Durarara!! ~ Ep. 8 ~ Defective couples all around~♪

Hehe~ Well, isn’t it? xD

For the most part, it focused on Celty’s continuing search for her head as well as her realizing the change in herself over not having a head (almost ironic cuz she acts more human without it) but the theme of finding something was prevalent throughout.

And despite the fact there was an anime filler character in this one, I like how Brain’s Base limited her purpose and used that focus on the main characters instead. So she was more of like a prop than a filler. In any case, they’re doing a great job staying true to the story while making a very good anime adaptation as well. Ahhh, been so long since I’ve seen a decent adaptation. <D


So it’s Celty’s first day off in 200-something days and Shinra gets all excited and proposes that they go somewhere but Celty just wants to stay home and decides to cook for him which makes him go “YAY!” (lol, he is SOOOO cute! x3!). Things were going along fine until Celty panics over Shinra’s tears of joy and mistakes it for her cooking being bad. So she sucks it up into a giant orb of floating…shadow and yea, more argument over her head and she storms out. Oi… ^^;

Well, her sudden anxiousness here isn’t unfounded since she can’t eat herself so she wouldn’t know if what she cooked was bad or good but yea, I think she overreacted. It’s not like Shinra died or anything.

But Shinra’s also at fault for being insensitive on this matter. I know he loves her a lot and doesn’t her to leave him if she does find her head which will make her even more mad once she later finds something out but her head holds a lot of value to her. So telling her to forget about is like telling someone to throw a memento they received someone into the river or something. I guess his selfishness can be forgiven since he’s a bit of an innocent idiot but he should be straight out honest and ask her not to leave.

Oi, couples…so troublesome. /P


I so love these two more and more every time I see them cuz they’re so freakin’ AWESOME otaku and UGH, what else is there to say other than I adore them?! <333

Haha, but contrary to the title, I'm not looking for any romantic vibes from Erika and Walker. That just strikes me as really weird. So very weird that I don't want to even hear it. AGH! No! Don't say it! <– Brought it on herself. xD;

I prefer them as partners in crime than anything else so yea. Hmm.

But oooo! Look at the fourth screencap down! Who are those two girls that are not gray cardboard cutouts peoples?! It's Kukuri and Mairu~! KYAAAA~! Cameo! And to prove that they are Kukuri and Mairu, THIS. What does it read? “Hanejima Yuuhei.” Biggest obvious clue to show up in the anime to date!

Oh yes, I adore these girls, too. SFM, I adore them. Kahahaha… xDDDDD

I’ll refrain from spoiling who they are (so you can go spoil yourselves if you really want to know, kuhuhu~ >:3) but I can’t wait for them to make their official introductions. *excited* <3
And it looks like they will at the rate the episodes are going. Also, in a recent interview with the seiyuu cast, Kamiyan psuedo-confirmed that there will be a second season. On "second season", whether he means the last half of this 26-episode series or a whole new sequel set for some time in the future, I don't know but hell, I'm all for a second season of DRRR!! so bring it! x333

School-side of things, Mikado overslept and forgot his necktie and maybe his wallet, too.


Omg, how cute can this “pure” or is he? boy get?! x333

That settles it. Mikado is mine. I claimed him. Nobody can have him. Not even Anri. So back off! No touchy! XPPPP *huggles Mikado all to herself*

Fangirl craziness aside, we get some…not even potential pairing time with these two as they search around the school for Anri’s shoes. It’s nice that Anri opens up to Mikado a little by talking about her family but she’s still rather cold and distant.

Given her circumstances (trying my best not to spoil here), it’s not like I can’t understand why she would act this way but there’s no law saying that I can’t be a little angry and impatient with that gloomy attitude of hers. Don’t get me wrong, I would still like very much to see her relationship with Mikado and Kida-kun actually go somewhere (more so for my Mikado-kun~) but until I see signs of those again, I’m not lifting my annoyance. *frown*


I kinda didn’t get what this whole part about the building was about or if it had any significant meaning into the things we should know for what’s going to happen later on. But…hmm, I think it’s safe to assume it was just some excuse to show how good friends Shizu and Celty are.

I mean, the guy with Hulk strength gave her a good-natured slap on the back so yea. lol xDD;;

There’s also the parts of Celty’s narration where she’s contemplating to herself on the times she wasn’t thinking about her head (along with her existence as a Dullahan) and her experience with interacting with other humans (making friends, having a job, etc). Celty’s more or less incorporated herself quite comfortably into the world of human beings though she’s not anywhere near from accepting it. I guess she’s also wondering how she should take this into consideration in regards to her search. Especially since she confirms that she’s starting to feel love towards Shinra.

Aww, Celty~ <3 Don't leave Shinra, will you? Hehe

Lots of non-speaking camera moments have been focused on Mikado this ep but when he did say something, I was just dying to find more spoilers on him to look more into his character. Compared to Izaya, Shizuo, Celty and Kida, not much on Mikado has surfaced yet other than those major ones.

It also makes you wonder what he meant by “I found a lot of things today but some I have yet to find” or something like that and what was running through his head when he saw “head” written in that sketchbook. I’m also sure that he was the one who wrote “connections” down and aaarrrrggghhh, hurry up and give me more Mikado already, dammit!

Anyways, yea, some kid ran at Yagiri Pharmaceuticals with fireworks strapped to him because they did something to his girlfriend. Shinra has been called in to do shady doctor business but he doesn’t seem the least happy well, DUH, his holiday with his honey got interrupted :P about this secret the other megane dude and chief of the company are trusting him with.

Well, I worry about this when we actually get into it. In the meantime…

Make-up dinner at Russian Sushi~! Kahaha XDD

Simon is as wonderful as always with his sushi enthusiasm but I would only eat this “sushi” if I was starving to death.

“Nani yo? Supesharu setto! DAI sa-bisu yo!”


Haha, aww, I love how Celty’s so adorable at getting high hopes over a fortune from a cheap cookie. And d’awww, poor Shinra. But don’t worry, those little bits of paper are all BS anyway. Don’t take the “unrequited love” crap to heart. *huggles Shinra* <3

He ate it. He really ate it. |D;

Did I mention how much I love these two? <333

*sigh* Alright, the first time, I was annoyed but this really pisses me off. She doesn’t even sound relatively grateful after all that hard work he went through to find her shoes for her. So impolite! URGH! D:<

Mikado~… *wants to hug him so badly* TT_______TT

This drops them from OTP standing to regular shipping standing. It's more of my fault for jumping on these two too quickly, I suppose, and that is almost like putting a curse on it from the beginning but argh, if only I knew ahead of time and been more prepared, maybe it wouldn't be like this way. *sigh*

Well, even if it'll be a while, there's other things to keep me occupied until I get back into shipping mood. And I'll just keep Mikado all to myself, too. Hee~

“I love you, Celty.”


Wrong! That’s not Celty! And what I mean by that: that’s not Celty’s HEAD!

THIS is her head. Not that. THIS. And I refuse to say anymore cuz I don’t want to spoil but that girl is not Celty! *is actually enjoying that Seiji has no clue about this* >8D

Alright, with this, it seems we’re going to be really drawn back to the main stream of things. Celty feels more encouraged now and ever eager to find her head. Doing so will lead to…well, you’ll see. ARGH, I want the next episode already! xDDD



Hoho~, this is going to be good. Remember what I said that when Namie makes an appearance, things start to go somewhere? Well, it’s the TRUTH and this preview proves it. Hahaha! >8D

Looks like Celty tells Shizu about her encounter with the Slasher, too, and he doesn’t look happy that someone attacked his friend. This happened in the novel but got readjusted from the scene where Shizu was telling her about Kasuka to later. Not that it matters cuz it seems to fit in perfectly with what’s going to happen next ep anyway.

Some more screentime for this “Celty” of Seiji’s. Izzy’s back. And ZOMG! Is that Mikado’s apartment?! 8DDDD
Seems the impostor’s there, too. Hmmm…*so eager to spoil but shouldn’t* Kuuu! I can’t wait! Give me this episode NAO! x333!!!

Haha, yea. That’s all for this week. Will be taking a break for tomorrow to do my hwk so laterz. ^^


3 thoughts on “Durarara!! ~ Ep. 8 ~ Defective couples all around~♪

  1. Your half-spoilers make me so curioussssssss. D:

    I think the thing with the building was kind of supposed to reflect on Celty and her situation, since it’s like, once it was gone, they couldn’t remember what had been there. But then they did remember, which is supposed to give some hope, I guess? I’m not 100% sure.

    Shinra is so adorable. But did he really have to eat the paper? ^^;;

    I agree, moar Mikado please. Being the sort of protagonist (I mean, it’s like, he is, but Celty is too? I don’t knowww) and all, it’s not surprising we’re not getting too much on him, but the whole “connections” thing and him starting to forget things, to me, hinted at more to come and I want to knowwwww. >_< So I wanna see his apartment~ (Does that sound sketchy?)

    Otherwise, this episode just left me utterly confused, what with Seiji calling that girl Celty and the head looks like the girl's head and I was like, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON ANYMORE." But I guess I'll find out in due time. Patience, patience. At least I know she doesn't have Celty's head, which leaves me relieved. c:

  2. I love the fact that I know everything you’re talking about, even your semi-spoilers.

    Oh, Mikado is love. And I’ll love him even more if a certain scene from the light novels happens.

    Anri is an interesting character. That’s all I’m saying for now…

    The next episode will be big. That I know if what I think will happen happens.

  3. Effy: Gomen nasai desuuuu~ I promise alot will start making sense soon. ^^;

    Ah, good point there. Now that you mention it, it really does seem like that. I also think that it drives back to what Shinra told her earlier. That even experts don’t really know what memories are made of or whether most of them really remain in your head. And since Celty can remember about this building without having her head with her, that can serve as some proof? Not solid proof but yea. In any case, she felt pretty good about it but probably doesn’t realize it.

    Did he really have to fall in love with a Dullahan? xD;

    I will tell you this that I know is true: Narita, the author, himself said in the interview that Celty is the protagonist of the overall series. Mikado, I’ll refrain from commenting about but he’s pretty much in the same boat as everyone else. They all have to take turns in the spotlight. :/
    But yessss, moar Mikado! It’s become such a desperate need that we have to see his apartment, sketchy or not. lolol

    haha, don’t worry. The next few episode summaries I read will definitely explain some things and make you go WTF even more. xD
    And yea, that’s how I felt when I found out about her head. |D;


    Lacri: That’s reassuring cuz I’m always wondering if people hate not knowing even more if I keep hinting this and that. Like “God, shut up, woman. You either spoil it or you don’t!” xD;

    Glad someone else thinks so~
    Oh, I want some awesome Mikado light novel scenes animated, too. Hope the anime is long enough to accommodate it.


    *nodnod* 83

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