SoMT: Nominations deadline extended!

Hey, y’all. We’ve passed the first deadline and I still haven’t gotten my act together on this thing but don’t worry, I’ll be sure to have it up by April 1st.

No I won’t. ^^;


In any case…

Here are the competitors set to go to the prelims:

Hope I counted right but 45 nominees total. Three short of last year’s but good enough that we’ll have a prelims. hehe ^^

And as promised, I’m extending the deadline to Friday, March 26th.

So if you have any other girls that you want to be in the tournament and are not on that list yet, here’s your last chance.

Again, please follow the rules in the previous post and submit in your comment in this format:

Nominee’s name (Series they’re from)

In the meantime, as soon as I’m done with all my midterms next Thursday, I’ll start working on whatever I have to. Good thing I have spring break cuz I cannot take another week of school after the last exam. *sigh* D/

Yep, look forward to it. ;)


11 thoughts on “SoMT: Nominations deadline extended!

  1. No one has nominated Akari from MIracle Train yet? Alright I’ll throw in a vote for her than. There were also some filler girls, bbut I couldn’t honestly care them.

  2. Sorry I just read the rules 0.o gomen, erase all the fariy tail people, and I nominate just everyone from Kobato >..<

  3. Does Itazura na Kiss count as a shoujo/anime during 2009? I’m pretty sure it was, but I’m so disorganized right now >.<
    (btw if you remember I was previously Kojima-chan <3 but then I got a blog)

  4. ooo come on….if you have watched Kobato’s final episode…..pleaaaseee nominate the seriees…..really…… it was a very good series…. and call me ignorant but actually wat is the reason about being shounen?

  5. I see most of my nominations are up. Glad to see that the Pretty Cure series is in the tournament.

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