Durarara!! ~ Ep. 9 ~ Love is messed up.

Not just for these two but almost everyone in this show. Hrmm.


This is why I don’t bother with “love”… it serves better as entertainment. Mwauhaha~

*cough* Well, it was an interesting ep, though not enough to get me all happy over it so it’s gonna be short.

And at the end of this review, you might think I’m some sort of love freak, too. \P



Hmmm…for some reason, I don’t think Namie and Seiji’s respective perceptions of “love” revolve only around the subject of their affections. That’s not to say that they’re not in love with that person because they so creepily are but I think what they’re also obsessed with is the matter of being in love.

We start off with Namie’s narration and she seems to scorn the world for being fake while saying her own love is “vast and absolute”. Doesn’t that sound a bit arrogant to you? Even though it was to herself, I don’t think a person will go that far to give their love such a fancy description. Just having the confidence is enough.

Yet she kept doing it throughout, laying pretty words all over her “love” like someone adoringly stroking their pet cat or something. What’s more is that she seems to be exhilarated whenever Seiji contacts her for money or assistance and brags that she is the one that Seiji needs since only she can provide all these for him thanks to her authority. Moreover, this kind of slight self-glorification is evident when she gets pissed about the Celty-doll not doing what it’s supposed to do and therefore, interfering with her “sacred” love.

Where does that lead to? Perhaps a misconception that if you’re willing to do anything for your beloved, nothing else matters. In other words, she thinks that’s the purest form of love and she was the one who was able to give it to her brother (ex. the doll she created “for Seiji’s sake”). Something that even the “Celty” he loves is not able to give and that, in theory, makes her superior to “Celty”.

If you’ve watched enough anime, you’ll find it common that a girl tells a rival that her feelings for so-and-so won’t lose to anyone. I think this is the same case, except it’s taken to a more twisted, freaky level.

Which is unhealthy…and kinda stupid. /P

As for Seiji, he also has some similar issues going on. In his weird sortof “pride” (for lack of better wording) of being in love with a pretty head in a jar like how his sister is with him. At the very least, they’re not bothered at all by the fact their love is abnormal. *shrug* \S

Anyways, what’s different about him is that he has some sort of a mutual relationship (right…/sarcasm). But the fact that he’s basing it all on his infatuation for her head and not even caring about what her problems, her past, and her actual self are makes it shallow.
His counterargument is that “love cannot be put into words” and as long as he loves her, that’s all it really matters but…no, in truth, it’s not. It’s just him making his romance into a bigger deal than what it really is.

His scenes in the manga can serve as some proof. When Kida asks him to come along with him and Mikado to pick up girls, Seiji responds with a no because that would be betraying his love for his girlfriend. Note, he says that betraying his girlfriend is one thing but he cannot bring himself “to betray his love for her“, which is different than the former.

Hrm, yea, sounds a little like he’s obsessing over love instead, doesn’t it?

Surprisingly, in this crazy triangle, the (fake) Celty doll with Mika Harima’s body is the only one displaying love right in my mind. Not that it’s any less disturbing, less selfish or less stupid but she at least seems more inclined on head-on actions (i.e. tossing Seiji’s cellphone into the fountain because she didn’t want his sister getting in the way) instead of roundabout ways.

Ah, that was confusing but the thing is, she just wants to keep him to herself more openly is what I’m really saying. :/

Crazy romance aside, we now find out how “Celty’s head” no, it isn’t came to have a body. Which is bullshit. How can you cut off someone’s head, replace it with another one, and have the body walking around and about so fast? In fact, how can a dead person walk around at all in the first place? Unless it’s not dead but hey, when you cut someone’s head off, they’re dead. Ok? xP

But at least novel/manga readers know that this scene is straight out of the prologue so nothing about that has changed.

Also, another company named Nebula (remember them) that is starting to override Yagiri Pharmaceuticals (right?) instigated a headhunt (pun intended), too. Ikebukuro gets more interesting by the day. Huhu~

Whaddaya know. Celty does remember what her face looks like.

I would have found this scene very funny if the (fake) Celty wasn’t screaming like it was nobody’s business (srsly, bitch needs to be slapped up hard for that) and stupid Seiji didn’t stab Shizu in both legs with his pens.


“Man, I always wanted to say this: “Leave this to me. You go on ahead.””

lol, Shizu~, that was a bit lame but you make everything so awesomely adorable~! I LOVE YOU~!!! x333!!

Srsly, the few things that made this episode for me were Shizu, some Izaya and what little Mikado screentime we got. \P

Oh, you can add Seiji’s obvious FAIL to that list, too. :P

And here comes the throw of the decade!

Judges award Heiwajima Shizuo a 9.5 out of a full 10 had the truck not blocked Seiji’s perfect path into oncoming traffic! XP

Keh, he’s so pathetic and all big “I’M GONNA PROTECT HER” words and shit. I share Shizu’s annoyed sentiments. =_=#

Aww, Shizu, you could have headbutted him harder to knock him unconscious at least.

But it’s okay, I still loved you for this. <333

Now someone please give that fake doll girl the slap she deserves and my day will be perfect. \P

Uh, no, Shizu. A bandage and…WTF?! Superglue?! Go to Shinra, unstab yourself, and get those wounds properly treated, you dummy! xDDD;;;

Shinra’s trying to comfort Celty (aww, poor Celty is all disoriented inside *huggles Celty*) but at the same time, discouraging her as well. That’s a little cruel of you, Shinra. Saying things like “Your efforts were not for nothing” while also putting Celty on a guilt trip over her head it’s not her head! possibly not wanting to come back since it has a new life now and was terrified of Celty when it saw her.

Shinra, stop being a vague, selfish ass and just be a selfish ass! You’re hurting Celty! >:(


Hmmm…we all still remember Nakura-san, don’t we?

HITO RABU!!!!!! Ore ga ningen suki da! AISHITERU!!!

Izaya is unable take any calls right now since he is enjoying the human race and his new revolving chair he got from Ikea for only $15!!!


So yea, fake Celty doll is currently staying at Mikado’s place I REALLY WANT TO HIT THIS BITCH NOW!! D8< but she’ll probably run off again when she gets a warning txt from Nakura or something and attempt to meet up with Seiji even though he’s moping around in fetal position at the factory.

In more important news, MIKADO’S APARTMENT! xDDD
Haha, not surprised it’s pretty simple and he’s only got his computer up (hey~) but still happy to see what it looked like anyway. *weirdo* xDDD;;;

Anyways, seems that Izzy already figured out (actually, he probably figured this out before ep 1, lol) who his online buddies, Setton and Tanaka Tarou, are which will explain for the preview…



ZOMGYESSSSS!!!!!! More Mikado, more Toyonaga Toshiyuki-narrating me hopes and just plain MOAR MIKADO!!! 8DDDDDD

I find the screencap where Kida is dropping by his apartment very interesting but the highlight of the show is probably definitely going to be Izzy and Celty showing up there looking for them. Since Izzy knows where Mika is which leads to DUNDUN!!!, Mikado, the Shadow Rider and the dangerous informant all under one roof for some srs bznz PLOT!!! AGH! I can’t wait! I want this episode NAO!! Cuz what happens when they get there…what happens when they get there is…*can’t say it so goes off to reread the spoilers*

Looking forward to next week! Expect some fangirling as well. lol ;D


4 thoughts on “Durarara!! ~ Ep. 9 ~ Love is messed up.

  1. The siblings are definitely not in my favorites book at the moment. Well, maybe Namie will later, just because I love her name, but Seiji – nope~

    Poor girl, I suppose. Though why the hell she’s contacting Izaya I don’t know. Or remember from what I’ve read of the light novels anyway.

    Shizuo should definitely go see Shinra. Blood loss can kill even the superhumans like Shizuo.

    Izaya knows everything. Everything, I tell you! He probably secretly rules the city, anyway.

    Mikado~ FINALLY! I need the next episode! I want Mikado to be awesome like he is in the light novels. Be awesome Mikado!

    And when the anime finally shows his epic awesomeness, he will be elevated to my favorite character in the show.

  2. Looking at those pens stab into Shizuo’s legs and hand made me cringe, but he just brushed it off as a tickle.

    And LOL Shizuo line was so GAR!!

  3. Finally got to watch it with fun high speed internet over spring break instead of the slow stuff at school. I read your review first but I was so unprepared for the pen IN HIS LEG. I gasped, I mean Seiji seems like such a wimp to me how can you drive a pen through someone’s hand?! Haha I loved the bandaid and super glue part, and especially the headbutt. I want to save that gif of Izaya spinning in his chair forever 8D 8D. Definitely can’t wait for next Friday T__T

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