Pandora Hearts ~ Ch. 46

Lately, a lot of “headless” issues I’m encountering are all female for some reason. o.O;

lol, damn, this chapter sparked my interest for PH back to life again. Though I’m a little way off from doing that critical analysis I promised due to this heap of homework that I refuse to touch until Sunday night, this was enough to motivate me to go back to writing about manga chapters. I’m pretty much going to keep them short (as in “Xiao” short, aha~ |D) as I can, trying to focus on the major points and all, so I can balance everything out but consider it small steps back to the thorough long ones.

Whether that’s a good or bad thing, you decide. haha~

Ok, anyways, yea, anything I’m giving my thoughts on is mostly restricted to this chapter, which works out nicely since it’s only some info revelation and character development. Other things like theories might be seeped in a little but we’ll save that for another day. ^^

And OH YEA, just curious. Anyone going to watch Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” with Johnny Depp? 8D

All scans credit to TAB Scanlations


So yea, now that the headhunter has broken the second seal, almost everything has gone into a state of mass don’t-get-a-crap-what’s happening. My mind is still blurry on the details since I’ve only read the chapters casually up till now and my memory isn’t really good either but exactly what chapter did they actually confirm to us that the seals were the ones binding Glen? |S

Too bad they didn’t delve into any more of that and switched back to Vincent’s task of finding those keys…which is almost like the HP Horcruxes all over again for me (damn you, LGB, you make me compare everything PH to HP now! xDD;;). Except that…well, the people who are holding them are still alive. lol, I love how Vincent and every other character is intimidated by the awesome duchess granny that is Cheryl. I love Cheryl-obaasama! <333

Hmm, well, he has the smarts to go for the easiest target first and that's the Vessalius household though I doubt that even if he threatens Oscar into doing that much to get the key from Zai Vessalius, it won't produce any results…wait, does Vincent even know that Zai is working with the Baskervilles? Ohhh… o.O

Ah, short break of from the point here now that the topic has come up, whatever happened to Echo/Zwei? She's not present, me sees. I hope she's not dead. Not really caring if Zwei dies but I don't want Echo to die! Echo~…doko iru no? ;_______;

Didn’t know Fang was so loli-friendly either. lol xD;

Back to the main point, Vincent proceeds to practically smear his butter-smutty words all over Ada in their little opera booth and ugh, as much as I find him such an atrocious, disgusting son of a bitch when he does this, I can’t bring myself to hate Vincent…or anyone else in this entire damn manga for that matter. Really, they all keep it interesting so I can’t. xD;

I feel really bad for Ada, though. I mean, yea, I totally understand Vincent’s loathing for the women who always flaunted around him and Gil just because they belonged to the Nightray family but Ada isn’t like that. Unless there’s a WTF twist Mochizuki-sensei is planning on pulling somewhere around the corner, she’s practically innocent to a rather uncomfortable fault. Not even Ada in particular, any woman having her feelings played so badly like this is just depressing to watch.

But it’s not like Vincent really cares about anyone other than Gil and even his love for his brother is twisted.

I’m not going to rule out that she should be on guard more, though, especially since she knows that Oz is constantly being targeted so that in turn, makes her a target as well. Even if it’s Gil’s brother, she should be cautious and less naive about who she interacts with. But since she’s so “pure” as Vincent repeatedly describes her, chances of that happening are slim. :/

But wow, was I surprised a bit when she showed Vince the “real” her…

Scared the shit out of me, I swear. (>A< ;;)

LOL, Vince is like "eh?" xDDD

When I clicked to this page, I really, really thought that "OMG! Ada couldn't possibly be the Headhunter, could she?!" but that was in a rush of excitement before I realized it couldn't be. Unless she was beheading people when she was 5 years old or something (lol, now that’s a twist).

Still, anything can happen so not ruling out that little theory of mines yet, even if it doesn’t seem so plausible. Cuz I just love it when the villain is someone you least expected it to be. Then again, if Ada really was the headhunter, that’d be so obvious as well but with her air-headed personality, I’d still get a good laugh at everyone being PWN!ed by the unexpectedness. xD;

In the meantime, I so enjoyed her little fangirling moment here along with Vincent’s continued muted “DA HELL did I get myself into?!” Lawl~, oh Vince, what are you talking about? You deserve to be her voodoo doll. Hahaha >xD

But really, it’s nice to see she’s not just some proper high-class lady but a normal girl with a literal closet basement fetish. Now I would like to see the rest of the cast’s reaction to this as well. Haha

Moving along, her hobby of occult was founded while she was trying to look for a way to help her brother after learning that he fell into the Abyss and nobody would tell her anything (poor Ada-chan). And in this one small panel, it made me remember what I really liked about her. She’s an adorable, dedicated imouto, even though she’s now physically older than him but that never changed her admiration for Oz one bit. Which is so cute. <3

I have to admit, if it weren't for their touching reunion, I don't think I would've liked time-skip!Ada much. I was too used to chibi!Ada and then suddenly you drop her all grown up and stacked up on me? On top of that, she went from cute to moe blob as well? DNW.

I’m still not pleased with how Mochizuki handled her in that aspect but it can be easily ignored so it’s not much of a problem, I suppose.

And I guess I’m one of those few ones who actually likes how sweet and innocent she is? I mean her natural charm, not the moe fodder. Not sure how much she’s hated by the fandom, but I heard there are some rabid and non-rabid fans alike who get a kick out of bashing her. Some for silly shipping reasons because “she gets between Oz and Alice” which is utterly ridiculous. Ada doesn’t even show up that much and she already had someone she liked. Also, do these fans really need to be reminded that she’s Oz’s sister? Oi… D/

On the ones that actually make sense, I do agree that she is one of the weaker characters but given that she’s a secondary role, any development she could get is minimum. Nonetheless, she does provide significant support for Oz and, as it might turn out, for Vincent as well. If it weren’t for her telling Oz that she really missed him all those years he was trapped in the Abyss, then Oz’s realization over how selfish he was acting towards those who cared for him would really have been one person short of snapping him out of his funk. God knows the poor kid needs all the love from his family could get, especially since the father he wanted so much to please hates him so and Ada gives that to him unconditionally.

That’s all I have to say on that.

As for Vincent…

Well, she certainly caused him to make a face we’ve never seen from him before so that’s gotta be something. xD

Tbh, I don’t support them as a couple even if Vincent were to reform in the future. It’s just not possible in my eyes for him in the personal sense. The one who can actually change him the most is Gil, who seems to have finally racked up the common sense that he’s also at fault for Vincent’s dangerous behavior.

However, if he does choose to continue pursuing Ada for the purpose of getting the Vessalius’s key, I think he’ll slowly begin to realize how wrong he is for messing with her…given that this talk Gil plans to have with him works. Vincent may be twisted but he still has a conscience; he just doesn’t make use of it. If he does, though, it will be interesting to see how he views Ada from that perspective instead of one where he despises the world and mistrusts everyone.

What’s more is now that Ada revealed her hobby to him, it’s made more clear that she’s not socializing with him because of status or anything of the like. The key thing is that she (mistakenly) thought “they shared an interest” and therefore, is treating him like a normal person, as opposed to those who scorned him the past for his eyes and those who flatter their way up to him in the present because of his adopted last name.

So yea, looks like Ada will continue to be a development tool for other characters at the most but that’s still some use. I’m still open to the possibility of something tragic happening to her, though. Like what will happen if Oz and the gang found out about her and Vincent a little too late. It’s kind of scary to think and as much I hate to say it, if that does happen, it will provide for some very nice build-up for a climax. But still too early to tell. For now, all I expect from her is to send Vincent on a guilt trip with that sincere innocence of hers.

Easier said then done, though. Ugh, that face. I want to take that face and smush and bash it into mashed potatoes with a hammer and put some gravy on it! >:(

At least I’m assured that Ada won’t make his task an easy one to accomplish. How do you seduce a woman with occult anyway? I’m really curious to know. lolol XD;

Yea, you do that, Gil.

A nice, long productive talk. >x/

I’m glad to see Gil finally maturing. It took him this long and it was frustrating but he’s finally becoming the adult he should be. I’m pretty sure it was because his obsession over Oz that kept him from doing so along with 10 long years of…well, not being able to get over the guilt of doing his duty as a loyal servant but he’s coming along. Slowly but surely.

Alright, let’s get down some more srs business now. *clapclap*

Sharon (Shalon, whatever floats your boat) more than effectively stole this chapter from everyone for me. And let’s see how much stuff we went through in 43 pages:

1) Baskerville get-together with no pizza <– Why everyone was cranky. :P
2) Ada taking Vincent home and showing us that pretty collection of hers.
3) Some brotherly small talk between Gil and Vince.
4) Sharon’s chat with her grandma.
5) Break being an adorable worrywart.
6) Oz being OMG!Not Oz?! o.O;;;

…Damn, did I miss something? That is a hella alot for one friggin’ chapter, peoples!

Haha, alright, so I am biased in my love for Sharon but there isn’t a doubt that her part was the most progressive out of the rest.

I…have always admired Sharon from the beginning. It started out as a small fascination because she was such a lovely Oujo-sama and escalated into something more every time she made an appearance. She wasn’t just all prim and decked-out dresses, sipping tea and snacking on little cakes. She had her Rainsworth pride and her confidence as Eques’s contractor.

But what was really the turning point of it all was when she was taken captive and poisoned by Vincent to make Break destroy that vital clue to the past he struggled to take from Cheshire. You’d think it would fall into one of those damsel-in-distress traps but noooo…despite NOT being alright, she told Break not to let all his efforts go to waste for her because it was something he sought for a very long time.

And when he prioritized her life over that, augh, that must have been the greatest marking moment of this series for me. She slapped him up good with her harisen, yelled at him, became angry at her weakness, went so out of character from the normal Sharon we’re so used to seeing…and then broke down at the frustration of not being able to help her Xerx-nii. And then hugged him! She hugged him! And he hugged her back! <– Made me a SharonxBreak fan in heartbeat. x333


*cough* But yes, Sharon was one surprise after another, all nicely and evenly spread out. I’m confident that she has surpassed Alice in terms of character development and second to her is probably Echo. And the conversation she has with Cheryl here completely sealed that thought.

While Alice is the main female protagonist, she hasn’t had a good self-reflecting scene since…the incident with Cheshire, which was quite long ago already. From time to time, she breaks out some badass Black Rabbit attacks, says a few impressive words here and there, and can be occasionally cute and funny as she becomes more open to others aside from Oz. But that’s just the thing, there’s not a lot coming from her other than that. She’s been very backseated lately, with brief Aha! moments surfacing up in the form of her scattered memories every now and then. Moreover, her reduced role is making her more…I dunno, less interesting in comparison to the other cast who take turns in the limelight, duking out with whatever they have to.

There’s a lack of conflict. And if there’s a lack of conflict, then there’s nothing to be fixed. I think that’s the temporary setback on her character right now even though I understand there’s not much you can do if her memory isn’t even fully recovered yet but still…
The fact that I’m not attached to her tsundere-ness like most people are makes it slightly worst since I’m tired of the generic tsundere. I’m tired of the lost-memory theme. It’s boring. I’m sorry, but it’s boring. I certainly don’t dislike Alice but there’s nothing I can like about her right now (except that she looked very cute when Gil patted her on the head last chapter).

Sharon, on the other hand, continues to grow with the more “battle experience” she’s gaining instead of sitting from a distance. The fact that she acknowledges her own weakness as a truth (not the truth but a truth) rather than self-pity is something to take into consideration. She’s got the refined taste of an adult but tends to, as Cheryl points out, rush things a bit because she’s in such a hurry to grow up. Which is understandable but the most important thing is that she realizes this herself, a sign that she is maturing. If you can’t see your own flaws, how are you going to know you need to resolve those problems, much less help others solve their problems?

All of this she knows very well but she walks away quite positively and takes her grandmother’s advice to heart. That’s what I call progressive.

I would like to delve into this more along with my thoughts on Alice cuz those are quite scattered, too, so not all of what I said might’ve been what I wanted to say but I’m getting really sleepy so will save this later for a future post.

Haha~ Break~, what are you doing hiding there?

He really is such a silly, cute dude when he worries over Sharon. <3

Ah, and here is the “she’s like my daughter/sister” argument which made me giggle. But lol, wth? I don’t know how Break sees Sharon as his “daughter”, that’s just weird. xD

In regards to shipping, this is my foremost couple for PH but canon seems to lean their relationship more towards that of sibling one. I don’t mind that at all cuz I find it cute that Sharon’s main objective is to help her Xerx-nii and he seems to have developed a bit of a sis-con towards her. If it turns into something more than that, it will be fine, too, cuz they’re not related! 8D

lol, but yea, I’m fine with how things are now. Also hoping that Break will tell her about his blindness soon, too, or she’ll go into another self-hate rage fit for not noticing and whip out that harisen again. ^^;

So anyways, we get some shocking unconfirmed secrets that Zai might have taken Oz away the night he was born to do something no one has a clue about. One of which could have been to switch the real baby with another one.


Actually, I was kinda disappointed with this turn of events cuz I’ve seen it done way too many times recently and the effect of “switched at birth” has ran dry. Whether the Oz we know is not who he’s supposed to be, that’s another story but the plot device isn’t particularly thrilling.

Nonetheless, it still raises a lot of questions. If it is true, could that explain why Zai hates the Oz we know so much? Because this Oz isn’t really his son? Then what about the real one? Where did he go?
I’m afraid for Oz when he finds out about this cuz the poor kid has gone through so much trauma already. He’s at his limit trying to figure out how to control his newfound power, what his relation is to Jack and Glen and so on that this would make the angst pile even more excessive. STOP TRYING TO BE CLAMP!

But since Oz has had some good development and friends who are backing him up, I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine. This is a common formula. Have nakama, and you’ll come out A-OK.

All this tells us is that the manga is far way from ending and I hope March 18th comes out with a chapter as long as this one with more explanations.

K, k. I’m done for the day. Might sneak another brief post later but if not, Saturday. Ugh, sleep now. So tired. =w=


2 thoughts on “Pandora Hearts ~ Ch. 46

  1. I should be sleeping, but then I saw this and I had to respond! XD

    First off, sorry about the HP references, but I swear those keys reminded me of Horcruxes too. ^^;

    Anyway, onto the chapter. Lolz about everyone being cranky at the Baskerville meeting because they were lacking pizza! XD That part was okay, not all that interesting, but Lily was adorable (and we have a little more character development on Fang now, I foresee a Fang/Lily pairing! =P)

    Vincent needs a hug…NAO! XDD I mean it (and of course you can’t hate him, he’s so interestingly twisted, you can’t help but like him). I think a lot of Vincent’s problems come from his lack of self-worth, and I think it’s for that reason that Gil *can’t* be the one to “save” him (if that is the route that Mochizuki-sensei goes down).

    I happen to disagree with you a little bit on the Vincent/Ada couple and the dynamic of their couple as well. I find them highly intriguing, unhealthy, but intriguing. As was pointed out, Ada is *not* like all the noblewomen and she is *already* tainted, therefore Vincent’s plan to taint her has failed. That face that he makes also makes me believe that Vincent bit off far more than he can chew by picking Ada, it will be much harder for his plan to work now, I think.

    Ada has hidden this true self from everyone, she has been putting on an act (for the most part, since she is still rather kind and sweet), but she knows how to pretend. And Vincent’s been pretending. I’m personally wondering how much Ada knows of what’s going on and just how much of an act she is putting on. She might have some idea that Vincent is playing with her, we don’t know how much information she gives up to him about her uncle and Pandora and such, for all we know she could be rather vague or telling Vincent half truths.

    And though Vincent says that he “hates” the things she likes…Their hobbies seem to match up to me! \D They also both have a brother complex, though Vincent’s much more dangerous than Ada’s. So, who knows, maybe Vincent will become a spy for the Baskervilles or maybe Ada will “join up” with Vincent or maybe Vincent will succeed in his plans and Ada will be damaged forever? I’m fine with any of those options really, and I would still support the pairing if any of those possibilities came to be (or any other ones for that matter, of course, I’m also fond of Eliot/Ada).

    I’m not saying what Vincent is doing is right, because it’s not and he should be slapped at one point or another, and I’m not saying that his feelings toward Ada will change drastically in a click of a button, but I think there might be something there. Especially since Ada was able to bring out a side of Vincent that we, the readers, have never seen before and that Gil, I’m pretty sure, has never seen before either. That says something to me.

    Oh, and sadly there are people who hate on Ada, and I really can’t fathom why. I always liked her, I like her even more now, but the reason you gave (that she gets in-between Oz/Alice)…I’ve never seen that reason before. It’s a lame reason (and you pointed out the reason why), of course, I also don’t really care much about Oz/Alice…>.>;

    Anyway, moving on. I was excited to see Gil taking on the big brother role, though I *do* love him as an adorable little uke boy who looks like a seme boy but who we all know is Oz’s little uke boy (and now my pairing is obvious! XDD) I don’t want Gil to become too mature or too serious because I think that would destroy his character. I’ve always found Gil to be a representation of the fact that, yes, people change physically. They grow taller, wear different clothes, change their speech patterns, even learn new skills, but on the inside people don’t change *that* much from the person they have always been. So, yeah, I don’t want him changing too drastically or anything. I like my little, uke Gil (especially in the DVD omake! ^.~)

    As for Sharon, I don’t have much else to add. You said it all for me! : D I totally d’aww-ed at that scene with Break and Sharon and I also love Cheryl-obaa-sama (who I thought was just charming in this conversation, she was young and lively while still being proper and “strict.” She seems like a wonderful grandmother. <3)

    I also agree with your feelings on Alice. I don't have anything against her, she has her moments when I adore her or find her to be cute (the scene when Gil patted her on the head). But for the most part she is just another Tsundere girl, which I've grown tired of, and I think she is actually one of the weaker characters in this series. Sadly some people assume I don't like Alice because I like Oz/Gil, but they are wrong. I don't hold stuff like a character "getting in the way" when it comes to my amount of like towards one character or another. Plus, I like Alice/Gil and Oz/Echo too, they are just more appealing couples over the rather cliche, and over done Oz/Alice. : /

    Oh! But in better news (kinda). The scene when Break refers to Sharon as his "daughter," he uses the word "musume," which can mean "daughter" or "young lady," the Break/Sharon fangirl in me believes that the latter is the more appropriate translation! |D Since him referring to her as an "important young lady" would mean that Break was seeing her in a light other than that of his "sister." The difficult thing here is that the response that we get from Cheryl could fit either translation of the text. Damn Break and his being all complicated! D:

    As for the way the manga is hinting for those two…I definitely think that Sharon has feelings for Break, it's the other way around that gets vague and hard to interpret. Though Break has had his moments too, I think. Especially a few chapters ago when we found out that Break was going blind and he was perfectly fine with it, until Sharon's smiling face popped up in his head and his eyes kinda widened in that, "Oh no! I just realized that I'll never be able to see her smiling face again!" way. Which I personally see as implying more than a brotherly or sisterly relationship. Though I also believe that the two may have an idea about each other's feelings, but try to keep the relationship as siblings and not change it to romantic couple, because they both know that Break is going to be dying sometime in the not-so-distant future.

    If I knew that, I would be hesitant to change my relationship status with someone too. Especially when it concerns actual love. : (

    Also, for the Oz thing, the actual Japanese mentions the possibility that the baby was "given" or "sacrificed" to something. I don't know why they didn't make that more clear in the translation. But, I'm leaning towards that being the more probable theory. Since it would imply that Oz is not Oz in the sense that something happened to his "soul" or his "essence," which then made it so he is not "Oz," even though he is physically Oz.

    My theory is that Zai tried to give or sacrifice the baby to the Abyss (possibly hoping for the child to contain one of the "keys" or something), but instead the whole process went wrong and Oz's body got Jack's soul in it instead. This would then explain why Zai hates Oz and why he states that Oz's "mere existence" is "a sin." It would also make more sense than if Oz were actually, physically, switched, make the series less CLAMP like, and explain why Oz she has the characteristics of a Vessalius.

    Now I am done and am going to get some sleep! =.=

    This was fun to discuss though, and it would be cool if you did a post on Pandora Hearts every now and then. The length was good too. ^^ Oh, and one more thing, a preview came out for Shugo Chara! Encore! and the first "chapter" or "one-shot," whatever you want to call it, starts off with Kuutau (Utau asks Kuukai, "How about getting Ramen sometime soon?") So, it's legit Kuutau and not fans taking hints too far or something. So I'm looking forward to that too.

    Okay, now I really am done. Take care! (^^)o

    • Haha, it’s alright. I find it funny that they can relate much more than I thought they would.

      B-but don’t we have enough lolicons in here already?! XD;

      Lol, I love how you want to hug him while I want to smash his face. But yes~, you can’t hate him. He’s like…a jerk you want to comfort.
      I agree with you that his villainous behavior stems a lot from his childhood ordeals. Everyone was always calling him a monster because of his eyes and with Gil, the only person in the world who did care about him, there’s an added amount of guilt for being a burden. So I can’t blame him for holding everyone in disdain now that he’s no longer viewed as vermin but as someone to suck up to instead. It just piled more onto that heap of animosity towards everyone.
      Regarding Gil, I don’t really think he’s going to save Vincent at all (dude still needs to sort himself out (oh, does he ever) before he can save anyone else) but there’s no doubt that he’ll play a very important part in helping turn Vincent around. After all, if there’s anyone who can convince Vincent to consider reforming, it will be Gil and that’s already evident when Gil tells him “hey, we need to talk later” in this chapter.

      Yes, Vincent/Ada are intriguing as a very odd twosome but right now only on the basis that she’ll further his development and possibly a bit of her own. Of course, since chapter 47 has come out (which I’ll get to talking about when I have that post up), it’s really left all up in the air. Still, until something significant happens involving those two (maybe Ada getting in danger and Vincent showing concern over it for the first time or something) I won’t give them potential couple status just yet.
      Ah, and I think we might have interpreted “taint” a little differently. While yes, I think that includes putting a darker side into Ada for his own enjoyment, I saw…well, literally as him raping her under sheep’s clothing. In effect, that ruins her innocence. How he originally intended to follow from there, whether leaving her as a huge mess of regret and shame or manipulating her into situations that threaten her life, I’m not sure but in any case, yea, he really has underestimated how different she is. Which draws me back to the same point as yours, his plan will not go as planned now, especially since he might have had a tiny change of heart towards her that we have all yet to see.

      Ah, that’s true. After this revelation about Ada, ya kinda wonder if she’s just okay with still being left in the dark while Oz goes off to do dangerous things. Though I think she’s not aware of Vincent being evil (maybe since she might assume he’s not, being Gil’s brother and all) but hey, surprise me, right? It would be interesting to see what’s really going on in her mind and whether she does have some caution barrier around Vincent.

      AH! True, true! Haha, I like how we finally have an agreement (though our different theories were fun to discuss on) on the smaller qualities of theirs. Hmm…yea, again, we’ll just have to wait to see where MochiJun is going to take these two before going too far ahead cuz this is only the first significant…happening between them. Still fairly early to judge on anything, actually (ah, I was initially all for Eliot/Ada but then these two happened so it got shot down quickly |D; ).

      So yea, I think that wraps up my part on the Vincent/Ada thing. I think in the general sense, we both know that there’s going to be more interaction between them which will lead to something changing. How we’re going to get there we’ll have to see. :)

      Next, it’s because lots of shallow fans like to view everything in stereotype and unfortunately, Ada does fall into the pure-to-a-fault little sister one. It’s sad and frustrating because they’re too blind in their hate to realize that she, along with Oscar, is one of the many people who loves him for who he is and not what he is. As her Onii-chan, of course.
      And lately, there’s been a lot of incest hype going around so I don’t find it surprising people go wacko over it but it’s just weird that they’d aim that at Oz and Ada. D/

      Anyways, YES~ Who doesn’t like a grown uke man being topped by a boy half his size? xD;
      Ah, and I don’t mean that drastically cuz I do agree that a lot of his great qualities lie in his attachment to Oz and the hilarity of his annoyance at everybody else. And how you described him as an example of people in general really hit the mark right on. It’s just that when he’s too biased and too protective, it kinda drives me up the wall. But that’s part of the growing up process in him, too (like how a kid clings to his mother but soon becoming independent as he/she grows older), so I don’t really blame him for that. As long as I can see him starting to accept the change in Oz (who is very much growing up as the story continues), then I’m satisfied cuz that would mean he would have to as well. I don’t mean I want him to change his habits or anything but just to be more accepting and less restrictive of himself. That’s literally what it means to grow up.

      Yes, Cheryl is truly one of the best grandmother characters I have come across in quite a long while. ^^

      Considering how she doesn’t have any major speaking roles lately, yea, her presence just kind of dimmed. Alice is still likable and always will be but normally, you’d sympathize more with those who have more to say because their personalities are more drawn out when they do.
      And in the beginning I had supported Oz/Alice but seeing how they never moved passed from the nakama stage (that kiss-contract doesn’t really count) while Oz did with other people, it just fell short and got left behind. :/
      But I adore Oz/Echo~ <3 While Alice/Gil strikes me as very weird since they hated each other in the past. ^^;

      Haha, I think if Break had really intended other meanings, he would use a better word cuz there are several of them that can also mean “young lady”. So personally, I wouldn’t want to stray that far from what he really meant unless he states it outright that he really meant “this” over “that”, y’know?

      That’s not to say I don’t think their relationship has little chance of becoming something more than that between siblings because it certainly does, though by what percentage I’m not sure. On Sharon, it seems clearer that with time, her feelings might evolve since they are already there and quite visibly (to those who are keen on sensitivity or know her well) growing. It’s just that I think her sisterly feeling towards Break is still stronger over any romantic ones she might have and that’s what leads me to your point on how they might be subconsciously keeping it at that family level. But we’re all aware that Sharon is still a young girl so she’s got a way to go before truly falling in love with someone and I prefer it that way because it’s more natural. It’s one thing to be in love with someone but it’s an even greater thing to love someone with some experience. I’m sure you and I both know this is kinda crucial to what it means to be a couple since we’re big girls ourselves which means we have read enough love stories to last us a lifetime, lol so I don’t think I have to go into a long explanation about that. Haha xD;

      But yes, it would be great if we can also see Sharon’s own feelings change if the author is willing to give these two a chance (here is where I go ;____________; ).

      As for Break, I agree, I think his feelings towards Sharon are more mature but like Sharon, any romantic affections might still be small compared to the sibling-like bonds they currently have. But the thing with Break is that if he is can survive all this conflict and perhaps, better yet, live out some years while Sharon, herself, grows up into a woman, then aaaahhhh…you see what I mean? I don’t mean that appearance or age are or should be barriers to love but there is a definitely a difference to loving a girl and loving a woman. And I think if/when we see Sharon maturing pass the age she looks now, then Break’s view of her might possibly change as well.

      Haaa…yea, I really hope MochiJun will give them a chance. At least let Break live long enough to see that kind of development happen.

      Finally, nice theories on the Oz-switch. The one on Oz not being the original Oz seems to be the most likely as of now. Which could explain a little on why Zai hates our Oz so much since our Oz is technically not his son by birth.
      On the Jack-one, though, I find it a little confusing since you think Zai would treat Oz differently if he housed the soul of a past hero in him, and one of the same bloodline no less, regardless of what went wrong in the process of whatever he was doing with the baby. That is, unless Zai has some personal ill feelings against Jack. But then again, we still don’t know that much about Zai, what his intentions are and such so it’s hard to make anything of it until we get more plot surrounding him.
      *sigh* Well, like I always say, we’ll see.

      Thank you for such a long comment! I’m sorry to have replied this late and agh, I’m behind on the latest chapters for PH and SC!, too. Maybe when finals are over, I’ll try to manage to squeeze them all into two posts…or something. Heh~ <D;

      Until then, I’m going to work my thoughts on those whenever I can so please look forward to them and take care! ^^

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