiot! *smacks you with a plushie*>:/ )

    • I still can’t seem to get anywhere. I must have read over the rules and instructions like 5 times now and I’m still not noticing anything that clues me in to how I should get or go to the survey. Other people commented about their votes, but I have no clue what I’m missing here. The only links I saw were the one to your email and the one that goes to the ‘read the instructions!’ page.

      • Ah~, sorry for making this so hard. I’ll forward the link to you then.

        NOTE TO ALL: If you’re really having a hard time trying to find it, then leave a comment saying so and I’ll send it to the email address you typed in with your comment (check your spam if you have it on alert!).

        To clarify further, the link is there but it is NOT clickable.If it was, you’d be able to see it in full view.

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  8. YAY new badges!
    I tried so hard to find the link or the hint and I really wanted to be part of the “cool crew” who have found it on their own, but alas, I have failed to figure it out. T_T

      • awww, without even knowing that, I chose that badge to put on my blog the moment I saw it! Weird world isn’t it? It’s so cute! :D
        Thanks for the link!

  9. I have to admit it took me like 3 times to find the link, but I finally figured it out (you sneaky girl you~). xD

    And yay~ for the adorable Caramel badge!

  10. Hi, um… how are ya? I’m still alive bb… ^__^;
    Gah, I missed a lot of stuff! thank goodness I can still catch up with the voting (and I’m proud of myself finding the voting link quickly… fufufufu~)

    I’m using the Sawako badge ;D

    SoMT 2010 seems very promising and exciting! woot~ ♥

  11. kel-san: My sneakiness is appreciated~ I feel so loved. *gushy gushy* <3

    I honestly didn't know what to do with Caramel cuz she was just standing up with no background so I went for the simple look and slapped some ribbons on there. And I friggin' loved her hair so used that color for the font, too. lol

    So happy to see it matches your blog's theme~ x3


    kanzie: KANZIE!!!!!! *TACKLES AND GLOMPS YOU TO THE FLOOR* Omg, I missed you! I hope you’re doing ok with life and school and junk…and I’m managing legally somehow, aha~… xD;

    Yay~, I’m glad you came around for the voting. This year feels a bit lessened since a few bloggers fell out and all but I’m gonna try to keep this as fun anyways.

    And I saw~ Sankyuu, dearie. ;D


    warrior: You used four as well! *carts you off to Baskin’ Robbins* ♥

  12. After going through the comments, I feel kinda proud for finding the link and voting. Teehee! So, voted and would look forward to results! XD

  13. Just finished up voting. I chose some candidates during the contestant choosing in particular (Temari, Setsuna, Kurumi) because I’m trying to send a message along. Girls with tempers, girls who have a tendency to nag the main character, & former villains can also be moe.

    Yumeiro Patissiere…Never heard of the anime before. Sorry, fans, but I didn’t vote for anyone in that anime.

    Miracle Train I’m interested in, though, so I voted for the sole character there.

  14. Muwhahahaha! i found the link and i didn’t have to read the whole rules xD But the trick with Rima was really funny! I’m voting for our previous SoMT winner and “Micchon” :O

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