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This looks like official art but if it isn’t, please point me to the source so I can credit it properly.

I only put BRS in here cuz I needed an appropriate, short header and they just recently announced the seiyuus for the main characters:

Kana Hanazawa as Mato Kuroi (BRS)
Miyuki Sawashiro as Yomi Takanashi (Death Master)

AWESOME. Add two very great seiyuus and already this OAV is amazing for me. I’m looking forward to how Kana-san will perform for Mato (I just hope she won’t sound too tomboyish like Suou from DtB) and especially Miyuki-san playing as the best friend turned evil, Death Master, who makes impossible skinny look SO good. xD;

Kyaa~! This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see who the rest of the cast are and download it HD! Now if only my dad can remember to pick up my desktop. -_-;

Alright, onto Harlock, Yokai, Ryukishi’s new horror series and wow, Danny Choo has an anime project in the works. o.O


Toei Animation has announced that it has completed a pilot for its planned computer-graphics remake of Leiji Matsumoto and Toei’s Space Pirate Captain Harlock manga and anime franchise, and it has revealed a preliminary image and the project’s staff. Mobile Suit Gundam UC author Harutoshi Fukui, Appleseed director Shinji Aramaki, Appleseed mechanical designer Atsushi Takeuchi, and Ninja Scroll character designer Yutaka Minowa worked on the new Space Pirate Captain Harlock pilot with Sega Sammy Visual Entertainment. More details will be announced at this week’s Tokyo International Anime Fair.

Sources: Article 1, Article 2.

OMG, Captain Harlock CG film in the making! *screams of happiness* xDDD

lol, ok, first of all, I know very little to nothing about the Captain Harlock franchise but my interest in it formed when I got the chance to watch the screening of the original episodes at last year’s NYAF. Yes, the animation is very old (like when VCR was the BluRay old) and I know very few fans of modern anime would even care about this classic piece but this is something I want to look forward to anyway.

Cuz it’s being remade by Toei (long-time household animation studio name) in CG! And damn, are they making it their biggest project (along with another title Daikuu Maryuu Gaiking) for the next two years, alright:

Each will have a production budget of several billion yen (about several tens of millions of U.S. dollars), which Toei plans to raise by soliciting capital from multiple companies. Toei Animation is planning to release these works theatrically in Europe, North America, Asia, and elsewhere in 2012 or later.

As you can tell by the pic and first info paragraph above, the film is already looking very promising. OMG~, thank you animators and your technology for keeping Harlock’s awesome badassness. x3333

Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing this pilot and I’m sure it won’t disappoint. This already has such a great team working on it, all I need is to know who’s going to be doing the music, who’s going to be voicing for who (since I doubt the veteran seiyuus will come back just to do this again) and what the hell is the series about. But it’s okay, I have a least 2 years to catch up before comparing the original and the movie. *procrastinating already* lol

Yep, keeping my eye out for this one. ;D


A website has launched on Tuesday to announce that an anime adaptation of Lily Hoshino’s Otome Yōkai Zakuro supernatural historical manga has been green-lit. The manga runs in Gentosha Comic’s Monthly Comic Birz magazine…

The fourth volume of the manga ships on Wednesday, and the production company Aniplex is listed in the anime’s website.

The story is set in an alternate version of Japan where humans and yōkai (demons) co-exist. The government has established a Ministry of Yōkai and Humans to deal with the incidents that flare up between the two races. The ministry is composed of human representatives, yōkai representative, and one girl named Zakuro with half-human, half-yōkai blood.

Source: This article.

I heard “yokai” and my own cat ears popped up after a long…oh, I dunno, nearly 9 years of nonactivity. XD

Haha, seriously now, when you hear this, it might remind you of Inuyasha *spat* but for me, I’m brought back to my Yu Yu Hakusho days. That was probably the shounen love of my childhood and Kurama was my first heartthrob. So the fact that this manga has fox demons, a historical setting and purdy~ art is more than enough to convince me to check out the anime.

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with this manga-ka at all, other than she does a lot of yaoi and shounen-ai work (and a few smut). So there might be some elements of those sprinkled in there, which I don’t really mind as long as it’s subtle.

Yep, along with Gosick, I think I’m adding this to my future watch-list and if any more news comes up, I’ll include it in another news blurb post. In the meantime, I’ll go browse around for any chapter scans.

And yea, I realize the main heroine shares the same name with one of the characters, whose transformation gave her wolf ears, from that god forsaken fail of a mahou shoujo, Tokyo Mew Mew. Ugh, god, that was such a horrible series I wasted too much time on. =_=#


The April issue of Fujimi Shobo’s Monthly Dragon Age magazine has announced on Tuesday that Higurashi: When They Cry creator Ryukishi07 is launching a new horror manga series called Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni (On the Night the Amaryllis Flower Blooms) in the next issue on April 9. Illustrator Nishieda created the original character designs, and Ichirō Tsunohazu is drawing the actual manga art.

There is a collection of Japanese horror stories that has been passed down from generation to generation as the “Seven Mysteries of [Japanese] Schools.” However, there is an eighth mystery called “Mesomeso-san” for which the manga offers a new retelling.

Source: This article.

Late is late but Yay! New manga series! And from Ryukishi, too! Now I can wash the bad aftertaste of Ookami Kakushi away, hopefully, since I think he has a little more freedom with this one than the game. To be honest, the only thing I found similar about Ookami and Higurashi…was the rural setting…and the weird disease that turned everyone into murderous psychos. I guess that was to give fans something relative to the When they Cry series which didn’t work since the former isn’t even a good mystery. :P Other than that, there’s nothing comparable about them, really.

Anyways, regarding the 7 school-mysterious theme, I’ve read it a couple of times in other manga already. They all differed and varied so I never kept bothered keeping track and I’m wondering how this 8th mystery “Mesomeso-san” will make it stand out.

On the art, the illustrations look very lovely but I’ll hold off judgment until after I read the first chapter.

So, uh, yea, I hope some translation group (specifically WTDND if they can manage another project) will pick this up. Got a feeling this won’t be a long series and I hope not cuz I really want him to work on Episode 7 for Seacats for the upcoming Comiket! Dx

*cough* Yea. First impressions post? Maybe. :)


Finally, I wish I had a better picture but this was all ANN gave in the article so…

Yes, that Danny Choo and his “new Mirai Fusion anime studio” is planning an anime that is named “Chinka” (鎮火 or literally, “put out a fire”).

I may not know much about this incredibly famous Japan-life blogger, also big figure enthusiast, but wow. For him to have reached so far on a hobby is, to me, truly an inspiring accomplishment. Of course, he’s not the first nor is he a one-man army like Atsuya Uki was behind Cencoroll but still, I’m both surprised and not that this is happening. ^^

Here’s the description he gave on the plot:

Since a few years ago, there have been many cases of arson.

In the rural town of Kiyotaki, situated in a beautiful mountain valley, the town folks are talking about the legendary arsonist, Akaneko [赤猫].

The police have completely given up on Akaneko, who has slipped through their fingers every time.

The town’s only hope is its one and only firefighting team – the Mizuneko [水猫] Fire Brigade. But because of their destructive fire fighting ways, they too are feared by the town folk. Almost every night, Akaneko and the Mizuneko Fire Brigade fight fiercely, taking down many of the town’s buildings in the process. The Mizuneko Fire Brigade have depleted most of the town’s financial resources so the town ends up on the verge of bankruptcy. The town was in a critical state when Chinka, a girl with a superhuman ability to smell out fires appears. With her powers, the Mizuneko Fire Brigade close in on the true identity of Akaneko…

I really, really like this premise. One, we’re playing with fire here (yea, I think I’m a bit of a pyro fanatic, lol). Two, Akaneko and Mizuneko make me think of red neko ranger and blue neko ranger which is WRONG, Xiao! It’s wrong! Get that ridiculous thought out of your head! xD;

Three, we have a rescue brigade that ends up destroying more than it does saving. lol, lame cool. 8’DDDDD

And four, besides the action and supernatural elements, I think this will include some suspense and a tiny bit of mystery. Scratch this, it looks like another moe show.

So yea, not much more to say other than I’m really looking forward to more production news (gah, I really want a close-up on those sketches!) and hope it’ll come out good. ;D

EDIT: Go to this page for more info. It wasn’t just sketches after all! Kyaa~! Chinka looks so cute but lol, why am I not surprised to see Shoko in the lead of popular votes?


And yep, there’s your random, sloppy-joe news blurb for this week. Now I’m gonna finish KnT and Kobato, maybe go back to typing those replies for comments and see if DtB Gaiden’s torrent is up or not yet. I’ll get around to doing more after tomorrow. It’s almost break~! Can’t wait! x333


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  1. Ahurr, can’t wait for BRS~

    The Ryukishi07 manga looks interersting, but the Danny Choo animu looks quite stupid. I remember it was announced two years before, but didn’t expect to see it actually coming true. :I

  2. Is it sad that Otome Zakuro reminded me more of the x-men than inuyasha or any other anime series. I guess its the idea of supernatural beings and humans trying to peaceffully co-exist and the problems that arise from that. It looks cute. I actually have one of Lily Hoshino’s mangas so I’ll check out this one too. Is it shojo or shojan? Because I aprove of more shojo action series.

  3. Ok this is utterly off topic, but if you’re interested, in the latest episode of Party! Ikuto showed up in Amu’s bed again…. And next week is supposed to be the last episode, and I’ve heard it’s the amusement park date from manga. I didn’t know if you’d heard (or cared)?

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