Durarara!! ~ Ep. 10 ~ ‘Bukuro’s 11:38 PM Dream Team

Because all the AWESOME started online after all.


Also, time to break the news to ya’ll here since it’s near-appropriate timing anyway: Narita says Mikado is NOT the protagonist!

…Celty is.


Weird, eh? Haha~ Well, I guess he can still be the protagonist of his own separate story but everything is going to get tied up together later on anyways so it wouldn’t really matter.

Anyways~…oh god, I loved this episode SFM. Great buildup for next week’s and AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHH, I want it now but before going into crazy mode, I’ll finish this review first. Save the “this is my AWESOME! drug” tag for next week. lololol xDDDDD


I always like how we backtrack on the other side of things that lead up to what happens in the present. Here, Mikado’s wish to have an exciting life starts coming true when he hears Celty’s horse-turned-motorbike a few blocks away which leads to him bumping into Mika and yea, we all know where that went from there. 8D

I also forgive Mika for annoying me last week cuz if it weren’t for her panicking, running off and bumping into Mikado, he wouldn’t have went with his desire for excitement instinct to get involved into all this awesome headhunt conflict mess of awesome. xDD And oh yea, slow motion:


…gave me a good laugh for thirty seconds. xDDD

Pfffffttt, I love Kida-kun’s expression. Boya, why do you never betray my expectations? *loves Kida* XDDDDDDDDD

…and what has got to be his most ultra lame explanation to an already ultra lame cliche not-even-a-joke joke.

Kida-kun~, please never leave us. <333


Why does Mikado look so BISHOUNEN and cutely hawt and awesome when he’s bored and in his middle school uniform?!?!?!!??!!



I stolez a page from the Death Note and YOU are on it…

EHH?!?! No smoking?! Usoooo…!!!

Ok, enough with the joking around. xD;

So yea, Dollars members include normal guys like Takiguchi who joined mostly because he thought it was interesting to be part of a gang that went by no rules other than to say they’re part of Dollars. He’s also met some other members, known by only their online usernames, randomly on the street based on gut feeling so if you think they’re a Dollars member, they’re most likely going to say yes.

All this seems to be making Mikado a very subdued happy boya and it isn’t just because he’s come across something interesting. Hoho~

Mikado~, tell us your secrets already. >:3

At the mention of Blue Squares and Yellow Scarves, he also notices Kida-kun looking grim and this isn’t just by simple, coincidental glance either. Mikado knows~ Oh yes, he knows~, alright.

Crap, I think I’ll be bawling when the shit hits the fan but going to effin’ LOVE it at the same time, too. xDD;;

lol, some “heated debate” in the disciplinary committee meeting. I bet Kida’s the one who started it and probably passionately going on about it, too. Not surprised he managed to sneak out to yell good luck to Mikado about the girl staying at his apartment right in front of Anri and all the students at the entrance.

Kida, we love you~ <333

lol, I love how it went from Mikado trying to poorly cover up the “babe in his room” with some talk about nose rings…

…to him being gullible enough to believe that Anri is a stalker from her teasing. Omg, this kid is hilarious. Getting stabbed, his house being set on fire (FAAAIIIIIIYYYYYAAAA), and his family kidnapped all while arguing to himself “Wait, if she has a good personality I wouldn’t mind her stalking me…Hang on a moment! If she’s stalking me, that means she doesn’t have a good personality!”

Oh, Mikado, you~ *huggles the silly boy* xDDDDD

lol, and my love for Anri is revived for messing around with Mikado a bit though I still think that smile is deceiving, lol even though it’s kind of inappropriate for her to be making a joke of that sort. Since she’s Mika’s friend and the situation around Mika and Seiji and all. Anri, don’t scare him like that, haha. xD;

Well, now that she seems more pleasant today and not as gloomy as the last time we saw her, I can say this pair is back on my good side again. Kana Hanazawa also makes her sound very different when she’s cheerful, did anyone notice? When she’s depressed, her voice is noticeably lower and duller as opposed to how much more girly she sounds when she’s in a good mood.

Omg, split personality?! Haha, nah…she hasn’t gotten that back yet XD;. But I’m glad to see them getting along anyway. Hee~ ^^

lol, I know that some motorcycle gangs are still around riding around in Japan but I’m really wondering if there are some who still wear this hairstyle. Wasn’t this popular back in the ’50s or something? xD

Celty is awesome because she can kick this ass’s head and make his nose fluid and drool *sparkle*~…


Oh yea, I loved Izzy this episode, too. Looks like his hobby for stomping cell phones wasn’t just a 5-minute one. It just got upped to boyfriend-stomping, that’s all.

AWESOME, Izzy~ x333

“I’d like to make you mine, but you’re not my type.

So go home, bitch!”

Need I repeat how awesome Izzy is? XDDD

Vroom Vroom!

Izaya’s take on the Mazda commercials make them look like fail.

Love for Izaya has just risen 50 points. Ride on, Izaya, ride on…

Also, his ringtone is RAD, yo. <P

Mikado sounds so scared but at the same time, “ZOMG! I’m talking with the urban legend herself!” must be running marathons around in his head. xDDD


Now we all know who this ep went to, ne~?

Haaaa~, and it’s just a teaser but we get a bit of a look into the real Mikado behind the seemingly normal, everyday high school kid.

I wonder how many people he’ll surprise when they get to see how expansive his thirst for adventure and the non-typical is and just how wonderfully twisted he can really be…whoops, I let that slip but if that look doesn’t scream a little unstable to you, then you’ll be even more surprised.

*evil chuckling in a corner* >83

They’re talking about Index. OMG. *day is made AGAIN* XDDDD

You DON’T mess with Togusa’s car.

Love for Togusa risen 10 points. xD;

Pfft, Izzy’s such a liar~

“Never knew you were a foreigner.”

Pfft. <33


As much as he looks like fail and OH SO UKE here, Mikado~! Why do you look so cute with your face slumped against the floor like that?! *HUGGLES HIM LIKE MAD* x3333333

Now the puzzle all fits. Celty, her head, Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, Yagiri Seiji, Celty imposter aka Harima Mika.

And most of you all thought he was just another average wimp of a guy, oh how wrong you were. Hahaha~ >8D

1) I want Mikado’s checkered-key orenji phone.
2) That’s some srs mouse action, there. Do I smell burnt wood?
3) “And he has awakened!” Pfft, no, he’s been awake the ENTIRE time. Haha~

Congratulations, Mikado~

Your ordinary life is no more and Dollars is about be set into full action.

Looks like it will be an exciting night. Hahaha~

All hail Bosskado, losers. Ohhhh~, I love how different he sounds when he goes into this mode (I <3 Toshiyuki Toyonaga so much for the wonderful voice work here). And what's great is…THIS IS EVEN HALF OF HOW AWESOME HE IS LATER ON!!!

Hell yea, this is all just a sample, a sample of a sample, of our cute leader of Dollars. *so ready to swear loyalty to Mikado forever now* xDDD




I realized that I didn’t have much to say this episode but really, what else can I say that’s not already there and not a spoiler?

Still, it was nonetheless f*ckin’ AWESOME!!! and next week is going to be even more f*ckin’ AWESOME!!! because it includes a city full of cellphones, Dollars, Shizu wrestling Simon with a motorbike, Dollars, the otaku gang, Dollars, 50-story building stunts by our resident Dullahan, Dollars, and MOAR MIKADO!!

Someone please prepare me a bucket as I will melt into a puddle of fangirl ecstasy among all the AWESOME.

And Seiji can makeout his way pass his sister’s underling for all I care. Don’t ruin Mikado’s plan, you lame ass. xP

YESH, is next Thursday here yet?! 8333


2 thoughts on “Durarara!! ~ Ep. 10 ~ ‘Bukuro’s 11:38 PM Dream Team

  1. I love, love, love this episode. So much. I really want a gif of Izaya riding his ‘bike’ haha I can’t wait for Ep. 11 T___T

  2. FFFF Why didn’t I watch this episode earlier? Silly me.

    I think I had the same reaction. I was literally having moments where I’d like, flail around in my seat (thank goodness no one was around to see that) at just how amazing this episode was.

    First, I laughed. So hard. At Kida and his lame jokes (I LOL’d at the Death Note joke there too, haha), at Mikado’s imagination with the stalker scenarios, at Togusa going after the guy who through a pebble at his van, at Izaya and everything he did in this episode. Just. Lots of funny.

    And I mean, this week is definitely Mikado’s. Gah, my character ranking is all over the place but this kid…this kid. He’s just kind of amazing. Just when I thought I had somewhat of a grasp on him- nope. And it’s exciting. Ahaha. Actually, I don’t have a grasp on too much. I’m still left kinda confused after this episode. But I love it. Now I just have to go re-watch this episode a couple times before Thursday.

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