Durarara!! ~ Ep. 11 ~ You’ve got mail♪

This what you get when you mess with the Boss.


Srsly, I’ve gone Mikado-obsessed so bad, I spent like more than an hour changing all my icons. xD;


Starting it off and forgetting Namie’s constipated face here, oooooooohhhhhhh~, I love it when Mikado has his “This is srs bznz, bitch” voice on. He has just enough of a threatening leverage effect with his words that you gotta wonder, if this kid were to grow up and go into the black market business, just how many will be up at their wits when they receive a phone call from him.

Great, now I really hope he takes up some dangerous profession cuz I so want to see that happen! xDDD

lol, Shizuo’s trying to have some deep small talk with Simon who’s not really getting it because he’s more absorbed in handing out fliers for the restaurant and that poor guy with the bike will probably never get it back.

Oh Shizu~ <3

Simon, pay attention to someone when they're talkin' to ya! xD;

Then a flashback and I sure as hell am annoyed with Shinra’s roundabout way of telling Celty he wants her stay with him. Not just him, what is with people being unable to directly tell someone “I love you and I need you”? *humongous SHRUG* D:

But that’s not the point. I understand that he just wants them to be happy together but saying contradictory things like “It was not all for nothing” followed up by “As long as you make good use of it…for example, you should marry me” is putting Celty into more self-conflict than really helping her or making her feel better. And I don’t think he’s unaware of how much his selfishness is causing her that pain. Because if he doesn’t pressure her a little, she’d never have considered the actual thought of being with him.

Still, there’s a limit to how much you can do that. Celty’s head is also important to her and just because he’s fine without it doesn’t mean she has to readily adopt his perspective, too, and throw her search away just like that. *snaps fingers*

I’m all for their relationship and all but it’s about time Shinra got a little smack on the cheek for being too persistent without taking responsibility for the consequences. *frown* >:/

Ugh, let’s just get the biggest annoying part over with. I HATE Namie in this arc. Trust me, she’s much more likable later on when [SPOILER!]she starts working for Izaya and they snipe-mouth each other like ALL the time which is amusing[/SPOILER!]. But here, she’s just another downright selfish, high-strung bitch who flaunts herself like she’s better than anyone because of her sick “love”.

On the issue of incest, that’s not even the problem here. One, because no one could care less about that sort of business so don’t think you’re anything special. Two, Seiji isn’t worth shit for anything so feel free to keep him.
The thing what I loathe most about it, however, is if one sibling thinks their love is so great that they aren’t wrong when they do anything for that love, especially when it’s at other people’s expense. It’s even more annoying if said sibling is a sister. For some reason, I find incestuous sisters are always more annoying than brothers with sister complexes. And I think that has to do with the fact that no one bothers to slap them cuz they’re girls (psh, I don’t give a damn, I’ll slap you whatever you are). So yea, this bitch needs to get SLAPPED good and hard.

Finally, her argument on how this is reality and that Mikado should know his place really fuckin’ pissed me off. Excuse me, bitch, exactly who is the one fooling around and killing innocent people’s lives just so she could please her sorry excuse for a man brother by giving him a walking mannequin to stroll around the city with? And she has the nerve to say Mikado has no right to lecture her when her underlings broke into his house and that he rightfully condemns someone for doing a highly criminal and immoral act?


As for Mikado’s speech, this sealed my love for him PERMANENTLY. As much as I’m used to the passionate but often overused cliche words on what’s justice, I like how he touches on the topics that just because people have accepted norms doesn’t mean it’s just there for decoration. Moreover, because it’s there is the reason why he has to act against what he knows is wrong.

At the same time, he acknowledges that despite his beliefs, he alone doesn’t have the power nor the cunning to stand up to someone like Namie, who has the money and the men to do her bidding. But what he does have is Dollars. While it may seem that he’s finally using his authority as the original creator of the online gang, he effectively is not manipulating nor ordering them around. That is the difference between him and Namie on how they deal with numbers. Namie is acting on the power ladder as her men’s chief so they have no choice but to obey her. But Mikado, who formed Dollars on the no-rule principle, put his faith that the members also share some of the same ideals.

Thus, why he labeled those who go against those ideals the “enemy”. In the text message all the Dollars members on the street received, it labeled the people “without a cellphone” as enemies. And who on the street are without cellphones?

Namie and her lackeys.



Took him long enough. |D;

You don’t mess with the admin, bitch! >8P

I would also like to note, to add to what I said about Mikado not really ordering the Dollars members around which explains why his plan went off so well, is that he had only sent that message under the address as “admin”. He did not reveal his true identity as the leader of Dollars which is enough to explain the effective response of the people on the street.

First of all, no one would believe he is the leader in the first place. However, all users would more likely pay attention to a message from an administrator and that itself was enough. Ever joined a forum? If so, heck yea you better listen to the admin when they have something to say.

Second, most members know that Dollars has no rules so if the leader was to suddenly appear and bark out orders, I doubt more than half of all of them would even care to listen while thinking the concept of the gang is all hypocritical.

This goes without saying that Dollars, in TV Tropes’ words, is the weaponized 4chan (2ch, too, of course). “Be very afraid.” 8’D

This goes without saying that Mikado is probably one of the biggest and baddest internet forum controllers EVAR in recent anime history. I mean, how often do you find a guy who takes from the board to reality in such a serious manner while he’s probably having the time of his life right now and letting the insides of his mind scream “ZOMG, this is so AWESOME and UN-NORMAL!!! Goodbye, mediocre everyday life!”

I didn’t think so. HARHARHARHAR!!! >8DDDD

Mikado~, I love you~♥ <3

Haaaa…well, while I loved this scene so much because it was one of the most anticipated ones from the novel I’ve been waiting to see animated, I’ll have to agree with those who thought that on atmosphere, the novel still won. Though I only read small translations of it, the excerpts had a more…exciting feel to it.

I guess it’s because Narita has such a way with describing the happenings on paper is where it draws the line from the original and the adaptation. The way Namie and her goons cracked down under the pressure of all the stares at them in the novel while in the anime…they kinda didn’t and was only massively confused on what’s going on. Yea, it’s a totally different experience. But it’s not bad. The anime makes more use of humor which is quite fine with me while the novel is uncensored AWESOME.

So yea, word of advice to those who want to read the novel now. Finish the anime first and save the better for later. ;D

Kadota and his gang arrive and oh~, who’s that in the way back seat over there? Hoho~

Alright, now here’s where the real fun begins. Prepare yourself for the most AWESOMEST. CAMEO. OF. THE. YEAR…

Ne~, Isaac?!”

“What is it, Miria?”

“Are these people all part of Dollars, too?”

“That’s exactly right, Miria!”


“Listen well. Now we’re part of the group that the hipsters of the street spread rumors about!”


…I have the serious urge to go pick up Baccano! again. Brain’s Base, you win my everlasting love for this. <3

Well, as to how exactly did Mikado create Dollars, it was a short while after he made some friends online that he suggested the idea as a joke. To make an online gang that seemed to exist in Ikebukuro and spread rumors about it while hiding the fact that they were Dollars members. Mikado also leaked the website address and password to several other forums and fabricated some posts on the board. It soon become a big deal and they had a great laugh about it.

That is…until people in real life started calling themselves Dollars members and membership continued increasing because someone leaked the information, resulting in everyone who created it but Mikado to leave because they were scared.

Well, sucks for them they can’t share in the fun but yay~ Mikado is only mines for the taking and sharing anyway so I’m happy~! x333

Anyways, Mikado kept posting and suggested to other members that though there were quite a handful of bad people, maybe Dollars can do something good to try and erase their bad name.

Seemed like a thought too good to actually happen…

…whoo, but whaddya know? It did! Post something random and most likely, someone will always respond.

So explains the start of Dollars. Hehe~

Btw, I’m very amused with YoHoo!, amezon.shop, and Yo!Tube. Kehehehehe XDDDDD

Haha! SEE! Even Shizuo and Simon are in Dollars!


“The people who aren’t looking at the text on their phones right now are our enemies. Don’t attack them; simply stare at them.”

And stare they did.

I think these tactics Mikado played show just how much more capable he is as a leader…or rather, as much as a covert leader can be. He doesn’t sink to Namie’s level and outright attack his opponents. He intimidates them and has Dollars serve as a deterrent so as to teach them a lesson NOT to mess with people again.

Namie, you got PWNED! so bad, get outta here bitch and save whatever face you have left. xP

lol @ Erika wondering if Dollars’ founder is an Arab oil baron.

Wut? xD;

And the otaku gang found Mika (I knew she would run off on her own!) after almost crashing into her with their van. Awesome. |D;

Through the site, Mikado was able to locate her and arrange a meeting between her and Celty.

And I dare say, doesn’t Mikado look so cool against the light of a setting sun? *starry eyes*

The subs I watched were pretty bad since they didn’t translate all the Japanese text but I think Celty asked who Mika is and of course, Mika answers “Celty” since that’s the only thing she could remember.

Which just confirms that she’s not Celty. :P

I guess this was part of the plan and it was the answer to what Celty was questioning about herself earlier (about whether she was changing to thinking and feeling like a human). I actually didn’t really understand what her speech was about outside those two reasons or it might be because it was considerably weaker to Mikado’s earlier speech?

I don’t know but I’m sure it has something to do with Celty’s sort of epiphany over her identity as a Dullahan.

Anyways, who thought that this stunt was just BADASS?! 8DDDD

It even surprised Shizuo so much he cigarette dropped out of his mouth. LOL XDDD;;;

Oh yea, the fight was totally AWESOME as well.

Also, I wonder how everyone can hear Celty’s voice. It must be a supernatural thing combined with all that emotions she’s feeling at that moment so maybe that’s why. Kudos to Miyuki Sawashiro on the superb voice acting as always. SHE. IS. PURE. GENIUS! *tears of joy* <'D

In any case, everyone gets to finally see the Headless Rider without her helmet on (must be the biggest Ikebukuro evening of their life, haha).

And Celty is “reborn” and finally “carves her existence into this city”.

Again, I’m wondering if that has anything to do with the acceptance of her new life over her old one which she can’t remember because she doesn’t have her head. Does that mean she’s beginning to let go of her search for her head a little and be content as the urban legend of Ikebukuro?

Hope this is explained next episode since it’s her turn to narrate again. I won’t get into anymore until next week.

In the meantime…

Someone get me very, very long and sharp stick so I can drive it through this asshole’s gut for pointing a knife at my Mikado!




Looks like everything is going to be revealed to stupid lover boy that his lover was really the girl who stalked him along (oh, what disappoint will be on his face, I can’t wait to see~) and omg, Mikado, please don’t hold a knife yet before you hold a ballpoint pen (those who read ahead know what I mean).

So yea, I can’t wait to see Seiji getting PWNED! like his stupid sis, how Celty will react to the fake Celty, and WTF, is Izaya holding the real head?! OAO;;

Anyways, it’ll be interesting. Can’t wait! Mikadoooo~~~~ x3333


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  1. Your review was total win! <3

    I'm glad you went into loads of detail! When I passed 3 word pages, I was like, is this even allowed?! I literally had to put on breaks.

    I love the fact that Mikado is a mind-twister badass working in shadows. So, looking for him to PWN more people! Tee hee!

    Now that Celty has embraced her identity, would she just abandon her head? I'm curious to know what would happen to the timid Celty-Harima. Izaya's preview with Celty's head looked like a flashback but you never know! :S

    I just can't get enough of Drrr!! I think I'm ready to be spoiled because I can't wait! GAH! *walks off to find translation sources*

  2. I admit I was surprised when everyone turned all color-ey when before it looked like they were gray because I assumed it was because of budgets or something like that.

    And am I the only one (or maybe I’m just thinking of Seiji) that thinks that the actual face of Mika is pretty darn adorable? Well she is a crazed stalker but still, haha I find myself repeating Mikado’s words from earlier when Anri pretended to be a stalker “If she’s pretty I guess it’s ok!” or something like that haha wow I’m messed up.

  3. Kyo-chan: Aww, no it’s not but thank you~. *embarrassed* ^///^

    Haha, that’s my style. I sometimes think I should put a limit on how much I write, too, but there’s just too many interesting things to talk about that I can’t. ^^;

    YES. 8D

    I…doubt it. I mean, I’m sure she’s ready to stay and be happy with Shinra but I don’t think she’s just going to throw away her 20-year search so simply like that. At least I wouldn’t.
    Hmm, looks like Celty-Harmi will get into the mess somehow and yea, if that really is a flashback, wonder how Izaya got the head in the first place. o.O;

    Mwuahahaha! You have joined the dark side! *welcomes you with cookies* >83


    Karen: Haha, it just goes to show you how cleverly intricate Brain’s Base was on the whole “colorless” theme of Dollars. Dollars is “colorless” in that it’s not restricted to just one color. And those are all the previously gray people on the street. xD

    She is, actually…it’s just the stalker bit that makes you go D8
    And dude, I wouldn’t mind being stalked by a cute guy. *also messed up* lol, kidding, kidding! …Mostly. |D;

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