Durarara!! ~ Ep. 12 ~ Grander scheme of things are more attractive.

Who’s Daddy’s lil’ girl that’s goin’ take him to Heaven?

…I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. Especially since he started playing around with it like it was some basketball. xDDD;;;

Anyways, a little delayed cuz I just felt too tired yesterday. Still am but I need to get this and DtB’s review done before tomorrow soo…yea, about this ep…


For the most part, it felt badly rushed all of a sudden. The first time I was watching it through (raw, of course), I was so turned off by all this urgent need to squish like…3 important scenes and dialogue under 10 minutes each that I couldn’t really enjoy it even after looking at the subs.
I do understand that Brain’s Base still had a lot content from the novels to cover and wrap-up within this short episode before moving onto the next arc so maybe they had to compromise some good execution but…if so, then just extend the number of episodes. *shrug* That’s what I don’t get. Why does everything has to be a standard 24-episode season? You can do so much better if you allow more flexibility into your episodes.

Stupid broadcasting stations and their spot limits.

But anyways, let’s just skim through this since there’s not much to really be in awe over…

I shamelessly declare in all my obnoxious ego that this ranks as #1 DRRR!! gif of the week.


Hah, I’m still laughing at all those people who seriously thought that stalker chick here really stole Celty’s head. Ok, even if she did, how the hell would she had cut off her head and sewed Celty’s head on by herself? Makes no sense. \P

And anyone who was silly enough to believe that Namie and her lab goons had successfully transferred the real thing onto Mika’s body is…well, sorry, just as dumb. It’s one thing for Celty, a Dullahan let me remind you, to be able to walk around without one but hello, even if this is an anime, be a little more rational with your thinking. Once it’s sliced of, you’re dead. Science hasn’t married with supernatural magic resurrection yet.

I probably say this cuz I read ahead but the whole idea still seems stupid even if I didn’t spoil myself.

But at least, I got a very GOOD laugh at Seiji’s disbelief for being the one who got UTTERLY, STUPIDLY, and love-RETARDEDLY fooled the most out of EVERYONE else…

“Well, you couldn’t even tell the difference between the real one and the fake. I guess your love wasn’t all that much.


Izaya, I truckin’ LOVE you for rubbing this so hard in his face. >xDDDD

Seriously, if you follow the dumbass’s expression as Izaya says this, it’s pretty much like stomping everything he based his existence on…which is his shallow love for a head in a jar. This guy doesn’t even “love” Celty like he claims he does. He loves the idea of “being in love” more than anything. That’s why he’s so extravagant on announcing it to everyone who gets in his way.

I mean, WHO gives a damn?

What a loser.

Bye, it was fun seeing your idiocy coming back to bite you in the butt, now change your shirt and GTFO my Durarara!! thanks very much. :)

lol, I love how Mikado is trying to smooth things out after Izzy rendered the love freak into his blue-screen-of-death mode.

“Uh, I was wrong about Mika-san. She’s strange but she’s not a stalker. [LOLWUT?] The fact that she went so far as to change her face and attempt to save your life when you almost killed her, yea, I really think you two are compatible.”

… |D

Ok, I’ll give him credit for being cutely considerate and the blatant “two psychos should stick together!” lulz but Mikado~, you’re too good for your own good. And that’s why I love him~ *huggles Mikado~* <333

Ugh, unfortunately, after all this love-craze shit, I was not in the mood to go through another couples conversation even for these two. While their problems are the real thing as opposed to Seiji’s delusional romance rage, it doesn’t change that…all couples are moronic. FACT.

I mean, Shinra makes a good point that even if Celty might not leave him, her head might think differently. And that’s why he’s so afraid, which drives him to do whatever he can to keep her away from reaching her goal. It’ll make her unhappy but hey, at least she’s with him.
But outside all of that reasoning, I personally can’t forgive him for all these elevated selfish acts. More importantly, he may not care if he’ll be damned to hell for cooperating with human experimentation (what the fuck, he’s all grinning about it as he confirms Celty’s thoughts right out of her non-existent mouth!) or for twisting his partner’s emotions around for the sake of his own happiness but I do.

Again, this is mostly my opinion but I don’t like this type of selfish affection. I’m not saying I prefer one where someone is completely selfless to the point of willingness to do anything for his/her beloved (that’s crazy, you need to maintain some mutual control over a relationship) but you shouldn’t cross the line on doing secret things behind their backs just to keep them to yourselves. That’s not right, not to mention dishonest.

At least Celty doesn’t hide anything from him and trusts him with her own insecurities which makes her the right one in this argument. Her reasons are much more understandable than Shinra’s cuz she’s concerned about something outside the relationship. A death she can’t control precisely because her head is the probably the only lifeline she has. Hell, this shows she’s probably the most sane person in this whole entire cast! And she’s not even human. Ironic. :P

Well, in any case, like all couples, they see their wrongs and they make-up. Except Shinra doesn’t look the least apologetic about it. I swear, he must be a masochist when it comes to Celty.

I mean, DUH, nothing says “I love you” so STRONGLY *shakes fist* like a punch to the face…

Yea, Shinra? :P

Anyways, their hug was very sweet and romantic but I think I’m going to back out of supporting this pairing. It’s not that I don’t like it as I do think they have a very healthy relationship going on (they love each other, they argue, etc) but I tend to go for the pairings that have potential to build upon over a longer period of time. It makes me feel better as a shipper to have supported it up to becoming an official canon pairing. CeltyxShinra was already confirmed from the first day we found out they lived together and I really didn’t have enough time to get attached to it at all.

Makes me wonder if that’s the same case with all the ShizuoxCelty fans out there because there sure are a lot more of them in the open than ShinraxCelty. >.>;

Well, back to better stuff, interesting to know that the name “Dollars” derived from the slack term for lazing about and doing nothing (dara-dara~). And how does Izaya know this? Cuz he was probably one of the founders of the team. How else would he have known?

It’s so like him to just leave with the rest when those rumors (that he started) were spreading, too. Just to see what would happen out of curiosity from the sidelines.

Hmm, from what I heard, Brain’s Base tweaked the original plot a little. Whereas in the anime, he’s seen making all these phone calls to people monitoring Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, giving Celty a convenient job just so she can spot Mika in the park, texting Mika to leave Mikado’s house just to help set up this whole Dollar’s meeting, none of that happened in the novels. In fact, I think those last two were coincidental.

Makes me wonder if Brain’s Base is trying to milk out more (crazy fangirl) love for Izaya and his apparent ability to do anything with just a cellphone. Hmm…maybe. I don’t really like it if it’s that way but I can’t do anything about it. :/

Anyways…lol, I love Erika and Walker for echoing the “Sugoooooiiiiii!!!! Sugooooooooiiiiiiiii!!!! Sugooooooooiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!” xDDDDDD

Hey, hey, HEY! Izzy, your face is too close! *pushes Izzy away from Mikado* My Mikado, Izzy! Mine! >:(

…hrm, well, Izaya seems to have gotten a good grasp on what Mikado’s like (from the online chats, too, I guess) and his desire to get away from the ordinary but tells him that even Tokyo and the underground life will all become boring daily stuff in short time.

If Mikado really doesn’t want that, there’s only one advice to follow: “Constantly evolve.”

Know what he means by that?

I think I can surmise as much. Why Izaya promises to keep Mikado’s identity as the leader of Dollars a secret. Why he tells Mikado to use his organization as he pleases.

Because having a gathering like this one isn’t enough. He’s practically egging Mikado on to be more drastic about these, er, “events” and he’s using Mikado’s wish as persuading tool to get him to do just that. Basically, if ya want to be badass, ya gotta be riskier, ya gotta think bigger, and ya gotta be ready to start a war for that kind of enjoyment. That’s the impression I’m getting.

Especially after Izaya’s lil’ spiel to Namie about his wish to go to Heaven…which we’ll get to that shortly.

lol, about time, Shizu. I was wondering what took you so long. <3


I find it amazing how he always somehow manages to avoid hitting anyone else when he goes on an Izaya rampage. xD;

Mikado’s reaction to realizing that female chat buddy, Kanra-san, in real life…IS A MAN!


Kida’s more illustrative than a children story book. xDDDD;;;

lol @ Mikado going “I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about” when he was the center of it all. Oh, Mikado~ <3

Oddly enough, these two remain a “couple” but only because Seiji loves her face. :P

I wasn’t fond of the cheap blush but GAAAAHHHH, Mikado is so cute, I don’t care! x3333


Celty’s narration to this made it extra lulzy.

“Dude, get your own woman!” *drop-kicks Kida*


So this is what Celty meant when “he felt that he could do anything after that”.


Hmm, so yea, I’m pretty sure the next arc will center more around the gangs now that Dollars has made an official public appearance and with the Yellow Scarves popping up again and all. There’s also the issue with the Slasher that has to be dealt with and that will coincide with all this as well. How, I’m not telling so you’ll have to wait or go and be spoiled.

I’m just worried about Mikado and Kida, who is obviously a former Yellow Scarves member, and how this will take a toll on them. Oh, but this is nothing compared to what will happen later. o.O;

And that just makes me more sad cuz I love these two and their friendship. Don’t break them apart! T__________T

So exactly how is this war that Izaya wants to bring about (so that he can be “chosen by the angel of death to go to Heaven”) going to happen? *points up* The gangs. If he can start an all-out war among all of them in Ikebukuro, Celty’s head will go *ping!* and he’ll have his grandiose suicide.

Izzy, you are one very strange man alright. Even Namie who was previously bitch-crazy last episode thinks you’re weird. Need I remind that he’s going off on just theory alone?


So yea, that’s the whole deal. He has somewhat planted a little of his influence in Mikado now, thereby making the leader of Dollars his pawn oh, but is he? aha…, and he’s more than capable of riling up the other gangs (Kida comes to mind, remember that).

From here on, everything he does will make you hate and love him even more.

I swear I’m going to keep myself away from the legions of squealing when that happens cuz the fandoms are going to go craaaaa-zy. o.O;



So yea, if you haven’t heard next week (Apr. 1st) they’re taking a break and ep 13 won’t air until Apr. 8th. Which is fine by me. I need a break. *tired*
Since it’s also halfway through and the start of a new arc, we’ll also get a new OP and ED:

Complication (コンプリケイション)” by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D
?” by ON/OFF

I don’t know much about the first band so will hold off comments until I hear and see the new sequence. ON/OFF, however, sang for the opening songs of Vampire Knight seasons 1 and 2 which I found very boring and skipped a lot. Their vocals aren’t bad but I’ll have to hear this new song (how do you say the name of this one?) to see if it’s good. Huu~, I’m gonna miss “Uragiri no Yuyake” and “Trust Me”. They’re without a doubt one of the best OP and ED of this year.

Aaaannnddd…yea, preview. Already we see a couple of Yellow Scarves which means more Kida screentime even though it’s Anri’s narration. Celty’s back on the job (and looking awesome as always) and the guy with the bloody mask is Shinra’s creepy dad. So yea, this will be interesting.

K, I’ll end it off with this special gif of Kida imitating a chicken:

Brawk brawk-Brawkk-AWK!!!!


See ya in two weeks. ;D

Now onto work on that DtB review.


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  1. I have to agree on the whole Shinra/Celty makeup thing. It did not feel right at all how it went. So even tho he lied to her, they are still together?? And also the canon pairing was already set in stone, for me to even grow into.

    And yes, I find the whole shizuo/celty relationship more potentially stable….

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