Durarara!! ~ Ep. 7 ~ HEIWAJIMA SHIZUO

No other description is needed for this ep that is packed with SO. MUCH.





lol, relax~
I’ll probably only break windows two or three times with some crazy squealing. Aha~ |D

Haha, we start off with the usual violent beatdowns on the people who can’t repay their debts because of some stupid excuse or another. Gotta admit, though, what this dude came up with was extra lame. WTF, “love”?!

Even if Shizu was able to control his anger, I wouldn’t blame him for knocking this guy dead into brick wall. In fact, I would APPROVE it. “Love” my ass, pfft. xP

lol, poor Tom. They can’t collect those dues if Shizu keeps snapping off into unstoppable RAEG!mode. ^^;

As for as the narration goes, I honestly think OnoD could have done much better with the chatroom. Honest to god, cross my heart and hope to die, I love hearing OnoD’s voice regardless of whether it came out good or bad even less than satisfactory would sound great cuz I’m such a biased fangirl but the variation in tones were not as wide ranged as past voiceovers.

I mean, I know that compared to other seiyuus, OnoD’s own variations don’t sound as different from each other to be able to call him Miyuki Sawashiro-versatile but he’s done enough multiple personalities to set a line between each character. From some of the roles I remember him playing (Itsuki from Haruhi, Munto from Sora wo Miageru Shoujo…, and Battler from Umineko), this is more than possible for him. He could voice normal and curious for SPOILER! Tanaka Tarou (Mikado) pretty easily, outspoken and whatever-fits for Kanra (Izaya) shouldn’t be a problem, and moderately serious for Setton (Celty). But I couldn’t hear any of that. It was just too one-toned.

So yea, I was a bit disappointed. :/

On the other hand, I thought the delivery of the script for the narration of Shizu’s backstory was done so well. He fit Shizu’s impatient “AGH! Who the hell cares?!” personality just like I imagined he would. haha xD

The Slasher is still running about and injured another person but not much focus on her this time.

Shizu’s still as sharp as ever with his senses, though. I smell an encounter between our favorite GARtender and that rampant monkey lady soon (yes, I’m still goin’ to call her a monkey lady cuz she has crazy hair :P).

Also, when Shizu was saying “it stinks” over and over, I was wondering if it had something to do with the city as a whole (that would include the Slasher) but ah, no. It was only Izaya after all. lol |D;

Haha, Tom and Simon talking about Shizu being in his rebellious stage. You’d get that impression any time you see Shizu, wouldn’t you?

I dun care~ I’ll take Shizu wheneeevvveerrr~ x3!

And here is Hanejima Yuuhei, aka real name Heiwajima Kasuka, Shizu’s lil’ bro. He’s a famous actor/idol and was hired by the entertainment industry folks after…Shizu beat the guy who was trying to scout him out. ^^;

Hmm, well, save for Shizu’s blonde hair and their contrasting expressions, they do look alike.

I was kinda mostly distracted by the DtB shout-out, though. lolol XDDD

The interview guy again and he approaches Shizu on the topic of his brother instead of provoking him on Izaya like he did in the novel but he nonetheless…

Gets his ass handed to him anyway.

Silly dumb interviewer. You should know that Shizu hates people who can’t get to the point (coughIzayacough). And he was laying it on very thick with all the flattery and praise, too. Serves him right…kinda. /P

Btw, lol, vampire ninjas? Oh gawd, was is the world coming to even if the fictional dimension? xD;

So as to how all these violent episodes started, despite Shizu’s distaste for violence, it all began because pudding makes him RAGE! he got into some trivial little fight with Kasuka when they were younger (I would be amused by Kasuka’s “…”-ness if Shizu didn’t get hurt >.O; ).

His body just “moved on its own” before he could even think and picked up that refrigerator probably three times his size. Oi. ^^;

Augh, that looks so painful. Shizuuu… ;____;

Yea, so begins his days of constant visits to the hospital.

Ah, they really didn’t go into the detail of Shizu and Kasuka’s relationship as much as I had wanted but this is on time constraint after all so guess it can’t be helped (maybe if Kasuka gets his chance to narrate, but at this pace, I doubt it).

You might find it a little funny and touching to know that Kasuka was the one who called for help when Shizu was rendered unmovable from lifting that fridge, despite the fact they were in a fight only moments ago. I’m not sure if shouta!Kasuka in the novel was as expressionless as the shouta!Kasuka in here but yea, Kasuka cares and looks up to his brother a lot. Aww. ^^

Anyways, pretty much the more times Shizu couldn’t control his anger, the more he strains and break the limits on his muscles from throwing big random objects and beating people up. Technically, those limits are there in order to protect your body and your mind is supposed to prevent you from going through with drastic acts. Shizu’s mind, however, lets his rage completely take over which causes him to injure himself more due to the rush of adrenaline that comes with it and lack of control over his emotions.

So we start to see why Shizu dislikes violence. Because he can’t control his own anger, which causes all these wild attacks from him.

Shizuu…I’m sympathizing with him a lot. ;________;

Shinra, being the adorably incredibly WEIRD kid that he is, finds it all fascinating, though. xD;

Shizu isn’t amused but I guess since Shinra isn’t afraid of him and pretty much a straightforward guy, this is where their strange “friendship” starts.

I still can’t believe Shinra at that age would want to takes samples from and experiment on him, though. Shinra~ <D;

Um, yea, rather than paying attention to the people and cars and whatever you pass by on the street flying about, I’m more amused and mildly shocked that a dog is among them. o.O;

So yea, if he can’t control his anger and keeps hurting his body because of that, why bother?

Letting himself go insanely mad just led up to how strong Shizu is today. ^^;

Besides that, he still hates violence and is like any normal kid. Just a normal kid with lots of strength and a short fuse (but that’s not his fault because we LOVE him, yes yes? 8D) but nonetheless, a normal kid who wants to be treated like any normal kid.

And aww, this bakery lady earned my respect for being so nice to these two.

Haha, “milk makes you grow strong”. In this case, does it ever. <D;


So cute! Blushing Shizu! YOU ARE GOING TO GET TAKEN HOMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! *gets smacked* xDDD;;;

Now we start to understand why Shizu hates violence so much. And we really can’t blame him for getting angry and beating people up since most of the time, if they’re jerks like those guys, they deserve to get pounded anyways. But since Shizu can’t control himself at all, it got an innocent person involved, too.

Poor Shizu, it’s not your fault at all! I’d forgive you. ;_______;

Shinra… |D;


HUG! RIGHT NAO!!! *HUG!* >.<!!

He looks so lonely. Everyone’s afraid of him and he can’t approach anyone or he might hurt them unintentionally. Shizuuu~… ;_____;

He still has Kasuka, who isn’t afraid of him, and thank god for Kasuka. I’d cry so hard for Shizu if he didn’t have anyone. *crying now, oi..* T_T

High school seifuku~ <D

Haha, yea, former Raira Academy students, these two and Izaya. lol, now I can't picture Shizu's school days without Shinra always tagging along behind him. lol

I'm guessing he dyed his hair after or during middle school then? Seems Raira doesn't have a strict code on uniforms and unnatural hair colors either if they let Izaya wear his own clothes and such.

I had a lot of fun making this gif. xDD;;;

Hmm, yea, that’s how Celty and Shizu met.

“My future-”

Shinra, you deserve that headlock. Kahahaha! xD;

Hate at first sight?

YEA. 8D;

Btw, was anyone scared a little shitless by that clown laugh just before the eyecut?

It’s strange to think they all attended the same middle school but didn’t have any eye contact until they entered high school. Probably fortunate that they didn’t until that ran out here. ^^;

LOL, I loved how Shinra introduced him, though.

“He’s not a good guy…rather, he’s an asshole.” OH SHINRA, HOW I LOVE YOU~ xDDD

That’s one way to greet someone. ^^;

Yea, so Shizu has no particular reason for hating Izaya. He just does. Doesn’t like a single ounce of him one bit.
I can see why, though, since it’s explained that Shizu seems to hate people who try to confuse and manipulate you with words (all that probably stemmed from one first look at Izaya, though) and sneaky jerks like Izaya.

I’d have to agree, if I knew someone who acted like Izaya in RL, I’d probably hate his guts and beat him to a pulp, too. <– Those who follow my twitter should now. XD;

And Izaya hates Shizu because he’s the only one who he can’t manipulate due to Shizu being so simple-minded and downright “F*ck off, don’t care” to him. I’m sure there’s more, too, but this is the foremost reason.

WTF, Shinra?! Stop standing there smilin’ your megane face off and get Shizu a bandage already!

WTF, Izaya, you bastard! Paying the guy and saying “good work” after he hit Shizu with his car and sent him flying. Izaya, you bastard.

LMAO Celty is the only sane (non)person in the room. xDDDDDD;;;;

Argh, I really feel for Shizu. Izaya’s such a son of a bitch and hates Shizu so much that he can’t even let him live his life in peace. So he goes out of his way to make everyday a miserable annoyance for Shizu since he knows Shizu has a quick temper.

Izaya, you bastard.

Mind you, I don’t hate Izaya but I want to hit him for always bothering Shizu. *smacks Izzy continually with a pillow* >x(

There are apparently two ways that can tone down Shizu’s anger a bit. One, let him walk around in circles and chant some violent mantra to keep himself occupied and away from flinging things. Two, of which only Kasuka knows, put a bottle of milk in front of him to remind him (the incident with the bakery lady) to cool his head off a little.

Gotta love how Kasuka is always “…” about everything. xDDD

After graduation, no job was able to keep up with Shizu’s short temper so he kept getting fired from them all. ^^;

He landed a job as a bartender and Kasuka is such a nice otouto for being so concerned about him. Even buying him two boxes full of bartender suits in hopes he’ll keep his job this time.

Nice brotherly moment there. Lots of d’awwwing from yours truly. <3

Oh yea, I haven't mentioned this yet but Kasuka's seiyuu is none other than Daisuke Kishio (Kaname of VK). He did a very nice job, even though Kasuka didn’t have too many lines to begin with.


IZAYA, YOU BASTARD! Framing Shizu for a crime YOU committed and in turn getting him fired. BASTARD BASTARD BASTARD!!! D8<

Shizu got cleared, though, but who else wanted to hug him he looked like such a sad puppy :( while he was in the rain lamenting that he couldn’t keep his promise to Kasuka? x'(

Which brings Tom in. He’s Shizu’s sempai and hired him to be his bodyguard while he went around collecting debts.

Yay, this is why I love Tom. He treats Shizu normally, he gave him a job (and a pair of shades), his dreadlocks are awesome, and Katsuyuki Konishi does such a great job with his voice. xD!

Looks like Kasuka isn’t mad at all that Shizu couldn’t keep that last job. D’aww, how nice. <3

SPOILER! Despite excelling at acting, Kasuka keeps a cold profile and doesn’t talk much unless he needs to. I think in an interview, he explains that it’s probably due the negative influence from his brother, who expresses himself very openly which in turn, caused Kasuka to go the opposite direction and made him this way. Kasuka still respects Shizu a lot, though. More D’AWWWWWWWWWW. x333

Aha~, dirtying the clothes Shizu got from Kasuka…someone’s gonna get it…

Good job, Shizu.

Well, I understand where Shizu’s coming from about wanting to become stronger. Meaning to be able to control his anger, not physically stronger. He acknowledges that the lack of control is something he needs to work on. Otherwise, that, along with his inhuman strength, will continue to be bothersome to those around him.

This is why I love Shizuo’s character so much. He’s someone full of badass awesome but at the same time, not really any different from an average guy. It’s just there are a lot of complicated problems that isolate him from others and prevent him from living a normal life. He’s probably the one who needs someone to understand him the most and above all, see him as an equal human being rather than a monster.

Also, like he said himself, he can’t live with connections to people for reasons already stated but he knows he can’t live alone either. That’s a sign that he’s aware of his weakness, something which a lot of people are often not able to recognize. This makes him more real.

As opposed to Izaya, who claims to love all of mankind (except for Shizu), and wants to be loved by all of mankind in return despite that he’s such a manipulative bastard up to no good for lulz. Without a doubt, Izzy is the actual monster of the cast no thanks to his twisted personality. I’m even willing to bet that he’s one of those people would put down “God” under the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” lol xD;

See the stark contrast between them now? They’re even clashing in that aspect.

So yea…ahhh, felt good to say it all out. Glad I’m starting to get all my reasons for loving Shizu in order. ^^

Another reason why I loved this episode so much is because not only was it a narration but also Shizu telling his whole past to Celty for real while we were watching it, thinking it was following by the usual episode formula. That’s quite clever.

It’s also nice to see both conversing casually with each other. Celty can be surprisingly human for being a good listener and Shizu was able to feel better after releasing out all that stress by talking it out instead of hurling an ambulance at someone. Even though the number of those close to him are few, I’m glad Shizu found someone who can rely on. ^^

“You really do love your brother.”

Awwww. <D

“Tch, shut up.”

AWWWWW, Onii-chan’s a little embarrassed. Just a little. x33333

“Oh! Shizuo? Is your adolescence over? Then eat sushi. Sushi good.”

Simon, I love you. xDDD

Look! Shizu’s smiling! Kyaa~! He’s smiling! *goes into wild squealing and melts into a puddle of fangirl ecstasy* <– Told you this was going to happen. xD;

But really, I was so happy to see him smile even for a little bit. I hope I get to see more of this in the future, however rare it is.

UGH! Go away, Izzy! I don’t like you today! Why must you ruin Shizu’s good mood right after he got it back?! *throws paper balls at Izzy* >:(

So Shizu and the audience is still left wondering why Izaya came back to Ikebukuro in the first place. Guess this is going to lead us back to the main plot, now that almost everyone (except Izaya) had their turn to give us some information on themselves.



And next week, narration goes back to Celty, which surprised me a bit since Kamiyan has yet to do that job. Not complaining, though. At least this time we all know who Miyuki Sawashiro is playing.

An episode synopsis for the next ep was also released (in some magazine, I guess) along with those for ep 9 to 11 but I’ll just say what’s going to happen in ep 8 for now.

Don’t know what Anri and Mikado are searching for but I’m thinking it might have something to do with Mika. The blonde woman is apparently an anime-filler named Shiri but that’s all the info on her.
And gasp! Shinra actually being serious?! What’s going on!? o.O; …he actually has a guest (and most of us are speculating it’s his creepy dad, Shingen, and we’re probably right).

Shizu and Celty tilting heads at what, I wonder? Walker and Erika dancing makes me happy for some reason and YAY! for my Russian sushi! xDDD

Yep, that’s all. See ya next week, then. ;D


3 thoughts on “Durarara!! ~ Ep. 7 ~ HEIWAJIMA SHIZUO

  1. This. episode. was. so. good.

    I’m even willing to bet that he’s one of those people would put down “God” under the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
    ^ I chortled.

    I absolutely loved getting Shizu’s backstory today. It just bumped up my love for him so much (though I’ll be honest, I was shuddering at the part where they had the sounds of bones breaking). And I love Kasuka, and knowing that Shizu’s not just some character with an exaggerated personality. He’s more three-dimensional; he has things he cares a lot about. And like you said, the fact that he can recognize his faults and wants to change him makes him much more real. Overal, much, much love for Shizu. <3

    I also enjoyed this episode for the info it gives us on the other characters at well. I LOL'd at Shinra, ahahaha. And of course the scenes with him and Celty. But really, this episode kinda brought up questions in regards to why I like the characters I like. I'm a big Izaya fan, but it's more of a fascination with a character that I can't comprehend since I don't know how he came to be the way he is. However, I think Shizu just kind of wins because I've always got a preference for the overall good guy (or at least the guy with good intentions), the guy who I would actually want to meet/be friends with (though maybe meeting Shizu might end up in a trip to the hospital, so not literally, LOL).

    I, too, was incredibly freaked out at the clown laugh. .-.

    Moments I loved:
    -seeing Shizu go through his past jobs
    -seeing young Shizu blush (AWWWWWLEMMEPINCHYOURCHEEKSSSS)
    -actually pretty much every second of this episode, except for when Izaya framed Shizu. My heart was saddened. :c

    Haha, wow. Long comment. ^^; Well, great post as always, and I think I can say that this episode has increased my appreciation for Shizuo a lot.

    • Really wouldn’t put it past Izaya to do something like that even though he claims to be an atheist. lol xD;

      I gotta agree on the bones breaking. Sounded so brutal and augh, don’t even want to think about it. >.<;
      I don't think I ever saw him that way even before the show started airing. But that's probably due to Izaya already getting an enormous amount of love from the fandom, which I think is the biggest exaggeration of all. The power of fangirl, oi. ^^;

      But back to the topic, I agree. I'm not as big an Izaya fan as a lot of other people but I like him for keeping the story interesting. He's an enigma, basically, and because he pulls off all these shady, dangerous tricks on people it makes the fans howl for more. Cuz they love evil bad boys. Though they'll probably want to cuddle him later on and I'll just leave it there to avoid spoiling any further.
      On his personality, I can't help but think he was just born that way or became twisted while growing up. Apparently he grew up in a normal household. *shrug* :/

      And yea, that's how it's like for me, too. In the past I would have gone for the darker character but recently, I've been turning away from that a little towards types like Shizu. The whole real characteristics factor I’ve been stressing a lot lately is a huge part of that and…well, guys who are just more approachable and relatable receive more of an indepth love than the ones who are just fawned over because they’re so cool or something.
      lol, and I think Shizu can be approachable without setting his off his beserk buttons. You just need to be prepared on how you should interact with him if you first somehow manage to get on his good side. hehe

      That came out of NOWHERE and almost made me jump out of my seat. D8

      shota!Shizu is just adorable for that. xDDD
      & mines did, too. He was doing so well with that bartending job. :(

      Thanks for the long comment (haha, you get a long reply in return, xD; )! Always glad to know there’s more Shizu love going around. ^^

      • I agree with you. To be honest, I’ve always had a weak spot for the bad boy, LOL. But like you said, it’s more a fan thing than anything. When it really gets down to it, I also tend to prefer the characters that have more depth, that are more real. And haha, if I ever would approach Shizu, I think I’d need a manual of things not to say so I can constantly refer to it. XD

        Haha, a normal household? That makes me even more curious as to why he’s twisted. X3 I would like there to be some kind of story behind that, but I dunno, that’s just me. I want to see a slightly more three-dimensional Izaya too. Actually, I’m all for character development in general, haha. But I guess we’ve still got a ways to go.

        Yes, lots more Shizu love going around. I think this brings Shizu up to my number one spot, actually. Which is constantly changing because there are too many awesome characters in this series. XD;;;

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