Katanagatari ~ Ep. 3 ~ How do you like them yangire swordsmen?

Tall and half-naked, plz. lol xD;

Alright, just wait a sec. I don’t really classify him as a yangire at all since he’s not secretly psychotic or anything but…um, yea, if you watched this, you’d know why I referenced to it. >.>;

But yay! I finally get around to doing this. Been waiting all week and still have to study for a midterm scheduled for Monday but not in the mood to do that now cuz my Nanoha nendoroid arrived and I’m so DAMN happy, yes I am! x333

Haha, so yea, I’m in a good mood. It’s pouring outside where I am but I’m in a good mood. :)

Ok, back on topic, ahh, this episode was a great improvement on the last two. Again, all action was dealt with in the last five minutes of it but I think by this point, that’s not really going to be an issue anymore. At least it shouldn’t be if this was satisfactory for you.

For me, it just keeps getting better every time and I have to thank Nisioisin for giving us Meisai as Shichika’s opponent in this third installment. Though it’s still early to say who’s the best supporting character, she has the best fleshed-out character over Ginkaku and Koumouri. And I’ll get more into that shortly.

But first!


We start off with the usual banter between our main “couple” (oh hardly) and I just find it funny that Togame, whatever the case, can always find a way to brag about herself. First, she was so confident that climbing 1,000 steps is a piece of cake compared to walking in the desert and when she tired out, she retorted at Shichika that given how fragile she is, it was a good accomplishment on how far up she climbed on her own two feet.

I also don’t understand how a piggyback ride can be so different from the princess carry or why you have to have a plan on how Shichicka should carry you up the rest of the way cuz either way, you’re still getting a ride, right? ^^;
Well, I suppose a woman of her upbringing would prefer the latter since it is more refined, I suppose, but in my opinion, piggybacks are less embarrassing than the bridal style. haha

lol, I loved Shichika’s analogy for the swords to carrots. Togame wasn’t happy about it, though, but she didn’t have to punch him just cuz she didn’t approve. :P

And here we have the head of Sanzu shrine of Izumo and holder of Sentou Tsurugi (The Thousand Blade), Tsuruga Meisai. Hmm, well seeing a guy carrying a huge luggage on his back and carrying a girl while climbing up that long stairway without breaking a sweat isn’t something you see everyday, huh?

Or maybe it’s just rare that the shrine ever gets visitors. Yea, maybe that’s it.

And she says this way it wouldn’t be embarrassing even if anyone saw them. Who’s the one blushing, Togame~? *pokepoke* xD

God, this is so cute. I should turn it into a banner or something. Yea, really, cuz my current one has been up there for more than a month.

Well, getting back to business, the current Meisai is actually a former bandit who took up the previous priest’s name and position. The shrine area around it is a convent for the 1,000 priestesses who are still mentally recovering from their past crimes of murder against their families.

That aside for now, I think I had a momentary girl crush on Meisai while I was watching this. I mean…she’s just so cool. You can tell by how she holds herself that she’s a very skilled swordswoman but at the same time, she doesn’t let that get to her head (then again, that might have had something to do with her past which we’ll get to later). She’s also hospitable to Shichika and Togame, actually hears them out and considers their request while keeping the mikos in mind as well.

I also like her character design (especially her eyes, so pretty) and
Atsuko Yuya did a very great job on her voice and matched her personality and expression very nicely, despite being a fairly new seiyuu with a few major roles. Hope to hear more from her in the future. :D

What else?

…oh yea!

Meisai drinks like a man. Awesome. LOL xDDD

Well, if Meisai said it’s a sign of friendship to drink from the same bottle, I guess it makes sense for Togame not to use a cup… but I guess indirect kissing never occurred to them either. :P

So on Sentou Tsurugi, it’s actually a thousand swords…as one sword. Main idea behind it is “overwhelming numbers” and yea, I think it really is fate or destiny or whatever that they all fell into Meisai’s hand since it follows the same concept of her Sentouryuu style, which basically says that swords are dispensable (as long as you have 999 more of them at your disposal).

It must be a pain to carry them around, though. <D;

Speaking of katanas, I finally get why Togame refers to Shichika as her sword. And it’s not just a way to describe him in front of others, it really is how she views him as. A tool. Just like how it was with Koumori. Yea, I’m a bit slow on missing the point.

This means I’ll have to revise what I think about them as a pairing again but I don’t mind much since there hasn’t been enough solid development between them yet.

Anyways, just like what Meisai said later on, they’re both neither master and servant nor lovers and I think it’s safe to take her word on it. Starting from Togame’s side, she still probably has revenge for her father in mind and since Shichika is the son of the man who murdered him, what better way for her to go through with it than to:

1) Get him to “fall for her”, then manipulate him into doing what she tells him to do through his “feelings”. She’s already got that down except that she’s unaware that Shichika knows of her past.
2) Once she acquires all the swords and the position she wants, the rebellion her father started and failed at can come to fruition through the influence and power she obtained so that will be like the BIG revenge against the Shogunate that ordered for her clan to be killed. The daughter of a rebellion leader outsmarted them all (think one big troll).
3) After this is all good and done, what does she need Shichika for anymore? She never said she was going to love him back. Only that she needed his help and when he’s no longer useful, she can exact revenge on him, too. Even if he wasn’t the one to kill her father, she still feels the obligation to do something against the people who are responsible for spilling her family’s blood. It really doesn’t have anything to do with your today average sense. It’s more part of their culture and engraved into their mindsets to do so, whether it’s reasonable or not.

Of course, we all know that she’s going to fall in love with him eventually (those full blown blushes don’t count for nothing) which will make it complicated on whether she can really kill him or not but for sure, Togame hasn’t let go of the past. This also means that she’ll not likely forget her animosity towards the Kyoutouryuu even if she does have affections for Shichika.

As for Shichika himself, I don’t think the guy has a clue about what he’s even saying whenever he claims that he fell for her. It is definitely not true love (yet), I’m certain of that. But in any other way, I don’t know how to describe it. It’s very strange cuz Shichika is an extremely simple guy, almost straightforwardly so, and therefore, his mind shouldn’t be so difficult to observe. But what motivates him, the reason why he fell for her and why he’s willing to do this all for in the first place still escapes me.
I should also include that bit on him knowing about Togame’s secret that no one else has found out about yet but I’ll hold it off until we get more out of Shichika’s character first. It seems there are more things we don’t know about him yet so I can’t make any more theories as of now. :/

*sigh* Well, like I said, these two will surely come to love each other for real later on. I’m just curious how we’re going to get there cuz their relationship is rather shallow deep now.

Moving along…hmm, not only is he some sort of stand to hold her hair up but she’s actually undressing in front of him, too? Togame, Shichika is not furniture. lol xD;

But umm, yea, I’m guessing she has shorter undergarments on underneath or something cuz the Togame who’s embarrassed of “clinging to a man” wouldn’t be just okay with undressing in front of one either. 8P

Anyways, she’s reluctant to go through with the conditions Meisai laid out and it’s not because they have to surrender the two swords they already have if they lost or anything but more on Meisai herself. Togame can tell how much of a good person Meisai is and the fact that she’ll probably have to be killed in combat in order to obtain Tsurugi is making Togame regret a little about this.

So ya see, Togame does have a heart, despite her ambitions. But in the end, she’s still going to go through with those ambitions because those hold more importance to her over her personal feelings.
She’s pretty complex, huh? Though not in a way that you can praise her for.

LOL, great way to break the solemn mood with THIS.

I really don’t have anything to add. This is just win on its own. xDDD;;;

Shichika’s cluelessness + awkwardly appropriate moment = Togame’s face turning bright red = me ROFL


Perverted mikos, leave them to their privacy! Go home! haha xD;

Back to serious business, we get to see just how exactly sharp-minded and perceptive Meisai is. Just by noticing the color of Togame’s hair, her behavior, the way she dresses, she can deduce that Togame isn’t here on the orders of the Shogun and there must be some personal reasons on why she’s in charge of this mission.

While Togame’s hair and mannerisms are self-explanatory, let’s talk about the color of her clothes. If you’ve studied history or know something about those of high status background, then you should know that the quality of their attire is what distinguishes them as royalty and nobility. Because people of lower class wouldn’t have been able to afford clothes of that fineness like Togame would. And Togame was a former princess so by wearing extravagant material, she will always be aware that she’s the proud daughter of a feudal lord and the successor of his will.

That is an indication that show she’s holding onto her past and Meisai knows because she is also in similar circumstances. Quote “Not even a world of war or peace can ease our pain” which means that the ordeals they went through left too deep a scar for them to just let go.

Wow, I’m so glad I didn’t live in that era. Sounds depressing. @.@;

Uwah~ Togame looks cute in miko attire! Kawaii~! xD

Unfortunately, Shichika does have modern day miko-moe so he doesn’t get it and Togame has to instruct him to say that it suits her every time she asks if it looks good on her. Oh boy. xD;


Well, Hakuhei is showing up in person next episode but haha, 3 minutes of filler, I guess? haha

K, the first condition was for Togame to find the original sword of the 1,000 swords but one of the miko suddenly snaps and nearly killed her if Meisai didn’t step in to block her. Now the regret continues to pile on Togame after Meisai saved her and… well, you got yourself into this so you better be ready to face the consequences, too, ya know?

Our third ninja, Maniwa Kuizame, whose design is based off of some water bird and like the two ninjas before him, he talks a sh*tload alot! He also has an annoying habit of repeating “…desu ne?” three times. -_-;

I’m really disappointed with the ninjas we’ve come across so far (for one thing, ninjas aren’t even supposed to talk!) and I hope the later ones we’re going to encounter later on are of higher caliber than these first three.

At least we got to see Kuizame do some ruthless killing.

The part where Shichika helped the mikos out with their chores and they got over their fear to thank him made me aww a little. I’m also a bit happy to see how well he’s taken to their reaction of him despite not knowing the reasons behind it. It just struck me as very nice…maybe because it helped the mikos one step forward in their recovery? I wouldn’t doubt it.

Anyway, each miko carries one of the 1,000 swords not only for protection but because they also have a healing power beneficial for their mental illness. When Shichika says he can’t feel the aura of that from the swords they’re carrying, I wondered what he meant and it all made sense later on because while the mikos do carry swords with them, that doesn’t make them the true holder of the swords. It is only when Meisai is holding it that he can sense its soul.

Wow, that’s impressive. He really is like a sword…kinda. 8D

This intrigues Meisai when her guards tell her about it and she tries to test him out to see if he’ll give into sympathy so she won’t have to hand over the swords. She claims that the poison of Shikizaki’s swords can also be used as medicine to help the psychologically beaten girls of the shrine and that’s why she can’t lose to him because she has to protect them with that “medicine”. Also, if she can defeat him and take Kanna and Zantou, then she can save at least two more girls in need of help.

Alright, while I get where all her logic is coming from, I think she should rethink it over when it comes to Kanna and Zantou. Tsurugi is one thing but those two shouldn’t be put in the hands of someone who is unstable. ^^;

This doesn’t faze Shichika in the slightest, though, and he says it’s right for her to have a reason to fight for, just like he does.

Oi, talk about your simple guy breaking standards like slicing thin ginger.

Symapthy plan failed. ^^;

lol, he’s not much of a sake drinker either. xD;

Since the first one didn’t work, Meisai decides to go for plan B: throw him off by playing mind tricks. Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever way you want to see it, that doesn’t faze him either as unlike Meisai who has had to throw something away to take up the responsibility of protecting the mikos, Shichika, who has lived isolated from people most of his life, has nothing to lose and is pretty sealed on his focus of getting the swords for Togame.

Whether he ends up hurting innocent lives or killing others doesn’t matter. His only reason for fighting is for Togame and seems to be content with just that.

Jeez, talk about your lack of opinion. It isn’t that his objective doesn’t let him have one, it’s just that he doesn’t choose to have one at all. To him, Togame is the one that matters and he’s her sword. It’s almost like he’s admitting to the fact that he’s okay with being used by her rather than the case of him “in love” with her.

It’s…complicated. @.@;

But the fact that he seems to be one-tracked in his goal any without doubts makes him even scarier than before. I mean, this guy is a walking lethal weapon, y’know. Don’t you find it that when Meisai asked him if he’s going to kill her and he answers…


…a little frightening? God, he says it with a casual smile on his face, too. Scary. D8

This could probably explain why the Kyoutouryuu is so feared among swordsmen. If the previous heads were like Shichika, who follows an order through to the end without being disturbed by outside factors, then their formidable name is indeed justified. We can almost call them the most powerful and even most dangerous swordsmen since they’re not so easily deterred from the one important thing they set out to do. It might not make them good morally or anything but I think a great swordsman is defined by his unwavering resolve and…Shichika certainly looks like he has it. Not in a sense that makes it look admirable or anything but just simply because he chose to.

Also…he reveals that he killed his father.

First reaction: WHAT?! OAO?!? …um, ok, I want to know how he did now. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if we learn later that method might be the traditional way to succeed the head of Kyoutouryuu. I think that’s the more likely case above all theories but Shichika being the one who killed his own father still leaves me in shock.

Second reaction: Wait, if Shichika managed to kill the previous head aka his own dad who taught him the Kyoutouryuu, then that would make Shichika superior to his father and with how dangerous Shichika is already plus being more powerful than his predecessor NO ONE IS SAFE!! @A@;;

Togame, you’ve gotten yourself quite a man alright. ^^;

Huh, Kuizame’s death was pretty quick like Shirasagi’s. What a disappointment. *sigh* I found the blood spray very awesome, though. Meisai is so AWESOME. 8’D

Continuing, Togame managed to find the original by looking at the marks on the scabbard to see which ones had the most and were the oldest.

Smart, Togame. *nodnod*

And so begins the second condition which is of course, a faceoff between Meisai and Shichika. Meisai’s Sentouryuu, as said before, is to use swords as if they were dispensable but also to make every single one on the battlefield, including your opponents’, as your own weapon, giving you full advantage of the land aka the technique coupled with Sentou Tsurugi, Chikeikouka: Sentou Meguri.

This explains the first task of having Togame find the original was all to buy time for the rest of the swords to spread out around the shrine so Meisai would have no problems locating one wherever she went.

Hmm, quite clever tactics. I’m not so sure about the technique itself as whole idea seems surreal for actual combat but considering this is fiction in a fairly restricted area and that Meisai has experience on the real battlefields before, it’s not so hard to believe.

While this is all going on, Togame tries to catch up because she needs to include this in her report. lol xD;

So Meisai finally gets into her own past of how she inherited the Sentouryuu and became the head of the Sanzu shrine. Everything ended in that rebellion Hida Takahito started 20 years ago. She, the daughter of a Kendo dojo master, lost everything after their defense fell during the war along with her beliefs in the Sentouryuu. Shortly after, she began using the style for killing rather than defense and joined a team of bandits, whose leader was the previous possessor of Sentou Tsurugi, which would explain how she got a hold of them when she became their next chief.

Still, she was as lost as ever on why she was fighting and kept killing and killing until she met the former Tsuruga Meisai and came to this shrine, where she first started questioning herself.

Angered and confused on why nobody saved her when this shrine brought in 1,000 discarded girls, she strangles the priest to death but is shocked when he asks for forgiveness and to spare the other girls cuz they did no wrong.

After that, she killed her 43 compatriots and took up Tsuruga Meisai’s will to protect those girls as well as to fight for her own sake.

Hmm, well, I’ve been trying to figure out how to understand the line of reasoning that brought her to this decision because since I can’t relate to the ordeal she has gone through, it makes it harder to explain.

Regarding the mikos, I think she realizes that there has to be someone who is willing to take them in and help heal their hearts. For one thing, she already killed the former Meisai so I guess she feels some responsibility there. For another, she’s aware that if no one takes up that position, then more girls will end up like her and be consumed by regret and self-carnage, something Meisai knows should be prevented as best as possible from experience.

On Meisai herself, she finally found something to fight for as opposed to when she had none when she was the bandit chief and explains for her resolution to kill her companions to take on this role. Like what we learned in episode 2, a swordsman needs something to protect in order to fight. Ginkaku had Zantou while Meisai has those girls. As swordsmen, having something to protect can also be equivalent to their existence as swordsmen. Otherwise, you’re just a killer.

I hope…that makes sense. I’m beginning to see where Nisioisin might be going with this swordsmen logic as it is better illustrated through examples like Ginkaku and Meisai and the countertype that are the ninjas who do it only for money, thus setting the line between true warriors and bloodthirsty greed.

Back to the battle, Shichika’s figured out a loophole in Meisai’s Sentouryuu and relates it to setting a trap around your house as a bad idea.


The only place where there wouldn’t be any hidden swords would have to be that small house he and Togame were staying in as that would have drawn suspicion from them early on.

Again, I’m thinking all this be a little lopsided (cuz Meisai should been smart enough to fling swords at him before he reached that house or not follow him into this trap) but I can’t say it doesn’t make sense either.

All in all, Sentouryuu just gets my mind mixed up too much so I’m not going to into it any further. I would appreciate it if someone who knows more about strategizing and such to explain this to me if you could. @.@;

Well, now that Meisai is out in the open and Shichika is not leaving the safe premises around that house which forces her to stay there to finish their duel, her advantage has severely dropped and she’s well aware that she might lose now.

But she takes it very well, if not contradictory from her words. I think while she’s glad that Shichika and Togame came along to put an end to her wrong belief that the swords will save the girls, she won’t admit defeat until Shichika kills her…because that’s just how it is for a swordsmen. Like Ginkaku, she’s going to fight to the very end to protect those girls, thereby fulfilling her purpose for fighting as well as her pride as a swordsman.

Strange enough, while I have trouble understanding shoujo drama, I’m almost completely comprehending the way a swordsman thinks. There’s probably one reason why:

I’m probably getting this all wrong. ^^;

Oh, so there was one more hidden sword after all. Haha

And Shichika notices that it’s the original since, going to back to what I said earlier, Meisai is the one holding it, he can sense its soul.

Because swords can choose their masters but not whom to slay. Tsurugi chose Meisai and, as a “sword”, Shichika chose Togame so that’s how he can tell.

Hmm, it’s really hard for me to call Shichika dumb now. The way Nisioisin is portraying him makes him seem like anything else but stupid. The way he figured out how to counter Ginkaku and Meisai’s techniques, how he’s got a nicely tuned sense of purpose as a swordsman, and how he seems to understand Shikizaki’s swords as well really does make all his lack of knowledge about the real world seem almost trivial.

Ah, I knew I would like him. <3

Action this time around, I only felt moderately thrilled for and a little less so than the one for episode 2. That’s not to say I didn’t like the few minutes that were devoted to this final clash between them but I just think there was less of a WOW factor to go with it.
It may be because we only got EPIC sound effects and black screen instead of seeing Shichika actually delivering the fatal blow to Meisai…and how he avoided all her attacks without being scratched even once.

Yea, I think that’s it. :/

Meisai… ;____________;

I’ll have to admit, her death made me a little more emotional since I liked her character so much but at the same time, I can’t bring myself to be angry at Shichika for looking at his blood-covered hand and…well, appear like he’s feeling almost nothing about what he just done. This is where the the slight psuedo-yangire reference comes in, cuz his usual facial expression doesn’t change and it’s…scary.

Moreover, he seems pretty laidback and is even smiling about it when Togame arrives at the scene. I don’t think he’s proud of his victory or anything but it’s just that he hasn’t really grasped the concept of death and how dark it really is, despite killing 3 people already (also, he’s a sword and weapons don’t have feelings for the ones they slay). And we can’t blame him for that since he doesn’t know the ways of the world nor does he have any real attachment to it that would provoke the emotions we expect.

Then again, I’m sure while it’s not shown on his face, something must be going through his mind right now. Whether he functions as a sword or not, he’s still human so it would be impossible for him not to feel something about it.

This is probably the first time we see some of Togame’s ever-present ambition chipped off as well. I’m wondering what her feelings are towards Shichika right now as well as to herself as she pushes those down to tell him “Good job”.

She was already regretting about Meisai’s death-now-turned-true but along with her indirect hand in a killing she wanted to avoid, Togame should also be aware that the source of all this goes back to her. Because she was the one who brought Shichika off that island and unleashed his deadly abilities. Like said many times over already, Shichika is only her sword at this point and simply following her request. He’s a simpleton who doesn’t know better (kinda) and her weapon. She, however, is the actual wielder of the sword and therefore, feels the consequences of her actions that her weapon cannot.

This raises the question if it’s possible that at the back of Togame’s mind, is she thinking how this might affect Shichika as well? By praising his efforts instead of voicing out her real thoughts, is she content with wanting him to stay as he is now, a tool, so that she herself won’t get attached if the tool starts to become more human. After all, a sword is just an object and has no feelings. Viewing Shichika as such would make it easier for her to use and discard him and perhaps even continue secretly hating her father’s nemesis than if she were to see him as more than that and start sympathizing with him. That she is the one who brought this on Shichika, making her the one with full responsibility.

Again…it’s complicated. I hope there will be more self-reflection moments from Togame from now on cuz it’s interesting to try and guess what’s going through her mind while she uses everyone as her stepping stone.

With Meisai now gone, Togame promises to keep her end of the bargain by asking the Shogunate for the shrine’s protection and someone to help these girls recover.

It’s very sad…but at least something can be exchanged this time. That’s just how stories go.

Another thing to add onto why Meisai wouldn’t admit defeat and relinquish Tsurugi unless she was killed is that she, too, despite using it with good-intentions in mind, was consumed by the poison of Shichizaki’s sword. So yea, this is why it’s almost…required for the death of someone to get one of them. They couldn’t hand it over even if they wanted to.

Which makes Meisai’s death all the more sad for me. ;_____;

*sigh* Oh well…

At least the cute moments at the end make up for some of it.

Haha, Togame embarrassed and going “mumble mumble” to Shichika’s question if she would really hand over Zantou and Kanna if he had lost…

Because she never thought he would lose in the first place. Awww, so you had that much confidence in him? That’s so cute and sweet, Togame~ *poke poke* <D

lol @ Shichika missing the staircase cuz he won’t have a chance to carry her for a while (Togame’s reaction is so cute, lol). Aww god, this wrapped up the episode very nicely.

Shichika, you sly dog, you. x3

…ah wait, make that second to best way to wrap this episode up cuz…


Whoops, missed. xD

This counts as hand-holding. Yes, I count is as hand-holding, dammit! >8D

lol, really. Nothing like rolling down 1,000 steps to finish the day off. xD;

And with that, phew, I’m done with this review. Quite long, quite long. ^^;


ED: “Senhon Senjo no Jinkyuu Uta” by Aki Hata

…I’m going to be blunt, I don’t understand this song at all or how it fits. They also didn’t change it to a new picture this time.

BOO! >:P



Haha, I can see that a lot of people are looking forward to the fourth episode cuz “Sabi Hakuhei” came up several times in my search terms already. lol xD

Don’t blame them for being excited over him, though. He’s Japan’s strongest swordsman until Shichika dethrones him, voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa (kyaa~) and too goddamn bishounen for his own good, dammit! xDDD;;;

Haaa…well, the preview looks like it promises a lot more action but I’m wary about that a little. I think it’s going to be slightly longer than what we usually get but nothing really over 10 minutes. We already have an idea of what Hakuhei’s like and any conversation with him seems out of the question unless it’s done in battle. All in all, I doubt screentime is going to be focused on Shichika and Togame too much.

Why do I say this? (Warning: gets mini-spoilerific from this point) Because I bought an illustration book for the entire series a few months back and when I look at the few pages surrounding the fourth novel, there are no illustrations of Hakuhei whatsoever. In fact, it looks like the fourth novels focuses more on Nanami back at the island and three Maniwa ninjas (in the corner there, do you see them?) arriving there to “pay her some sort of visit” if you know what I mean. Of course, I can’t spoil what happens for you since I don’t know how to read it anyway but some light is shed on her and Shichika’s childhood days with an appearance of their father, Mutsue, as well (and oh, they look so cute! x3).

Other than that, Togame holding Hari on that illustration clearly indicates that they won over Hakuhei somehow I’m still amused by the shark sliced in perfect half and seeing its insides, pfft, lol so now I’m more curious to know what the Maniwa ninjas plan to do with Nanami. Attempt to kill her? Yea, that’s on my list of guesses. *nodnod* Is it going to happen? I’ll leave that up to you to keep on guessing. *ebil~* >:3

Here’s a better picture of them three. As you can see, their designs are based on insects and they look much more serious than the first three ninjas before them. The praying mantis guy is Kamakiri (蟷螂), the bee is Mitsubachi (蜜蜂), and the midget butterfly is Chouchou (蝶々), I think? In hiragana, I got something like “Tefu Tefu” for Chouchou instead. Weird. Please correct me if I’m wrong cuz I translated these myself and am an extreme novice at best. ^^;

Not surprisingly, the meaning of their names correspond with their costumes so yea.

…Wow, that was probably the longest preview you ever read. xD;

Anyways, looking forward to this episode and hope we get to see Nanami again. Broadcast date is set for 4/16 which is on a Friday. That’s good and bad news for me. Good, cuz it’s the weekend so I don’t have to stress over it a whole week. Bad cuz it’s going to take me the whole weekend to write it up. I swear this one took me a full two days and still haven’t started studying for that midterm tomorrow. Oi, why do I do this? ^^;

Well, yep. Can’t wait! Cheerio, m’dears! ;Db


4 thoughts on “Katanagatari ~ Ep. 3 ~ How do you like them yangire swordsmen?

  1. Togame making Shichika carry her made me lol irl. She was so sneaky about it, which made it even better. :3

    I really liked Meisai, she was one of the most bad ass women I’ve seen and she really cared about her little mikos. :]

    And of course, she drinks like a man. Win.

    I’m not really sure how I feel about Togame and Shichika as a couple. She really does see him as a tool, but they’re so cute together I just can’t help myself from fangirling when I see things like him all wrapped up in her hair is completely shallow xD

    But seriously, Togame in miko clothes=adorable! :D (miko moe line was utter win too!)

    And Shichika killing his father? They got me there!! Good ole NISIOISIN! :D

    Meisai killing this episode’s ninja just cemented my view of her as a total bad ass.

    Sentouryuu is an interesting sword style, but probably not very practical…I mean, unless you do happen to have like 1000 swords just laying around, hoping that someone has dropped theirs isn’t a very good plan… ^^;

    I was a little dissapointed with the battle scene too…it made me sad that we don’t know how Shichika misses Meisai’s attack completely. And Shichika’s reaction? Freaky. He did look a little remorseful to me when he’s staring at his bloody hand, but being all excited about killing Meisai to Togame? Creepy. :[

    Cute tumbling down 1000 steps as an ending? Pure win. :]

    Oh, and I freaking love your banner!!! It’s gorgeous and the font is perfect! :D

    • Haha, I think Shichika may have unintentionally got back on her for that one when he was all “aww, I can’t carry you for a while” at the end. Kyaa~ Why must our fangirlings always lead to these perfect tiny inserts? lol xD;

      Does Meisai get extra BADASS points on how big that bottle of sake is?! 8DDDD …I feel so ashamed now that I didn’t put “badass” anywhere in here to describe her…but you can exchange AWESOME with that, too, so it’s all good. lol

      is completely shallow with you xDD Well, we’re getting something of both at the same time. The progression of their relationship and cute interactions on the superficial level. It’s just that the former needs to step up a bit before we can say “OH, now we’re getting somewhere” or something like that. But I think chances of that happening will only occur if something significant happens to either Shichika or Togame or perhaps, both. Either way, I’m sure it’ll work out somehow. For now, I’m more than fine with him using her hair like a scarf and her beating him up for silly reasons. huhu~ 83

      I had to applaud for that miko-moe insertion. Too great. Just too great. xD

      Nisioisin is CONFUSING and ODD and that’s why we love him. 8D


      There’s also the issue of carrying it around…unless you’re a big dude who’s good at running with all them katanas strapped to your back, I think the most someone like that can do with the swords is throw them like kunai knives. |D;

      If he’s creepy when he’s happy about a victory like that, think what would happen if he really got angry. o.O;

      More win cuz it saves them time to move onto the next battle. haha

      Thank you~! <3 I liked this ep so much that I felt like I had to use vol. 3's cover to commemorate it somehow. The green also matches my blog's font color and yesterday was St. Patrick's day and yea, green. 8’D
      Still kinda ehh on the font I used (I wanted more thick brush strokes to match the title) but it’s only temporary so no biggie. :3

  2. I would have to agree with you that I think Shichika is somewhat yangire. While he doesn’t have that classic “insane” face that most yangirekkos have while hacking people to pieces (ala Rena, anyone?), the fact that he doesn’t show much emotion, and even smiles when Togame finds him, is somewhat unnerving. While I always hate classifying characters this way, Shichika reminds me somewhat of a dog, always loyal and trying its best, no matter what, to please its master. Togame has referred to Shichika as her sword before as a joke, but I think in this episode she really sees how serious and potentially dangerous Shichika is. It makes me wonder, if the situation ever arose, would Shichika kill Nanami for Togame? I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, but it makes me wonder how deep his loyalty for Togame runs. Especially since he just met her, that makes it even all the more confusing. I so want to see more backstory.

    Regarding Togame, she was sooo cute in that miko outfit. Shame on Shichika for having no miko moe. I also love her catchphrase “cheerio!” even though I recall reading somewhere that she stops saying that eventually. I’m interested as well to see why she distances herself from Shichika by calling him a weapon but gets so easily embarassed by his actions. Maybe she gets more embarassed because she realizes that Shichika, a tool’s, actions affect her this way? Well, whatever the reason, they’re adorable together. Also, I’m intrigued by Shichika’s line at Togame in the last few minutes of the episode. The swords poison whoever posesses them, right? Then wouldn’t this mean that Togame and Shichika will be affected as well? I wonder if Togame considered that when she went to go collect the swords. Also, what is with her eye changing color randomly? I realize it’s probably really important, but man, it seems to have no purpose.

    Meisai was pretty cool, I asmit, although I wasn’t particularly interested in her backstory. Her past seems somewhat similiar to Togame’s in a way, which I find interesting. She probably knew more than she let on about Shichika and Togame, but we’ll never know, as she is sadly deceased. At least her death was somewhat more graceful than the first big baddie’s (can’t remember his name), but I think that was the first time I saw any of Shichika’s attacks draw blood.

    The guy in the next episode, Sabi, was a character I never thought particularly interesting. I mean, he seems like the classic bishounen, especially with his catch ophrase (speaking of catch phrases, I loved how Shichika remembered to use his in the battle against Meisai). The fact that Sabi is the number one swordsman in Japan makes me suspicious of the next episode. Either a) Shichika battles him and Sabi escapes, to reappear in another episode, or b) Sabi is defeated but it turns out there’s someone stronger than him. He seems like the main enemy, so I’d be surprised if Shichika and Togame got his sword next episode especially when there’s eight more to get.

    I love those scans of the book you provided. take’s artwork is so droll worthy. I wish some kind company will release the novels in English.

    I have to say, this is certainly the most introspective post I’ve read about Katanagatari. Every other blogger either isn’t covering it or doesn’t look that deep into it. I’ll be looking forward to your next post of episode four!

    • Yea, yea! *nodnod*
      I admit, I sometimes see him in that way, too. But at least he lightly gripes back at her for being so bossy, which shows that she doesn’t have complete control over him. ^^;
      Hmm, I doubt Togame would be dumb or even heartless enough to suggest the thought of killing his only blood relative for her own goals. And Shichika, too. He may be a bit of blockhead when it comes to the death of other people but just like how he looks up to his father, I’m sure he has a sturdy devotion to the only maternal figure in his life (assuming that their mother died before they were exiled). Going back to episode 1, you remember how he was so concerned about Nanami’s health and his reluctance to leave the island? Well, one reason was because he wanted to preserve the Kyoutouryuu his father left him but another can possibly be because no one else will be around to take care of her if he’s gone…which makes this even more confusing because he immediately changed his mind after Togame arrived. Yes, explanation for this needed very badly. @.@;

      But I don’t doubt that his love for his sister runs more deep than what I see as still-shallow loyalty for Togame. And just because they’re family is all that is needed to explain for it. Now, Nanami, on the other hand…oh boy, I just wonder how far will she go to make sure her lil bro doesn’t stay cooped up on that island.

      But his blank reaction to it was so funny~ lol XD
      Haha, must have something to do with her finding out what “Cheerio!” really meant. Shame, I got used to it, too.
      As for her embarrassed reactions…well, I suppose I can throw in a guess that while she was so busy trying to make her way up the power ladder and being betrayed by all those around her, no one really bothered to say something sweet or nice to her. I mean, she is the General Director so it’s not like you can openly go up to her and start wooing her with pretty words. But with Shichika, there’s no need for formality so maybe that’s why. All in all, I agree, they’re adorable together. <3

      Regarding the swords, I think I have a plausible theory on that. Togame may not be completely immune to them as she does want them to obtain a higher standing. It’s just that her ambition for more authority and recognition may be stronger than the desire for the swords themselves. Also, remember that the poison affects swordsmen the most. Togame is not a swordsman, but a strategist. Since she’s not fighting for honor, money or something to protect, or can even put up a fight with a sword to begin with, the swords are nothing but valuable treasures she has to retrieve to present to the Shogunate.
      As for Shichika, he has no interest in the swords at all. His main objective is to help Togame get them. Moreover, he can’t even hold one because all the Kyoutouryuu heads are swordsmen who can’t use swords in the first place. I hope that somewhat answers your question. It’s mostly theory based on facts but ya never know.

      Togame’s eye…I think it’s just there to substitute the sparkle effect you usually see in anime character’s eyes when they’re inspired by the moment or something. Then again, it is only one eye so I really don’t know. All that is confirmed is that, according to Koumori, it’s a glint of enormous ambition that almost scared the wits out of him (Shichika thought it was pretty, lol).

      I guess that’s how Meisai was able to figure out Togame so easily because they both went through ordeals in that past rebellion.
      True, she’s the first that we actually saw some hard fatal injuries from. Maybe it’s to add to the effect of how sad her death is? I mean, Ginkaku was sad but we all knew he was going to die anyway. Meisai had more of choice to surrender Tsurugi even though the poison probably wouldn’t let her.

      (I know, though it was less dramatic and shot-on as in ep 2) Hmm…Hakuhei…well, I doubt that a swordsman of his skill and sense of honor (which he must have a lot of if he refused to give up Hari to his former masters) would just escape from a battle that he’s about to lose. The one thing I know about swordsmen is that they fight till the death and would rather be killed by their opponent in a glorious bloodbath than to be left alive. To them, the latter means the greatest disgrace and the scar on their pride will be unbearable to live with. At least that’s what I learned in Asian history class.
      And by how you can already tell he’s going to be defeated by Shichika when it’s only the 4th episode in, then yea, there’s definitely going to be much stronger enemies waiting for them ahead. They’re just better hidden and not as well-known as Hakuhei is. Which would not make him the main enemy but a separate antagonist since he doesn’t seem to have ties to anyone anymore. No surprise since all his loyalty probably belonged to the Shogunate before Hari fell into his hands. :/

      Yes, the artwork is so gorgeous~ *A*Unfortunately, I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon. At least not until the more successful Nisioisin novels have been completed first. Katanagatari has a lot of mixed reviews and English publishers will want to go for the ones they know will sell first.

      Aww, thank you so much for leaving such an insightful comment! I always appreciate it when I find someone who can discuss with me, especially on Katanagatari. Writing long, detailed reviews is more of my style but sometimes I worry I might be too confusing or it’s too tedious to read through all that rambling so I’m very glad and happy you found it enjoyable. And I’ll definitely try my best on the next one.

      Also, sorry if I spoke too much. I got really carried away. ^^;

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