Shugo Chara! Encore ~ Ch. 1 (or 49?)

*sigh* Alrighty, got one midterm down but I’m tired as hell. This post was delayed even more cuz I felt really sick a day ago and with all the fresh episodes that came out this week, I’ve lost most of my enthusiasm that I had when I first read the RAWs…among other things chapter-related. Still, I at least wanted to say something (like I ♥ Kuukai~ <3) since I said on my sidebar that I would.

Argh, I still have to catch up on replies for my PH post cuz that one was really interesting (gomen, LGB, I'll get back to you soon! ^O^/ ) and have two more reviews lined up after this one so I'll try to make it short as I can.

Should note that this post gets a personal here and there so if you can’t handle blunt opinions, please don’t read.

Oh, and uh, color splash page is lovely as always, hee~ x3

Japanese raw scans credit to whoever scanned/posted them on the LJ comm and the English/merged ones to FWPA Scanlations.


Gotta say that I love Peach-Pit for bringing Kuukai’s awesome brothers back. They’re so awesome that they had to be brought back. lol

Ah, I think one of the things I like about a big family like his is that…if you’re among the oldest, you get to gang up on the younger ones. Or if it’s the other way around (and if you’re a girl rather than a boy), you get spoiled. Poor Kuukai is neither and this is why I love it. These brothers are so fun to watch. Especially when they’re teasing him about a girl~ Kehehe xD

Of course, oldest bro, Kaidou, gets special privileges on violating all of his otouto’s privacy first. AWESOME.

lol @ their reaction to the sender. I wonder whatever happened to Kuukai after that. xDDD;;;

Yukari’s assumption over Utau’s lovesickness amuses me but reading this reminded me a HELL of a lot on how girls (yes, the lot of you) have the constant tendency to pair up ANY two people based on the smallest interactions between them and exaggerate it into something more than that, whether it is romantic or not. Whether it’s canon or not (yet), whether it makes sense or not. Oh yea, include the fact that we LOVE spiraling off into our whims faster than Kuukai can speed through traffic on a bicycle with an idol in the backseat while not wearing any safety equipment at all (which was AWESOME, btw). Yes, we are quite radical, aren’t we? *grin* 8)

However, sometimes this bothers me a bit even though I’m not always active around my fandoms and communities that much but I’m present long enough to notice a new shipping getting popular at a very fast rate. I’m not blaming anyone cuz I do it occasionally, too (and I love it when I do xD; ), and as a fellow girl, I can understand why. It’s just cuz we’re girls and we like this stuff. There’s no scientific logic behind it…it’s just in our crazy nature. <D;
Still, since majority of the people who actually participate in fandoms are girls and since most of them are obsessed with romance over anything else, it gets on my nerves every once in a while. And we're still in the shoujo sphere, need I remind you. It's even crazier outside it. *rolls eyes*

Personally, I've become sort of detached to this old habit unless it concerns couples that I'm really devoted to. I guess it's because after spending all that time in fandoms, overwhelmed by all the fangirlings from all directions, while hearing people around me in RL gushing/whining about boyfriends and the whole pile of silly drama that romance itself has become less interesting. In fact, it's seriously overrated like Twilight.
That and probably the fact that I’ve changed my perspective to being more practical since I’m concerned about my own future, my studies, how I need to find my next job and support myself, etc. So I don’t have as much leisure to squeal or daydream about bishounen as much as the younger fans do which I am GLAD for. Too many people cling to their lovey-lovey hopes these days that it makes me sick at the lack of independence (please don’t mind me too much, just being my cynical self more than usual).

I also think it’s unhealthy if you do it too much cuz that will just make you REALLY disappointed about life outside your fiction, a thing that a lot of stupid people can’t draw the line on and end up as a huge broken mess of tears. D/
But ah, I went off on too much of tangent. Oops.

Basically, I’m highly scrutinous about my pairings now and just romance isn’t going to cut it (*very big fan of love over romance* <– yes, there is a difference!). Which goes to explain that though I’m quite happy with Encore so far, I’m not so pleased with the format Peach-Pit is writing it by. This epilogue is obviously more of a service to the fans and while that’s nice, it isn’t great. There, I said it. And I’m not going into anymore.

Anyways, it’s refreshing to see Utau lose, oh yes it is~

It’s also nice to see that someone can casually put up with Ms. Buttface cuz I know I certainly won’t be able to. She’s been annoying to me a while now and if Kuukai wasn’t here to be the polar opposite to all her cranky gloomdom then I wouldn’t have bothered reading this at all.
Ah, but I’m going too much into my dislikes again which I’ll have to return and explain later anyways, sorry about that.

Yea, this was cute. :3

Guess it’s a good time to say where my current interest in characteristic traits are. Meaning, am I into the ones with over-the-top personalities or just happy with those who are normal kind of deal. Frankly, before recently, I don’t know where it was. I’ve always been a person to jump around, going by gut feeling.

I do remember that when I was younger, like many girls at that age, I would often prefer the dark, tall, cool and handsome/prettier (sometimes secondary) type instead of the main character but those fixed standards have been flushed down the toilet. Cuz I find it silly to go by “I usually like so-and-so over this-or-that”. It really amounts up to the one who can earn my smile more and though that may include personal preferences, it doesn’t have to be set to a category if you know what I mean.

To explain, I’m tired of cool people. “Cool” as in they’re cool from the start, a little too far from realistic, and perhaps slightly overrated as well. Yes, I’m honestly saying that I don’t like them as much as I used to and find them downright boring. BUT! If their actions and such grow positively on me, then there’s a good chance I’ll overlook that issue and even love them as much I love any other character. Unfortunately, though I still like badass and awesome, Utau hasn’t been doing well in my eyes and is part of the reason why I’m turning away from her. And Ikuto for that matter. Not really loving him anymore either.

Kuukai, on the other hand, won me over so quickly that I was wondering why it took so long for this to happen but that’s probably because his significant moments that made me appreciate him more all occurred after he graduated. Which is ironic cuz we saw less of him…I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or we just like our awesome Onii-chan sempais. Hah. xD;
But that’s not the only thing. It’s also because I’m starting to like characters who are overall more cheerful and optimistic. It might be because I’m half pessimistic but that aside, I just admire those who don’t let the bad things bring them down. That’s not to say they’re not affected by it but they don’t mope over it and move on. I also like those who are content with themselves and the honest type, both qualities which he seems to have. So yea, if we’re going to talk about types I like, I’d say that I’m in this category. ^^

Oh, and add that his genki-grin is contagious, too. haha xD

Hmm, this is the part where I got confused a little. I was sure that these two were a year apart but he says it’s three instead. Or maybe I got it wrong with the grades they’re in but it’s not like they ever told us Utau’s since she rarely goes to school.

Ok, let’s see here:

If we assume Amu started out as 10 or 11 years old, add 2 years, and she’d be 12 or 13. She’s not 13 yet from what she told Ikuto when he was sleeping over so that would be 12, making Kuukai 13/almost 14. Utau, from what I’ve read, was 14 at the beginning so that would make her 16 now…and almost 17…ok, nvm. It almost makes sense now.

Still, there’s something screwy about their math (Utau’s worst subject is math, trufax) and I wouldn’t trust someone who distinguishes children from adults by dog years. Srsly, wut? |D;

*sigh* K, let’s get the my sour mood cleared and out of the way cuz all in all, I really did like this chapter a lot. I’m just not fond of Utau for several reasons.

Tbh, I thought while reading the RAWs that this was going to be the turn around to the animosity I had towards her (yes, I did believe it was just a temporary thing) since she was so cute every time she blushed around Kuukai and all the lonely looks she gave made me want to go “aww”. Then the translations came, I had school to deal with, was behind schedule and on top of that, missed a day of work cuz of a stomachache. Needless to say, it’s a good thing I delayed this. Otherwise, I would have blindly bashed her like crazy.

But just cooling down didn’t remove all the things I didn’t like about her. In addition to what I said above, after all those long chapter posts I used to do last year and all the analyzations I did on her character, it really pulled my opinion of her down so, so much. Though I’m very well aware that the flaws of her personality, before and after Easter, was what made her such a great antagonist, it just wasn’t the same. She is still a wonderful, lovely singer with a confidence to be in awe and envy of…and at the same time, even hate.

This would not have been a big problem with me (since she was going to get a slap on the hand anyway) if she was more aware of how much of an arrogant bitch she was to everyone around her. Especially her mother. That was the one thing I couldn’t stand the most given how I’m currently at odds with my own parents. The thing is, at least we can realize what our wrongs are even if we’re not ready to yell at or apologize to each other about it yet. Peach-Pit, however, had her do nothing but turn her back and walk around with such nasty, incorrect self-righteousness…and left it that way in slightly better circumstances. At least we got to see Ikuto makeup with Shouko. What I don’t get is why not Utau since she has just as much problems that needed to be solved as they did as a family? It’s certainly not too late to do that if they intend it for Encore but for me, it’s already pass my patience that if it happened now, it would only seem like an afterthought. No, I do not want to “do it in my head”, I want to actually see the damn problem fixed with all the Tsukiyomi family members present and…it just didn’t happen.

Another is that attitude problem and the bad side (there is a good side, too, but I’m not talking about that) of her stubbornness. The fans love her for it. I don’t. I’m not asking that she should change it since that is what makes Utau Utau but that doesn’t mean I have to sit here and put up with it. I also have an attitude problem and I sure as damn hell don’t have to put up with anyone else’s other than mine if I don’t want to.
As for the bad side of her stubborness, I just don’t like it when she looks down on others who try to help her and she jumps to conclusions about them when she thinks they can’t understand her. For one thing, no one’s going to understand you if you don’t let them try. And since I’m older and she’s all about “kids don’t understand”, I can say this: What the hell does being a kid or an adult for that matter have anything to do with understanding?

It’s just plain dumb to see things in that way. Kids are young fools while adults are old fools. That’s the only difference (and what the f*ck is so great about being an adult anyway? IT SUCKS! >:( ).

Finally, (mind you, this is more of an outside peeve) it’s not anyone’s fault or anything but I felt suffocated in the large crowd of Utau fans when the period of my “unlike” for her was at it’s peak. It was like adding fuel to the fire but again, I won’t blame anyone since this is really just my personal opinion that I needed to get out. I won’t apologize for that, though, and please keep in mind that I don’t want to hear others making excuses for her as if I don’t understand. I’ve been following this for how long? I’ve been critically thinking about this series for how long? It’s stupid to say I don’t understand. Utau has her good qualities and bad ones and I have things that I just don’t like.

There, I ranted. And I’m glad for it. *feels better now*

Good, now that the negative feelings have gotten out of the way, I can go back to trying to like her again, I guess.

I appreciate seeing her apology text to Kuukai since that showed how far she’s come from the beginning and that she knows she’s at fault for taking her anger out on him when he was only speaking the truth. Honesty isn’t easy but it’s better than misunderstanding.

But he was a little wrong, too, because love is a rather sensitive topic for her since at this point, she hasn’t completely gotten over Ikuto yet and her situation is more complicated than a normal relationship like Nikaidou and Yukari’s. Then again, I still can’t blame him for that. I just agree that honesty, though difficult, is the right way to go rather than avoiding it, whatever the case it may be.

And we’ll get back to more on this later. First…

Aww, this is classic. <3

LOL Another girl tendency is to blame almost everything on the guy even though we should know that 3/4 of it isn’t their entire fault. But it’s not like we have to acknowledge that outloud.

It’s funny cuz his phone got soaked and his bicycle nearly drowned because he was concerned about her. xD;

So yea, back to the whole honesty thing. Can’t really add much other than I couldn’t agree more. I mean, it’s not like I’ve ever been in love with a real person before but I’ve had fights with those who have been close to me and felt better when I told it to someone else about it and got all those raging emotions out.

Hrm, for once, she’s also lost for words on the “you’re a kid” thing when he asked her why so since she’s been basing it all on him having no experience and can’t provide any other reasons. Hun, puh-leaze. I don’t need to be dating someone or have a lover to know that love is a bunch of overblown sap I’m better off not having. :P

*cough* But yea, that’s just silly for an argument. It makes her look more like a kid, in fact, cuz she doesn’t have anything else to say other than Kuukai was surprised when she kissed Ikuto. Well, um, DUH? It’s not everyday in his daily life that he sees a girl tackle a guy a head taller than her to the ground and give him a Frenchy. Much less the guy being her own brother, in fact. See? Poor reasoning~ xD;

And it earned her this counterargument. You brought it on yourself~♪

Let it be declared that Kuukai is THE GUY of the entire series. LOLOLOL XDDDDDD

That makes two wins for Kuukai. The ramen contest and the first move. Hahahahaha!!!!

Aaaannnddd…just more fluffy cuteness that follows.

Everybody, altogether now:



Why so CUTE, you two?! x33333

Yep, so we get our first official couple of SC! and I’m not surprised it’s Kuutau, which I’ve been rooting for ever since I jumped on this ship. Hee~

I guess another reason why I like it so much is because Kuukai is the one who brings out the best of her in ways that Ikuto and Amu never can and little by little, that just might erase all the Utau “unlike” I have away. Hmm, I really hope so. I don’t want to be grouchy about Utau forever since she is one of the biggest reasons why I love SC! so much so in a way, yea, some part of me still loves her as well. <– This feels like hell. <D;

Yep, next time "that person makes an appearance!" is what it says. Don't tell me any guesses who it is. I want to be surprised~ And if it’s Ikuto, I’ll kick him. *runs off to go hide Amu away* xD; x3


3 thoughts on “Shugo Chara! Encore ~ Ch. 1 (or 49?)

  1. love>romance=100% agreement.

    I can understand why you feel that way about Utau. I kind of wanted to see some resolution with Shouko too, but I guess there wasn’t time? Also, you’re right about Utau’s popularlity kind of ruining her. I hate to say popular=suckage, but its more fans that can’t see a character do no wrong that is the problem. Obcessive Ikuto fans kind of bother me too (not enough to stop liking him, but enough to stop participating in fandom)

    I like cheerful guys more lately too. Kukai has the added awesomeness of being the only character in the SC cast totally without emoness (cause even Nagi and Yaya had some). That’s probably why he is able to reach Utau in ways IKuto and Amu can’t, because they have their own issues to deal with.

  2. First off: take your time with the reply. Goodness knows that I’ve been busy (even during break!) so I completely understand. Plus, I wrote a sickening amount in that post! XD

    Anyway, moving on to this installment…I wish Kuukai’s brothers showed up more! >3Oz and not really Oz->Gil. That’s just how it works.

    So, I would just like to say that I agree with you on the whole pairing thing. : )

    I also agree with you completely on the whole “fangirls getting too caught up in fandom and fake reality.” The real world is harsh and is hardly kind. And the whole “mysterious, bad boy” while appealing when drawn on paper or in animation, in real life would just lead to baggage and drama. It’s one of the reasons why I get more “doki doki” over Tsukasa-san, Nikaidou, Kairi, and even Hikaru-kun (though this last one is definitely, like, my mother instincts kicking in or something, since I seriously want to steal him and keep in the closet or something! XDD) Though Ikuto does get me at times, I wouldn’t say that he is my favorite (I’m not good at picking favorites! >.>;) And, in this one-shot, well, Kuukai really, really appealed to me. It was that mixture of laid-back and serious that I really found attractive.

    But, well, younger fans scare me sometimes. And I don’t mean this in a mean way at all, I mean this in a, “They make me afraid of their sanity/sense of reality!” type of way. There was a thread on the Shugo Chara, MangaFox forums, which was asking if individuals would give up anime for Ikuto (if he were to come alive). My immediate answer was “no,” simply because of the fact that he is not real, nor will he ever be. And then I got into how, if no gave up anime they would essentially be giving up Ikuto, and that I wouldn’t change an aspect of myself for a living person, let alone a 2-D character! O.O;

    And yes, romance and relationships and what not (AKA Twilight) *are* seriously overrated. Of course, Twilight…well, we won’t really go there, but I *did* find a song that fit Bella really well. It makes me laugh every time I hear! XDD ::Is not a fan of Bella…at all. Bella is even worse than Yuuki, and that’s saying something!:: I also concur that there is a difference between romance and love. Romance is equivalent to fangirl fantasies, while love is the real deal. And I’m a big fan of love over romance too. I may write fluffy things from time to time, but I also enjoy writing realistic pieces as well, showing the less favored sides of relationships, because really, pain and heartache are going to be experienced more in life than happiness and enjoyment. Though, that’s what makes the latter all the more wonderful when it occurs. Still, fans need to be aware of reality. That’s one of the dangerous that I see with Shoujo (and even with some Josei!) But, that’s a completely different topic that could get me on a rather long rant, so I’ll just stop here.

    Kuukai’s genki grin was adorable! =3 And I gave up on trying to figure out the exact ages! \D Math is my worst subject, and I know around about their ages, so I’m all good. (^^)b

    I’m glad that you ranted and were able to get out your negative thoughts on Utau. I think truly loving a character and appreciation them is being able to see the good and the bad in them. Only seeing the good or only seeing the bad means that you aren’t looking at the character that was created in all of their entirety (unless, of course, they are meant to be a flat, static character). But, Utau is a round, dynamic character and you have found some flaws in her, which I believe is a good thing. It makes it so that people can really relate to Utau in some way, shape, or form.

    I’ve always liked Utau. I never hated her (like many did in the beginning for her “getting in the way” of Ikuto and Amu), but I’ve also never thought that she was the most amazing character ever (I never thought that about Ikuto either, or Tadase, or, well, many of the characters, since I felt they were all rather stereotypical). Anyway, this one-shot was desperately needed, more so for Utau than for Kuukai, but this allowed Kuukai to show more than just “happy, happy, happy” all the time. But Utau…

    Well, I think before this chapter came out, she wouldn’t have been able to forgive her parents. But now I think she can. So, even though you say that it’s too late and if she did make up with them now you would see it more as an afterthought than anything else, for me, I say that she couldn’t have forgiven her mother and father before this or she could have and I wouldn’t have bought it. Why? Because she was still hung up on Ikuto.

    Her being hung up on Ikuto meant more than her just not letting go of the brother complex that she had for him. It meant that she was unable to move on any type of way. She was being stubborn and clinging to the past. She was, essentially, being a child. And I think that was what Peach-Pit was trying to get across when they had Kuukai and Utau interacting. Here was a boy three years younger than Utau, but who was infinitely more mature than her. Utau was being the clingy little sister. Though I do have to give her a bit of credit: she was finally aware of this fault she had.

    Ikuto leaving was the best thing for her. Without him there for her to rely on, she started to reevaluate herself and even her worth. This was happening slightly, when Utau realized that Ikuto was in love with Amu, but upon him actually, physically leaving her…Well, Utau *really* started to think about her brother complex. She typed all of those texts for Ikuto, yet she never sent them because a part of herself knew that she had to move on too. But Utau is really a very weak character, once one gets passed her tough exterior. She is only able to sing because she has her fans and someone to listen, she is only able to move on and go places when she has someone’s shoulder for whom she can rest her head on. For the longest time that was Ikuto. She did anything and everything for him, but now it is Kuukai.

    Of course, it’s interesting that Utau would go for someone who is technically younger than her, I believe this will be beneficial for her in the end, since there may be times when Kuukai will need to rely on *her.* But she also went for someone who has a “brotherly” type going for him. He is similar to Ikuto in some ways, but the ways in which he is similar are displayed in a completely different manner. Kuukai wears his heart on his sleeve and is very direct with his emotions, Utau needs this. For, when she would do something in order to prove herself to Ikuto, he would appreciate and want her to stop, but he wouldn’t know how to tell her properly. Kuukai can do that. If he thinks she is doing something too much he’ll tell her straight up, “Stop Utau. That’s enough, you don’t have to do this or that.” Ikuto only did this once…and that was when Utau tried to kiss him. Hopefully this relationship will allow more of Utau’s dere side to come out, and less of her tsun side.

    Oh! That reminds me, I also agree with you on *why* Kuukai was shocked by Utau kissing Ikuto (and when he found out they were siblings that shock only grew, come on now Utau! XP)

    I also must congratulate Kuukai on being the first male (even over Nikaidou, that’s such FAIL on Nikaidou’s part…then again, since they are older, I’m automatically just going to assume that Nikaidou has kissed Yukari before, among other things) to kiss a girl on the lips. So: CONGRATS!!! \^0^/ (Even though you bumped teeth. That just makes it all the more adorable! x3)

    I also went, “AWWW!!” Through so many parts of this series. Though I think I facepalmed just slightly when Kuukai was acting like such a guy (the whole incident with the cell phone). =)

    I’m going to break up the positive things with a bit of negativity by bringing up something before I forget it. There is nothing grand about being an adult. You are 100% correct about this. I do agree to extent with her that children don’t understand, but I wouldn’t apply that to all children and I wouldn’t say that they don’t understand in general, just that they don’t understand certain things about life. For example, though I am for the Amuto relationship, I also understand that Ikuto, especially, has to be extra cautious when he is around Amu and that there relationship has to develop more slowly than say Utau and Kuukai’s. Though there is only a year difference between Amu and Kuukai…that one year can mean a *lot* of growth and development. Then it comes to their own individual personalities. Kuukai is able to better understand and handle *all* of the emotions that come with love. As Chapter 48 made clear: Amu isn’t exactly ready for that yet, which is why Kuutau got the lip on lip kiss before Amuto.

    I have to say that you are right in regards to the fact that adults are just bigger people who don’t have an inkling of what they are doing when it comes to love, but they deal with elements of love that children don’t. There’s also the added element of sex, which is lacking in the equation when it comes to children, adults, and their understandings of love.

    So while I agree with Utau in one sense, in another I don’t. I think children can and do understand love. They probably understand love at its truest and most basic form, but children won’t be able to deal with and handle some of the other feelings, emotions, situations, and consequences that come with falling in love (and I’m not talking about being in love, which is something I equate to an instinctual love, such as a child toward their parent).

    Anyway, this is enough ranting from me. I’ll just leave this post by saying that I hope the *that* person isn’t going to be Ikuto. I hope Peach-Pit saves the Amuto business for the end of the series, which would make the most sense to me. I’m hoping that *that* person is someone such as Nadeshiko (thereby making the next one-shot the one when Amu finds out Nagi’s secret as well as a possible Rimahiko one-shot), Tsukasa-san, or even Aruto or something. But not Ikuto. I think that would be too soon. ^^;

  3. My fangirling has been brought back~~

    (had been, i already read it actually XD)

    I hadn’t fangirled properly since season 1/2 DX

    (excluding “nyaaaaaaaaaw”-ing at how adorably cute Takahashi is (from Bokura ga ita))


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