Brief Impressions: Bakemonogatari ~ Ep. 14

Neko oppai galore.

I can’t be the only person who doesn’t think that Tsubasa’s breasts are normally that big when Black Hanekawa takes over, right? -.-;

Anyways, finally this ep is out after such a long wait with no news from SHAFT on the release until recently wasting so much time on Bund \P and did it deliver! There really isn’t anything I didn’t like about this ep but going to keep it short on the major points I liked. Also, the jokes only sound good when you watch it so other than the usual dialogue, not much to really go on about.


OP: “sugar sweet nightmare” by Yui Horie

Instrumentally, Tsubasa’s OP is by far the best, no questions asked. Vocals are alright since I’m not used to Yui Horie singing in serious tones (I’ve only heard upbeat songs from her) but I like that this song since it’s a good contrast to the previous openings, that all sounded happy and positive and yea.

Animation sequence? Pfft, what animation?

Well, since I enjoyed this episode so much, I guess that makes up for the ugly cosplay girl and body train terminals (ha…) but I hope the DVDs will give us an OP with actual animation. Downloaded the rip already but didn’t check it yet though I doubt there is anything new to see. *disappointed* :(




I say I miss everyone during those months of waiting for this but Oshino probably ties the spot with Araragi and Hitagi. He has, imo, the most fascinating personality of them all and Takahiro Sakurai providing the voice to all his omniscient Hawaiin shirt-wearing awesomeness makes me love him even more. <333

Also, haha, I always get a good laugh whenever his roundabout mannerisms irritate Araragi. lol xD;

Haaa, since we're on the topic…I'm very sad that GSC didn't make a petit nendoroid for him in the three Bakemonogatari sets they're releasing. Yes, very sad cuz Xiao doesn't get a Meme figure. *sniff* x'(

If they do make him and mark it as exclusive, I'm gonna throw a fit! D:<

Anyways, the other girls make brief appearances, too, which was nice. Gotta say that although I love Nadeko a lot, I found Mayoi the cutest of them all. It probably has to do with her adorable expressions here but I’ve started liking her a lot after ep 13. Her cuteness escaped me in her arc cuz she was such a brat back then but not anymore. She’s so helpful now. :D

Had a lot of lulz when it was Kanbaru’s turn. Seriously, this girl needs more love. She’s so eccentric and admit it, every show needs a fujoshi after her. lol xD;

Oh, and I’m sure Nadeko in pink undergarments made her fanboys quite happy.

Of course, no one ever beats Senjougahara fascination. Hitagi~ <33

It was pretty much expected that she'll say "no" to Araragi asking her to help him find Shinobu and her reason behind that was expected, too. But it all goes up several levels when you're watching and listening to her. Chiwa Saitou, as usual, performs brilliantly with this role and nothing of it can be less great.

On the main issue at hand, I like how she encourages Araragi to do what he does best while she makes preparations for the cultural festival cuz Tsubasa asked her to and really, if Iinchou is not present, the person who is most capable for that job is Hitagi. Ah, but I'm getting off topic.
It really shows the…I wish I had a good term for this but refreshing sense of their relationship. They’re a couple but not one where both partners must be constantly at the other’s whim. Hitagi keeps her independence while managing her boyfriend but doesn’t impede him when he needs to go out and help others.

That indicates she’s a supportive girlfriend in her own, very awesome unique way with some sturdy trust established between her and her boyfriend – something I don’t see often in couples. I mean, yea, a sign of slight exasperation (like screencap #2 here that says “there you go again, getting popular with the girls”, lol) or jealousy always makes them cute but sometimes authors tend to drag that out for a long time. So I guess that makes Hitagi and Araragi a mature couple as well. Hee~ ^^

Oh and can’t forget the “Tsundere sa-bisu♪” which rocked my world for like 5 minutes. lolol xDDD
Totally loved how she added her flair onto that typical tsundere remark. “…but if you don’t come back, I won’t forgive you.” So Senjougahara-like. Ah, how I adore this couple. This series is short but they’ve got to be one of the strongest OTPs of last year. x3!

And here is where I want to say…well, I didn’t know what I wanted to say but I got distracted by the animation of her hair falling down and it was purdy nyaa~

LOL Ever the guy, like any guy.

I didn’t mind the fanservice at all since Araragi’s reactions were so hilarious. Funny cuz SHAFT likes to do them a lot if Bund was any indication but they’re not blown out offensive so maybe that’s why I’m not as pissed.

And oh, it was so damn cute indeed hearing the “Nyaa” version to that tonguetwister. She said it so smoothly and faster than he did, too. Yui Horie saikyou! xD

So yea, after that one-on-one and a half (Shinobu being the one, Araragi being the half, lawlz~) a year ago, all that stress Tsubasa’s been building up because of her abusive parents eased up quite a bit so Black Hanekawa here has no intention of fighting Araragi. She’s even going to thank him for that by helping him find Shinbou.

Weird. Why a bakeneko would want to help the person who’s going to seal her up is something I don’t get but ok. *shrug* :/

Energy drain or electrifying boobies. You decide.


Oh, Araragi, you pervert. xDD;;;

As for the whole spiel on why oddities and humans can’t be together, now that’s something I can understand and hearing that coming from an actual oddity really does make Araragi look like he’s biting off more than he can chew. From the positive perspective, he can’t leave people who have become victims of the oddities alone so he helps them out. From the opposite angle, he’s overstepping the borderline that shouldn’t be crossed.

Black Hanekawa says that oddities exist because humans view them as supernatural beings, good, bad or neutral and there is no point in befriending them because in doing so, you’re treating them as human beings and therefore, pushing their reason for existence away (I guess). Which can probably explain why Shinobu ran off though not as much as the reason that other oddities are clamoring all over her prey. Or er, life-security line. Whatever you want to call Araragi. :/

Still, it doesn’t change that though he has good intentions in mind, all this help he’s giving out is making more trouble for those on both sides. But that’s what makes it interesting, I suppose. Frustrating but interesting.

Now I’m curious if there is ever going to be a time when he can learn to give up on the oddities completely cuz I don’t believe that he’ll be able to keep doing that all his life. |S

So back to Tsubasa’s problems, the source of her stress isn’t her parents this time but Araragi himself, whom she has fallen in love with but can’t have cuz he’s Senjougahara’s bitch man. :P

Explains why Black Hanekawa came back out so fast within a short period of time after being sealed away by Shinobu. Damn, girl must really like him a lot to look so casual every time she interacts with him.

And the easy solution to all this is if Araragi can love her in return, Black Hanekawa will be bottled up and Tsubasa will return to normal. It also doesn’t help that Black Hanekawa has kinda trapped Araragi in a complicated state with little options to choose from (one of which is still MIA) when she found out that Araragi’s the type to sacrifice himself for others.

Bake da ne, Araragi-kun. *sigh*

So yea, unless Shinobu pulls another warp-in CHOMP! like she did last time, Araragi’s relationship with Hitagi is on the line (I loved how they showed us a dramatic shot of her at the end, haha xD) but I doubt it’s in any danger at all. We only have one episode left and you can throw whatever drastic angst and drama in it all you want but the OTP won’t be compromised for anything. Araragi, you’re not that dumb are you?

Yep, I’m not worried one bit. Nope. :3

K, that’s all. Looking forward to the next and last episode and hope it comes out soon. ^^