Darker than Black Gaiden ~ OVA 2 ~ Yin, I miss your smile. *sniff* x'(

I’m totally all for evil~ Izanami cuz I find her interesting but yea, I’m never going to get back that cute way she perked her lips up with her fingers, am I?



So Yin wakes up from a nightmare where she was grabbed by some unknown figure that looks like a observation spirit (I’m sorry, I forgot to take a screencap of it) to find Hei watching over her.

Before I take the time to appreciate the shipping moment, I’m wondering if this really happened or not. The place where Yin was in her dream was when she, Hei and Amber were in Hell’s Gate at the end of season 1, right? But Hei and Amber are nowhere to be seen so maybe they’re in that separate dimension place where all the dead Contractors are. While that was happening, is it possible that the golden-glowing thing-of-a-person might have approached her when she was calling out to Hei?

It’s just a guess since we only saw what was happening with Hei at that time before Yin pulled him out of that time-space continuum vortex thing.

As for the reason why or how it was there, I seriously don’t know. I mean, this is Hell’s Gate, after all, so anything else is beyond my knowledge. I’m also wondering if it’s related to Izanami or something separate altogether because of its different color…wait, maybe Izanagi? It looks as tall as Shion anyway. o.O;

Well, if so, then I can continue to theorize how Izanami got a hold of Yin’s observation spirit. Possible intervention on Izanagi’s part…maybe. Ack, I dunno!


“I will protect you.”


…then I went TT_______________TT because this is bittersweet andand… *bawls* season 2! Why, season 2?! If Hei really did "kill" Yin at the end, then I will not be happy with a season 3 either way so no! No season 3! Don't make one! Ever!

*goes despairs in a corner*

…I want HeixYin doujinshi to read now plox. x'(

Two words: Nightmare fuel.

Advice: Do not let your kids watch this. D8

This is a trivial thing but I really like our one-episode gag character, Qin. Maybe because he was joking around about the mainland and how it could’ve provided fake passports for them over Hong Kong.

LOL, way to go, BONES, at an attempt to smack China one. xDDD;;;

Anyways, I have to give them credit for the setting they drew up. The old apartments look exactly like the ones I saw when I was there a few years ago (collectively, that is) even though most of where I’ve been to in Hong Kong were urban areas so can’t say my account of it is accurate. I also liked how they seeped in a little Chinese in there when Qin referred to the female contractor as “Xiao Jie”, which means “Miss”, but ah, I knew they wouldn’t get the dialect right. His was closer to Mandarin while majority of Hong Kong residents speak Cantonese cuz Hong Kong is closer the Guangdong Province.

Aha~, I’m rambling. But ah well, it’s fun for me so eh. *shrug*

So anyways…

Apparently, Izanami can take over Yin’s consciousness and body when she feels the need to come to the surface but only for a brief period of time. Not only that, she’s come into contact with the enemy’s Doll which explains how she knows that running away from them would be a failure since they’re being tracked.

Now I’m curious about what she meant by “I haven’t called out to it yet”. That gives me the impression that the enemy’s Doll…well, seems to be under her control, too. Since Yin’s own observation spirit evolved into what we see now as Izanami, I wouldn’t doubt that she has the ability to do that. Especially since Yin is a good level above an average Doll. Heck, can we even call her a Doll anymore when even Izanami says she isn’t human anymore?

Well, now I’m thinking back to that Doll kid that Hei left alive last episode so I’m wondering if he has anything to do with it.

And breaking away for a short bit, I loved how Misato Fukuen voiced Izanami here. From cold, dead serious to tauntingly evil and then softly seductive. It’s so very different from the timid tone you’d get from Yin and with the expressions to match, really makes her look like completely different person altogether. I think I’ll need to watch out for her future roles more cuz she did an awesome job with Yin.

Also holding out for any chance of an evil laugh from Izanami. Now that would freak me out a little. >.>;

Why hasn’t any seiyuu information for Claude been uploaded yet?! I tried ANN, MAL, Wiki and still have nothing. I still want to believe that Miyu Irino is the one behind this role because it sounds sooo like him. If they’re purposely holding back information, I’m gonna hit something but if not, fans, do you work and add this into the databases already! >:(

Also not sure who’s voicing for the dog but she sounds very similar to that opera lady Contractor who had to vomit cigarettes for her remuneration in season 1. :/

And lol, what’s up with all the dog meat market? I don’t know that much about Hong Kong but I doubt they’re even allowed to sell dog meat. You see those more in the mainland. xD;

Back to Hei and Yin, he asks her why she didn’t tell him about the Doll that was tracking them but she doesn’t remember what she said a while ago.

Um…it may be just me, but I get the feeling that I’m missing something very important about this conversation. Right at the part where Yin asks why did Hei say something like he didn’t know where they should go either and he suddenly shot up and said “Because I-” before cutting off when he realized she couldn’t recall what she said (oh wow, that was a mouthful, sorry ^^; ). Am I reading into it too much?

I don’t need subs to understand that one sentence he stopped short on (btw, the subs I was watching were not that good, imo). “Ore wa omae ga…” or something like that. “Ore” would refer to himself and “omae” (“you”) would refer to Yin so it has something to do with the both of them.

Yea, just wondering if anyone else has an idea and clear things up for me a bit. Maybe I am reading a bit too much into it due to fangirl tendencies but it’s better than being left stumped.

Omg, yay! Aside from missing Hei’s big ol’ bottomless stomach, I missed watching him cook, too! Seriously, he should just carry a spare chopping board, butcher knife and cabbage around with him just to cook whenever. <D

“I want to be with you always, just like this.”

THEN STAY TOGETHER! Who says you can’t?! BONES!!! Why won’t you let them?! Why you make me sad?! ;___________________;

I wish I knew this person’s name cuz calling her “that female Contractor” is a pain to type out. =_=;

Anyways, I know for sure Junko Minagawa voiced her and she did a splendid job as always. Really, she excels at playing roles for younger boys and older women but I don’t think I ever heard a part where she plays the villain before.

It’s nice to hear, to say the least. ^^

So yea, this woman and her two younger brothers who are also Contractors were hired by the Syndicate to kill Hei and Yin.

Yin, or rather, Izanami has already figured that out, though, but that’s not what I’m concerned about right now.

Interestingly, Izanami is the one who says “I can’t tell what I am anymore when I’m with this man” which clearly indicates that Hei is the reason for the change in Yin. But I still don’t understand how that gave birth to Izanami, which leads me back to my earlier theory if Izanami was a separate entity that took hold of Yin’s observation spirit or not. Or if her observation spirit just gained a will of its own.

In any case, Izanami is affected by being around Hei, too, so that might have given her some self-recognition that causes her to split from Yin into a different personality…which would explain how she came into being.

Again, just theories. Feel free to share yours if you have any.

Hmm, so we still don’t know if this guy is on the good or bad side or any side for that matter (though at the end of this episode, he did cut off ties with Madame Oreille so hmm…). Last episode, he went along with the Syndicate’s plans and posed as Amber to help them kidnap Yin and here, he saves Yin from getting killed.

I’m more than sure it’s because he (or those who are his superiors) have intentions to keep Izanami for themselves but overall, Claude is still a big mystery.

When Yin said (roughly translating) “that child is not here”, I thought she meant the enemy’s Doll but it turns out to be Izanami instead. So Izanami can not only take over Yin’s consciousness, but also move around on her own will in spirit form.

Alright, that’s something to be worried about. Yin not being able to control her own observation spirit as it is but now it’s walking freely on its own? Not good. SO not good. o.O;

Claude has double the Contractor abilities: he’s able to make illusions and use other Contractors’ abilities against them.

…hey, that last one sounded very much like what Izanami can do…

Oh god, my head. If he has anymore hidden tricks up his sleeve, I don’t even… @A@;;;

The action was much better than last episode’s. And since it’s action, I’m not going to say much about it since you’re better off watching it than I can at describing it. It was awesome. There. lol xD;

So her ability is the control of gravity and her remuneration is to strip. Aha, yea, ok….

Y’know, when she said “If I had known, I would’ve prepared better for my remuneration”, I suddenly imagined her wearing 30 layers of clothing and cracked the hell up. *facepalm* XD;

And she’s killed in the same way that Amber imposter last episode was killed. Oh god, that was a brutal end. I don’t even want to imagine what her face looked like after it was flatted into the floor. Dx

Hei immediately recognizes this is not Yin and tells Izanami to let Yin go but Izanami responds that Yin is no longer human and tells him to relay the message to Yin “to come to my side quickly”.

Aww god, poor Hei. I wonder what he’s more afraid of. The new Yin, Izanami, or Yin being taken away by the other side of her.

Well, now I’m not sure what Izanami’s intentions are since she seems to need Yin for some reason. Probably because Yin is the physical form (think lifeline) so if something were to happen to Yin, it will happen to Izanami as well? I dunno, but it just goes to show that Izanami isn’t that free to just wander away from or leave Yin completely.

All this has made Hei faint of shock and confusion.

Hei! Hang in there! Yin, you can’t leave him~! *wails* >A<

*gasp!* You put that sword down, ya giant non-sumo wrestler! Don’t hurt Yin! RAWR! D8<

Oh…well, that works, too.

And as soon as I see these three “saviors”, my mind immediately went “EPR!” and I was right. Haha! *dances around*

Apparently, the middle guy is Amagiri, Amber’s right hand man in the first season. He managed to escape what happened at Hell’s Gate and survive from the burns he got.

Gawd, I’m just happy to see someone I recognize from the first season who isn’t dead five seconds after their appearance! And he saved Hei and Yin, too. Thank you, Amagiri~ TAT

Hmm, so we got to know more about the anti-Contractor weapon that zapped away Hei’s power in the second season and how it worked. At least, first time for me taking any of the science stuff seriously. I marathoned it quickly cuz I just wanted to finish it. lol

But yea, it’s practically a mini-fied Saturn ring filled with anti-Gate particles. Any Contractor that falls into its trap or vicinity will vaporize (or something) and disappear. If it were Gate particles, however, it would make the Contractors’ powers stronger. So says the mad prof. *jabs thumb at him* :P

Anyways, it was nice to see Youko and Hazuki again. I never paid any mind to Youko until I saw what happened to her. That was just too cruel. Poor Youko, I felt so sorry about her death and all that torture Genma must have put her through before killing her. Genma, you bastard! I’m glad Hazuki gave you what you deserve! Dx

Hrm…so yea, it was love at first for Youko when she met Hazuki and Hazuki being…well, Hazuki…yea. |D;


So for the moment, what’s left of EPR seems to be protecting Hei and Yin from the Syndicate but looks like Claude manages to find them. Don’t know what he intends to do when he does though and I don’t think Hei would be very happy see the person who impersonated Amber and helped their enemies kidnap Yin. ^^;

They are… in some sort of jungle so I’m wondering if they’re still in Asia. Izanami seems to be getting very attached to Hei (oh god, what’s anything that’s female isn’t attracted to Hei is what I’d like to know! xP) and *gasp!* Hei’s in pain! What’s happening?! No! Don’t do this! Haven’t you made them (AND ME!) suffer enough?! *runs away crying* >A<

K, the next OVA will be coming out on May 26 and by that time, I'm already done with school. Don't know if AnimeNEXT is around that weekend or not but I'll try to make the best of my time to get a review out as soon as I'm able.

Alright, I'm done posting for the weekend. Will get around back to it on Monday if I'm not lazy. haha