Brief Impressions: Kobato ~ Ep. 20

Very short post but ZOMG! It’s my favorite CLAMP musketeers!!!. And all the other CLAMP musketeers along with them, LOL xDDD;;

Now things are starting to make a little more sense connecting the Kobato, xxxHolic, and TRC universes together (WAIT, IT DOES??!?! @A@;;; ) but I’m not going to delve into all those complicated theories on what’s this and that. I’ll leave it to the expert CLAMP enthusiasts to argue over and share those elsewhere.

Hurr hurr, yes~, CLAMP is a scientific phenomenon in the process of being dissected! >83

Warning: Contains some spoilers if you haven’t caught up with TRC.

Oh, and despite this being a kindof Valentine’s Day episode, not going to focus on that. The stars are the guests, aha~! x33

Well, it’s not the worst place they could’ve landed in compared to the past ones but LOL, talk about a coincidental arrival! xD

And Kobato’s “Ioryogi-san?” directed towards Kuro-sama made me SO. EFFIN’. HAPPY!!!!!! Kuro-wanwan FTW!!! xDDDD

…Haaa…aww gawd, I was so glad when TRC finally ended but I do miss these three so. It’s so good to see them again. <333


I missed his purdy blue eyes, too. I mean, he was awesome as a vampire but Fai will always be a lovable magician no matter what, ne~?

Oh, and he sees the mysterious whatever-it’s-supposed-to-be hiding under Kobato’s hat. I’m even more curious to know what it is now~
It’s about damn time CLAMP revealed what it is! Especially now that the anime has caught up with the manga! >:(

MOKONA~! Aita katta~!!! *huggles the shiroi manjuu made of fluffy of love* <333

lol, Ioryogi~ xD;


TESTU INADA X 2!!!!!!!!!!


I’m really surprised that though they sound exactly the same, they still manage to sound different of each other. Not sure if that was the timing of the sync or what but AWESOME!!! x333!!!!

Kobato is so cyute~

So worried about everyone not having a separate futon and blanket to sleep in when the real problem concern is that she invited three unknown men whom she found in an alleyway to stay over at her apartment. Oh, Kobato, you dumb, cute little fool. Good thing it was Syaoran, Fai and Kuro-sama, huh? xD;

“Huu huu~, Mokona acts just like a stuffed animal!”

“Shaddup then!

I DEMAND that they visit the Kobato universe more often from now, YA HEAR, CLAMP?!?! >XDDD

Syaoran~!!!! *GLOMPS HIM* I missed you so much! Genki ka? <33333333

Of course, this is our Syaoran Jr. which explains why his personality is slightly different to the Syaoran we started out with in TRC but I love both equally! But anyways, aww, when he told Kobato there was someone waiting for him, I wanted to go "Yea~, we all know who that special someone is" and started feeling all fuzzy inside. Well, duh, they're one of my top OTPs of all time after all. <333

And when Kobato told him about her wish to go somewhere and he replied that it could be a place she wanted to go or the place where the person she wanted to be with is (as if those two could be the same thing), she began to look a bit more self-troubled like she was at the beginning of the episode.

Which brings me to the question: In the anime, was it EVER mentioned to Kobato that she couldn’t fall in love with the person she was working with? I don’t think so or at least I can’t recall it being stressed out so importantly from anyone (Ioryogi) that it would have to serve as a constant warning. Not that it stopped Kobato from falling in love with Fujimoto in manga either but I’m sure she was aware of that rule in there.

But moving along, I think I can put two and two together now on why that rule was set. If she falls in love with the person she’s working with (namely a human), then she might be unable to leave because of that and therefore, won’t be able to go to the place she wants to go to. That’s the most simplest conclusion I came to and if true, when Kobato finally remembers this rule, it’s gonna break her poor heart.

Not to mention, she doesn’t have much time left to fill the bottle so we definitely don’t know what’s going to happen to her? Poor Kobato. ;______;

Nuuu~!! Don’t leave! Stay here! Stay forever!!!! …or er, at least come back more often! xD;

Yea, so Fai, being the all-knowing know-it-all he is, figures out what Kobato is (WHAT?! WHAT IS SHE?!?! TELL ME, I WANNA KNOW!!! @A@;; ) and says something vague like “All we can do is watch over her”.

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! When that is said in any CLAMP series, it does not mean good! If you know their angst and if you know how CLAMP is just the embodiment of all the EVIL authors could be, then it’s not good. <– Probably making too much of a big deal out of it. ^^;

The first thought that came to my mind on what Kobato really is after he said that was a dreamseer but that was only because I wasn’t thinking so cross that out. The theory I had of her being angel, however, died down quite a bit, too, because what Fai said didn’t fit the description of an angel (and when I think angels, I think Kohaku). So yea, still as clueless as ever about who and what Kobato is.

Bye bye~! Come back and visit soon!

“I hope you can go to the place where you want to go.”

YEA, Kobato. Do you need a car? Cuz there are no Mokonas in your universe for rent. <P



Ahh~, that was a great episode. And next week, we’re finally getting serious about the debt which means YAY! MORE OKIURAAA~!!! <3333

I mean, bad for the kindergarten but…ya get what I mean.

Also, I had no idea they changed the ending since I skipped last week’s episode due to lack of interest but the song (undoubtely sung by Megumi Nakajima) is lovely. I wish they could’ve did better with ED sequence, though. CLAMP illustrations are nice but this is just pathetic, Madhouse. >:(

Yea, that’s all. haha xDD


2 thoughts on “Brief Impressions: Kobato ~ Ep. 20

  1. They just changed the ending this episode (which is weird, since there’s only like 4 episodes left…).

    I didn’t really like the way Kuro-tan was animated…he just looked kind of off to me. :[ Syao-kun and Fai looked lovely and Mokona was fine of course, but Kuro-tan looked funny to me.

    I loved how Fai was all ‘hat’ “….I see” and it makes me want to know what’s under her hat too!!! xD

    • Maybe they’re extending the episodes? /S

      I actually thought everyone looked pretty bad, but yea, Kuro-tan got the worst of it (why don’t Madhouse like Kuro-sama? D/). He was only consistent when he’s angry. lol xDD;;

      Fai knows all~ But he doesn’t say anything, that stupid dummy! =3=

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