First Impressions: Working!! ~ Ep. 1 ~ Irashaimase!

Apparently the first episode aired like yesterday…so I’m guessing it’s part of the promotion cuz that note about the actual air date (4/4) in the upper right corner of all my screencaps was tattooed throughout the 24 minutes I was watching it and ANNOYED THE F*CKIN’ HELL OUTTA ME!!!! D8<

…But otherwise, it was a decent watch. It’s your typical slice-of-life 4-koma adaptation. And oh yes, there’s so much adorable moe. But not like K-ON!-styled moe but not slow-paced Sora no Woto either…anyways, I highly recommend it for light watch of the Spring season. Animation is clean (good job, A-1 *nod of approval*) and music is not anything impressive but fits the atmosphere.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to blog this since it’s on Sundays and there’s not much for me to go on about but how cute everyone is. So yea, less ranting and more squealing, I suppose.


First off, POPLARRRRRRRRRR~!!!!!!!!!!!!


*picks her up and runs home*


I want to call her Popura instead cuz “Poplar” is just a weird name. I mean…WTH?! Her parents named her after a friggin’ tree. Don’t know if it has anything to do with her height but poor Popura. She’s got only one more year to hope for a growth spurt which isn’t going to happen. Because she’s so much cuter at this size. <3

Anyways, yea, I adore her, obviously. Pint-sized and ponytailed, the "Gambarimasu!" of the cast, and full of so many MOE moments (heh, look after the introductions, it's almost all Popura <–yea, I'm going to spell it this way!).

Oh, and Kana Asumi did a wonderful job on her voice. So cute~!! x333

Haha, yea, I do have more to say about my Popura-chan but currently watching the Oscars as I type so am kind of distracted. ^^;

This is Sota (Souta?) Takanashi, the new guy who Popura-chan recruited on the streets (lol, sounds a bit shady xD; ) and agreed to the job because he is a lolicon, YES HE IS he wanted to work with his extremely cute sempai.

Yea, so he’s your average megane dude with a creepy liking for cute things including puppies, kittens, hamsters and WTF, daphnias?! xD; Anything over the age of 12 is considered OLD to him and he’s pretty stupid when it comes to women sensitivity. And since he’s new to the staff, he’s going to have the toughest time of them all. Yay, looking forward to it~ haha *ebil~* >:3

Junie’s done a good job with his character but it’s not anything new that I haven’t heard from him so kinda on middle ground about Sato right now. Which is why I want him to be pushed around more. haha

Assistant manager, Kyouko Shirafuji. She’s lax when it comes to work but cares a great deal about her staff and will kick your ass if you mess with them.

She also hates being called old and can hold quite a grudge over it.

OMG, she’s AWESOME. And yea, that’s all I have to say about her. xDD




Anyways, Jun is one of the chefs and he’s a laidback guy though he takes his job seriously and URRRGGHH, I want to brush that bunch of hair out of his eye! *fangirl fussing* xDDD

Kyaa~!! I’m so happy OnoD was casted for this role cuz he fits it sooo well. And lawl~, I just noticed that the DRRR!! cast for the former Raira student trio was practically transferred over (Jun Fukuyama, OnoD, and Kamiyan).

Not much else about him until later probably so that’s all for today.

Here’s Hiroomi Souma, another chef, and according to Sato, seems to be a person who likes talking to others and is easy to get along with. He also seems to have a good, long co-worker relationship with Jun I smell some yaoi coming along later maybe.

He’s so cheerful and I want to pinch his cheeks, lol.

And voiced by our beloved Kamiyan, currently also playing the most popular male character, Izaya, in Durarara!! …yea, Hiro-kun and Izzy are such polar opposites, it scares me. o.O;

Yachiyo Todoroki, the crew chief (?), and you’d think she’d be an airhead until you see that katana strapped to her apron. XD;;

Curious to know what that’s about. Anyways, she seems like the mother-type to the younger employees, has a nice “Ara~”, and one of those eyes-always-shut characters. She reminds me of Miyuki from Lucky Star! and the more recent Filicia of Sora no Woto so I thought Aya Endo was voicing for her but it’s really Eri Kitamura instead.

Hmm, playing against this time? I’ve never heard Eri-san in this kind of role before. She does a good job on Yachiyo, though. ^^

Finally, the other waitress, Mahiru Inami-chan, who runs on different shifts from Sato cuz she has androphobia (abnormal fear of men) and oh, does she ever. o.O;

Don’t know why but I love her orange hair. xD

And Saki Fujita is the seiyuu behind this character. Vocaloid fans know her very well because Miku’s voice is based on her voice samples. For me, I’m not familiar with her at all. Just know that she voices Ruri Hijiribe in DRRR!! (that was 30 seconds of screentime |D;).

*sigh* Yea…well, onto the highlights of this ep:



Sneezy Popura-chan! So cute~!!! <3333

Popura crying because she almost couldn’t find new employees even though she had to run through the streets in the cold and snow yelling there’s a job opening. Omg, the people in her town must be dumb. I would totally jump at the opportunity to work with such a cute girl like her! POPURA~! HIRE ME~!! x333

Popura-chan getting Sato’s name wrong.

“Taka…ka…kata…Katanashi-kun!” Adorable stuttering is ADORABLE. xDDDD;;;

You’re so short, Popura~! <D

YESSSSSSSSS, this was my favoritest moment of the ep!

I’m so jealous of Jun cuz he gets to play with Popura’s fluffy hair and so jealous of Popura cuz I want Jun to play with my hair. haha xDDD;;;

Popura: “I’m not a middle-schooler!”

Sato: “Of course you’re not. Grade school suits you more. *smile*”

I agree with Sato. lol

Jun and Kyouko’s reaction to Sato confessing he’d rather be Popura’s father than love interest is priceless. LOL xD;

Popura =/= a daphnia, Sato you dummy! xP

Customer: “It’s hot in here. Please turn down the heat.”

Kyouko: “It’s hot, eh? Then go outside and burn that ugly fat off.”

Oh, Tenchou. xD;

It would be a problem if that customer just now said something bad about the service. Her is Tenchou’s solution:

“Stuff her in the fridge!”



Tenchou is AWESOME. Need I say more?


Falcon punch of the week. Mahiru-chan FTW. <333

And yea, told you it's short. xD;


The OP, “SOMEONE ELSE”, by Kana Asumi, Saki Fujita, and Eri Kitamura, is the first ED but we don’t have any animation sequence yet so I’ll save my thoughts on the actual broadcast day. On the song, it’s cute but like most hyper upbeat chorus songs, rarely do they hold my interest. Maybe it’ll grow on me by the time Spring season starts or not, I dunno.


Yep, there’s your early first impressions for Working!!. Will talk more a month from now. Hope this show holds out. ;)


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  1. I liked it well enough, I agree the hair playing with was my favorite part. It looks so fun O__O (and I agree I want him to play with my hair too hehehe) Poplar is pretty adorable :]

  2. Ah her ponytail is cute.

    It seems adorable. Also makes me want to watch anime regularly again. *puts on summer to do list*

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