Brief Impressions: Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 20

Alright, Monday was CHIBI-day for me. GAH, don’t think I had one of those in a while. *content sigh* <D

Well, this was straight out from one of the side-stories in the manga with some anime add-ins to fill up the time slot and I originally wasn't going to post anything until the Phantom arc but after watching this, I had to.

For the chibi love, of course, but most of all, my chibi!GAR Natsu~ <333

Warning: May contain thin spoilers if you haven’t read the manga up to this part.

ARGH! Why are you all so cute?! I’m gonna take you all home!!! XDDDD


Ooooo, Lucy said something that caused some memories to resurface and Natsu didn’t take it well at all~

Well, it’s not her fault for not knowing but aha~, I noticed in and out between the manga and anime, the subject of Lisanna seems to be one of the few things that can unnerve Natsu the most. I mean, yea, he’s rash about his emotions no matter what the concern is but those are more due to his hot-blooded nature. This, however, is personal. ^^;

Stepping aside from that a moment, when we get Fairy Tail kids, that means we get BADASS Fairy Tail kids!

Though I was disappointed that the animation failed this ep and lot, too. Loli!Mira doesn’t look as cool and awesome as she did in the manga. In fact, she looks worse in one of those close-ups before she started knocking heads with Erza.

But the fight made up for it so no complaints. xD

Still wondered what it would be like if Mira had stayed the same as she was before that happened. No doubt she and Erza will still be at each other’s throats which would be fun to watch but I love the current Mirajane, too. <3

And here is Lisanna~ Sweet, cute Lisanna~

I’m sure most can guess what happened to her even if you haven’t read the manga. And if I don’t ;_________; enough for you to have a clue, then you’re just dumb. :P

Anyways, I don’t know if this is true but Lisanna seems to be one of the first people from the guild to have been on a good, non-violent relationship with Natsu. Hmm, scratch that a little, I would even call her one of his first closest friends later turned crush and that just makes me <333 and ;_____________; for her more. LISANNAAAA!!!!!! DDD'X

And her reaction to Natsu’s idiocy is just like Lucy’s…and everyone else’s for that matter. xD;

Elfman and Cana were so cute when they were little! x333

lol, I guess Mira’s original tough attitude rubbed off on him after that incident. Why am I not surprised that Mira is the only one who thinks he hasn’t changed that much? xD;
And as odd as it sounds, I kinda want to see current Elfman wear a bowtie again just once. lol

Cana surprised me even more. o.O; She looks and acts soooo different before the string of alcohol barrels hit. Heck, this is the most normal we’ll ever see out of Cana, huh?
Haha, I’m beginning to like her more and more now and wished she had more screentime. I still don’t have a clue what her magic is, btw. ^^;

Teenage!Laxus makes me kyaa~! a little. hehe Though I will never understand those headphones. |D;

He seems so sane and less arrogant than his current self that I’m going to find it even harder to dislike him when the festival arc comes up (but I will cuz he becomes such a crazy son of a b*tch that it’s impossible for me to tolerate him during that time). And don’t get me started on him as a kid, either. Oi…

As for why I don’t talk about Erza and Gray much, they showed up earlier so not much else to say about them. Also, Gray’s arc finished only recently which was full of chibi!Gray and Erza’s will be coming up after the next one.


OMG, SO CUTE!! Blushing Natsu-kun~! <333

Much love goes to Lisanna for this. And for making some of his loneliness go away, especially since his family (Igneel) just disappeared on him. Igneel, where are you? Your son misses you. T___T

And I wasn’t the only one who found it cute when he gets all protective and say “I’m the Dad! So it’s my job to protect you and the baby!” Aww gawd, Natsu~, saying such a responsible thing when you haven’t reached puberty yet (or wait, did you? I think Dragon Slayers age differently than normal humans, don’t they? lol). So adorable!

This is why Natsu is AWESOME! x33!!!

lol, and this, too. xDDD;;;

Best house game I’ve seen in a while, I swear. haha

“When we grow up, can I be your wife?”

Lisanna~ <333


More blushing. AGH, I can’t get over how cute he is when he gets all embarrassed and too jumbled around to say things coherently.

Not to mention he’s easy to tease and trick (though there was some truth in there, huh, sly lil’ Lisanna~ x3) and that makes it even funnier. lol

Ahh~, now this is the innocent young love I prefer. It gets extra points if it includes a huge egg being “raised” in a grass hut. XDD

Just to be clear, I’m not so into shipping for this series yet that there are couples I want to actively support but I like how these two are on good terms with each other. If anything, they are my Toy Ship at the very least. ^^

And what comes out of the egg but Happy! Damn, this moment was so cute in the manga, I was worried how they were going to do this part even though it’s rather easy to pull off. The final thing didn’t make me go all squealy with joy but it was freakin’ CUTE nonetheless. x333!!


KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!1one <3333333333333

Thank you, Satelight for giving us some teenage!Lisanna, as well. We don’t see much of her older self in a lot of scenes…wait, no, older Lisanna only appears in that flashback andand… ;__________;

So I was happy to see her interact with Natsu when they are this age. Haha, and what better way to do that than to go back to the time when they were trying to hatch Happy together? xD

“After all, Happy is our child.”

Oh, Lisanna~ <3

Hmm…now that I think about it, I really do like this shipping since they did have something going on for them had not that happened and they go back to when they were little brats, too. Lisanna was the one who understood more about Natsu first and she can lightly mess with him like a friend does without the need to pummel each other. Also, her level-headedness balances out his rash temper, she’s the only one so far who has made him blush that much (a sign that he has some feelings for her, too), and uh…he has the Fairy Tail’s tattoo on his right arm while she has it on her left in the same spot…and they’re both red, too. lol, what kind of reasoning is this? |D;

But since Lisanna is no longer here, I can’t be supportive of them as much as I want to so I guess I’ll have to stick with just being a fan, than. Lisanna~ T_T

As for the LucyxNatsu fans (who probably want to kill me right now), don’t worry~ I kinda favor that shipping, too, but at the moment, they seem content with just being comrades rather than romantic partners or anything. Lucy, for one thing, isn’t looking for romance and Natsu doesn’t see her in the same way that he does to Lisanna so yea.

Again, my standings are still loose in regards to shipping (I’m liking LucyxLoke a lot, just so ya know) but since romance is hardly ever going to be the priority (NAKAMA and RAWRRR!!! FTW!), I don’t see a need to be hunched all over it like I am with certain other series I’m following.

Which is good, cuz I can do without the drama. ^^;

Yep, overall, very nice episode. And next week’s looks even better! 8D



Phantom Arc is starting!

Not particularly fond of this arc but I’m all for AWESOMENESS that comes with it. Though that won’t stop me from wincing at just how brutal this fight is. *shudder* I’m guessing that Satelight will have to tone the violence quite a bit for this war. o.O;

Anyways, it’s still only the start but already we’ve got some shocking things occuring already. Nooo! Jet, Droy and LEVY-CHAN!! D’x

And oh shit, Makarov is angry. NOT GOOD! O.o;;