News Blurb: Gosick’s getting an anime! *SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER* XDDD

Gosick Mystery Novels Have Anime in the Works


*continues screaming till the end of her*


Aww man, where to start, where to START?! x3333 Well, if you read the description in the article or the novel itself (TokyoPop has released volume 1 and 2 already), then it’d be like any ordinary anime adaptation news but it’s more than that for me. I’ve been following this series (or what translated version of it I can find) since I bought it from Barnes and Noble… I guess two years ago? I don’t remember, there was a long delay between volume 1 and 2 but that aside, I absolutely fell in love with Gosick ten pages in. Back then, I wasn’t into the mystery genre but Victorica I refuse to call her “Victorique”! reminded me so much of Shinku from Rozen Maiden design-wise that I felt utterly compelled to purchase it just for that reason. xD;

But of course, I stuck with it for the characters and the story…but mostly for the characters. <P

So let's just get the general stuff out of the way: Our main male protagonist, Kazuya Kujo, the third son of a Japanese Imperial soldier, is a transfer student to St. Marguerite Academy, a prestigious school in the small, made-up European country of Sauville. The Academy and its students have a penchant for mysteries and horror stories but Kujo has no particular interest. Frankly, he dislikes them since being the only Asian student on campus, everyone avoids him and nicknamed him the "Reaper" because of his unusual transfer.
Kujo then meets Victorique, the girl who is always absent from class, at the top floor of the library when his teacher asks him to deliver a worksheet to her. Victorique has the appearance of a small, almost doll-like, girl but her voice sounds exactly like that of an old woman. Along with her sharp tongue, abusive bluntness and eccentric attitude, she possesses amazing detective skills and Kujo soon finds himself getting dragged into a lot of crime investigations after a near-arrest that Victorique saved him from (at the persuasion of candy xD;).

Alright, yap yap yap, I'll tell you now: Don’t expect this to be a great mystery series. I’ll be honest, though I am no expert in this field, Gosick is by far from anything like Higurashi or whatever good mystery anime you might have seen. It’s pretty average because the detective, Victorique, has almost everything figured out when she hears the story they’re supposed to solve, which kills the suspense a little. She doesn’t outright identify the criminal on the spot, giving you enough time to try and play around with the clues yourself, but even those are measly hints and the murder plots, which are sometimes a little outrageous, only make sense when she explains them (through her “reconstruction of the fragments of Chaos” or something).

Then again, I’m no good with deductions and guesswork so you might think differently if you’re familiar with books like these.

I can’t say much else about the mysteries because I personally find them interesting either way. *easy to please and scare* I’m more in it for the art, which is not ground-breaking impressive or anything but I just love gothic clothing and European settings A LOT so yea. Heh. <D
Going back to what I started about the characters, they're pretty much the major reason why I decided to stick with this. Not the most brilliant cast you'll ever come across since Kujo is your typical stumbling, pushover (but that’s what makes him so adorable, Kujo~ <3) with enough brawn, brains, and effort to make up for his shortcomings while Victorique is the resident tsundere genius heroine but hell, I don’t care! I like their personalities and how they interact with each other = pairing so that’s more than enough for me! Oh yea, I’m all about two cute people bickering back and forth in situations that kinda threaten their lives and having their adorable “D’awww, they’re just worried about each other” moments in between. It’s exciting cute chemistry! YEA. 8D

Other than that, I’m going to hold back from saying anymore just in case you happen to be interested in checking this out and don’t want to be spoiled. If you’re not into light novels much or simply don’t have the time to read, Ivy Scans has scanlated the first two chapters of the manga adaptation, which I think follows the original pretty faithfully but I’m not so sure because it goes about the story and happenings in chronological order whereas the novel starts when Kujo and Victorique are already acquainted well enough with each other and has “flashback” novels to tell how their relationship developed.

A drama cd has also been released but I doubt anyone has it for download or want to purchase it for that matter since it costs like $60 on Amazon (it dates back to 2006 so no surprise). Fortunately, I already bought it a while ago so if anyone is interested, I’d be glad to upload the tracks as a special preview gift and even give you a summary of the story. It won’t be accurate but I got the gist of what’s happening and luckily, chapter 2 of the manga seems to correspond with the drama CD, too.


Now going on the anime (don’t worry, I’m almost done talking), I really, really, REALLY hope they keep the drama CD cast or I will BAWL my eyes out because I’ve grown so attached these seiyuus in these roles:

Chiwa Saitou as Victorique
Miyu Irino as Kazuya Kujo
Yui Horie as Cecil-sensei
Takehito Koyasu as Grevil de Blois
Satsuki Yukino as Avril Bradley

See this all-star cast? Why would you want to change it? <3
Yea, they should totally keep this cast cuz one, Chiwa Saitou sounds so awesome as a loli-baasan (LOL) and she and Miyu Irino have worked together before (er, after the drama) in Gundam 00 as Louise and Saji, respectively, so PLEASE don’t separate them! Onegai desuu~! ;3;
Yui Horie plays Kujo’s meganekko sensei, Cecil, and one of my old and very talented favorites, Takehito Koyasu, plays the humorously arrogant detective with the crazy hair cut. I’ll skip on describing Satsuki Yukino’s role but she voiced her part really well, too.

As for what studio I want to take up this project…hmm, well I know big names won’t try at it since it’s most likely going to be one of the more mediocre shows among the line-up with a smaller audience but I still want one that gives us nice animation.

Studio Pierrot came up in my mind first cuz I was catching up on Tegami Bachi, another shounen series, when this popped up on my reader but ehh, I didn’t like how they put original fillers into Tegami Bachi when they had enough manga material to go off on. Also, their animation is not always consistent so hoping it’s not them. :/
I considered Madhouse but was disappointed with how Kobato was handled so kinda 50/50 on that though this probably won’t happen either. *shrug*
My biggest wish is for A-1 Pictures to take it up. Have doubts on how true they’ll stay to the original but I can trust them to do decently on the art at least.

…Maybe the studio who did Rozen Maiden (can’t remember the name) would be alright, too. Hmm. =/

…oh, and I’d also like Yuki Kajiura to do the opening theme, ending theme, and original soundtrack if possible. And avoid Ali Project unless you give me a good OP sequence, kthxbai.

*sigh* Yea. Well, I’ll keep posting any updates about it if there’s anymore news.

And I’m going to blog this?

What the hell would make you think otherwise after all the trouble I went through to make this post? lol This is MINE, bbs. I claimed it first so nobody touch it, UNDERSTAND?!?! xDDD

9 thoughts on “News Blurb: Gosick’s getting an anime! *SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER* XDDD

  1. Oh it looks cute. Is the girl the main crime solver? If so I approve, since besides Nancy Drew there aren’t many female decratives (sp), much less ones with male sidekicks. It might make me take a break from my “no anime that is still running” rule. (don’t worry I won’t touch it)

    • Yep. Victorique is pretty much the Sherlock Holmes while Kujo is her reluctant Watson. hehe ^^

      And I so agree. I would’ve started reading mystery books earlier if they had more cute girl detectives and uke cuddable male sidekicks!

      I hope it’ll keep your interest. :D (lol, and I was only 3/4 joking, of course xD; )

  2. Sounds like it might be worth a look through, although Victorique is one of the weirdest names ever. When will it be released?

    • Victorique is actually a boy’s name and pronounced as “Victorica” in Japanese which makes more sense since she’s a girl. :P

      No date has been given since it’s still in the works yet but I’ll keep ya posted. ;)

      • Makes a bit more sense, but I still think it sounds odd. I know that if I get into this show, every time I write it out, it will end up being Victoria and not Victorica.

        I bet it will be a fall or maybe winter.

  3. I keep meaning to check out the novels (after you mentioned them on Twitter, haha), and now I’ll definitely have to check them out so I know what’s going on in the anime~ and maybe I’ll finally get the chance to be a super bitch about the differences between the anime and manga!

    I may review the novels if I read them, but I’ll leave the anime to you. ;]

  4. Chibi: Haha, I know what you mean. xD

    Too soon. I hope it’s next spring since it’ll fit with the story on Kujo’s transfer. Winter has the curse of being the most boring season and I don’t want Gosick to be in that bunch…then again, more likely the chance of me dominating the blogging. *so selfish* >:D


    kel-san: SUCCESS!! You have been persuaded~! INORITE?! 8D

    Ooo, please do! I want to know your response and spam your comment box. <3 (hehe, ok ;D)

  5. I am a huge fan of GOSICK. I saw the book randomly at Barnes and Noble several years back and picked it up because it was a light novel. Like you, I never was really into the mystery genre, but after GOSICK, I was hooked.

    What’s great about the anime adaptation, is that fans already have the chance to be fans BEFORE the anime. Very few times can someone read a light novel BEFORE it’s animated.

    But I also want to agree on your statement “IT’S ABOUT TIME!” I had a hard time understanding why this popular novel series never got animated. But then again, Zaregoto also didn’t. So I fear it may be a fear on the part of anime companies that audiences wouldn’t really like a mystery anime.

    However, I disagree with your statement about Victorique. While she did solve the smaller mystery immediately, she didn’t solve the bigger one right away. And even so, its not whether she always knows, its about whether YOU the reader can figure it out. Not to mention that it’s a pretty suspenseful ride. I happen to hold GOSICK as a “great mystery novel”.

    But I am very uneasy about the anime. I really want it to be great, and I’m worried about them (1. not giving it enough episodes (2. changing the books story (3. bad voice actors (4. etc

    Sigh… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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