Brief Impressions: Hanamaru Kindergarten ~ Ep. 8

Is “Hinagiku” a household moe name now? Cuz it fits refined adorableness so appropriately. <333

Haha, I was so pleased with this ep 8 that I felt that I had to make a short post on it, especially for my squishy little yamato nadeshiko, Hina-chama~!

You’re gonna get taken home!!! xDDDDD


To start it off, Aoi-chan’s first half of the episode was very cute and made me “aww” all over the place about how much she wanted to help her parents with work. It’s kind of a typical kid enthusiasm story but this girl wasn’t selling just anything. She was advertising FISH. YEA. 8D

It’s a good thing they always put the more light-hearted stuff first and then follow it up with the “drama” (yes, quotations, xD; ) afterwards cuz honestly…

How the hell can you make things look good after this cutie? That would be such a bad aftertaste. lol xD;

Anyways, Hinagiku is the daughter of some well-to-do traditional Japanese family and that mafia Boss guy who scared the crap out of Tsuchi a few episodes ago because he only wanted to tell him to throw away his trash properly. lol That moment was great but back to Hinagiku, argh, she’s so AWESOME.

Because how often do we see little girls her age scold her papa and his subordinates for being threateningly rude to “ordinary” people and actually make them listen, EH?!

Makes you kinda wonder how intimidating she’d be when she’s a few years older. haha xDD

And lol, Tsuchi-sensei really is so popular with the kids. Right away, Hinagiku is smitten by him and his “free-spirited”-ness (|D;) and proposes marriage right on the spot. She’s so mature about it, too, that it scares me a little. ^^;

Haha, and when Anzu barges and throws her usual temper tantrums, I had a good laugh how easily Hina-chama brushed it off like it was nothing. “Well, if you’re dating Anzu, then I guess there wouldn’t be a problem with you dating a older women.”

Oh goodness, Hina-chamaaaa~ xDDD

That is, until the Yamamoto-sensei topic is brought up and all kindergartners hoping to be Tsuchi-sensei’s future wife immediately see her as an ebil~ seducer.


At least Hina-chama does it with grace, I suppose.

But of course, nobody can resist the fluffy, warm nearly-divine goodness that is Yamamoto-sensei. <D

DA HELL, WOMAN! You're making the fluorescent lightbulbs cry! Srsly, she must be an alien cuz she just GLOWS everything around her. xD;

Hina-chama gets discouraged after her little talk with Yamamoto-sensei and decides to give up on Tsuchi-sensei but Anzu tells her not to give up her love because she will grow up to have a nice chest eventually and that they both must continue to try hard to win him over.


I admit that she annoyed me a lot at the beginning but after talking things out with ultra dense (but still cute) Yamamoto-sensei, she kept impressing me a lot with her adorable determination but it’s never going to come to fruit, Anzu-chan ^^;. Her noisy clingyness is still excessive but ah well, that’s how she expresses her love. haha

Too bad she’s not smart enough to realize that she made another rival for Tsuchi-sensei’s affections on her own account. Oh, Anzu… xD;

But yay~ I hope to see Hina-chama more from now on since she’s going to continue attending Hanamaru Kindergarten. <333


ED: “Nadeshiko Romance” by Mariya Ise

Ah, I loved this ending~
Musically, it’s not anything memorable (though I like how it matched so perfectly on the yamato nadeshiko-ness) but I like it the most out of all the ones we had so far. Especially the visuals. It’s simple…but OH SO CUTE! AAAHHHH!!! And raindrops, kitties, Hina-chama holding an umbrella, Hina-chama’s papa and mafia dudes, Mariya Ise and of course, my Hina-chamaaaa~~~ <333

…yea, I'm just all for the visuals. |D;



Not really interested in the next episode (at least the last half) since it’s gonna be hard to top off my Hina-chama but will watch it anyway. I’m looking forward to the three girl’s vision of themselves in the future. Anzu looks scary grown up (o.O;), Koume seems to be a nurse(?) and aww, Hii-chan’s going to be an astronaut (but that suit scares me |D; ).

And omg, PA-PA-PA-PA-Panda-neko♪ is back! HAAAAUUU!!! KAWAII YO!!!! OMOCHIKAERIIII~~~~!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDDDDDD