Spring ’10 Lineup

Short post now that I got most of my spring watchlist in order. Version 2 credit to Chartfag as always.

Took out quite a few after seeing some promos. Color codes follow the same patter as always:

Green: Guaranteed watch (for as long as it lives up to my expectations). Chances of blogging = depends/see below.
Blue: Guaranteed watch of first episode but has chance of being dropped sometime later if it doesn’t keep my interest. Chances of bloggin = zero.
Red: Self-explanatory.
Yellow: Only holds a fraction of my attention right now so I either might skim through it to see if there’s anything promising or it time doesn’t permit me, just not to bother with it at all.

And the ones I haven’t marked are already being blogged.



Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – Pretty much said everything I need to about it in this post.

Gundam Unicorn – I still have to watch the first episode. |D;

Needs to spell out G-O-O-D, kthxbai:

Angel Beats! – All them PURDY promos~ Haha, well I’m looking forward to the awesome music and nice animation but again, still think the story doesn’t match up to the level of Key’s VNs. It’s 13 episodes long which I think is perfect for a season run. Packing all the impressive stuff in a short 3 months instead of spreading it out over 6 months and letting it drag coughKobatocough will work better in AB!’s favor. And oh look, ends just in time for SaiMoe, too. No, I don’t think that’s a coincidence. xD;

Blogging? Nope. How many others will be taking this one up?

Working!! – Already did a first episode impression on it so check that out if you haven’t. Don’t have much to say except the following episodes will be really brief posts…since how much can you say about slice-of-life 4-komas? *shrug*

Blogging? I already am~

Senko no Night Raid – Let there be symphonies of gunshots in A-1 Pictures’ 1931 Shanghai!

…But really, I hope this doesn’t disappoint like Bantorra did. Don’t know why I’m comparing them but ugh, wasted 11 weeks on that crap. -__-;

Blogging? Nah. I’ll leave it to someone else and give my thoughts in the Spring Wrap-up.

Black★Rock Shooter – I’m starting to think I should get into the mainstream for a bit…no, what am I saying? Just have this in HD download fast cuz it looks so damn gorgeous~ *A*

Blogging? – Haaah? Would you just like one long post of picspam? D:/

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 2FUCK YESSSSSSSSS, BITCHESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so ordering this baby this weekend along with the limited edition of Lagann-hen! Unlike the first Parallel Works, the second will include videos set to new music tracks, all 5 of which will be on a CD included with the limited edition of the DVDs (or something like that). Among the things I’m especially looking forward to (OH, WHAT THE HECK, I’M GOING TO LOVE EVERYTHING NO MATTER WHAT *CAPLOCKS INSANE RITE NAO*) are:

“Sense of Wonder” which focuses on Nia and Simon’s story, also directed by Akemi Hayashi who did a gorgeous illustration for them a while back. <– YES OF COURSE THIS WOULD BE AT THE TOP, MY OTP FOR LIFFFFFFFFFEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333

The one of the Black Siblings cuz they seriously need more effin' love, peoples. Kiyal-centric vid with her character song (Kiyal~ <3), and Gekidan Inu Curry's vid…cuz the art is so freaky and beautiful and Nia's holding a butcher knife among her dolls so I heard and saw shots of. o.O;;; Think it might cover the time she spent in the Teppelin capital before Genome discarded her so that'll be interesting, no doubt.

ANYWAYS, good chance of me doing a review but ONLY when I get my package in the mail. I want to go all-out CRAZY with fangirl screams in one BANG! complete post even if the download rips will already be available before then. But I don't care~ Cuz I'll own a copy and that's all that matters. <3

Now where is my Nia-version Kirameki Box or whatever the hell you intend to name it, GAINAX?!?! I want to hear Yukari Fukui sing, dammit! /:<


So yea, that’s it. ^^

The yellow-marked shows I don’t think I’ll get the chance to even care about. Most I’m going to do is probably listen to the audio of Mayoi Neko Overun! episode 1 to hear Kanae-san’s voice and drop it right after. I had the curiosity and boredom to check the manga one day and it’s all cliche ecchi crap. :P

Fwoo, so yea. With SoMT hopefully in full swing on April 1st, I’ll be pretty busy. Wish me luck and hope Spring will be good. :3


4 thoughts on “Spring ’10 Lineup

  1. “And oh look, ends just in time for SaiMoe, too. No, I don’t think that’s a coincidence. xD;”
    lol. Kyoani is such an evil genius when it comes to this (what with K-ON last year too).

    Senko no Night Raid looks interesting. I might watch it.

    Black★Rock Shooter: I’m glad its a prettiful oav rather than a series. This way I can watch it and be done with it.

  2. God I’m so tired right now everything looks good haha. I’m glad you posted this because I actually forgot all about the Spring line-up release (where my head has been recently, I do not know). There’s a couple of things I’m mildly interested in seeing, but nothing that really catches my attention atm. Then again, sometimes the summaries don’t describe the show worth crap. Will be interesting to see if there’s anything worthy!

  3. warrior: It’s actually PA Works, hun. ^^; But you’re still right about KyoAni since K-ON! second season is right in this batch, too. xD;




    Chibi: lol, Easter’s almost here. Almost! xD
    I totally didn’t think about it either since the last time I did a preview post for the 1st version of the chart, haha

    But yea, you gotta actually see the thing before deciding if you’re going to watch it or not so hope there’s one or two in here that will catch your interest (and tell me if which ones! >:3).

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